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The Suite Orgy - a continuation of Diane's life with her black lover

group LadyWriter 2018-06-27

Diane moved her hand slowly away but not before realizing that Cheryl was playing with Joe's cock under the table. Diane looked around the suite, the crowd was thinning out and she took note of who was "staying for later" and who was here just to be invited, Tanya and Leon were in the former group, it was obvious. Diane was in ecstasy, her sex was wet, her body flush, nipples taunt, her mouth caressing David's 8" cock as he pistoned it in and out of her mouth. Leon's cock was thicker than David's but Diane easily moved her mouth over it and down his shaft. Tanya walked over next to them and climbed on top of her and kissed David's cock with her, then just her lips before moving down her body.

Behind the Purple Door

group Coco 2018-06-27

Valerie denied LeAndra; lately she had identified herself as lesbian, (if she had to label herself) and truth be told, she thought she was in love with her boss and didn’t want to fuck Jason. LeAndra found Valerie with Jason in the salon’s room of indulgence, she joined them behind the Purple Door; offering them both a drink, she spoke quietly. Approaching the massage suite, LeAndra thought about the best way to convince Jennifer to join the party behind the purple door. There’s another client here that wishes to fulfill a fantasy.” LeAndra took a deep breath and speaking with authority continued, “He…his fantasy is to watch and to do so anonymously.” Quiet settled over the room as she let the idea sink in.

Durango Bootie

group HighDesert 2018-06-27

“That’s it, lick my ass bitch!” Laura shouted as she pulled her mouth from the 12” cock. Laura pulled away from his cock as TJ started working her ass with his fingers and licking her pussy at the same time. I fucked his ass for about ten minutes when I looked over at Laura and saw her bottomed out on Garrett’s 12”, screaming in ecstasy as an orgasm wracked her body. When TJ stopped getting much of Laura’s oral attention he came up behind me and pushed his cock back into my ass while Joe continued to get head. Then Garrett Pulled his cock out of my ass, jumps on top of Laura and starts fucking her tits that are soaked in cum.

A holiday with very friendly friends

group tomstarks 2018-06-27

We had both driven separately from London and when we arrived we saw the lights on and we were pleased to see that Jonathan and Rani had got a real fire going and had made a start on dinner. Alice let out a small gasp when my cock slid in to her very wet vagina but neither Rani or Jonathan seemed to notice. I started pumping Alice very slowly, more or less keeping time with Rani's mouth on Jonathan's cock. Despite nothing being said during the day, things had clearly got a bit more liberal as both girls just got undressed and this time Rani just slipped into bed naked and Alice just wore a small pair of pants and a clingy vest.

Why Not Both

group ClarkRoberts 2018-06-26

While Ricky waited for his friends Derek and Tito to arrive, I accompanied Jen to look for a wedding dress in the chapel’s bridal shop. Turning to her groom’s other friend, Jen asked, “Don't you think a wife should please her husband, Tito?" Tito turned to Jen and asked, "May I kiss the bride?" As I kissed Tito, his tongue penetrated my mouth while his enormous cock penetrated my pussy. Despite Derek's spirited earlier efforts with my pussy, it took several tantalizing moments to slip down the length of Tito’s big black cock. My entire body trembled with pleasure as my cunt clutched Tito's cock and my innards massaged Derek's manhood.

Black Power Exchange Ch. 02

group Samuelx 2018-06-26

I’m a six-foot-tall, burly and muscular young Black man living in the city of Toronto, Ontario. Let’s just say that I’m the kind of brother who likes to try new things and leave it at that for now. Presently, I’m having some fun with my good friends Adam Jordan and Evelyn West of Toronto, Ontario. I’m sucking on Adam’s dick and balls while Evelyn shoves her strap-on dildo deep into my asshole. Lots of Black guys like to get fucked by White women wearing strap-on dildos. I’m now sucking Evelyn’s strap-on dildo, tasting my ass on it while Adam fucks me from behind. The chubby White dude holds my hips tightly while working his big White cock up my Black male ass.


Breaking the Code

group Coco 2018-06-25

“Coco, you’re a grown ass woman, you know damn well you love that man & no man or woman at the party is gonna get at your punani because of your commitment to that damn code of yours!” Trisha wanted this to be my voyeur night. He looked at me in wide eyed wonderment, and said “Oh, shit, did you just?” And at the very moment he pulled his dick out of his lover’s mouth and spewed copious amounts of jism down onto her pretty face. I looked on as his wife bent over my girl, licked her clean of cum and again kissed her man on the mouth sharing his load.

Fucking for a job promotion

group cindy_4u 2018-06-24

Now I have fucked Jim a number of times, so I felt safe knowing he would be bringing good horny guys only. Between grinding on their cock and even stroking it, I came close to Les, turned with my back to him, bent from my waist, I asked him to remove my g-string.  Sucking and stroking each cock in turn, I got up and, stepped up on the sofa, put a leg on each side of Marvin and lowered my pussy on his mouth. I was breathing hard with the recent orgasm, but Les soon had pushed Marvin to the side, spread my legs open even more, put his mouth on my dripping pussy, and started to taste me.

