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Annie Goes Skiing

group AnnFrancis 2018-11-20

It was not a big secret that the only time Annie liked ice was if it was crushed and blended with liberal doses of tequila, and perhaps, a lime wedge and salt shaker in easy reach. “I think you’ll have a great time,” Kate replied with a smile as she reached over and touched Annie’s hand. The next to lose, was Frank who was soon sitting bare-chested at the table, which caused his girlfriend Kate to reach over and give his nipple a playful twist. Frank soon lost his pants so to speak, and as he stood up, his girlfriend Kate reached over and gave him a loving stroke to the bulge in his boxers causing an obvious movement.

Special Report

group nox661 2018-11-20

Another man approached her as she continued to read from the prompter and he too emptied his load on her face. A line of men formed in either wing, taking their turns one at a time to approach her, empty their load onto her and then leaving. She obliged him and turned to face him, doing her best to continue reading the headlines, though her voice was now obstructed by his fingers. He took his cock and rubbed it through the cum that already covered her face and then forced it into her mouth. The unending tide of men continued to approach her from either side, ignoring the fact that she was now being fucked on live TV, and emptied their cum onto her in wave after wave of molten semen.

Trish, Sarah Harry

group Trish 2018-11-20

Sarah realised Trish was staring at her naked body and grabbed an old shirt of Harry's off the chair. 'That won't be  necessary  Sarah, but your not going yet.' An edge of hardness came back into Trish's voice as she remembered that this little slut, innocent as she may look, had been fucking her husband. As Harry moved behind her Sarah could feel her pussy pumping with the beat of her heart. As Sarah looked down at her, at the back of her head,  Trish's tongue  flicked across her pussy lips, parting them, exploring them. She could feel Harry's dick pounding into her and right next to as gentle as a faeries touch  Trish's  mouth delighted her pussy.

Moving Day

group Sssh 2018-11-19

He brought a hand up and touched the side of my face as his tongue pressed against my lips, asking for permission. Robbie came up behind me again, but given that Shawn’s mouth now covered one of my breasts, Robbie’s hands massaged my back and shoulders instead. As soon as I grew used to the full feeling of Robbie inside of me, I continued to lick the head of Shawn’s dick. I tried to match Robbie’s motions on Shawn, sliding him in and out of my mouth quickly, licking his shaft and head with each thrust. He was standing with his legs straddling Shawn’s head, but Shawn was so focused on my actions that he didn’t seem to notice. While I was kissing Robbie, Shawn slid inside of me.

The Slave Princess......Part 4

group Piquet 2018-11-19

I notice a severe looking woman, dressed in iridescent black sitting in the place of honour; at the right hand of Lady Itelyssia. Now, open mouthed, I lick my lips and slip them over the head of his cock, my fingers tighten around the base of his shaft and immediately I feel him harden. I feel the hand of the young Darrakhai now pushing my face away from his cock. The male slaves are all employed as well, using their talents upon the asses, pussies and mouths of these fine ladies of Darrakhai. For several minutes I watch his fine cock entering her pussy only a half a hands span away from my face.

You think you know someone - Tammy and Barry: Their story. Chapter 4 of 4.

group Bipeep 2018-11-19

'This woman is persistent as well as greedy as she already had a nice looking dick pumping into her cunt,' thought Tammy as she now noticed through the tenting material of his trousers that Barry's cock was beginning to swell. Could she?' She thought as she was tempted to pull Barrie's huge cock out of his pants and see what the expression on the other woman's face would be. Tammy and Barry did meet with a number of couples and had same room sex and swapping sessions with a few of those. That Saturday night went so well that Tammy rang all the participants the next week and asked them if they knew of any suitable couples who they might like to invite along as trial members.

Punishment or Reward?

group winterwerewolf 2018-11-19

Isabelle grabbed Andy and pulled him in for a kiss. Isabelle shoved Andy onto his bead and began to kiss him deeply. Isabelle took Andy's sex in her mouth. Andy smiled and began to thrust his sex into her mouth. Isabelle grabbed a semi-recovered Alecia and they began to lick one anothers sexes. Claire felt her legs give way and Andy gentley helped lower her onto the bed. Claire smiled as she felt Andy's member throb. Andy sat up, not removing himself from Claire, and took began to lick and bit her breasts. One of hands slide down to her sex and began to rub her most pleasurable spot as he thrust in her and bit down on her back.

Chapter 20. My personal gangbang and pulling a train!

group LuvitAll 2018-11-19

While I was cumming, I felt the guy fucking me unloading, dropping yet another load into my cunt. I was losing myself in the feeling of two cocks in me at the same time, thinking it couldn’t get better when another guy stood on the bed in front of me, slipped his cock into my mouth and lodged his knob in my throat. I dropped my head onto the guy under me and lay passive on him like a fuck queen doing what I was born for; fuck men, have cocks in me, take cum in me, give orgasms, take orgasms. My cunt was full, my arse was full, my clit was bursting, my nipples hard as rocks and being pulled by the guy fucking my mouth.

