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Best Friends Go Wrong Part 1

group sexwriter 2018-05-30

"Even if Dave's so sexy," Orla giggled, throwing her head back in delight of the memory of my brother's body. "Girl, you look like a sexy bitch!" Orla exclaimed. "So, me, Orla, and Lily are having some fun...who wants to come? If any of you guys are interested, go to our dorm." Corny was confident. It must've been hard for Corny to concentrate and fuck my pussy since Orla was fucking her so damn good. Corny was moaning while she licked me, and before I knew it, cum came rushing out of my pussy. No one told me to move, so I didn't-when Orla and Corny shifted away with some other guys for some hardcore fucking.

Wife's Birthday Surprise

group janedoe19 2018-05-25

I was pulling a new thong out of the drawer when you walked up behind me and said, "Close your eyes and hold out your hand." My hands moved to her hips, and ever so slowly I pulled her jeans down, as I kissed a path to the top of her thong. I felt Bradley pull out of my ass and he said, "Lay down on the rug and Rachel will lick you clean." You shoved your hips forward until you were all the way inside Rachel and then you let go, cumming hard deep in her ass. When I stopped licking, she moved herself off me and Bradley picked up the pace again, fucking me hard with his cock and fingers.

Lunch with Sue

group pandsal 2018-05-24

Just about every night for the next three weeks I was no sooner in bed than my mind began to imagine what was to happen at Sue and Robin's party. When we shook hands, Joy said, "I gather Sue has told you what to expect but do know that we are all thrilled to have you here; it's natural to be nervous but I can assure you there's no need." "We'll want to move upstairs later but for now, no couples together." Eventually, that resulted in Sue and Piers on one sofa, Robin and Caro on another with Joy and me on either side of Tony.

Las Vegas Fantasy

group cumquick 2018-05-09

Maria began to lick and suck on Cathy's pussy very slowly and lightly as Cathy let out a sigh of excitement. David inserted his dick into Maria's waiting, drooling cunt and began to fuck her as she sighed with pleasure. Maria ceased her licking and moved beside Cathy while David was thrusting in and out ever faster. Bill was next with a shout of joy as he shot his load of jizz into Cathy's waiting cunt which set her off again with another big orgasm. Maria moved between her legs to lick at the semen oozing out of Cathy's twat. David came over to kiss and lick Cathy's mouth as I sucked Masria's delicious juices from his cock.

The stripper

group youngsex 2018-05-01

This got the crowd wild and they chanted "More, more." Another man then took the place between her legs and licked and sucked her clit. "LIck her pussy and suck her clit then put your tongue in her cunt and tongue fuck her till she cums on your tongue." he ordered the young girl. The man pushed the young girls face tight to the strippers cunt and told her "put that tongue in her deep. The man then pulled the girl away and laid her on the bench with her legs spread for the whore to eat her pussy. The young girl put her fingers in the mans ass and soon he was filling the cunt of the slut with his cum.

The Perfect Bitch

group wastedaway 2018-04-19

Your pussy starts to get wet as I slowly run my finger along your pussy lips. At that moment, the other woman pushes your mouth onto her pussy, holding your head there by clamping her things around it and putting her hands in back of it. Another cracking of the crop across your ass and you end up tasting another woman's cunt fore the first time in your life. You try to squirm, fight, get away, but between your head trapped in the woman's thighs and hands, your hands cuffed behind your back, me holding firmly onto your hips, and you on your knees, you have no chance of escape.

Girl on Girl text

group JamesPrez 2018-04-16

She stops and lets takes you out of her mouth and ur now wet enough for me to turn my ass towards you and sit on your lap slowly letting your big cock squeeze in till im taking you all .. I stop and untie you but tell you to control yourself as watch me and her go back to the bed and kiss full tng locked and fucking eachother however we can .. I kiss you while she does till she stops and you f***e be to the bed and enter me suddenly causing me to whimper while you fuck me harders and faster and whisper how iv teased you

My first threesome

group 2018-04-02

I sat down next to the bath and reached under the water and began to massage both girls' clits at the same time. We started on al the usual stuff, I was to kiss Jenny, which was very nice; I got the girls to kiss, fondle and lick each others nipples etc. Sarah moved in and hungrily began to lick and finger Jenny's pussy. I again withdrew early enough so I didn't explode and Jenny, on her knees started to lick and finger Sarah. I moved in behind Jenny and licked her saturated pussy from behind until Sarah came as she laid on her back. Jenny pumped my cock as Sarah sat on my face enjoying my lips and tongue.

