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A First Threesome: Unplanned

group Boakester 2018-11-30

Randy was starting to get horny I could tell by the way he was French kissing me and squeezing my butt while we danced. So, as Randy gave me another large glass of purple passion punch, I took a big swallow and started to dance around sensually for him, and show my stuff! I reached out and gave his cock a good squeeze and said, "Give it to me Randy". But it was fun to play with a cock that big, and it was really turning me on to be satisfying two guys at the same time. The guy (never knew his name) put the giant head of his cock against my pussy and rubbed it all around getting it very wet and slick.

The Mason & Hunter Episode

group kornslayer1 2018-11-27

"I could view your tits right now, but I just want to keep looking into your alluring brown eyes forever," he let me know, bringing his hands to my butt. I sucked Hunter's manhood as hard as I could right away and already felt myself twitching with Mason's schlong going in and out of my cherry. Wow, I completely didn't see that they were a thing, but I caught Mason sucking Hunter's cock like it was the sweetest lollipop in existence.' My mouth opened up widely, and I nearly felt like I had an orgasm just from seeing Mason and Hunter kiss. I never told Chasity what happened between Mason, Hunter and me beforehand, that's just going to remain our little secret.

Ode To Domina Scorpio: Revenge

group Samuelx 2018-11-10

of Maryland, the woman known as the Scorpio Queen trembled with impotent rage as she watched her gorgeous Aquarius King fuck a White woman right in front of her...again. He grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and, locking eyes with Kiah, he kissed Jessica's hair and went on and on about how smooth and NATURAL her hair was, stating his preference for White women's natural hair over the weaves worn by a distressing majority of Black women. For Kiah H/The Scorpio Queen's final humiliation, Samuel X/The Aquarius King brought in the Black woman's natural enemy....the stealer of Black men's hearts, bodies and minds, the blonde-haired and blue-eyed Caucasian woman.


Noodles Ch. 04

group Azuldrgon 2018-10-03

George was busy spreading newspaper out over a card table in his back yard while Marsha was making a few dishes of melted butter in order to enjoy the crabs they received earlier that day. Sue stopped her, saying that she was a guest and besides George couldn't finish all this by himself.The conversation went slowly from forced due to the circumstances to more easy flowing as the girls lightened up around each other while George mused on how quickly his fantasies had ended. Marsha got up from the bed and went next to George as her hands found Sue's clit. George's knees went weak as it was his turn to hit the bed while Marsha and Sue began to lick his seed off of each other.

The Cold Winter Ch. 04

group sexygirl76 2018-09-24

Michael had stood over the arm of the couch while Sarah sucked his cock and Henry took her from behind. When Michael moved his hands back on her breasts freeing her nipples, Henry locked his mouth on one, whipping his tongue over it as he continued to slam hard into her willing body. "Your mamma is probably still sore sweetheart." Henry said kissing the girl on the cheek before moving over to Robin and taking her in his arms. Sarah had stopped crying but was looking at her while she rested her head on Michael's shoulder. No one knew that Michael and Sarah had sex together while they were alone at the house but they and Henry and they knew the big man would never tell their secret.


The Dark Muse Ch. 01

group Lost Boy 2018-09-24

“This is Moira.” I returned her smile and took the bottle offered and downed a healthy mouthful followed by cheers and the bottle began working its way between the four of us. I closed my eyes as the blondes began to work on my head and chest and quiet Moira slowly worked her way up, anticipation forming a swelling in my shorts. I looked up and in that unholy light watched her ride the dead god as its wet glistening stone cock pierced and pleasured her. Somewhere far away Kim cried out and Jane took her place moving slowly joined in the flesh I could not feel.

The Weekend

group Dr. Bull 2018-09-18

As Beth's head rose she saw the other girl; she sat up quick taking a deep breath as if to scream when Cindy kissed her hard on the lips. Ed kept moving his hips as Beth half-heartedly tried to get away from the girl's kiss, her hands skillfully teasing Beth's breasts working their way down to her love triangle. Beth relaxed pressing her breast's into Cindy's, Ed picked the smaller girl up setting her on his chest then slid her onto his face. Our bodies were still shaking when we heard the applause, on the ridge, sitting, drinking beer, were Ed, Beth, and Cindy the tables had been turned on us and we were caught naked, and our clothes scattered along the trail as we came to the beach.

Embracing Chaos Ch. 03

group Bigdenverman 2018-08-16

At first, Gary was simply turned on by his wife's extramarital sex with Crue. Samantha and Gary had chosen not to have a second sexual adventure with Crue, though he was available and both agreed that he might very well be an acceptable partner down the road. Samantha looked at Gary frequently for the approval she needed, even as she planted her right foot on Crue's shoulder to allow him more access. Once his cock was inside, Gary could not see the actual act anymore, and he focused his attention on his wife - how her soft legs were spread for her lover, how her painted toes pointed, how her lips were parted and how her breasts softly swayed under him.

