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Sex Slave - The Dance - Part Two

group Poppet 2018-06-05

She tells me when I’m here, I’ll likely get the same room each time. Frank deep into my throat, making me gag, slobber and moan over his cock, as Will fucks my tight, little snatch. You’re a good little slut, staying so wet for me.” He takes the two fingers that were inside me, squeezes them between my clit and pinches. Come hard, I want you to soak yourself like a good little girl, do it for Daddy,” he says, tapping on my clit with the crop end faster. I tell Grayson that I’ll stay all weekend, that I’m looking forward to meeting new clients. I can’t help but want to do a little dance, so I do, causing Grayson to laugh harder.

Driver fucking horny sisters

group bava12 2018-05-27

But as soon as my periods were over I wanted to be with him, so on way to home from school when he asked me to come that night, I went again there and that night he again did twice to me and came inside me.A few days later when s*s was in school and mummy and daddy had gone to attend funeral of daddy's cousin, I was in bathroom taking bath to get ready for school; For a few minutes he continued to move his organ between breasts then pulled my chin up and inserted his hard thing in my mouth, asking me to massage his balls while sucking him.

You Don't Deserve A Good Man

group magas911 2018-05-21

"Sherrie, did you know that Brad went to State when you both were Freshman, because you were going there." "Sherrie, The summer after you failed out of college, Brad came home and asked you to go on a picnic with him to the lake." Dad states. "Brad got married and didn't invite me to his wedding?" Sherrie asks. Oh yeah, I know all about my buddy Phil's super successful son." Sherrie's father continues. You know who I date?" Sherrie asks in a nasal whine. So, as long as you stay with the losers, and stay away from the married guys, have at it." Sherrie's father states. "But Daddy, I want to find a man and keep him." Sherrie whines.

Tender Thoughts and Moments with Daddy.

group Fridagirl 2018-05-09

I watched the tortured expression on his face relax as he sank slowly to his knees between my legs, my feet searching his midriff as I pulled him into my open cunt, 'Let them see you cum in me', I moaned, my head swimming, 'Fuck me', I moaned over and over, the man inside me moving around was just a cock, and all I could hear was the approving and applauding from the men gathering, my young body was exciting them, and my willingness to have open sex, made one shoot in my direction.


group 2018-05-08

As his fingers invaded my cunt he whispered in my ear "Want to play naughty and I will be your daddy and fuck his daughter?" It sounded very erotic and sexy and I told him "Yes. Fuck me daddy." He pulled me over to a velvet cot and pulled me beside him and began to kiss me. Then daddy will make your pussy feel good." He began sucking the nipples on my firm D tits as I stroked his hard cock. This is going to be a long ride." I then tipped daddy's head back and opened his mouth and spit in it as I tongue kissed him but riding his cock hard with my wild cunt.

The Day before Thanksgiving

group loloishorny 2018-05-04

Daddy said he wasn't going to let me suck him off, but he was going to slide his dick deep into my pussy. First his dick got slick, then his fingers went into my ass with lube. I walked in to see my mom getting fucked by some big black man with a very large dick. Mom grabbed my arm and told me, that he was hers and to keep my slutty assed pussy off of him. I called daddy and told him of mom's doings and that I didn't even ask her to dinner. This time he licked and sucked my nub hard, fingered my pussy until I began to squirt in his face.

First Gangbang

group collegegirlnerd 2018-05-03

You begin to fuck my face and soon you cum in my mouth. After a while of using my pussy you say, with a smile in your voice, "now onto that beautiful ass of yours." I moan and say no but you untie me and flip me over into doggy style. You fuck my ass hard making me scream both from pleasure and pain. I gasp, making the cock in my mouth go deeper as someone enters my ass and fucks it hard. The cock in my mouth cums hard and I swallow it all. That man moves away and is replaced by someone else who unceremoniously sticks his cock in my pussy and starts fucking.

MIchele's Mistake - 6

group THIRDCOAST 2018-05-02

I explained that Everett chooses my clothing.When they asked again about where I was going dressed like this, I finally told them Everett was taking me to The Pit. They both squealed and said they’d both wanted to go. Daddy places his hand on the small of back again, and guides me into the main room. Master Evan kisses my hand too, and makes a comment to Daddy that I look impressive in my corset. I finally feel something very cool being placed on my nipples and right above my vulva. Daddy comes and places a ball gag in my mouth. When Daddy’s cock slips out, I feel his warm cum mixed with mine, wetly drip from my splayed lips.


group stew05 2018-04-21

He's never home until after 9:00." I looked at my watch, it was just past 6:00 I told them, "Well I can't just leave two lovely young ladies out here, alone, for three hours." I sighed and asked, "Okay, where do you live?" Tiffany replied, 蕍C Mudhank Road." Tonya replied, "The buss drops us off at Route 30 and Mudhank, we walk from there, about a mile or so." I replied, "You must take that walk quite often?" Tonya glared at me and asked, "What difference does it make to you?" I explained, "You both have very sexy legs, not doubt due to lots of walking." She smiled and looked down at her own legs and said, "It's nice to know, all that walking, is good for something?" Tiffany replied, "It's not so bad, and it sure beats hanging out in the house all summer long." I told them, "Not to mention those awesome tans.

