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Behind the Purple Door

group Coco 2018-06-27

Valerie denied LeAndra; lately she had identified herself as lesbian, (if she had to label herself) and truth be told, she thought she was in love with her boss and didn’t want to fuck Jason. LeAndra found Valerie with Jason in the salon’s room of indulgence, she joined them behind the Purple Door; offering them both a drink, she spoke quietly. Approaching the massage suite, LeAndra thought about the best way to convince Jennifer to join the party behind the purple door. There’s another client here that wishes to fulfill a fantasy.” LeAndra took a deep breath and speaking with authority continued, “He…his fantasy is to watch and to do so anonymously.” Quiet settled over the room as she let the idea sink in.

Kate #3

group xhardx13 2018-06-27

When Rob picked up the phone, he heard the door open and a woman say, "Kate, are you all right? Rob led the way to the elevator and Kate could see Bonnie's magnificent breasts jiggle with each step. Kate just sat and watched when Bonnie took Rob's cock between her full breasts to tit fuck him. She turned to Kate and said, "Kate, come on over and taste Rob's cum." After licking her lips, Bonnie added, "It's so delicious." Kate's desire was so intense she quite naturally licked the cum at Bonnie's breasts and without thinking, suckled her nipples. Outside the hotel, Bonnie gave Kate a peck on the check and said, "I'm sure we'll meet again soon."

A Day Out In Birmingham

group Pegasus4 2018-06-27

The driver looked down into the car as we drew level and was treated to the site of Jay laying back in the seat, her tits barely concealed by her bra as the top of her dress has fallen to the side and her legs apart, exposing her pussy through the almost transparent material of her white knickers. John and I enjoyed watching things get hotter on the pool table with the three women as Amanda and Louise continued to run their hands and tongues all over Jay’s back, buttocks and pussy. John must have got the same message as he also undressed and once we were as naked as the three women, Jay and Louise moved off the table leaving Amanda lying there on her back, legs open and her pussy dripping with her own juices and Jay’s licking.

My first threesome.

group kent1734 2018-06-27

I feel Kate's finger inside my asshole massaging me and I cant take it any longer and blast my cum into Michelle's mouth! As I look up at her I see Kate has knelt between her head and I see Michelle licking her pussy and spreading her ass cheeks as she starts to move a finger toward Kate's asshole! As I am going slow I see Kate come down and place her head on Michelle's stomach and watched my cock going in an out of her pussy. I am totally spent at this point and I sit in the chair in the corner of the room and watch as Michelle starts to kiss and lick Kate!

Bucket List: Threesome

group bikerbear600 2018-06-27

I had to slow my hand down as I was in danger of shooting my load and I was glad I had as Sarah and Kirsty turned to face each other and started to tenderly kiss each other’s lips. I saw Kirsty sit on the sofa next to Sarah and begin to stroke her lower back and the tops of her buttocks as I moved my mouth between Sarah’s cheeks and began to rim her. I felt Sarah squirt on my leg and saw Kirsty withdraw her fingers as they were clenched painfully tight in Sarah’s arse. Sarah squirted on my leg a second time then pulled away, rolling over on to her back but keeping her face close to Kirsty so they could kiss.

Neighborly Lust (Part 6)

group DonAbdul 2018-06-27

I was so excited to have his cock back in my mouth, and as his pheromone pervaded my nostrils my pussy turned into a puddle of juices. It felt so great because I was already so dripping wet and encountered no resistance as my fingers plunged right into pussy and began fucking and rubbing and alternately circling my clit. He grabbed my pigtails in either hands and shoved my mouth down on his cock so far my chin was squashed against his balls; then his hips thrust up and his head flipped back as he growled like a giant cat and flooded my mouth with his thick hot cum.

Scarlett Roses - Part Three

group writer242 2018-06-27

“Umm… I guess?” replied Scarlett, wondering why Amanda would want to come. Mike was the one in the bathroom, while Jake was the other one standing outside of the bathroom, his eyes moving up and down Scarlett’s body. Scarlett thought for a moment, trying to figure out something that would keep the Jake and Mike from opening the door. “Spank me,” she said, bending over the bed and pulling her skirt up, revealing her tight round ass and her black thong riding up her wet pussy. Jake and Mike couldn’t resist anymore, pulling their dicks out and began stroking them. Amanda slipped into the room after the two boys left, closing the door behind her so no one would see Scarlett in her current state.

Why Not Both

group ClarkRoberts 2018-06-26

While Ricky waited for his friends Derek and Tito to arrive, I accompanied Jen to look for a wedding dress in the chapel’s bridal shop. Turning to her groom’s other friend, Jen asked, “Don't you think a wife should please her husband, Tito?" Tito turned to Jen and asked, "May I kiss the bride?" As I kissed Tito, his tongue penetrated my mouth while his enormous cock penetrated my pussy. Despite Derek's spirited earlier efforts with my pussy, it took several tantalizing moments to slip down the length of Tito’s big black cock. My entire body trembled with pleasure as my cunt clutched Tito's cock and my innards massaged Derek's manhood.