Betty Jean Gets Used Again

group midwestgirlbjb 2018-08-10

He said he wasn't but that it was "a good idea." Feeling a little naughty I told him to picture me all dressed up in this outfit with me giving him a slow blow job. He told me to,"imagine my fingers were his cock and to fuck myself." I stared to moan and groan as I worked my fingers in and out of my wet pussy, all the time thinking about Will's big cock fucking me. They then began to work their cock slowly in and out of my ass going a little deeper each time. Between Marcus's big cock in my pussy and this large cock being inserted into my ass I felt like I was being ripped in two.


MaryAnn Ch. 01

group MaryAnn678 2018-08-06

This was MaryAnn's and Ron's night to host their group's aperiodic swinging party. Roger certainly wasn't reticent about using any words, "I'm going to stick a big black cock into your pink pussy and fuck you until you scream with yo pretty ass off." Roger grasped one cheek, nearly enveloping it in his hand, and pulled her tight to him. Roger gave her another deep kiss then pulled his face back and asked, "Y'all like it lovely goddess?" She put her arms around his neck, held him tight, and raised her legs while Roger held on to her ass with his huge hands. Someone handed MaryAnn her panties and she wiped herself with them as Roger withdrew and looked around the room for his next partner.


The Hidden Room Ch. 02

group ManMountain69 2018-06-14

Wendy's climax came first, with her clamping her thighs around my head as she let go with her womanly juices which I eagerly lapped up, and that sent Tracey over the edge and her fanny contracted around my cock as she shuddered into her orgasm, and that sent me over the edge with my hips lifting off the bed to get as far into Tracey as I possibly could. From the sounds coming from the bathroom Tracey was enjoying her morning shower, and after her wake up call, Wendy went onto explain that she had to leave promptly for another business meeting but, and with a wink of her eye, we were both welcome to use the facilities of the Hotel for as long as we wanted and she would pick up the tab.

Blossoming Ch. 03

group captive8ed 2018-06-02

In her dream she couldn't help but think what a dirty little girl she was, doing this so openly with Mark and Anna watching her knowing that the feelings in them are also building at an alarming rate. She faced Anna, making her watch her every move knowing that it would drive her crazy and also noticed that mark had moved closer to the tub, still with cock in hand to watch also. Nicole made her way around to where the action was, kissed Mark like she had never done before and reached her hand down between Anna's gorgeous arse and Marks stomach and teasingly pulled his hard cock from her pussy.


Cheaters Never Prosper

group surface6669 2018-05-23

"How about you take care of this Glenn with that big dick of yours," she said, running her left hand through her pussy lips, "and you use my mouth Brian?" Mr. Hermann slowly and deliberately eased his big dick deeper and deeper inside Shelly's tight, wet pussy, while she squirmed and sucked down harder on Brian. "I know," Mr. Hermann smiled as he started to stir Shelly's tight pussy around and around with his big, wide cock, still buried as deep as he could get inside of her. The saliva from Shelly's wet mouth covered Brian's dick and balls, and Mr. Hermann glided what he could of his big cock easily in and out of her slick little pussy now.

Saving Gina Ch. 10

group LaPatitMort 2018-05-22

Yoni pushed me into the shower and said, "Keep your eyes closed." I was bathed by four hands and two circling bodies. Yoni on one side, Trey on the other, four hands began to rub my neck, chest and arms. My cock throbbed against Trey's and my first shot of semen flooded our dicks and flowed onto Yoni's licking tongue. She leaned back and Trey crawled forward and began to lick Yoni's clit and where my cock stretched her. I was kissing Yoni and her cunt was sucking my cock, when Trey's dick began to slip into her ass, making everything very tight. His tongue was every bit as good as Yoni's and his finger felt strange and wonderful as it slipped into my body.

Sharon's Surprise Ch. 08

group SharonMWF 2018-05-08

About a week after we got back from the weekend at the river on Bob's boat Marijean came up to me before school started. "I loved the way Bob's cock felt, Tom was a pretty good fuck, and I found out that he is a tit man. "Not as good as Bob or my husband, but he likes tit fucking," I said, "He shot quite a load between 'the girls.'" "Oh, one more question, did you do your little trick with the condom on Tom, or Mr. Harris," Marijean asked? "Nope, Bob was my first when he was fucking me on Zoo Road," I said. "Rumors were flying at the district office as to why Bob got this major promotion," Marijean said.


Carley Ch. 09

group JapleinViera 2018-04-16

Gray-jacket nodded sharply, unzipped his backpack and kicked off his right shoe. I holstered my pistol - no use contributing to the panic by running around with a gun in my hand - and fought my way east through the frantic crowd, past the entrance to Sears. "You saved a hell of a lot of lives today." The voice came from a tall, good looking woman in a dark business suit with a miniature gold badge pinned to the lapel. "I'm pretty dizzy and my head feels two sizes too big." I explored with my left hand. Terrorists in Israel stopped doing that in the '90s when word got around and Israelis started looking for it. Kinda sleepy for some reason." With Carley holding my hand, I drifted down into the peaceful darkness.