Night out with Daddy's Friend

group naughtybicycle 2018-04-21

I grew up to be a nice little office girl who wears sensible shoes...but I do have a daddy he gave me a 2nd chance at being a good little slut... Daddy likes to show all his friends how slutty his girl is so he always makes me where a skimpy outfit and do my makeup like a whore. I started to feel a little more comfortable and got on my hands and knees, ass facing the boys. As I grinded my pussy on Daddy’s cock he grabbed at the sides of my juicy ass while Jake looked on with a big grin on his face. Before Jake left for the night Daddy gave me a hard spanking, showing off his little fuckdoll to his friend.

The Night, Daddy's Boss took a Shine to Me

group 2018-04-20

After one drink I was brought out from bed, at the man's behest, he wanted to meet me, and to my parents slight discomfiture, they agreed, their minds having been set prior to his coming, they struggled as the 'Boss' focus shifted from mother, as they realized his preference of sex, went beyond the norm. I lay across the big cushion as he penetrated ans I counted each time he pushed into me, '1,2,3,4....', and so on, then at 9, he came, but just before as he grunted he asked, 'Can I keep it in', yes said mother, 'she's not producing yet', he was reassured, and so at 9 in my count, there was a warmth spreading all around my crotch, my first fuck, and behind the thin line of vaginal opening, my love canal was smeared with the warm semen of a man.

Mum and her two daughters loved daddy.

group 2018-04-07

Both of us sat very quietly, myself all tensed-up, it was a little embarrassing and certainly not in the 'Chippendale', stuff, yes we had heard of them, but the bulge in daddy's underpants done him proud, as both his daughters giggled their approval, even mother had a proud smile on her face, as she drew long into her cigarette, 'Here girls', she said, and as we turned to look at her, she threw her bright red lipstick at us, 'put some of this on, daddy like to slip into red lips'.

My Mom part 3

group 2018-04-01

“Yeh now start wanking your juicey cock for me and use these” she then threw me her filthy knickers.I took a deep smell holy fuck they smelled amazing.She stopped pissing and start rubbing her cunt hard while I wanked.”You wanna taste my piss soaked fingers baby” she said.”Yes please mommy”.she then put her fingers in my mouth while the other hand start wanking me off,Oh fuck I was so close to cumming.

you better daddy

group chouji878 2018-03-15

i spit one last time on his cock, then i got on my hands and knees in the theater, spread my cheeks apart, and looked back at him whispering, "just put ur cock inside me then daddy, it'll make you feel better". they’re voices started to creep in as i herd them whisper in my ears, “you like that dick don’t you” “you want some more cock slut?”. he started pumping and pumping his cock down my throat while jase pumped his in my ass and the third man slapped his on my face while he spanks me. before i left he took my hand, gave me a kiss and groped my cock and said, “next time ill fuck you twice as hard bitch”.

Indiscretion's wages

group fordmed 2018-03-10

Jesse's cock was in no way as nice as daddy's, but the thrusts still felt wonderful. No sooner did Jesse start to cum, pulling all the way out out of me between spurts, but slamming hard into me to deliver each splash of cum deep inside my pussy, until the compartment door opened suddenly. As I looked back at staff sergeant Tyler, still impaled on Jesse's twitching cock, I could tell by the hard look in his eyes that I was in trouble yet again. This went on for a time, Gunther fucking my cunt, the other cabbie stuffing his cock down my throat and me trying my best to jack the other two off.

Thanksgiving Dinner Ch. 03

group SabrinaPink 2018-02-28

"I can't tell you how many loads of cum I've lost thinking about you, Sweetie," he said, rubbing his dick against my slick pussy, "Your hairless cunt looks so hungry. "Mm. Daddy makes me feel really good when he puts his big cock inside my little pussy. Mr. Parker was doing such a good job of keeping his promise to make me feel good that I had almost forgotten about Steve and his little penis fucking my ass until I heard him grunt and felt him cum inside me. "Daddy is going to fuck his sweet little baby's cunt all the time. "Do you want Daddy's cum, now?" Mr. Parker asked, fucking me sweetly with his cock.