Breaking the rule

group rangerstud101 2018-06-26

"You're playing with fire there buddy," she said as she reached down and took my hard cock out of my shorts and started stroking it. Brittany began sucking and licking Jessica's nipple making it hard. Jessica reached up and began pinching one of Brittany's nipples as she ate her sweet pussy. I reached down and grabbed Jessica's head and shoved her face deeper in Brittany's ass. Brittany wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and stroked as Jessica worked on my head. I watched as Jessica slowly slid the dildo in and out of Brittany's tan ass. We began to kiss as I continued to fuck Brittany and Jessica got her snatch licked.


group silkstockingslover 2018-06-26

Ryan then went to his best friend’s bound wife and pulled the toy out of her pussy and crawled underneath, awkwardly with bars in the way, and uncomfortably began licking her soaking wet cunt. Lisa said, “Tell me Amanda, do you want your friend to fuck your ass?” Lisa’s pussy was wet by being controlled in such a dirty way; when time was up, Lisa stood up and said, “I want that cock in me later.” Lisa, who could play the game too, walked over to Craig, put her hand on his cock, through his shorts, and said, “I like surprises.” She rubbed his cock through the shorts and then walked back to the basket. Amanda moaned a submissive yes as her husband pulled out and slid his cock into her well fucked ass.

the best birthday present

group 11horny11 2018-06-26

Sarah placed herself gently onto his face, pushing his tongue deep into her pussy, she reached over and kissed me, grabbing one of my breasts, stroking my hard nipples gently, she undid the zip on the nurses outfit and licked my nipples till i was soaking wet. Sarah stood up and Garry turned his attention to   me “ lie down for me baby time to lick you out” i did as Gary told me, he pulled down my thong and started kissing my wet pussy seeing how horny he was getting me, he shoved his tongue deep into my hole licking me up and down.

The Honeymoon

group QuartetHouse 2018-06-26

For those who don’t know about us, the Quartet House is a group of four lovers, two male (Dave and Vince) and two female (5’7” brunette Kat and 5’10” redhead Justy), who met over a span of about two years, and gradually became a foursome. In the soft warm sand at lakeside, Justy and Kat kissed, rubbed each other’s bodies, and finally made love, pussy against pussy, clit against clit, heel spikes digging hungrily into each other’s naked ass. The men had the idea to tuck Kat and Justy between them, then turn everyone on their sides, so Vince would be facing Justy, and Kat would be facing Dave, as the two couples kissed and caressed and the two brides got thoroughly fucked.

Cindy and Alexandra's Biker Gangbang

group lindaswan 2018-06-26

Alex continued, "Iron Mike, I suggest we pull a train for you, okay?" Alex's black pubic hair, my smooth waxed mound, our tits, asses, lips, and mouths all got verbally reviewed as holes to fuck, places to put their cum. I dropped to my knees as Alex positioned herself on all fours beside me, facing the other way, ready to take men in either end. When he pulled away from me, I lifted my head, mouth wide open, so everyone could see the pool of Mike's cum. Alex immediately went back down there, lapping up the cum while treating my clit and pussy to more of her erotic moves.

The Working Girl Goes All Out

group castlequeen 2018-06-26

A quick glance showed Mike pounding Kay's pussy roughly and he yelled out his orgasm as he pulled out and covered her from behind, but to everyone's surprise, Jun pushed him out of the way and licked her as deeply as he could for several moments before he slid hard tool into her ass and began to hammer her hard, pulling her hair from one direction while Kyle pulled it from the other. After ten minutes or so of gentle head, the guys in our mouths needed a break and Daddy made the perfect suggestion of giving us a little special attention as he started to lick Kay's already messy pussy and Kyle gave mine a try.

Lindsey's Story Pt 1

group adele 2018-06-26

But watching the two guys in the bar and imagining what they might have done really got her to thinking about what it would be like to have two men as sexual partners at the same time. Lindsey was beginning to think she might actually like to have two guys in her at the same time. Next time Lindsey was out with her girl friends, she turned the subject to fantasies and asked if any of the others had the same fantasy or had actually been with two men and been double penetrated. They sat and chatted for a bit and finally Lindsey got up the courage to ask the question that had been on her mind all night.

The Ballerinas Next Door – Part 2 – The Video Shoot

group ChrisM 2018-06-26

I got between her slender thighs and slowly slid my cock back and forth between her pussy lips, making sure I rubbed her clit on each stroke. Sandra started playing with Natasha’s small tits as Natasha brought her hands under Sandra’s t-shirt and massaged the full tits she found under her hands. “I want to eat your pussy little one, ” Sandra said, dumping Natasha on the floor and climbing between her legs. Turning to me, Sandra gave me a wry smile saying, “Bob, Natasha is an anal virgin and she wants you to fuck her ass while we eat each other out. As I watched, I saw Natasha relax and Sandra’s tongue slid right into her ass as it opened up to her.

