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Driver fucking horny sisters

group bava12 2018-02-06

But as soon as my periods were over I wanted to be with him, so on way to home from school when he asked me to come that night, I went again there and that night he again did twice to me and came inside me.A few days later when s*s was in school and mummy and daddy had gone to attend funeral of daddy's cousin, I was in bathroom taking bath to get ready for school; For a few minutes he continued to move his organ between breasts then pulled my chin up and inserted his hard thing in my mouth, asking me to massage his balls while sucking him.

Sex Slave - The Dance - Part Two

group Poppet 2018-02-03

She tells me when I’m here, I’ll likely get the same room each time. Frank deep into my throat, making me gag, slobber and moan over his cock, as Will fucks my tight, little snatch. You’re a good little slut, staying so wet for me.” He takes the two fingers that were inside me, squeezes them between my clit and pinches. Come hard, I want you to soak yourself like a good little girl, do it for Daddy,” he says, tapping on my clit with the crop end faster. I tell Grayson that I’ll stay all weekend, that I’m looking forward to meeting new clients. I can’t help but want to do a little dance, so I do, causing Grayson to laugh harder.

Daddy and Sir: I want to be Daddy's girl

group bttmblw 2018-01-27

But I've always wanted to put a video up of me getting fucked." I said as I licked the last bit of cum off my fingers, savoring the taste of Daddy and Sir's collective load. We'll get all the video and pictures you want, then you can put them all up there where everybody can see you sucking cock, getting fucked, and eating my load like the little cum hungry whore you are." "Baby Girl, you want to cum for us?" Sir asked, pulling at his thick, half hard cock. I want it, give me your load, Sir." I was begging like the hungry little cum slut that I was. "You've got a sexy little hole, Baby Girl." Sir commented, watching Daddy film my ass in close up.

I got the Job!!!

group loloishorny 2018-01-06

I took a hot shower, put on a cute mini skirt, pair of thong panties, a sheer bra and a snug to fit button down shirt, I grabbed a pair of flats and out the door I went. I finished the paper work and went to the floor where Kelli was stocking the shelves. I giggled and said like the day that my mom and daddy tried out the clothes. I bent over for daddy to put his dick in my pussy and I sucked on my b*****r's dick. His dick was already hard, I sucked on him for a bit, then got on top and slid my ass on his cock. I got another shower, got dressed for work and went on with my day.


group stew05 2018-01-04

He's never home until after 9:00." I looked at my watch, it was just past 6:00 I told them, "Well I can't just leave two lovely young ladies out here, alone, for three hours." I sighed and asked, "Okay, where do you live?" Tiffany replied, 蕍C Mudhank Road." Tonya replied, "The buss drops us off at Route 30 and Mudhank, we walk from there, about a mile or so." I replied, "You must take that walk quite often?" Tonya glared at me and asked, "What difference does it make to you?" I explained, "You both have very sexy legs, not doubt due to lots of walking." She smiled and looked down at her own legs and said, "It's nice to know, all that walking, is good for something?" Tiffany replied, "It's not so bad, and it sure beats hanging out in the house all summer long." I told them, "Not to mention those awesome tans.


group chrish24 2017-12-30

As daddy began pry my pussy open using that big hard tool that God blessed him with, I noticed my mother standing at the foot of my bed watching. I had never felt anything like it before, while sex was a new thing in my life back then, I felt my time with Uncle Steve was the start of something rare and beautiful. While my pussy was being hammered by my uncle I saw mom with her open legs d****d over the arms of the easy chair, she was fingering her pussy, and I could tell by the glee in her eyes that she loved what she was seeing.

The Night, Daddy's Boss took a Shine to Me

group 2017-12-17

After one drink I was brought out from bed, at the man's behest, he wanted to meet me, and to my parents slight discomfiture, they agreed, their minds having been set prior to his coming, they struggled as the 'Boss' focus shifted from mother, as they realized his preference of sex, went beyond the norm. I lay across the big cushion as he penetrated ans I counted each time he pushed into me, '1,2,3,4....', and so on, then at 9, he came, but just before as he grunted he asked, 'Can I keep it in', yes said mother, 'she's not producing yet', he was reassured, and so at 9 in my count, there was a warmth spreading all around my crotch, my first fuck, and behind the thin line of vaginal opening, my love canal was smeared with the warm semen of a man.

Thanksgiving Day

group loloishorny 2017-12-15

Jackson and mom are sitting next to each other, daddy at the head of the table, me and Brian on one side and Scotty on the other side of daddy. Brian sees my ass open for his dick, stands over me and slides his big cock deep in my pussy. Brian lays on the floor, I slide my ass on his dick, then Jackson comes over and begins to fuck my pussy. Jackson pulls out of me, Brian holds my waist and fucks me til he cums in my ass. Brian has me sucking his dick, til Jackson cums deep in my ass. Daddy looked at me and smiled, said that he likes the thought that I fucked moms friend without her knowing.