Costume Party

group EnjoyBoth 2018-11-19

I have no idea how much time had gone by, only that there were more people watching and Brian had placed his hands on the sides of my head trying to guide me as he began to fuck my mouth. I placed my hands on her ass pulling her closer tongue fucking her pussy and sucking on her clit to bring her off two more times in near succession. Jessica, on the other hand, took a few minutes to gather her composure and when she stood up, her own cum from being fucked so good, oozed from the head of her own cock that was still pulsing, head above the black laced panties she wore.

It Could be a Foursome

group cmt 2018-11-19

We get to my apartment, and I ask if he would like to come in for coffee, he says, “That would be great, thank you.” Once inside, I make coffee and take it into the living room where Mark is waiting. I grab his head pushing his mouth against my breast, I spread my legs as his hand slide up my thigh. I am so turned on, my hips start moving as I grab his hand and try to shove him in deeper.  I can tell he is just about ready to fill my mouth when he grabs my head and starts moving faster shoving his throbbing cock down my throat.

Muslim Male Bisexuality

group Samuelx 2018-11-19

Malik thought of his discovery of his bisexuality, during his first year at the University of Cambridge in the U.K. In those days, his roommate was Moustapha Diallo, a tall, dark and handsome young black man from the landlocked nation of Gambia in West Africa. From the first time Malik laid eyes on Moustapha, desires long-repressed came to the surface, and it was the beginning of a profound change in the young man's life... "You are smoking hot, sexy man," Malik said, and he felt his dick harden as Moustapha's ass pressed against it. "I needed that, thank you," Malik said, smiling, and he pulled Moustapha close and kissed him.

Three Fantasy Quickies

group Bill76 2018-11-19

Sometimes I have an alternate fantasy where I tell John to lick up all the wetness from my pussy, sometimes I suck on his huge cock, and sometimes I ask him to come over to the sofa and fuck me hard. Amber uses one hand to finger-fuck her own pussy as she watches, sitting beside Jack on the bed. We make Jack lie back on the bed; I’m kissing him as the other two girls take turns sucking his cock, getting him good and ready. They ask Jack what he wants first, but I already know: he wants to drink some more of the petite Amber’s hot wet pussy and bury his face in her cute little red bush.

The Big Sandwich 2 - Pussy Posse

group CurlyGirly 2018-11-19

CG opened the pack of ‘Big Sandwich Sextravaganza’ invites and handed a few over for her friend to look at, before poring over the laptop screen and pointing to the company she thought would be best to provide the party food. As the limo slowly cruised past, lots of faces, some he recognized, turned to see who was in the car, moving closer to try and get a good look and suddenly LM felt very very exposed, under scrutiny, like an actor arriving at a premier or something. “...Maz said she was going to see LM, so I’m sure they’re still here,” CG explained to KG and Nikki, as she pushed opened the door.

Bank Holiday Break

group BiUKSwinger 2018-11-19

Helen adjusted herself slightly, reached a hand down grabbing my cock and held it at the entrance to her soaking wet pussy. I looked across at Dave to seek reassurance it was ok to fuck his wife but he had Kathy on her knees and was giving her a good fucking from behind, the look on Kathy’s face told me she was really enjoying it. Helen finished devouring that cum filled pussy and then lay on top of Kathy and they began kissing again. Once finished we all sat with our drinks. Dave turned to me and said, “Well do you think you will enjoy being here?”

Resolutions - Part 2 of 2

group Lisa 2018-11-18

The way her smile falters makes my breath catch, and it’s in that moment I realise Lucas has been telling the truth. The three of us stand like this for long moments, with Lucas and I kissing while Beth’s hands slide over my body, arousing me further. It’s in that moment I decide I’m going to let him to do whatever he wants and just trust that Beth will put a stop to it if it goes too far. Lucas helps Beth up, and while I’m still wondering what to say next, he clutches the back of my neck and gives me a kiss that has me moaning in the back of my throat.

Watching Anna Ch4

group danielzack 2018-11-18

John, Tony and Matt stood back as Neil stood in front of my wife, grabbing her head with both hands as he fucked her mouth. I couldn’t hear what it was but Neil stepped away and Anna stood up smiling as she took the lace at the bottom of her dress in her hand. As my wife tensed from the obvious pleasure she was feeling, John quickly pulled down her panties and Anna stepped out of them leaving her in just heels and fish-net stockings. It took a few minutes before John could thrust in and out arse properly but once he did, Tony began fucking her pussy at the same time. Tony, Matt and Neil got dressed and gave Anna a kiss on the cheek before leaving the room.

