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A Gangbang for Jess

group neon_dreaming 2018-01-30

Returning to the situation, I hooked a finger through Jess' collar loop and led her back over to Rob and Tom. I pulled her forward onto Tom, and she reached her hands up to massage Rob and me as she bobbed her head back and forth on the first of her three cocks. "Switch off!" Tom exclaimed gleefully, reaching across Jess' back to high-five Rob. They moved around her as she gasped, trying to catch her breath. Tom pulled himself out of Jess' mouth, and for the first time I heard her moans full-force as another man fucked her. Jess leaned her cum-covered face forward and kissed first the head of my cock, then Tom's.

The Weekend

group Mysteria27 2018-01-28

I didn’t even know my friends name and now I am going to be having a threesome with his wife and him. My friend then got off the bed and told me that he and I would lick his wife’s pussy together. His wife spread her thighs once again and I devoured her pretty pussy, while my friend fucked my ass slowly. My friend had bought another vibrator and told his wife to use it in my pussy and he would lick the juices. His wife started to fuck me good and hard with the toy, while my friend was licking my bald cunt. After that, his wife went to take a bath and my friend thanked me and said he had a wonderful time.

College Fantasy Comes True Decades Later

group gemstory 2018-01-27

You both giggle and you tell her that was fun and joke, "I kissed a girl and I liked it." You know I am watching and can see I'm a little shocked but go back to the party. You move up on top of me, giving me a wicked smile as you feel my excitement and whisper, "I was gonna put you in the chair, but thought it would be more fun to have you next to us, helpless, knowing how bad you want us, hearing the sounds, smelling the sex and there is nothing you can do but ache and throb." I see Susan next to me, smiling as you torment me, wanting you so bad.

Blue Anniversary

group Jaymal 2018-01-26

Martin freed his cock and pulled his wife hard to it, pressing his girth between her yielding cheeks. At the waist, mind.” Clementine grasped Alexa by the hair and bent her lithe body over, until her mouth brushed the bobbing head of Martin’s cock. “Now you teasing brat,” the headmistress said, “do it.” Alexa stretched her lips and sucked in a great hard mouthful. The vigorous finger-fuck brought Martin’s wife rushing to climax, her moans intensifying as Clementine frigged her silly. “Not Alexa’s first taste of pussy, I think,” Clementine said, massaging the peak of her breast with one hand. Fuck that tease!” He plundered Alexa like it was the first time, his palm smacking hard to her buttock, clutching into the muscle, before withdrawing and smacking again.

Your First Threesome

group Calarg 2018-01-24

I whisper in your ear as I push two of my cleaned fingers back inside and thumb your hard clit, "Well, if we find the right guy, maybe it can be more than a dream." Your hips thrust into my hand and I feel your walls clamp down on my fingers. My hands stroking down your body, following the curves, teasing your nipple rings through your blouse, covering your ass for a squeeze, and finally dipping into the band of your skirt as my fingers move towards your pussy. I hold still letting you work yourself back and forth on my cock, your ass pulling me into you and gripping me each time I’m sliding out.

Hot Tub Fuck Machine

group silkstockingslover 2018-01-23

My wife obeyed and Conner repositioned himself on the edge of the tub so Amanda would have an easy time sucking his cock as she got fucked by another. She took Conner's cock out of her mouth and said, "Fuck yes, harder, deeper, please fuck me deeper." Conner grabbed my wife's hair and pulled her back onto his cock as Aiden moved one leg of his onto the side of the tub and then pounded into her deeper and faster. I looked up and saw the facial expressions of a guy close and said, "Slut, swallow another load." She quickly turned around, her just fucked pussy in my face, as she engulfed Conner's rod and sucked it desperate to retrieve his cum.

Tina's Fantasy Fulfilled

group chriskayaks 2018-01-21

Needless to say, after only a few minutes, Kent was blowing his load down Tina’s throat with Mike slamming his cock home once more before groaning and filling her cunt with a weeks worth of pent up cum. Just as I thought she was going to call it a night and quit, she made the following request: “I want three huge cocks in me at once plus one in each hand.” She looked directly into my eyes while she told me to come stand at her head, then she selected the other four for her fantasy fuck. After I had retrieved a beer from the cooler for her I turned around and saw that Tina had spread her legs wide and was slowly drawing circles around her clit, using several loads of fresh cum for lubrication.

Final Fantasy 7 - Underneath the Rotting Pizza

group vgss 2018-01-18

Pairings:  Aeris+Tifa/Don Corneo's guards, nc            Aeris+Tifa/Cid, oral     Aeris and Tifa exchanged mute expressions of shock as Don Corneo proclaimed boldly, shoving Aeris into the center of the room while Koch As such, Aeris and Tifa had been going Aeris and Tifa's bodies did not inspire the men to disregard their innocence, Aeris slumped back and let her cum-streaked thighs lay bare     Like Koch, he penetrated Aeris hard and fast, giving no heed to the felt the thug's massive shaft pump deep into her sloppy womanhood, Tifa rod shimmying its way inside her, Tifa bucked her hips against the man     All in all, Aeris and Tifa had a pretty good life.

