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Kevin, Randy and I

group MikeKnight 2018-06-27

Soon I was fucking her doggy style while Kevin sat up at the head of the bed and she basically made love to his huge cock. She talked real dirty, saying how much she loved cock and how she great it was going to feel when I'd blast deep into her pussy and Kevin into her mouth. Randy really did love oral and liked guys to cum all in her mouth. Kevin and I laid there on opposite sides of the bed, under the covers, and just talked and joked a little about how it wasn't nearly as awkward as we'd thought it would be and how many times we thought we could go.

A Gangbang for Jess

group neon_dreaming 2018-06-26

Returning to the situation, I hooked a finger through Jess' collar loop and led her back over to Rob and Tom. I pulled her forward onto Tom, and she reached her hands up to massage Rob and me as she bobbed her head back and forth on the first of her three cocks. "Switch off!" Tom exclaimed gleefully, reaching across Jess' back to high-five Rob. They moved around her as she gasped, trying to catch her breath. Tom pulled himself out of Jess' mouth, and for the first time I heard her moans full-force as another man fucked her. Jess leaned her cum-covered face forward and kissed first the head of my cock, then Tom's.

Saturday night with room mate and his girlfriend

group PantyPornoisseur 2018-06-25

A while into the movie a very passionate sex scene come on, the characters on screen were pounding away as i noticed my room mate and his girlfriend slowly and cautiously fondle each other, giggling and whispering as they do so. His girlfriend starts to play with her sweet pussy once again with more enthusiasm, I think to myself i've come this far, I might as well do my best, as i start to ride his cock harder and harder. As i slow down his girlfriend laughs and says "Looks like only a woman can finish him off" as she turns on the chair, her ass and pussy on display, and slides a finger into her ass with one hand while motioning him over with the other.

My Wife and her Best Friend Lay a Trap...

group Bman8in 2018-06-24

She really looked hot, and at that moment, I just wanted to grab my wife and fuck her right there in the backyard; but then I took another look down Jenn's sun dress at her sweet, perky breasts and knew that I was going to have both these hot women before the night was out, and I wanted to start with Jenn! J said; "Jenn, you need to get naked, like me, before you start blowing my hubby!" "Scotty loves to play with my tits when I give him a blow job, and I'm sure that he'll want to do the same with you." While I continued to pound Jenny’s sweet pussy, I watched J expertly squeeze Jenn's breasts, pinching and sucking on her beautiful, full nipples like I had done earlier.

How about Eric?

group lemanruss 2018-06-23

I remember thinking that Michelle was likely to get a reaction of "Hell no!" out of asking her ex to film her fucking her new boyfriend, and then we'd be back to ground zero and maybe I'd have a little more leverage (having been so cool about her suggestion of her ex) to offer up the idea of a female camera man. Michelle rested her cheek against the shaft of his dick and smiled a very pleased smile to the camera and I began to appreciate the size and scale of the cock in her hand as it lay against her gorgeous face (which still glistened in spots from the cum she hadn't spooned into her mouth earlier.)

Twist of Fate, Part 1

group aerowfn 2018-06-13

"I mean, we should stop by Jessi's dorm and please her the right way; I've always wanted to try a girl." Julie spoke softly. "Well, it might just be all the alcohol talking, but yeah, I want to give it a shot!" Julie exclaimed excitedly, tugging on my pants playfully, making my cock tingle even more. Julie had finally convinced Jessi to let us up, and as she hung up, she grabbed my cock still sticking out of my pants... It didn't take long before Julie grabbed Jessi and threw her down on to the bed beside me, licking her pussy relentlessly. Jessi began moaning as I got up and moved behind Julie, teasing her sweet mound until it was wet, slippery and more than ready for my cock.

Action In The Vacant House

group bassguitarbubba 2018-06-13

  Donna moved her hand to her pussy and began to slowly masturbate as she watched me and Kim.   I began to moan in unison with Donna as she feverishly implored, “Cum for my girl!”    My cock got rock hard as Kim stroked it and she could tell I was ready to cum as she said to Donna, “He’s ready to cum, baby.”   Donna’s hips were moving quickly as she drove her fingers into her wet pussy faster and deeper.   Without missing a beat, Donna took my hard cock into her mouth and even while Kim laid on me, she sucked me off until I shot another load of cum.

My Girlfriend's Roommate Chapter 3 - Surprise, Surprise

group sprhr2 2018-06-12

Lisa continued to tease me all night, making a sexy pose when Shannon wasn’t watching, blowing kisses, licking or biting her lips. The scene was setting new levels of sexiness for me, like the whole night had, watching my wife take my cock while she grabbed her breasts and squeezed hard, reaching down and grabbing her lover’s hair, pulling her closer as Lisa ate her out. I want to hear my slutty little roommate scream again.” Lisa looked up without stopping her licking and she and Shannon made eye contact, smiling wickedly at one another. After Lisa and Shannon licked and worked the tip several times, I grabbed Shannon’s head and like earlier pushed my cock down her throat.