The Photographer: Part 2, The swinger party

group xhardx13 2018-06-24

"I wasn't offended, Irv. In fact the thought of you taking my picture fucking Tony turned me on, and I had at least three really powerful orgasms. I shot video of the Polish woman giving head to the Asian lady while the black guy fucked her from behind. At the pool, each woman took turns giving a man blow jobs until they sat on the edge of the pool with open legs inviting them to screw their waiting pussies. I started packing my gear when Crystal came up to me and said, "Before your go, Irv, I'd like to try your junk. When she came up for air a second time, Crystal said, "We could use a man like you.

Security Is On The Job

group bigbubblygurlnc 2018-06-24

“I do not think she is wearing anything under that coat of hers tonight.” Dwayne stated gruffly, as he punched a few buttons in front of him causing the security camera to zoom in on the woman. Penthouse elevator door is opening.” Dwayne said, “That was quick.” Phil sat back down in anticipation of the second half of the show, there always was one. She looked at Dwayne and said, “I want your big black cock in my pussy.” Then looking at Phil with a devilish grin said, “I want you deep in my ass.” Both cocks in her hands twitched. When Phil was buried to the hilt in her ass, the man sank to his knees beside Dwayne's head and tapped his ridged 9 inch cock on her cheek.

Erika Goes Pro

group thatguy625 2018-06-23

There was not a table I walked by that didn’t reach out and grab my ass, squeeze a breast, or even try to pull my thong away from my body. I got off the bed and approached Max. He was rubbing his cock through his jeans but moved his hands when I got there to let me take over. Looks like she might need some of that dick soon!” Sheila said. Don’t you worry, between my fingers and Max’s skill, were going to get the think all the way up inside you tonight!” Sheila told me. The next several minutes consisted of Max fucking me in earnest while Sheila straddled my body facing me and kissing me passionately.

Shelter From The Rain

group JustTK 2018-06-23

Maybe you could, you know, entertain." Malik said surely as he pulled into his driveway, a long path up to a three car garage. "But, I know how much a few grand might help you." He pulled a money clip from his pocket, and pushed together inside, she could see hundred dollar bills. Malik pulled three-hundred dollars from the money clip, stuffing it in her wet shirt. It looked to Katie as if there was a lot of money, maybe almost ten grand, clipped inside of it. She felt like such a whore, or rather, a woman that needed the money so badly, that she'd do anything to get it, even let her virgin asshole be ravaged by this man's stiff pole as she sucked off his friend.

Ebony And Ivory Lesbian Athletes

group Samuelx 2018-06-22

Helene Schanke stood naked before Wanda Williams, eyes downcast before the tall black woman who defeated her at tennis, the whitest sport in the world. The black Amazon known as Wanda Williams fucked Helene Schanke for a long time, and delighted in making the white woman squeal. One of the worst defeats of Wanda Williams career was at the hands of Shiri Wilbur, the tall, dark-haired and dark-eyed white Amazon from Serbia. One of the reasons why Shiri worked so hard at being a great tennis player was because she wanted to be the first white female player in professional tennis history to fuck both of the Williams sisters, Shamika and Wanda.


Blondie's Christmas Tale

group sprite 2018-06-22

While Dibs and I rutted like sex-starved animals, me slamming back against him almost as hard as he was slamming into me, driving his cock so deep that it hurt, the rest of the guys were getting busy with the candy, sucking that shit up into their nostrils one at time. I was looking up, feeling my legs being spread apart while I lay on my back, seven naked guys standing around me, their black skin glistening with sweat, their swollen cocks shiny with cum as they jerked off, and yes, I was smiling for them, putting on a show, my hand between my legs as I rubbed my clit, fingers dripping wet, pinching my nipples, cupping my tits, mouth open, moaning obscenely as JJ grunted and shot a load of milk white cum all over my tits.

Blondie and the Dancing Dead

group sprite 2018-06-22

I welcomed it, moaning softly, rolling my hips like a stripper, cupping my breasts as, one after another, they took my aching nipples in their mouths, sucking, teasing with their tongues, fingers caressing the crack of my ass, gliding along my ribs, my mound, tantalizingly brushing along the edges of my parted lips until I could no longer think straight. Thankfully, the first guy who took me in the ass was gentle, lubricating his dick in my cunt first before easing it into my tight little hole, his head pushing past my anal ring, sealing himself inside me as I clenched around his shaft, impaled from behind as a pale skinned skeleton dressed in bright red speared my eager mouth, laughing gleefully as I sucked greedily, his cum joining the others who’d gone before him in my belly.

The Truth Shall Get You Off

group Espresso 2018-06-22

"Put your guns down," John demanded of Soren and Yelena. John, with his tan, athletic build, the darkest hair I'd ever seen, and alluring green eyes that added up to one of the most gorgeous men I'd ever had the privilege of knowing. "So you moonlight as Soren's lackey?" I said to Marcus as soon as I got eye contact with him. "You know what I'm going say," Soren said firmly to John. "A truth serum," Soren announced, looking at me again as if John wasn't there. I shot Soren a look of disgust and slowly went over to John. John stood behind me, much like Soren minutes earlier.

