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Wife looses a bet

group woreout 2018-11-29

I was planning on having the guys over to watch a preseason game and I asked my wife if she would be our hostess? I said first of all it was two guys by the pool and yes I want you to give your pussy away again. I said I wanted one last kiss before your mouth starts tasting lick cock. Well the guys all started arriving and each one gave my wife a kiss on the cheek and commented on her outfit. Without going into a stroke by stroke description of the evening I just say every guy there sank his cock into my wife's pussy before they left.

Shweta : A Beggar Woman

group bava12 2018-11-06

Prakash went near Shweta and sat before her and told her to think once again if she want to stay in some Women Remand Home or some other women development centre in the city. Shweta was feeling too much about it and let her palm come behind his head and started caressing his hair and massage his scalp with her fingertips. Prakash went lower kissing all around her body, while letting his palms caress and massage her busts. Prakash kept making love to his beloved Shweta with kisses, smooches and caresses all over her body. Shweta pulled him near her face and started kissing his chicks and saying, Prakash I love you so much; I cannot think my life without you.

Happy Birthday Wendy!

group 2018-09-30

"Surprise!!!!!" I turned my head to the sound of the opening door and shouted out for Wendy, my xhamster friend, as she stepped inside. I wasn't sure, but I think I hear her say she had waited too long for thei smoment to waste it on kissing...I sighed and let my head rock backwards as her lips pressed to my cunt, her tongue plunging into my wetness. Wendy lifts her head from Chris's cock and presses her lips to mine...I feel his hot sperm pouring into my mouth as she sahres her present with me....Chris stays hard....which is good...beace neither Wendy nor myself are done with this boy yet!!!!

My Birthday Party

group 2018-09-27

Want a taste?” I can see Brian's reaction from where I am standing- he can't get there fast enough – he is kneeling in front of you and his tongue licks those pussy lips of yours. You pull his shirt over his head and your tits, bare now, are pressed against his chest as your fingers reach for his belt to undo the buckle. You let your body slide down his front so that your tits rub against his balls and cock as you reach for his waistband and pull his jeans and boxers to the floor. “No hands!” And every other cock there is rock hard as we see him reach for his key with his lips and teeth, pulling it out with a little squelching noise!

Othello takes Michelle for the Night

group boxerali 2018-09-24

I feel her hands caress my ass an then come around the front to let her hands touch the hard bulge in my briefs. Soon I'll fill her mouth with what's inside - but for the moment, I just want to feel her kiss and touch through the fabric. She's on her knees and takes her hands and stroke my penis while she let her mouth glide over the head and shaft. As her mouth pulls away from the head, I feel her hand stroking me. You show me your pussy soaked fingers and I can't wait to taste her juices and let my tongue push inside her. I want to feel my dick deep inside her wet pussy.

Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 7

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-09-20

She laid back against the pillows and spread her legs letting her fingers slide under her panties and I watched as she played under the fabric pulling a finger out every so often licking and lightly sucking on it never taking her eyes off my meat. She just gazed at it telling me how much she loved looking at cocks and how she liked watching me play with mine. "You like?" She said lightly rubbing her long fingers over her mound and down between her thighs spreading her pussy lips very slightly. He said, if you liked kissing me, after I had sucked on his cock, then you might like licking my new shaved pussy after he had filled it.

First Swapping Experience

group saxonlogan 2018-09-06

after a few minutes of this I could feel the heat building in my balls, watching Annie getting shafted and with my cock in Chrissy's mouth, Chrissy's strokes started to get harder and the tension built as we all got quieter and more heated, I was sensing a building tension and knew that we were all getting close to cumming before Jack gave a little gasp and breathed 'I can't hold on much longer....' which made Annie open her eyes and say 'Wait, hold on, I want to share you' and she turned to Chrissy 'Can he cum over both of us, I want to share him with you'

I Got Id

group caldenied 2018-08-30

I started to drift off to sl**p and the final image of the fantasy played in my head, Jane licking my cum off of her lips and thanking me. Jane wants to watch you stroke your cock!" There was a large bang as the phone was dropped and I could here the two girls wrestling and tickling each other. I know you have wanted Jane for a long time and you will never have a better chance than tonight," Sarah said with a hint of desperation in her voice. Sarah wasn't able to concentrate on Jane, so she was left wanting laying in front of me with her legs spread and her pussy drenched. Sarah's hand started to drift down Jane's stomach and reached the top of her sex.