Anna’s Men’s Room Adventure

group njdom 2018-06-10

Sometimes Carl would start when Anna was sucking his cock. The fantasy generally involved Carl convincing Anna to come into a men’s room with him. Carl moved to the side and Anna greedily started sucking the black guys cock. Anna pulled the cock out of her mouth, gasped and while stroking him, said “Oh God, pinch my nipples hard, harder. Anna’s dripping wet mouth plus the amazing luck of being blown by a sexy girl in the men’s room of the theater where he worked led him to cum almost right away. The black guy moved up, grabbed her head and shoved his cock back into her slut hole of a mouth.

Double Date Night

group 5ummerfield 2018-06-07

I instantly felt my cock harden as it did when the girls kissed, only this time, the experience was made more intense by Molly who had slid her hand up my leg, inching dangerously close to my crotch, she leant forward, offering me a full view of her incredible cleavage. Tantalisingly undoing the buttons on her blouse, she turned around and bent over to inch her tight grey skirt over her ass, at which point she remained bent over and widened her legs so I could see how wet she was; her pants looked as if they were about to start dripping! Charlotte took it upon herself to sit over Mark's face and offer reassurance to Molly who was about to get fucked in the ass whilst her boyfriend fucked her pussy.

Twist of Fate, Part 2

group aerowfn 2018-06-04

We grabbed Jessi and Julie and began the stumble back to John's dorm since we were all very drunk by this point. No one had ever seen this forceful side of John, but it clearly turned Jessi and Julie on as he got up and began making out with Julie, touching her all over. I got so turned on that I grabbed Jessi and bent her over the bed next to her boyfriend and started pounding her wet cunt from behind. I decided to test out how much of a slut Jessi could be as I began slapping her ass as hard as I could and pulling her hair. John and I sat on the bed next to each other, watching Jess and Julie intensely making out...

Slutty Jennifer Gets A Pounding

group ukmarky 2018-06-04

“Yes I know,” she said after sliding the barman’s massive dick from her mouth, “but I felt really naughty picking up a stranger in a hotel bar, and when he mentioned that he was finishing his shift, I felt so horny and a little drunk, I just got carried away, and besides, Three cocks, surely, has to be better that two?” As she finished her explanation, she pulled the dicks she had been lightly stroking while she was talking closer together and started running her tongue over their hard ends. I watched in amazment as she took the entire length of his tool down her throat (she hadn’t even done this with me before!) As she continued to let this stranger fuck her face, I noticed her hand move down to her pussy to give it a little rub.

A Summer to Remember

group LK213 2018-05-31

She cried out, “Oh fuck yes!” as I felt her pussy clench hard around my cock buried deep inside of her. She turned her head around and looked me right in the eye and said, “Cum for me, Dan, fill my pussy with your cum!” Amber took her loss gracefully and got up off the bed, turned around so her ass was facing us and slowly slid her panties down her long legs. I felt Amber’s fingers slide down my back as I broke my kiss with Susan then turned my head towards Amber. I spread her legs wide with my foot then rubbed my cock up and down her soaking pussy and asked her, “Is this what you want, Amber?”

A Very Happy Birthday (Straight Practice part 2)

group Just_A_Guy_You_Know 2018-05-29

Apart from mornings when Shriya and Angie's personalities couldn't be more different, the two girls actually got along well the rest of the time. With a tight grip, fast strokes, and Shriya's dirty pictures, it wasn't long until I came for the second time that day. I wasn't immediately aware of this, but because of the difference in heights between the SUV and my little Nissan, the driver of the SUV got a great view down into Shriya's naked lap, where my fingers were working at her warm wet pussy. As I began pumping my cock inside her, Angie crawled under Shriya, and began licking her brown pussy again. Angie moaned, and I could feel it even with my cock deep inside Shriya.

My Freaky Girlfriend - Part Two

group Mysteria27 2018-05-26

In the beginning, when we were dating, she’d come to my office, suck my dick, and let me pound her cute rosebud right in my office.  She texts me naughty pictures of her touching her pussy and audios saying how she wants me to fuck her ass when I get home. I got dressed and left.  I wanted to pick her up new lingerie, a hot dress and new shoes. I was pretty pumped up to see her get used by a group of men.  I wasn’t going to be part of the party.  I just wanted to watch and take video so we’d have a little souvenir of her hot and wild gang-bang.

My Best Friend's Girlfriend

group jjj8675309 2018-05-18

Last Hand: "Alright, I've got an idea" John announced, breaking me from my wide-eyed admiration of Sandy's bear breasts. "The winner of the next hand gets to do whatever they want with anyone else for 3 minutes." Now I knew it was going to come to this at some point, but the fact that my childhood friend was offering up his half-naked girlfriend to me was one of the most exciting thoughts I had ever had. I think John saw it coming and said "I want you to cum all over her." Sandy took the cue, flipped over, rested her head on John's lap and spread her legs for me.

