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Chinese Massage Triangle

group ANcpl 2018-06-27

We were still excited when we got home and one evening, with Jack buried deep inside me, he tentatively asked if I’d really like to take it further, to turn a massage into a threesome? As we chatted I found myself imagining how his hands would feel roaming my body, touching places only Jack should touch; my nipples tightened as I envisaged his weight pressing down on me, his hardness pushing into me. The show over, Max increased his attention to my pussy with the same intensity I had given Jack making me shudder as his thumb pressed against my clit, his fingers delving inside assaulting my g-spot.

My Dark Side

group Soul_Purpose 2018-06-26

Eventually I wanted to meet this great guy I'd been chatting with for so long, and having really good roleplays with. I wanted to meet him, so I had to pretend like I was doing something with my friend so I could see Lucas. Lucas said all kinds of things like he wanted to rape me and make me cry. Lucas pushed my legs apart and I felt him licking all around my thighs and my sex. "Oh yes, we're going to fuck your brains out!" They said a lot of stuff like that. Like 'cum-dumpster.' This was feeling so real, which was a huge turn on for me. He was a lot bigger, it felt like someone trying to shove a shampoo bottle inside me.

The Beltane Code Part 1: Fire

group ByronLord 2018-06-26

As I was talking to Eve, her boyfriend Keith began kissing Sue. Eve just shrugged and said she was not the jealous type. Sue offers us Tom which I nervously decline, Eve asked if I minded and I tell her to go ahead. A few minutes later everyone but me is naked and Tom’s tongue is licking Eve’s breasts while Keith has parted Sue’s legs and is kissing her private place. Eve gives me a look of encouragement and opening her legs, parts her labia for me to see a fifth gold ring in her private place. The soft words of encouragement from Tom. But I was soon lost in the moment with the sight of arms and legs and pricks and vaginas and my fingers on my clit.

The First of Many Ch. 11

group boo_dreaux 2018-06-26

By the time Teri had joined us again, I had just finished filling Rick in on the past several years of Ree and me and of our involvement in the swinging scene in our city. Looking at each other with that, "you've got to be fucking kidding me expression", Rick, chivalrous as ever, said to Teri that he'd be back in an hour and we should get a jump start on the 'stoning'. I felt a shift on the bed, feeling Rick moving to a kneeling position near Teri's head, and I broke off our kiss and moved my mouth to her now wide-opened legs, to her pussy.

SLUTS 2: Karen's Fantasy

group marie5555 2018-06-25

 "Okay, nosy bitch," Karen conceded, smiling as she kissed Ginger's nose, "ever since I was horny, when I was 16, it has always been to be tied naked, like you and the girls had me last week, and left in a dormitory for the girls to find when they came up to bed, so they could enjoy whatever they wanted with me all night long." Ginger was determined not to give Miss Rogers the satisfaction of making her come, but with the pussy vibe and the bum shafting with its own vibrations, and all after such a fantastic tongue-fucking only minutes before, leaving her so sensitive, she could not resist for long.

Rough Trade

group Sleepyhead707 2018-06-24

Her left hand massages my sac and it’s all too much, her skill is immense and I can’t hold back, spilling my come deep down her throat before she pulls me out of her mouth and allows the last of my load to splatter all over her nose and cheeks. My flaccid penis is soon making it’s way back to full erection, I want Evie so badly, and the thought of Pippa and Sylvia watching makes the whole situation so much more erotic. I thrust hard and bury my bone hard cock deep inside Evie, making her cry out, her fingers digging into the bed sheets, a contorted look on her face, teeth gritted.

Calling Party Of Three – Part Two

group Poppet 2018-06-24

He teases me slowly unlike what I’m doing to Sam. I can feel her grind her pussy onto my face while I suck on her clit. Ryan slips his tongue into my slit and takes my clit into his mouth and chews on it lightly sliding a finger inside me hooking it upwards and fingers me deeply finding my g-spot with no issues. Ryan takes this with stride moving to take her place where she once sat and slide his cock into my mouth, a lot like he had when Chris was fucking me. She lets out a whimpering moan, her hips buck up once more feeling her orgasm hard around her toy, sucking it deeper into her pussy.

Erika Goes Pro

group thatguy625 2018-06-23

There was not a table I walked by that didn’t reach out and grab my ass, squeeze a breast, or even try to pull my thong away from my body. I got off the bed and approached Max. He was rubbing his cock through his jeans but moved his hands when I got there to let me take over. Looks like she might need some of that dick soon!” Sheila said. Don’t you worry, between my fingers and Max’s skill, were going to get the think all the way up inside you tonight!” Sheila told me. The next several minutes consisted of Max fucking me in earnest while Sheila straddled my body facing me and kissing me passionately.