Hockey Buddy and His Wife - Part 9

group MassMan669 2018-03-15

I looked back and saw Pete standing in the entrance with his mouth wide open staring at Monique and me. I resumed fucking Monique but slowly this time so Pete could watch my dick saw in and out. Pete dove in enthusiastically and was licking and sucking my cum from Monique's vagina. I was thrusting hard with my balls bouncing off Pete's chin until Monique and I both started to cum noisily. When we were done, Pete pulled out my dick and sucked the last of the cum form my balls. Monique started stroking his balls and in just a minute or so Pete started thrusting into my hand then blasted his cum onto Monique's tits and stomach.

gayatri priya ganagbang

group chandan0707 2018-03-11

After few moments he wanted to leave before things got out of hands but Gayu asked him to move a little closer and rub balm on her upper thigh portion. Sultan placed his cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushed really hard as he was also getting restless by the passing of time. Meanwhile Gayu felt sweet sensation on her body due to the tongue work, she was having nice dream of being fucked by her boy friend. But when she opened her eyes she was surprised to see that her body was being licked by two nude men with huge erections and Sultan standing behind them. Sultan was banging her ass with his fat cock and so was Rahim banging her cunt in rhythm.

My cum swallowing fun with bicouple

group cumcraverbottom 2018-02-19

I reach back and push his head deeper into my asscrack and say to him.." Toungefuck my asshole, clean it up good sissy boy." Mike moans and rims me and darts in and out of my asshole with his tounge. I say to Becky, "Mike tells me that you swallow loads, but can't deepthroat a cock down to the balls. " Holy shit you to are nasty as fuck together!!" Becky looks at him and smiles and tells me to relax on the bed she wants to suck more cock and her and Mike want to service my cock until I feed them my seed. She grabs Mike's head and tells him to deepthroat my cock and let the rest of my load dribble down his throat.

This Time Three Is Not A Crowd

group crazyhats 2018-01-31

“Trevor, since you have been such a good boy lately, I have decided that you deserve a reward.” You think to yourself, Jodi, has let me tie her up, spank her, dump milk all over her, shove my cock so far up her throat she gags, call her every name I can think of, and she let’s me in her back door anytime I want. Lilly sucks on your huge balls one by one, as my hot mouth slides slowly down your hard spike. Sometimes, Lilly and I kiss, our tongues combining, as you rub your hard cock on our faces, before we go back to licking your massive dick. Fuuuccckkk meeee Trevor!” I scream as your hard cock fucks my tight ass.

My First Cuckold Situation

group alexjjnc 2018-01-23

Anyway, after that she made hubby lick up all the cum and he had to watch while I continued to spear his hot wifey with my rock hard sword. I had several more orgasms that day (had one while fucking Lori in the ass) and I continue to meet with this couple ever so often...sometimes hubby is not even home, but I have to admit that I do miss his expert sucking and kissing on my balls when he's not there. Whether he's there or not, I also make sure she has a well-fucked pussy for hubby to lick and I want him to think about the dicking she received from my fat cock while his helpless limp pecker just hung there.

Total humiliation

group vaanna18 2018-01-17

He finally pulled away and then Miss C lowered Her dripping cunt and ordered me to lick Her clean. it was a recording of Miss C and my Mom watching that earlier video of me, Miss C and the Black Man. There, was my Mom and Miss C watching me on the screen and then my Mom getting so excited by what I was doing. Once the video was over, Miss C asked Mom what she liked best and Mom said "when she cleaned that Black cock and then cleaned out all of that black cum from your cunt!" Mom then added, "she is such a wonderful little slut....

Pantyhose fantasy for a friend continued.

group tonyhose 2018-01-09

I keep thrusting hard as my cum shoots into her cunt, filling her and covering your cock until I am drained again and my cock slips from her pussy. I take your cock in my mouth and lick it clean of the mixture of your cum and mine with her pussy juice. The smell and taste of her pussy and the attentions of your mouth get me hard again and as I continue to lick your girlfriends cunt until she has another orgasm, I thrust my cock in and out of your mouth and then as I feel her juices flood my mouth again I cum suddenly into your mouth.

accept it. cuckold. double

group pussyhealer 2018-01-03

I said yes, and while we were getting dressed T asked what we are going to do that night and if we'd be intrested in playing some cards. I asked A to leave but she said she wants me to satisfy her there because she enjoied last night alot and she wants to know that I can fuck better that R and she is horny. While I was doing my best, she looked at me and told me to do better, she just had both guys fuck her pussy in the same time. She looked at me and asked"how come a guy that took a dildo in his ass from his mistress, liked the cum from this pussy before now backs down?