Michele's Mistake - 7

group THIRDCOAST 2017-12-14

Master Marcos, the owner of the club, takes a wooden paddle and whacks a service sub on her ass. Basically, it’s just like the c***d’s game where you move when the caller yells out “green light” and you stop when you hear “red light.” If you’re caught moving during a red light, you have to go back to the starting line. Terri and ann felt like this was the time to make our break for the punishment table. While Master Marcos was exploring between my thighs, Daddy was rubbing my breasts and teasing my nipples. Master Marcos is again striping my back and ass, while Daddy is hitting my breasts. When Master Marcos reaches down to cup my hanging breast, I start moaning around his cock.

You Don't Deserve A Good Man

group magas911 2017-12-13

"Sherrie, did you know that Brad went to State when you both were Freshman, because you were going there." "Sherrie, The summer after you failed out of college, Brad came home and asked you to go on a picnic with him to the lake." Dad states. "Brad got married and didn't invite me to his wedding?" Sherrie asks. Oh yeah, I know all about my buddy Phil's super successful son." Sherrie's father continues. You know who I date?" Sherrie asks in a nasal whine. So, as long as you stay with the losers, and stay away from the married guys, have at it." Sherrie's father states. "But Daddy, I want to find a man and keep him." Sherrie whines.

The Day before Thanksgiving

group loloishorny 2017-12-11

Daddy said he wasn't going to let me suck him off, but he was going to slide his dick deep into my pussy. First his dick got slick, then his fingers went into my ass with lube. I walked in to see my mom getting fucked by some big black man with a very large dick. Mom grabbed my arm and told me, that he was hers and to keep my slutty assed pussy off of him. I called daddy and told him of mom's doings and that I didn't even ask her to dinner. This time he licked and sucked my nub hard, fingered my pussy until I began to squirt in his face.

Lola's Comes Over

group succubusslut 2017-12-09

After teasing my pussy to the point of no return, Daddy would come over, quietly enter my room, slip off my shorts, flip my little ass over, and start us off by eating me like I was the most delectable thing in the house. "Come on," she said lightheartedly, "Let me get some of that dick." Her casual attraction to the both of us was apparent as she spoke these words into the space between my legs, her warm breath brushing against my clit, making it nearly impossible to feel jealous anymore. "Eat my fucking pussy, you little bitch," she told me, slapping my ass, turning around to moan at my Daddy, who was pumping her with all his might.


group A_Jerotica6969 2017-12-07

I asked him if he wanted to have a little fun before his next flight, as I placed my hand on his growing cock. He took his fingers out of my cum filled pussy and had me lick them clean, still holding myself wide open for anyone to see in the car window. He took his wet fingers out of my pussy, and rubbed them on my clit, keeping the waves of orgasm coming. He pulled his cock out and rubbed it up and down my wet slit as he told Teresa what I had been up to today. I was cumming, too, with Dan's cock going in and out of my ass.

Second Coming- My Second Visit at the GloryHole

group anamikasexybitch 2017-11-18

The man on the other side kept liking my cunt then started to tongue fuck my asshole before I felt the head of his dick pushing against my sloppy little fuckhole. MMMM feel that big cock inside my little cunt and fuck me like a little whore?” my panties were still on but I had them pulled aside to show off my pretty pussy. So fucking big!” I screamed as he impaled my tight pussy onto his thick dick and pulled me down so that every inch was throbbing inside my cum hungry little hole. “Such a slut, cumming with your Daddy’s cock in your sloppy used cunt.” His free hand starting slapping my ass then I felt his fingers working against my cum filled asshole.


group 2017-11-16

“She means that all these other young bucks around here can get some whenever they want it, but if an old man like me asks for a little piece of that ass then I have committed the all time sin.” Grandpa said. “That’s different your dad is not an old man, he can get it up and keep it up unlike some people.” Maggie said as served grandpa his breakfasts. As I sat in a chair with grandpa waving his big cock in my face I could see that Maggie was trying to hold back, but I could tell that she wanted to join in on the fun.

Fun at the Bar with Strangers – Another True

group TittieGirl4Fun 2017-11-10

But, he’s trapped behind the table and I’m hungry to play with a cock right now, so when I feel a hand on my ass and turn to see a grey haired guy in his 60s, handsome and definitely still works out, I give him a big smile. The first guy’s tongue works my cunt hole then back to my clit, I start riding his face, begging him to stop as the second guy holds my hands tight, calling me a dirty slut. I wank his cock hard as the first guy pushes two fingers in my hole and starts fucking me deep inside, his mouth working my hard clit.

