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Night in Paris

group raynagirl 2018-08-12

We'd already made love before we left the hotel room but I could feel his eyes on me again and cheekiness in the way he smiled. I tried to convince myself that the blush was caused by too much wine and not the fact that I couldn't tear my eyes from her perfect body, wondering what she looked like in the shower. It was the sexiest feeling in the world to be finger fucked whilst I had Dave's cock deep down the back of my throat. Dave fucked me harder and I orgasmed, bucking my hips out so I could feel his cock deeper inside me, reaching a height of ecstasy.

The International Incident

group cbbelden 2018-05-10

The woman raised her cup and said, "Lucia." Loo-chee-ah, like music, Mary thought. Mary, on her knees with her dripping pussy over Pascal's mouth, faced Lucia. Pascal grabbed Mary roughly and pushed her onto her hands and knees between Lucia's legs. She tried to raise her head, to look back at Pascal to tell him no, but Lucia had her by the hair now and was rubbing her pussy in Mary's face. As Pascal started moving more quickly, Lucia reached her tongue up and licked at Mary's throbbing clit. Mary lowered her face to Lucia's pussy and took her lips in her mouth and sucked hard.

French Adventure Ch. 02

group Group-lover 2018-04-28

She gasped as his fingers made contact with her streaming pussy, and her eyes grew wide as within seconds she felt Rob thrust one of them into her slippery hole. Carla didn't stop her thrusting up and down on the two hands between her legs and seconds later she gave a loud cry, and both Rob and Anique felt the spasming pussy grip their fingers. A second gasp caught Anique's attention and looking up from her position on the floor, she saw Simon's hard cock bobbing up and down as he tugged on his manhood, while he watched the action unfolding before him. It was Rob who lost control first, as with a groan and a hard thrust into Anique's sopping pussy he shot stream after stream of his creamy sperm, deep into her body.

Orient Beach Back For Much More

group Warrior1982 2018-02-11

Susan had parted her legs and had been leaning over a bit while eating her sandwich, so her tits were swinging a little, with her nipples pointing right at JM. After eating, Susan re-applied sunscreen all over her front, spending more time than needed massaging it into her tits and on her legs next to her pussy lips. She looked up at Susan and said, "Zis will taste like you and Jean-Marc, no?" and she started lapping up the cum that had trailed down Susan's ass and legs. I pounded her hard, making her little tits start to swing as she was licking all around Susan's pussy, sucking in pubic hair and giving her a thorough cleaning.

Hot August Summer Ch. 02

group CandleLit 2018-01-21

She was holding Marie firmly to her pussy, Marie on her knees before her, her hand moving inside Amy, her mouth kissing every inch outside. Marie's fingers went faster and she seemed to be curving them so they would touch inside Amy just so, and Amy's body tightened, the muscles of her stomach showing clearly as she neared orgasm. Amy held up my cock as Marie looked at her with the question in her eyes – Amy nodded and smiled, Marie instantly took me into her mouth. I held her arms as Marie set her mouth to Amy's breasts, taking each nipple in, sucking hard and making Amy gasp.