Home Office & Seduced By A Bi Couple

group sublimemeditations 2018-08-14

I continue unbuttoning the top few buttons of my pants, leaving them open to reveal my now excited cock and just a touch of my pubic hair beneath the fly. I gently stroke myself as my other hand reaches below to feel my shaved balls and beneath. Her eyes never break contact with mine as she guides her husband's cock toward her lips and yes towards my mouth. I opened my mouth to kiss her more deeply, to take her husband's cock, to suck his cock as her lips, her entire body to begins to envelope my body and mind into a single pulsing body. It was a late afternoon that flowed into an evening, and keeps coming back in my days and nights with a long, glorious smile, like no other.

Enjailed. Chapter 1. Road Trip

group 2018-08-03

I must have had my eyes shut for a long time, cos the next thing I felt was the cop behind me pushing his hands through my stomach, up to my throat, going all the way through my body. I would never hurt a sweet little boy like you-slowly he advanced towards me and now he was lying on me from the front, he grabbed my hear and pushed my head back, slowly he got his face very close to mine and slightly licked my lips, then he kissed me on a chin and moved down to my neck. He looked at his partner and as if knowing what he meant, the younger cop set next to me in the car and closed the door.

After the barbeque....continued

group 2018-07-30

He reached over and slid two fingers into my dripping pussy, slowly moving them rhythmically in and out of me, matching my friend’s thrusts as she fucked his black cock with her sweet lips. He grunted each time he slammed his black cock deep inside of her until he felt her pussy tighten down hard as she let out a scream, lost in her own orgasm. It was all he needed, the feeling of her wet, warm pussy walls massaging his black cock as she came, to send him over the edge and he shot his hot cum deep inside of her.

The Beginning Of A Friendship

group sidhuputt 2018-07-30

Julia stopped nursing David's balls and stroking his cock; she took his erection into her mouth and began sucking it again. As David's shudders of bliss subsided and he sat up and looked at Julia's face, she let his member — which had started to lose its hardness — slip out from her mouth and looked back at him. Julia lay down on her back and, holding David's head with both her hands, brought his face close to hers. As David revived from the intoxication of rapture, he saw Julia beaming a gleeful smile at him in satisfaction, her face radiant and her eyes glistening in the afterglow of the orgasm.

the club

group 2018-07-26

I looked out at the club again, watching the people dancing and noticed some of them moving off into another room. Celeste turned and looked in the direction of the other room and smiled, licking her lips. I watched her eyes as my finger slipped between her legs and gently touched her shave pussy lips. I looked around the room and watched a woman getting fucked from behind by a large black man. As Celeste sucked on my clit, pulling it hard into her mouth, I closed my lips around the tip of this man’s cock and sucked hard. As I sucked his cock, the man moaned and pushed deep inside my mouth. Celeste squeezed my breasts and kissed my neck as Marielle pushed her cock deep inside me.


group veronicaslut 2018-07-24

Your concentration wanders – now you are watching that thick, hard cock driving forwards and backwards – now you are feeling me entering you from behind, an almost disembodied penis, existing only for your pleasure – now you can almost feel the sensations of the woman’s body, the rubbing against her pussy lips, the pressure on her clitoris as he pushes in to the limit. Then you move forwards once more, a little further this time and I too lean closer until my face is only inches from yours and I can see every detail – the veins standing out as they criss-cross the length of him, his ball sack gathered up tightly now and appearing to writhe under the gentle massaging of your left hand, your soft, wet lips drawn tight as they struggle to take in his full girth.

The Wedding Party

group ladyelireaivy 2018-07-06

While I was in the bathroom helping the bride, Mark and Christy were making out, hands on each other's faces and tongues peeking through open mouths only stopping as the bride and I re-entered the room, hoping they wouldn't get caught. A couple moments of silence passed as sexual tension began to mount between Mark and Christy, who were slowly caressing each other's arms and chests through the covers we all shared. Christy was rubbing his hard member with me and there were soft moans coming from her lips as Marks hand slipped under her pajama bottoms and began to rub her moistened pussy.

Tuesday Night

group letmepleaseyou2006 2018-07-03

A women from the table of two came up to the bar, me, undressing her with every step, couldn’t help but feel a stirring within my loins that made me anxious, she just had a voluptuous shape, a hip hugging skirt and a wonderful cleavage. I said hi, and told her I loved the way she looked in that dress and would she sit and talk to me for a minute. She noticed and said, “my name is Staci, go ahead and take a long look everyone always does” that broke the ice, she knew it was good, but the way she said it and how she smile let me know she was OK and someone who didn’t take herself too seriously.

Daffy: Learning what Stacey likes

group 2018-06-25

When I got to the bottom and knew I was starting to put my tongue in her pussy, she pushed down on me even harder. It happened very fast; her body started shaking, her pussy just stayed jammed down on me, and my tongue shot right up into the wet hole- the only place it could go. I pulled my tongue out of her pussy quickly, and heard a little gasp and moan, maybe of disappointment, and slid quickly up her slit to find that her clit was very easy to find. When my tongue got there Stacey jerked again, and even tried to pull away....she had been cumming softly from my tongue in her pussy and licking her clit gave her a jagged spike of pleasure.