Sherry's Story

group LASARDaddy 2018-11-18

Julie would run her hand under my kilt and stroke me once in a while with her husband watching and smiling, and asking me things like what kind of Scotch did I drink. Of course having three beautiful women groping me and kissing me, and telling me how much they looked forward to seeing and sucking my new, improved cock helped a lot. Finally one of the women, Julie, moved to the middle of the room and started to undress saying that it was time to get the new guy to fuck the hostess so they could all get a taste of me. Sherry got it and started to lube my cock while Julie put some on her fingers and shoved them up Claire's ass.

My First Gangbang

group Bi_girl 2018-11-18

OK, this is the story about how I got gangbanged and lost my virginity at the same time. Just after I turned 18 (witch is the drinking age limit where I live), one of my friends asked me to go to a party with her. The guys asked if I wanted to loose my virginity that way, and I said maybe. As he started fucking me, another came up to my head and told me to put his cock in my mouth. Soon the guy fucking me came, I felt his cum inside my pussy. But four years later, just last night, that girl told me she loves me, and asked me to marry her.

Z Returns

group ZandMe 2018-11-18

  Soon, with two fingers in her pussy, a thumb in her ass and my flicking tongue and sucking lips on her clit she exploded like never before.   Z said to the young man “It is very exciting to see you touch yourself; would you like for me to touch your cock?”   Of course, the young man got very excited at this and Z grabbed his shaft and began to massage it with her thumb at the head of his cock and her four fingers moving all over the bottom.    The black man knew that Z was getting much pleasure out of this and he was content to stay with her and feed her with his thick, long cock for as long as she wished.

Night Before The Concert

group jmattix_man 2018-11-18

As he heard a gasp and a quiet, "Wow," Josh broke his kiss with Bridge and looked down as Rain reach down to feel his balls while Jazz reached and grabbed his still hardening cock, stroking it slowly. "Oh, uh, girls, get close to each other and open your mouths, quick," Josh said, taking his now wet cock into his hands as Bridge leaned back slightly and the other two got around her. As Jazz reached up and wiped some cum off Bridge's cheek and stuck it in her mouth, Rain said, "Don't worry, Josh, we won't tell anyone whats happening tonight.

Special Dinner Part 2

group LongWillie 2018-11-18

I took the thick joint and placed it in my mouth, preparing to take another hit when Beth dropped her head into my lap and in one deep gulp, swallowed my entire dick into the back of her throat. I put my left leg on back of the couch and the right one on the floor as Beth rubbed her massive tits over my stomach and hard dick. As she began moving her hand forcibly in and out, Chrissy got slammed further and further forward until her tits were lying across my chest and her head was twisted against the back of the couch. For the next couple minutes, as I watched Chrissy and Tammy shake through the throes of their orgasms, Beth continued sucking and cleaning my still hard prick.

Making New Friends In The Woods (Part 1)

group Pegasus4 2018-11-18

I couldn’t see anyone else around so I caught hold of her from behind and, turning her to face back along the path we’d just come, I pressed my hard cock against her lovely round backside and slipped my hand under her dress to feel how wet she was. The man came up behind the woman and slipped his arms around her as they watched me cup Jay’s butt cheeks in my hands, squeezing them and gently pulling them apart, exposing her naked, wet pussy. There was no surprise or shock on their faces as they stared at Jay, practically naked, her fingers spreading her pussy lips apart and my rock hard cock slowly moving in and out of her mouth.

Library Colonel, Part 2

group ricky12345 2018-11-18

A short, slightly plump little thing, with large tits and a bubble butt, she always wore short skirts and fuzzy sweaters. Debbie eagerly began sucking Jill's equally large lips and clit. I knew from prior experience that Jill enjoyed rough sex, so I took the opportunity to abuse her big tits and inch-long nipples. As Debbie tongued and bit Jill's cunt, I slapped her big tits with the belt until they were crisscrossed with red welts. As she started cumming she screamed around my cock and she grabbed two handfuls of Debbie's hair, pulling Debbie's face tight to her cunt. She bent over the desk and reached back to spread her big, round cheeks, baring her tiny asshole to my doorknob size cock head.

Let's Go To The Bahamas Pt. 3

group GreySessed128 2018-11-17

I look up and she says, “You didn’t think that was all did you, Pet?” I smile brightly and lean forward, parting her pussy lips with my fingers and sinking my tongue in her cunt. Beth leans in close to me as Julia walks by and says, “Of course she does,” before turning my face to hers and covering my lips in a sensual kiss. As Julia is setting our plates on the table, Beth leans close to my ear and says, “Cum now Pet. Let her hear you cum as he fingers your oh so wet snatch.”