If You Fuck My Friend

group alladream27 2018-05-16

Brandon is fucking Elena and holding her throat like the reins of a horse, her thighs make a slapping sound as they bump against his torso. "Get that pussy, daddy," Daina encourages and Brandon's eyes float from one sexy friend to the other, not knowing where to place his attention. Daina's fingers reach the opening down below and in once swift motion her pointer finger disappears inside Brandon's asshole and he screams, bucks wildly and cums at the same time shooting all of his hot, nasty sperm inside Elena's open, freshly fucked pussy. He reaches back, grabs Daina's face and kisses her lips as Elena recovers silently beneath him, his dick still inside her.

My friend and I visit my girlfriend and her best f

group middleman4eva 2018-05-12

Before long we were all doing lines and watching tv when my girlfriend suggested i do a line off her ass like the dealer said. It was at this point my vision get blurry I remember my girlfriend and her friend locking me in a closet, not for long, but when i came out I could definitely tell there was some coke missing and an odd sense of anxiety. Next both girls lined up against the wall and bent over and slowly pulled down their thongs, we both got a good look at their shaved pussies and tight asses.

Fucking You Outdoors Ch. 02

group spacemannspiff 2018-05-12

You went to make out with her and her her boobs for a little bit and then you came behind me, squeezed my ass with one had, grabbed my pussy with the other, and kept your eyes on my fingers and tongue, which were now all over Zuzi you were getting super horny, so you were extremely pleased when Zuzi called you to go over to her. You wanted to go on for a bit longer, but I made you stop, turned around and started sucking you cock quite hard, making you breather heavily and hum my head, while Zuzi came to lick and play around with your balls.

My Girlfriend Went Tripping

group pimpass 2018-05-06

That next night, I got a call from Tripp saying that he was going to have kegs at his house that evening, and that he wanted me and Jasmine to come over for a little pre-gaming before the party started, in order that we be nice and drunk before everyone else arrived. What I did expect was, and certainly received, was a hard slap from Jasmine and deep chuckling laughter from Tripp; certainly unexpected though, but quite pleasant, was a little smile that came from Nikki's beautiful lips, who then proceeded to pull her skimpy tank top over head revealing the biggest, roundest, and most perfect breasts I have ever seen.


group pophepo2 2018-05-02

Later when we were in our hotel room my gf told me that luckily he was with us and he carried her but still his self confidence is provocative and he is such big headed cocky man. It is a kind of joke, don't worry." I said "Come on man, he is my girl!!!!" After that he inserted his two fingers inside her pussy and started to fingering her. He was fingering her pussy faster and harder, in every hit her ass was trembling like a jell, faster and harder and faster and harder and she was moaning and breathing deeper and deeper and eventually she screamed and started to and trembling... I saw how his big thick strong dark cock disappeared cm by cm inside her hot beautiful white body!

MMF Massage with Girlfriend 01

group FunkyR 2018-04-27

I asked Michelle if she wanted a back massage, she was a little apprehensive but said she did so I went behind her and started to rub her shoulders. After a short time I gave her arse a little kiss and asked Joel if he wanted to swap ends. After a while I asked her if she would play with Joels cock and she said she would so he took his trousers off and moved himself beside her and she started wanking him in the same way as me. A short time later she moved her right hand that she was wanking me with down to her pussy and said that she wanted us both to come over her tits.

Baby and the Game

group jugulator 2018-04-21

When Baby and I arrived, Andy has already poured himself a drink and Mark was in the kitchen preparing the snacks. Mark continued to fuck her mouth holding her hair, while she stabbed her fingernails into his ass, gripping him harder and harder. Slowly, mechanically, like a robot, I took the camera and zoomed Andy's pole penetrating my baby's throat in forceful swings. After a couple of minutes of sucking, licking, slurping and moaning, Andy pushed two, and then three fingers in her ass, and said: "Don't worry, you're gonna enjoy this," Andy said and slowly put his cock to the entrance of the Baby's asshole. I handed the camera over to Mark, grabbed both sides of her head and fucked her throat.

College Cathouse Ch. 07

group DaviBlack 2018-04-14

I laughed and Jess nodded and said "Sounds fair." Stacy held the massive rubber cock in place and thrust it toward me playfully a couple of times. Turning to Richie Jess said "I hope she doesn't treat your cock like that." She moved down the bed and nudged Stacy aside. Then Jess pulled back, wrapped her hand around the pink plastic cock and slowly pushed its head into Kendra's pussy. "You'll be fine," Jess said, "Who knows, you might even like it." She reached down, grabbed a hold of Stacy's big dildo and liberally coated it with lube. Stacy leaned forward and slowly pressed the tip of the big black plastic cock against Kendra's pussy.