Kevin, Randy and I

group MikeKnight 2018-01-17

Soon I was fucking her doggy style while Kevin sat up at the head of the bed and she basically made love to his huge cock. She talked real dirty, saying how much she loved cock and how she great it was going to feel when I'd blast deep into her pussy and Kevin into her mouth. Randy really did love oral and liked guys to cum all in her mouth. Kevin and I laid there on opposite sides of the bed, under the covers, and just talked and joked a little about how it wasn't nearly as awkward as we'd thought it would be and how many times we thought we could go.

My Best Friend's Dad - Part Three

group Kittykatlush69 2018-01-17

His expert fingers rubbing my clit and nipples as he went until I could hold it no longer and moaned loudly as I got my release. One woman in the middle was getting her clit rubbed, while doing anal and sucking a dick at the same time. I closed my eyes and felt the trunk thrusting in and out, the vibrator continually going at my clit, my toes and boobs still being licked and sucked. Lots of images shot through my mind: all the times I'd had sex with my friend’s dad, our bodies rubbing against each other, his dick inside me. All the way home, I thought about why my best friend’s image had come into my mind while having an orgasm.

Bless A Fantasy

group myself 2018-01-17

Closing her eyes, she felt herself pulse from the nights sex and thought about her man and how she loved to be with him. She had mastered the suck and fuck with her mouth but not until now had she felt her hand jack his shaft to orgasm. She saw her man's face full of amazement and heard the sounds he'd make as he slammed into her full bodied, his blood red cock held perfecty by an expert. The sweat poured from his body and hers, as the cool one behind entered with his cock reaching in front, regaining control of her man's cock, jacking him away from her and into himself. She knew the man was in him completely and felt the tear of the cock shoved in her.

Five Nights Ch. 05

group Noreasonneeded 2018-01-17

“Get your tongue in my pussy!” She sounded mean, but she was grinning, and Marybeth got her face down and I watched her suck the lips of Sue’s pussy, pulling them away from her body, then jam her mouth into the hole, drilling for Sue juice. “Get off, slut,” she said, “it’s my turn.” And as Sue slid to the side, Marybeth took her place, planting her cunt on my face, and driving my cock into her mouth, humming and groaning onto my shaft as I stuck my tongue into her lava pit. Sue was licking her clit, and my balls were her on her nose as I rested there a minute, feeling the heat, then I pulled out and dropped my cock to Sue’s mouth, and she sucked it enthusiastically, loving the taste of her friend’s pussy.

My Threesome Fantasy Come True

group Bronte34 2018-01-16

I laid out on the bed of the studio where I was filming a hot sex scene with this hot guy for a movie with my eyes closed and began to imagine a hot sexy blonde beside me. "So you want to feel my body up against yours, do you?" Lucy asked sexily in a low voice. Lucy laid back down on top of me and began grinding her wet pussy against mine slowly at first and then faster and faster. "I'm no one's bitch," I replied, before gasping with pleasure as Nathan fucked me harder. I felt Lucy's hands on the back of my head pushing the dick deeper in my mouth.

Fantasy Island part 1

group cunning_linguist 2018-01-15

“Hey Pat you look great,” said Pete, trying not to look to look but unable to take his eyes away from Pat’s breasts as their motion strained the singlet to the utmost. “And you, Pete,” chuckled Sue, “even when Pat gave you a full on view, you were trying not to look at her boobs. Pete’s fantasy; I guess Pat would fit the bill, I know Pete nearly came just from looking at her on the beach.”  “Dear Pete, after seeing you on the beach I don’t think you have anything to worry about,” said Pat. “But you are right, we should ease into it. “I think we've answered the questions,” smiled Pat looking at Pete and myself with huge erections streaked with precum from the girls handiwork. 

Our Little Fantasy For Three

group pussygalore 2018-01-14

Tye is now slowly pumping his cock in and out of her pussy, pushing just a couple of inches at first and then ever so often he slides his entire eight inches all the way in, driving Leah new levels of pleasure every time. As his cock starts to jerk and spurt inside Leah’s hot pussy, she starts to cum again which then takes me over the edge too. A few minutes later, Leah reminds us now would be a good time to remove her blindfold and those silk ties from her wrists. As she did this, she reached over with her other hand and slowly started stroking my now very hard cock in rhythm with her mouth.

Moving Day

group Sssh 2018-01-13

He brought a hand up and touched the side of my face as his tongue pressed against my lips, asking for permission. Robbie came up behind me again, but given that Shawn’s mouth now covered one of my breasts, Robbie’s hands massaged my back and shoulders instead. As soon as I grew used to the full feeling of Robbie inside of me, I continued to lick the head of Shawn’s dick. I tried to match Robbie’s motions on Shawn, sliding him in and out of my mouth quickly, licking his shaft and head with each thrust. He was standing with his legs straddling Shawn’s head, but Shawn was so focused on my actions that he didn’t seem to notice. While I was kissing Robbie, Shawn slid inside of me.