The Ice Queen Cometh (Or How Roy And I Got Back On Track)

group Mazza 2018-06-23

It smelled much like my own and I felt my pussy pulse as I slid my hand inside her panties, feeling her soft downy hair as my fingers began to slip between her lips which were slick with her viscose arousal. I nodded and watched for a moment, surprised that I was happy with this, another woman attending to my boyfriend and suddenly found that I had an overwhelming desire to be kissing her again so I leaned forward to do it, my hands automatically finding their way to her breasts and my thumbs, circling her nipples and making them become erect as our mouths met and our tongues began slip against each other once more.

Surprised by his girlfriend

group MelonHead 2018-06-23

He could feel his cock start to strain against his jeans and then even more as Hannah pulled off the other girl’s top revealing her large perky tits encased in a lacy white bra. As his mind turned back to the scene in front of him he saw Sarah sucking on Hannah’s clit as she slid two fingers back and forth in her now extremely wet pussy. Tom ran his hands over her tits and began to pinch her nipples; he forgot Sarah was there until he felt her mouth on his still hard cock. Tom could see Hannah’s tongue on Sarah’s clit as he fucked Hannah harder; her muffled groans of pleasure getting louder.

The Dinner Party

group thelibrarian 2018-06-23

I excused myself from Lara, who gave me and Chloe a knowing smile and nod. I assumed she was going to get her coat, but she went straight back to the dining room, walked round the table, and sat back down next to Ben. Looking intensely in my eyes across the table, Chloe lent over to Ben and spoke at length in his ear. Chloe was looking directly at me as Ben continued probing with his right hand. Chloe slowly walked across the room towards Ben. She looked confident and was oozing a sex appeal that I'd never witnessed before. I looked to my right as Ben lifted Chloe’s legs further, took his dick in hand, and eased himself into her.

Bless A Fantasy

group myself 2018-06-23

Closing her eyes, she felt herself pulse from the nights sex and thought about her man and how she loved to be with him. She had mastered the suck and fuck with her mouth but not until now had she felt her hand jack his shaft to orgasm. She saw her man's face full of amazement and heard the sounds he'd make as he slammed into her full bodied, his blood red cock held perfecty by an expert. The sweat poured from his body and hers, as the cool one behind entered with his cock reaching in front, regaining control of her man's cock, jacking him away from her and into himself. She knew the man was in him completely and felt the tear of the cock shoved in her.

Bank holiday camp pt8

group BiUKSwinger 2018-06-23

I must admit it did feel really good and the tingling sensations that ran right through my body soon had me relax and fully enjoying the fucking I was getting from her. Mandy was now shafting me quicker as she gripped my hips, and with each thrust, I let out groans of pleasure. I felt so strange to not only have a man fuck me but to cum inside me too! Mandy recovered from her orgasm and climbed to the bottom of the bed taking over from where Dave had been, and then she opened my ass cheeks. I really enjoyed it, besides I could have said no and stopped it,” I smiled at Mandy and kissed her while giving her hand a little squeeze in a reassuring way.


group MindsEye 2018-06-22

My wife Laura came to bed that night with her dark hair in pigtails and wearing the little school girl outfit, including Muriel’s little white panties. “This is just like a very small penis Muriel, you need to feel comfortable putting this in your mouth, licking and sucking it, like I did to you.” Muriel held out her tongue as Laura used her hands to open up her vagina and pressed lightly against her face. It was as the two girls were locked in a passionate tongue kiss, that Laura took Muriel’s hand and guided it to my erection. Laura then explained to Muriel that this was just a natural lubricant and told the girl to rub her lips against my penis using the clear juice to help moisten them.

Temptation by all

group Hot-Lesbian 2018-06-22

Mary followed Kayla to her dressing room, today was going to be the day where she would fuck her senseless. "Oooohhhh fuck yeah bitch keep doing that, force your tongue into my pussy yeeaahhh thats it, fuck it bitch, fuck it!!!" Mary screamed as she face fucked Kayla."Ooooh yea im going to cum bitch!!! Todd positioned himself behind Mary and started fucking her while she fucked Kayla, this lasted a few more minutes before they all came together and collapsed in a heap. Kayla would always remember the day she was gruesomely fucked by Todd and Mary but the best thing was she enjoyed every second of it.

Wife's New Friend

group Pegasus4 2018-06-22

Nikki reached behind, grasping her own buttocks in each hand and pulled them apart to completely expose her pussy for Jay. Kneeling down, Jay kissed Nikki on each buttock then buried her face in her crack, licking and sucking at Nikki's pussy. It was such a horny sight to see my wife in stockings and high heels, standing with her legs apart and caressing her own breasts whilst another woman knelt before her, tongue fucking her. Jay then moved to the side and Nikki placed her face and shoulders down onto the bed, thrust her arse high in the air and placed her knees wide apart, making herself totally vulnerable as she completely exposed her cunt, already wet from my wife's tongue fucking.