My New Secretary

group SKIP69 2017-11-07

I bade her enter and to take a seat, and to my further surprise I realised that she was wearing an extremely short mini-skirt, that her legs suited the brevity, and that although she was sitting with her knees together there was sufficient of a gap below her tight skirt to allow me to see that she wore stockings, as it had ridden up when she sat down. Candy was sitting back looking at the screen, but openly spreading her knees, allowing her tiny skirt to ride up, revealing a minute scrap of white silk held in place by two slender threads.

My 3 Favorite Guys

group loloishorny 2017-11-03

Daddy is having a hard time not to bite or play with Brian's dick. My b*****r comes down the steps and tells daddy that mom went to the neighbors house to watch the program over there. I walked into my room, to see daddy and my b*****r sucking on Brians dick. Daddy told my b*****r to go around to Brian and have him suck his dick. Daddy told Brian he is the bitch tonight and is getting punished for having the electric go off. Daddy tell Brian to suck his dick, cuz he's ready to fill his mouth full of cum. I reach over kiss Brian and tell him that i had fun watching them fuck.

Speak Princess Ch. 02

group ELroleplay 2017-10-31

Mike on his knees was watching Emma's pussy full of cum. She started moaning again as mike's cock slipped in between her pussy lips. Robert was Awe struck, he only stood there with his cock in hand, vigorously pumping, intoxicated by Emma's body. Mike didn't last long, pulling Emma onto him, she rode his cock. "You fucking whore!" His head fell back, allowing Emma to continue. Emma looked up at him, her cum cover face dripping. Pretty fucking tight huh?" Daniel said an ecstatic look on his face. Robert said picking up her towel, trying to cover her. "Princess!..." She held a finger to his lips, kissing him slowly. Robert pulled away, looking down he saw his cock.

Late Night Movies (chapter 12)

group oregazm 2017-10-30

She immediately put a tape in and hit rewind after doing so “Now it’s important bud…” Daddy said toward me, “…to let us know what YOU want. Mommy’s lips smacked as she kissed daddy’s asshole then turned to look at me smiling big with the front of her face gleaming with spit. I stopped for a second thinking I was doing something wrong before she started yelling, “Don’t Stop!” and later, “Ahhhaaawwww fuhhhhuck!” Almost immediately after that happed Daddy let my boner slap back against my stomach and frantically got onto the mattress, hovering over mommy and stroking his cock. “Give me a kiss.” She said smiling, her face still gooey with cum that had now gone clear and started to run down her neck.


group beastwithnoname 2017-10-24

"Daddy likes watching his little girl get fucked," he said as he pulled the throbbing length of his erection into the open. "You're daddy's good girl," he trembled, "fuuuuck, be gentle darlin'...suck it slow...yes...just like that." He took her in; the way she looked up at him as his shaft disappeared into her mouth was thrilling in its vulgarity and devotion. Is he fucking your sweet pink pussy good enough?" He grunted several times as he watched the veiny body of his cock catch on her red lips again and again. "That's right, baby girl - I'm gonna let him cum all over inside of you...nnngghh...and when he's done I'm gonna watch it...drip out of my little girl's cunt...fuck..." She began to whimper and twitch, her tongue ceasing its superb trill upon the belly of his erection.

Indiscretion's wages

group fordmed 2017-10-17

Jesse's cock was in no way as nice as daddy's, but the thrusts still felt wonderful. No sooner did Jesse start to cum, pulling all the way out out of me between spurts, but slamming hard into me to deliver each splash of cum deep inside my pussy, until the compartment door opened suddenly. As I looked back at staff sergeant Tyler, still impaled on Jesse's twitching cock, I could tell by the hard look in his eyes that I was in trouble yet again. This went on for a time, Gunther fucking my cunt, the other cabbie stuffing his cock down my throat and me trying my best to jack the other two off.

Public Panty Change

group naughty_bi_interest 2017-10-10

Before I was prepared, I felt the store manager's cock press roughly inside me, stretching my tight hole. I then heard the store manager moan from behind me as he grabbed my ass tight and his cock began draining its load into my puckered hole. I soon felt the store manager's hot load come dripping out of me, soaking the crotch of the new white satin panties. I'd had no idea he'd filled me with so much cum, and the two men jeered as the hot seed began to soak through the crotch of the panties and drip slowly onto the floor. The two men remained in the store while I headed home, my shaved hole dripping with cum and my panties soaked through.

Big Daddy's Throat Stuff

group SafeSexting 2017-10-04

I can't believe that today is my lucky day." I tried to look around his huge shoulders to my Daddy but Uncle Mike caught my face between his hands and kissed me. "Good job sweetie, you're a quick study." Daddy pulled my shirt off and unhooked my bra while Uncle Mike took off his clothes. Uncle Mike pulled me onto his lap and Daddy helped him spread my legs and together they slid my dripping wet hole down over Uncle Mike's massive cock. I pulled at Uncle Mike's Hand and put his finger in my mouth. Uncle Mike's hand slid between my legs from behind and rubbed my swollen and bruised lips.