Potter's Mark

group Scorpio44a 2018-03-30

Beth, Donna and I had conferred before we left home and decided that cheerful, bright clothes would help us keep from having our good-bye talk with Frank be too solemn. It took two months for Donna to clear things up at home, sell the house and move her sisters to L.A. During the two months Frank helped by staying in L.A., working and by not doing much else. "I still wish I had a picture of you the night we told you that to marry Beth you needed to love all three of us." Carol said. Carol said, "His eyes kept getting open wider and wider as we all got undressed and helped him get undressed."

Stranger Danger

group hinderka 2018-03-22

His dark, short hair was moving from the wind and the beautiful round eyes had their sight on the girl. He kissed her back and put his hands on her waist slowly going on her ass and finally underneath the skirt. He took her in his arms on to the expensive sofa, bent her over and started licking her ass, making circles with his tongue around her asshole. He made it wet just with his mouth, moved up her skirt and slowly went into her ass, fucking her. A young, suited gentleman went inside, absolutely shocked at the sight of the two teenagers fucking on his couch. And then she went on licking his dick, until the cum came on all of her face.


Christmas Present

group kvijaya508 2018-03-02

I sensed that Vinod was about to come again, but again he pulled his cock from my mouth, saying that he had more fantasies he needed to fulfil before he came again. Vinod started whispering in my ear, telling me how much he loved me, and how beautiful I was and how I was making him so happy, as the other mans cock slipped past my sphincter and slowly entered my ass to the hilt. Vinod said he could feel it pumping its come deep into my ass through the thin wall separating their cocks. I collapsed in exhaustion on Vinod's chest as the cocks slowly softened and slid from my ass and pussy.


Noodles Ch. 05

group Azuldrgon 2018-02-25

As the dancer attempted to swallow as much of Jacob's cock in her mouth, she switched her positioning so that she was on her knees, allowing George the ability to slide her G string down her long legs. he didn't even notice Jacob taking out his dick and stroking it until the dancer released her mouth hold on George and told them both to shoot on her face like the slut she was. When she realized that George was who he was, she blushed massively and began to talk about all the fun stuff they went through during high school as Jacob snored in the seat behind them

Dorie's Surprise

group TheChameleon 2018-02-21

When she was finished talking, she noticed Patrick had undone his pants and with Erica pushing and Patrick pulling, Dorie's long blonde hair was soon hanging over his crotch. Her friends watching finally got the courage to walk over, to which Patrick held her head in place and politely told them, that Dorie would be going home with him to night, but if they were all good girls, next time, they would also be allowed to play, but for now, they should party at a different location without her. As Dorie moaned around his cock, Erica too one hand and reached under Dorie's skirt, and with a smirk, told Patrick the slut was dripping wet and ready for any game we have for her.


In the Red Parlor

group PennLady 2018-02-19

"That," said Gerard as he continued to tease Sadie's nipples, "is a man's cock when he's excited. "Just like this," Gerard said, and Sadie cried out softly as his finger slid into her pussy, again moving in time with Anne. Gerard told Sadie to look up, and she did, finding the ceiling mirror just in time to see the nameless man push his cock into the girl's pussy, taking the place of Anne's toy. The blonde girl was gasping and crying out as the man between her legs continued to fuck her, thrusting his hips back and forth in a steady rhythm. Sadie realized that Madame Anne was staring straight at her and was helpless to do anything but stare back as Gerard continued to thrust in and out, faster than the other man.


MaryAnn Ch. 02

group MaryAnn678 2018-02-11

As the campaign wore on Fritz made some inroads and was doing better than expected, but he was still behind, seemingly destined to be only a "stalwart opponent." Only a brave smile from him, Jeri, and his staff showed the optimism that few actually felt. In fact MaryAnn was sure that her old sorority sister was imagining herself lying there in the back seat getting banged while her husband was just a couple of feet away watching. When Jeri got home that night she had a note saying Fritz was in Sacramento listening to the party bosses tell him how he was a brilliant young star and how he had captured an otherwise impossible seat in the House.

Bisexual Journey Ch. 08

group diagones 2018-01-07

Barry had taken me, and he was going to take me completely, use my ass to pleasure his cock, and I sank into submission to the process, the "meaning" of being fucked by man. He was my lover, making love to me by fucking me, and the total man was involved, not just his big cock moving inside me. In no other circumstances would it be remotely possible that I would submit anything to another man, but when he fucked me, his taking me into his arms to kiss me, even the palpable heat of his desire for my ass, released me to melt into that sweet and helpless submission to the overpowering masculine dominance of another man.