Sexy Man Fantasy Part 2 - Bi-Sexy

group MrFun79 2018-06-22

The hot pre-cum was perfect for fingering his sexy button, it kept him moaning and dripping for as long as he could hold on. Her dark red hair almost matching the color of her lips and it was hard to look away from her big engorged nipples. “You get on the bed” She said to me, then turned to her husband and said, “You watch for a bit, I need this.” 
He nodded and looked at my cock and said, “Yes, please” as I laid back on the bed and he touched his growing b**st and played with his nipples. “Make him cum with your big cock.” She said with a twinkle in her eye as she bit her lip.

The Open Door.

group totallyurs 2018-05-28

I moved her onto the double bed to my left, easing her long black dress up to her waist with my left hand, as I abandoned Amise's tranny clitty for just a second, to leave Amy on her back, legs wide open to present a beautifully shaved pussy, with a slim sliver of fair hair from the top of her clit, to the base of her tummy. Reuniting my hand with Amise's rock like sex stick, I pushed my face through Amy's door, feeling the soft invitation of her smooth cunt, licking each side of her velvety slit, probing the widening hole with my ravenous tongue and flicking the proud clit, that had been protected by a locked door, just five minutes before.

Circle of Friends

group 2018-05-28

Over the course of our conversations and exchange of pictures online, he had soothed away most of my fears, so effectively in fact that I told him that it would be ok to bring a friend, if he liked. I began to suck with real purpose and the most delightful sounds filled my head as his cock slipped to and fro over my lips. Like a blind man, I held out my open hands and was immediately rewarded with a pair of hot thick cocks. I love the taste of fresh semen and the sensation of having it pulsing over your lips, splashing over your tongue and being smeared all over your mouth by a nice hard thrusting cock is pure ecstasy, better than any d**g out there.

Diamond Valentine

group MrLoverman1986 2018-05-26

"Well, Lisa got an eyeful didn't she?" Tessa said as her fingers slipped up the leg of his boxers. "I want you to come for me," Lisa said in a rush as Tessa's hips began to buck upward and her writhing intensified. Mark grinned when he saw Lisa looking at him and licking his wife's juices from her lips. I want to watch you make her come," Tessa said, and then turned to Lisa to beckon her with a crooked finger. Once Lisa was on her hands and knees in the center of the bed, Tessa pushed two pillows under the arch of the younger woman's body. Once their lips parted, his wife looked at him, held up the hand with her new ring, and hugged Lisa with the other.

Annie Pistol Lips (Part 2)

group ms_cream_puff 2018-05-23

The native woman's pretty eyes soon looked towards Annie's horse, and the tied up french guy stuck on it's back. Annie stood next to the horse's hind leg, and watched as the beautiful semi-naked native woman walked over to her. She gasped desperately, her feet tapping the ground, as she watched and listened to the sucking/slurping sounds coming from Thomas' crotch and Dah'ni's head. Dah'ni spoke with her lips smacking off his big stiff throbbing cock, while looking back towards Annie with one eye on her, Of course, it wasn't long before she didn't need a hand down there, as Annie went down on her and gave her pussy lots of loving attention with her lips and tongue.

Stripped Bare

group dodger125 2018-05-11

Ali gently lifted Heidi forward and unhooked her bra, slid the straps off her shoulders and pulled the garment away. Ali finished up shaving round her tiny anus, each small brown hair disappearing with every stroke, before one last firm rub with the thumb on her clit and then giving Heidi a towel. Amy teased it, like a small pea between her lips, she sucked it, tasting Heidi her juices began to flow. There’s nothing I don’t know about you now”, Amy looked to me though Ali was there first as she put her mouth around my cock, having put the camera down. It sent shudders down me again, Amy sure was hot but I couldn’t complain about Ali either as she worked my penis, pushing down with her lips and sucking as she worked up again.

A Neighborly Surprise

group moneysex23 2018-05-10

“So hard, yet so soft, and oh, so perfect.” With one hand on my thigh and the other wrapped at the base of my rod, she leaned and kissed the tip softly, running her tongue along my length, pursing her lips and swallowing the head. Sandy pulled away from the kiss and placing her hands against Toni’s shoulders turned her to straddle the diving-board as well, facing her, then encouraged her to lie back. Sandy moved up and lapped at the girl’s clitoral hood and Toni began to buck her hips intensely, moaning loudly around my cock. Toni continued to stroke my cock with her free hand and was soon in sync with the rhythm I’d found with Sandy.