Senior Camp Out

group wifey1momma2 2018-06-22

When the time came to go to bed, Aerin took her "flavor of the week" to the truck and began fucking. We begin to fuck and oh my god it feels so good. "Let me show you how to fuck her properly. Mr Thomas then yells, "Everyone, come see how you properly fuck a woman. As Mr Thomas begins fucking me, we see blue lights and see sirens. I was beginning to freak out as Mr. Thomas starts fucking me. One of the police officers comes over and takes his turn in my pussy. One football player, then a police office. He fucks me while I eat a girl's pussy.

After school activities.

group spiritguide_23 2018-06-21

Want to learn about sex from two older men that know how to treat a woman?" The whole time he had been speaking, he had slowly been leaning into me. His last words were spoken so close to my face that I felt my hair blow in the breeze from it. Mr. Baker let out a moan and moved his far hand to the back of Mr. Brown's head, ensuring that I could still see the action. Mr. Brown had continued his licking and had just began running his tongue around Mr. Baker's head when I looked back down at him. Is he just sucking or is he moving his tongue to, Mr. Baker," I asked as I watched the man beside me begin to bob his head a little faster.

Neighbors With Benefits - Part Two

group NVMii 2018-06-21

Jimmy nodded his head, as he fucked Brooke's pussy hard. I had to fuck him, I wanted to feel that big black snake splitting my pussy lips. I wanted Ray to stay and watch how hard it was for Jimmy to pull his cock out. Brooke took hold of Ray's cock and looked at me. Ray, would your like to see your bride fuck Ty's black cock that way?" Ray was almost drooling at the thought of watching Ty's cock slide into my pussy. "Fuck Ray, you almost strangled me with your cock!" Brooke was still breathing deeply. The color contrast of white Ray lying between Brooke's black legs, made my pussy tingle.

NIcole's Fantasy

group GabrielSweet 2018-06-21

When her tense muscles finally relax a little she take her mouth from Lee, lays her head down and looks behind her, "Put you cock in me, fuck me like you own me, make me your slut!" As if a switch is flipped, Nicole goes wild, bucking and pushing back against the cock inside her pussy, sucking and licking on Lee's prick like it was to save her life. While Aaron is fucking her cunt she lets Lee slip from her mouth and starts to stroke him faster and harder saying, "I love the taste of your cock, do you want to watch me drink your cum ......

Accidental Foursome Part 3

group Headsupmax 2018-06-21

“Sit back and relax, Greg,” she said, “I think you’re going to enjoy this.” Eve turned back to me and started planting the lightest of kisses all over my cheeks, nose, my eyelids, over to nibble an earlobe as she caress me, moving her hands to my breasts. I took a few final strokes and looked into his eyes, “Excuse me,” I said, “I’m going to finish Adam off while you recover.” Greg moved back to allow Eve to get out from between my legs and as soon as she moved away, he moved in running his fingers all over my pussy finally leaning forward to kiss where my pubic hair had been.

Truth Or Dare - Chapter Two

group TeilaWolfe 2018-06-20

remember how Gary asked me if I’d ever thought about kissing you?” Samantha blushes and looks away briefly until Lucy answers. Lucy and Gary watch as Corey pushes forward, filling Samantha as they both groan in pleasure. Lucy looks back at Samantha and she nods at her while letting out a huge moan as Corey slams into her hard. Fred starts to rub himself harder than ever as he watches Corey fuck Samantha from behind, and cute little Lucy sucking Gary like a pro. Fred, Corey, and Samantha all watch in fascination as Gary starts to fuck Lucy. Gary lets out as gasp as Lucy digs her nails into his back, He lets out a low moan as she groans in pleasure, feeling him fill her tight pussy over and over.

Professional Courtesy - Second Assignment

group Tashtego 2018-06-19

Based on what Olivia, the wife, had said that night, Jennifer was expecting a return engagement with Jamal. Jennifer smiled at Olivia, expecting Jamal to appear again with a towel around his waist. “Drink up and stand here in front of me,” said Jennifer, removing her blazer and plopping into a cushioned chair, “We need to get to know each other. Jennifer tried to execute a sexy smile and got on her knees, motioning with her index finger for Jack to come forward. “Ryan, I’m going to suck you cousin’s dick and make him come in my mouth,” she said, looking at his dangling, semi-hard member. It slid up and down, which felt lovely, but Jennifer knew what Jack was trying to accomplish.

Memoirs of a Duchess, Part One

group Gabrielle_d_Estrées 2018-06-19

Perhaps it was the excess of wine she had taken at dinner, or the desire to prove that she - like her husband - was capable of seducing even the most unsuspecting servant-girl, or maybe it was simply the fact that Marie was sweet and Gabrielle, in that moment, wanted to take her innocence from her. Taking her free hand, Gabrielle gripped her sex through the girl’s dress, squeezing tightly."Do you like this, Marie?” “Do you know what is good about being with a woman, Marie?” The girl shook her head ‘no’ as Gabrielle began to undo the back of the girl’s dress. Using her fingers, Gabrielle parted the girl’s lips and made circles around the opening, all the while sucking on her clit gently, taking it into her mouth and rolling her tongue against it.