A Middle Earth Odyssey- Chapter 1

group JessLuvzSara 2018-01-13

Astriel and Kirien return; Yanina and Starial head to the bathroom. When Starial and I break our kiss, Kirien is sucking hard on Astriel's nipple. As Kirien's tongue is about to touch Astriel's pussy, Starial claps her hands; signaling Kirien to stop. Starial pulls my hand from Kirien's right breast and sucks her nipple hard. When Starial snaps her fingers, Astriel gets between Kirien's legs and licks up all of the sweet nectar from her leaking hole. Astriel, standing there in just her sexy leather boots, grins and says, "Yes, this hobbit girl knows how to fuck." That brings a roar and applause from us all. Starial comes out of the moment and claps her hands four times: a cue for Kirien and Astriel.

Biker Man

group loud_bkr 2018-01-12

Tanya was a well put together woman - sexy mouth and eyes, 38 C bust with large, sensitive, stubby nipples, a flat stomach and slim waist flaring out to rounded hips with a full mound with large juicy lips around her pussy which quickly became soaking wet at the slightest stimulation. There was some moaning coming from one end of the room and Tanya leaned forward to see what was happening and saw one of the girls was topless and sucking one of the men's cock. His other hand came up and fondled her breasts through her waistcoat and when Tanya leaned back further against Gary to let him feel her, he quickly slipped her waistcoat open.

Fantasy Come True

group starchild 2018-01-11

When we finally came to a building, it had a sign outside saying "The Fantasy Bar." I was now officially nervous. Two girls came to me then, and started to pull my shirt up. The girls started feeling my arms, the men my legs, not touching anything, coming close to my boobs and soaking pussy but never actually touching. I tried to move my hips in the direction of the one man's wandering hands, and he just smiled slyly and pulled his hand farther down my leg. The first piece of relief I felt was when a man was now at my side, and he and the other women started sucking my nipples.

NIcole's Fantasy

group GabrielSweet 2018-01-11

When her tense muscles finally relax a little she take her mouth from Lee, lays her head down and looks behind her, "Put you cock in me, fuck me like you own me, make me your slut!" As if a switch is flipped, Nicole goes wild, bucking and pushing back against the cock inside her pussy, sucking and licking on Lee's prick like it was to save her life. While Aaron is fucking her cunt she lets Lee slip from her mouth and starts to stroke him faster and harder saying, "I love the taste of your cock, do you want to watch me drink your cum ......

Solarion Chapter I: Diane and the Massive Orgy at the Vita Amoris Beach Part 1

group CyberwalkerX 2018-01-11

“Well,” said Jackie, “If it’s fine with her, maybe Diane can decide and point at us in turns?” “Oh God,” moaned Mia, “Oh shit that feels good baby, so warm and wet Mmmm… keep it coming Rocco.” As she moaned and sighed Diane stared in turns at the contorted expression on her face suffering from the blows at her base, her tiny breasts and her stomach slightly bulged over the tight metal clamps on her lower abdomen, which jerked every time the cock hit her. Before Diane could ask him who it was his cock burst into huge spurts of hot white cum some of which Mia took into her mouth and the rest she shagged off on her chest and small breasts.

The guardian princess

group whotoldyouiwrite 2018-01-10

As tyler worked on her breasts, Fiona took off her shorts to reveal a well trimmed soft pussy. Tyler used one hand to run down Fiona's body to her pussy while his mouth moved up to Fiona's mouth and the other unbuttoned his denims to pull out his cock. AFter removing her shorts Fiona's hands unbuttoned Tyler's shirt and then ran down his dirty body to hold his cock. "Come Iris, I will show you the real power" Fiona commanded and then turned to Tyler," Tyler, lick my pussy, baby" Soon Tyler had started to lick Iris' pussy and she came almost immediately. Fiona then told Tyler to sit on a rock and asked IRis to ride his cock.

Not the usual saturday night

group wickle 2018-01-10

 "Its ok i will call the breakdown service on my mobile"  I replied.  The lady on the phone assured us someone would get to us within half hour so me and Vicki  started chatting between us.  I asked her if she noticed Simon was staring at her tits  all night to which she replied  "of course i did " , "did you think the top button of my blouse came open all on its own " she laughed " feel between my legs" ,  I put my hands between her legs and felt how wet she was through her black satin knickers. I made my way round the back as I wanted to see  Vickis stretched pussy getting fucked by Wes's big black cock.


‘Snowy’ White and The Seven DWALFS

group Graham_X 2018-01-08

The rest of the team gathered round, watching as the two girls took it in turns to suck Snowy off; passing his cock from one mouth to the other like a sexy game of Russian Roulette. The girl got up, stretched and yawned, before making her way forward with a cheeky grin at Snowy, “Hi honey, I’m Zoe. Thanks for fixing the bus.” She found herself a spare seat and was quickly asleep again. After a few minutes both girls stepped back and quickly drew their shirts over their heads, discarding them onto one of the seats before returning to their caress: their lips and tongues exploring each other’s mouths while their hands caressed each other’s breasts, teasing each other’s nipples.