Webmeets Diary Ch. 07

group starbelliedboy 2018-06-22

I could see John wanted a go too though, so when I felt I was nearing a climax, I let it come, groaning and grunting and forcing my eyes open to absorb the sight of her sucking cock and her shaking breasts to add to the waves of pleasure flowing from the wet meeting of our genitals. John's face was contorted with concentration, and I thought he would cum fast, the way he was going, but he kept it up for what seemed like a long time, though this may have been because my position only really gave me enough stimulation to stay hard, despite this being the enactment of a long held fantasy of mine, and I'm sure many other guys.

Neighbors With Benefits - Part Two

group NVMii 2018-06-21

Jimmy nodded his head, as he fucked Brooke's pussy hard. I had to fuck him, I wanted to feel that big black snake splitting my pussy lips. I wanted Ray to stay and watch how hard it was for Jimmy to pull his cock out. Brooke took hold of Ray's cock and looked at me. Ray, would your like to see your bride fuck Ty's black cock that way?" Ray was almost drooling at the thought of watching Ty's cock slide into my pussy. "Fuck Ray, you almost strangled me with your cock!" Brooke was still breathing deeply. The color contrast of white Ray lying between Brooke's black legs, made my pussy tingle.

White Bull Cock 4 Black Couple

group Samuelx 2018-06-20

Black people need to stop blaming the White man for their problems, I thought to myself as I slammed my dick into Tyrone Lincoln's ass. I met Sholonda Wayne on the website Fetlife, on a group dedicated to Black women into White men. So like most rednecks, I have fun with Black women but I intend to marry a White lady. How else could you explain that Tyrone Lincoln, a strong Black man, got handed to me by none other than his darling girlfriend Sholonda? Tyrone began screaming like a little bitch as my big White cock invaded his Black ass the way my Anglo-Saxon ancestors invaded the continent of Africa in the past.


Big Apple Swingers

group LadyWriter 2018-06-20

She wasn’t kept waiting as she felt Davis’ head then shaft slide inside of her and fill her pussy with hot black cock. The combination of his cock and Alecia’s tongue was getting her close to an orgasm but just when she thought she was going to cum, Davis pulled his cock from inside her and then groaned in a way that Sarah knew he was cumming. Sarah was on her back her legs up in a wide V and Mark was kneeling between her thighs, holding her calves and thrusting his hard black cock deep inside her. Sarah moaned and as Mark slowly pulled his cock from her, Davis walked behind her too and they switched places.

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 08

group Samuelx 2018-06-20

Maria Fortes, the big-booty Hispanic mama who considered herself a deeply conservative Catholic was into licking pussy. I loved bending Maria Fortes over and giving her big ass a good spanking. Not only was this deeply religious Hispanic woman a closet dyke but she was also the kind of sexually submissive slut who gets off on being dominated by a rich, bossy white woman. As a dominant lesbian, I've always loved the idea of sexually taming one of those rude, arrogant and downright vicious Black sluts from the inner city. The big Black woman squealed as she got butt-fucked by a dominant white chick wearing a thick strap-on dildo. I smacked Gina's big butt, loving the way it jiggled as I fucked her.


College Fun

group cindy_4u 2018-06-19

So still in my miniskirt, I came on top of him, guided his hard cock in my pussy and started to ride him like a slutty cow girl. As Rajiv was starting to get ready, I walked over to Mia and said, lets swap partners and fuck them together. Mia, who was as slutty as me, immediately made her way to the limp cock of Rajiv, took it in her hand, licked at it seductively and asked him, 'will this change your mind?' Rajiv was nodding yes like a kid in a candy store. Mia was not wasting any time and was on the bed naked, doggy style asking Rajiv to fuck her.

A roll of the die, Part One

group BrindleChase 2018-06-18

They had long come to a comfort with having sex with their boyfriends even if the other was in the room, and it wasn’t the first time Karen had snuck a look. “So, you guys want to play a game?” Lisa asked, sitting up, and swept her long and silky black hair off to one side. Jeremy took Lisa’s sex towel and cleaned his hands, then tossed it at Lisa as she returned to sit next to him. “A sex game,” Jeremy cried, holding up the dice toward Karen and Dave. Dave nodded as if he had thought the same question and Karen looked to Lisa, since it was her game. “If any of the dice say ‘take a shot’, then you just take a shot.” Lisa grinned and took the bottle Karen was still holding.

Ecstasy and the Black Man

group HighDesert 2018-06-18

We danced for a couple of songs, and while Laura was turned away from me, she started grinding her ass into my cock making it grow painfully large. I started stroking my now growing cock and watched as Laura brought Kyon closer and closer to an orgasm. Both Kyon and I were stroking our very hard cocks and looking down at Laura who was still shaking slightly as she came down from her orgasm. Laura began to ride me hard as Kyon moved his cock between our mouths, each one of us servicing him as he fucked our mouths deep with each stroke. Kyon started rubbing his cock up and down her crack and then began to push his head into her tight ass.