Pizza and Pussy

group Buz 2018-06-26

Then he felt Kara take the bottle out of his right hand, and Staci with her tongue still planted deep in his mouth, took the pizza out of his left hand. As he began tonguing Staci he gripped her ass cheeks tightly with his hands and immediately felt the other girl, Kara, grab his hard throbbing cock. Then to Josh’s utter amazement, Staci pulled her head back as her hair hung off the seat of the couch and Kara’s fingers began to move quickly, almost vibrating in Staci’s pussy; her tongue still lapping at her clit. Then to Josh’s amazement, Staci slid over next to them and began to fondle and finger Kara’s pussy; Kara was grinding on Josh.

The Boy's Day In

group WayneGibbous 2018-06-25

She had several orgasms through all this, I've told you that Sherry is an orgasm machine, and after a few minutes of this, I decided it was fuck and cum time so I got her up on the bed, had Ryan get between her legs, he was the better-hung of the two, while Lee and I sucked her tits, Ryan drove into her fucking her just like a teen boy in his first pussy, which it was. Sherry was spread open on the bed, smiling as she asked his name and whether he'd fucked a girl before (he hadn't) and I told him I would be busy for a while and when he was finished to come out and send back another guy.

Cozumel Revisited

group darcyj82 2018-06-25

I’m sure I can come up with a way for you to repay me.” I grinned my most lecherous grin, and Lori laughed at Mark’s obvious rapture. She sucked his balls and her hand followed my mouth up and down his cock in long, languid strokes. Lori settled her dripping snatch over Mark’s mouth and watched as I slowly slid the full length of him into my slippery slit. Lori suckled my nipple while she face-fucked her boyfriend, her ass poised over his face while his tongue worked her swollen clit. Lori ground her hot little pussy in Mark’s face and she came, too. Lori was still cranking that big cock, and her hands were slick with his cum as I slowly released it down his shaft.

Breaking the Code

group Coco 2018-06-25

“Coco, you’re a grown ass woman, you know damn well you love that man & no man or woman at the party is gonna get at your punani because of your commitment to that damn code of yours!” Trisha wanted this to be my voyeur night. He looked at me in wide eyed wonderment, and said “Oh, shit, did you just?” And at the very moment he pulled his dick out of his lover’s mouth and spewed copious amounts of jism down onto her pretty face. I looked on as his wife bent over my girl, licked her clean of cum and again kissed her man on the mouth sharing his load.

SLUTS 2: Karen's Fantasy

group marie5555 2018-06-25

 "Okay, nosy bitch," Karen conceded, smiling as she kissed Ginger's nose, "ever since I was horny, when I was 16, it has always been to be tied naked, like you and the girls had me last week, and left in a dormitory for the girls to find when they came up to bed, so they could enjoy whatever they wanted with me all night long." Ginger was determined not to give Miss Rogers the satisfaction of making her come, but with the pussy vibe and the bum shafting with its own vibrations, and all after such a fantastic tongue-fucking only minutes before, leaving her so sensitive, she could not resist for long.

A Day of Pleasure at the Spa

group Mysteria27 2018-06-25

I arranged to have the package called “The Works.” The services that would be provided to me were a whirlpool bath, custom comfort massage, which typically tailored to your needs, eighty minute ultimate facial, pedicure and manicure. Salvatore continued massaging me, while Joseph and Vincent were licking and adoring my wet cunt. Then Salvatore stopped rubbing me and he joined the other two men and they took turns licking at my juicy pussy. Pia pushed through my pussy lips and tongue fucked my wet and very creamy cunt. Pia and the women licked and enjoyed the sweet and tangy juices coming out of my pussy. “Lay down Emma we’ll all lick your gorgeous cunt and then bring you to orgasm one more time and then your day of pleasure will be over.”

One Lust Filled Night - Part 2

group gubica 2018-06-25

"How long have you been standing there?" I asked, as I reached for my skirt to try to cover myself. I hugged my skirt tighter to my body and realized as she came closer, I was backing up. I also realized she was standing over me and looking down at my body. I felt her leg brush against mine and realized she was moving my legs apart to stand between them. She brushed my lips with hers, and I felt my head come off the bed as I tried to follow her lips with mine. She again looked into my eyes, and, as she closed them, I felt her lips meet mine in a very passionate kiss.

Susan's Hunger Games

group DarkSide 2018-06-25

Susan looked Helen in the eyes, she thrust her pussy to every forward stroke of Helen’s hand and soon, without much further prompting, she came on her fingers and hand. “No,” replied Susan, “I need a mouthful of cum first before I get to lick any pussy…then I become a fucking nymphomaniac you won‘t want to put down.” Susan walked up to Johnny and just started to stroke his cock with her hand. “I need you to do me a favour,” she started, “you see that woman over there, Helen, I want to lick her pussy so fucking badly that it really hurts. “Thanks,” she whispered, “my place later, I want you to get that cock right inside me,” and with that Susan turned and stared directly at Helen’s cunt.