My 3 Favorite Guys

group loloishorny 2018-02-10

Daddy is having a hard time not to bite or play with Brian's dick. My b*****r comes down the steps and tells daddy that mom went to the neighbors house to watch the program over there. I walked into my room, to see daddy and my b*****r sucking on Brians dick. Daddy told my b*****r to go around to Brian and have him suck his dick. Daddy told Brian he is the bitch tonight and is getting punished for having the electric go off. Daddy tell Brian to suck his dick, cuz he's ready to fill his mouth full of cum. I reach over kiss Brian and tell him that i had fun watching them fuck.


group taboo_daddy 2018-01-30

“MMMM I want you to bend me over, shove your hard cock up my little pussy and fuck me like a whore.” the dirty talk was more than enough but factor in the tone of her voice when she said it and it was difficult not to pop my load. I like it rough!” the look on her face was intense as this strange man grabbed her hips and pushed his cock ball deep up Torrie’s cunt all at once and started to fuck her relentlessly. Fucking use my little teenage cunt!” the net 10 minutes or so passed as this strange man hammered up into my daughter’s 15 year old pussy before he announced that he was going to cum.


group 2018-01-26

Shoving his fingers in and out of my pussy, while his tongue went on my clit Josh always knew just what to do to get me going, I was so horny and in need that night until it didn’t much to drive me to the edge. When we had finished and were just lying there enjoying his limbering dick soaking in my pussy, I timidly asked him if he would mind going back to his place for the night, since I was expecting Jake early the next morning. From the look on Dad's face, I knew that the thought of making his baby girl cum in public was on his mind, but I struggled to maintain my composure.

Michele's Mistake - 7

group THIRDCOAST 2018-01-26

Master Marcos, the owner of the club, takes a wooden paddle and whacks a service sub on her ass. Basically, it’s just like the c***d’s game where you move when the caller yells out “green light” and you stop when you hear “red light.” If you’re caught moving during a red light, you have to go back to the starting line. Terri and ann felt like this was the time to make our break for the punishment table. While Master Marcos was exploring between my thighs, Daddy was rubbing my breasts and teasing my nipples. Master Marcos is again striping my back and ass, while Daddy is hitting my breasts. When Master Marcos reaches down to cup my hanging breast, I start moaning around his cock.

I became my Aunt & Uncle's Sex Toy

group 2018-01-16

His swollen cock's head sat in the entrance of my cunt when he came, I was grinding on it as his warm semen flooded into me and my anus, this would be why aunty was reminding me, she meanwhile, was upstairs in the bathroom being fucked by none other than dear daddy, hence the swinger lable, and once mother found out about her s****rs sexual habits having no boundaries, she walked out of the sordid mess for good.

Submissive Threesome

group KateSingletary 2018-01-14

He grabs Melissa's pussy hard and breathes into her ear, "Are you going to cum for daddy? He was fully clothed and had two younger girls naked waiting for his cock. Her body collapsed backwards slightly as his finger fucked her with one hand and cradled her back with his opposite arm. He turns to Melissa, "God damn, i want to fuck you." He takes his fingers out of melissa's pussy. "Suck melissa's pussy juices off my finger." Melissa laughs and grabs his cock and says "I said I Want it in my mouth." Melissa takes out his hard cock and begins suffocating it with her mouth. Red with fury, he holds my head in place, forcing me to watch her sucking and kissing it.

Daddy's Game Night

group WinterCame 2018-01-11

"Will you be on your best behavior?" Daddys hand moved to the bottom of her chin, and pulled her face up so she was looking him in the eye. She curled her tongue around the head and pushed deeper, then moving back up to appreciate it, before going down again, repeating the process over and over, feeling Daddys cock respond each time. Finally she made it back onto her knees atop the table, but was left very little time to settle before she felt a body press up behind her, and two large hands grip her waist. Her eyes shot open as she looked up at Daddy again, who was now thrusting into her open mouth, pushing the head of his cock against her throat.

No Longer Online

group ova9bbc 2017-12-30

"I am a dirty whore for you to use any way you want Sir," you moan. Just when you think I am going to cum, I pull my dick out of your wet wanton mouth. "Yes Daddy, I just want to be a whore for you, use me any way you want, Sir!" you beg. "Look at how easy this big, black dick goes into you eager cunt, whore!" I scream. Adoring the way this big dick feels inside, you know you are a whore for this dick. Hearing that has you cum all over the big, black shaft inside your hole. Noting the dick inside you is getting ready to cum, you sigh just as he pulls out.