Pantyhose foursome.

group tonyhose 2017-12-30

At the sight of Felicity tied to the bed Johns cock sprang to attention and Laura's hand went straight to her pussy and began stroking herself. He didn't need telling twice and he quickly got between her legs and slid his hard cock into her wet pussy and began to fuck her. It wasn't long before Laura's pussy was as wet as Felicity's and motioning her to move off the bed, John got back between Felicity's legs and slid his hard cock back into her now dripping wet, hot pussy and began to fuck her hard. I bent Laura over the bed where she sucked on Felicity's tits while I stood behind her and slipped my cock into her pussy from behind and began to fuck her too.

Strange Addiction...or Fetish?

group 2017-12-12

There was my fiance on her back with her legs being pulled back to her chest and being held by a beautiful brunette that was sitting on her face and a pretty good looking guy was slowly sliding in and out of her soaked pussy. After the girl on top came with a twitching orgasm, they broke that position and the guy laid on his back and my fiance climbed on top of that nice cock and it slid right in without a problem. She managed to Gasp out "Oh GOD that feels so good." The brunette got in back of me and licked my ass till it got so soaked with her saliva, that she slide a finger in there.

Party Favor

group 2017-12-11

I stroked her back and caressed the sides of her breasts as we kissed passionately for what seemed like hours, my arousal increased (which I'm surprised there was any more available, having already cum once) She noticed this as well, and pulling away, stood up to remove her slacks and panties (which were quite wet), before coming back to the bed, and straddling my legs, taking my hardening cock (still in its rubber sheath) she began to lick and suck it, teasing me with her mouth, as her other hand crept between my legs and began to explore the other sheath lining my ass, sliding one, then two fingers easily in and out of the lube still filling the rubber canal.

Dentist by kitten72

group Acebottom 2017-12-06

I start to lick the big wet head which is oosing precum and assistant the long thick shaft. Your hands gets busy with 4 titts to touch,lick and suck nipples on.Mine are huge G-cup with pink nipples and assistant has C-up and big nipples.We like the feeling of your hands, fingers, mouth and tounge on our boobs. My assistent and I share another deep wet kiss kiss and then we tell you to stop.Your mouth is going to be occupied by another thing to suck and lick. I sit on you a little while and then lay down on the floor on my back raising and separating my legs telling my assistant to clean my pussy from all cum.

My first time bi continued...

group garyw 2017-12-05

I licked up and down the length of his cock a few times, then he turned so it pointed straight at me and I slowly took the end into my mouth. I was licking and sucking her like crazy and my cock was straining against the footstool, then I felt something cold falling onto my ass next to his fingers. My wife's largest dildo had been about 8 inches, and I'd taken that with a little practice, but while his cock wasn't as long it was wider and it had been quite a few months since my ass had been invaded like that. This time, however, he didn't pull back he just strained to get as far up my ass as he could and I felt his cock twitching just seconds before a feeling like a really deep enema.

Hockey buddy and his wife - 2

group MassMan669 2017-11-30

After she came, Pete rose up and put his little dick in her cunt and fucked his lovely bride with abandon, for about 30 seconds, until he came hard inside of her. She did as I said and Pete started licking his cum (and what was left of mine) from her pussy. I got so hot watching Pete's face get frosted by our cum and Kate rubbing her crotch on his face while her tits swayed...I got hard again. When I felt I was about to cum, I pulled out of Kate's pussy and shoved my dick directly into Pete's mouth.

Fuckbud and his m8s using a queerboi as only they

group monorchid 2017-11-30

I agreed as best I could with Joe plugging my throat and when he spoke it vibrated through his shaft, "Ready yet?" He wasn't asking me, I knew, and when he choked me again my ring twitched round Boss's tongue and Mick's fingers. "Thanks Boss." - "Deserve it boi - your arse looks and tastes great boi." - "Fuckin' love it Boss." Looking up at Mick, I reach round and feel his cock at me, pull myself a open a little (Boss likes that, I know) "Please Mate." - "Please what?" he slaps my fingers away with his cock and then slaps my ring with the dry shaft - closing me up a little and stealing back his pre-cum lube.

The sl**pover, part1

group 2017-11-13

Not even I had closed the door of the room or my girlfriend rips my jeans open and starts to suck my hard cock. The nipple pinching makes my girlfriend even hornier, she pushes me on the bed and starts to suck even harder and deeper. 'Finally, I lick your balls.' The next moment he takes my dick out of my girlfriend's pussy and puts it into his mouth. I have to do my best not to come, especially now my friend is licking balls and has started to go down on my asshole as well. So my girlfriend is still sucking my dick, that's getting harder and harder and my friend is licking...