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Getting Married Tomorrow. Chapter 2.

group mingemuncher 2018-03-03

By now I was back down at her knees, so I moved my hands up the inside of her thighs again put quite a bit of pressure on so she opened up wider, and then massaged all around the outside of her snatch before inserting a finger. “I had better tell Marcia, she is so horny I think the next guy she takes for a massage is going to get a hell of a lot more than he expects.” Then Ivan moves forward off the lounge chair, kneels in front of Joy, opens her robe wide and proceeds to slip two fingers into her and uses his other hand on her arse.

Violet Gets Lonely At Her Friend's Party

group Mysteria27 2018-03-03

“Why what’s wrong dear?” They’re will be lots of boys wanting to date you dear. “Of course you didn’t.” “That’s just silly dear. I was the only one out of our group that didn’t go. I’ll run you a bath, dear.” “Oh yea! “I told you dear. I was playing with her breasts and moved my fingers over her bald pussy. “Sit down dear. You can’t tell Kimberly that I’m doing this. “Oh God! “Violet, turn over dear.” “You’re not a whore dear. Her pussy was making all kinds of squishy sounds, while she rode my husband hard. My husband pulled out and I ran over to the bed and licked my husband’s cum from her pussy.

A Christmas Tail... Oops!... Tale

group NorthernFlicker 2018-03-02

When I came back I stood directly behind Lana, and as I slowly filled her glass I put my left hand over her shoulder, onto her neck and chest and let it slide down onto her right breast, giving it a little squeeze as it came to rest. I moved my hand up and slipped it under her blouse, cupping her breast and pinching her nipple again, this time a little harder. “Why don’t we start with Lana,” I said to Kate as I walked between them into the living room, my arms around their waists. Lana put her hand on Kate’s shoulder and gave her an understanding look and said, “Of course not.

Getting Married Tomorrow – Chapter 3.

group mingemuncher 2018-03-02

Marcia wasn’t having any of that, she lifted Joy up off Ivan, grabbed his dick, and then she aimed it at Joy’s arse and slowly pushed Joy back down onto it. I leaned to the left and glanced at Ivan’s cock jerking in and out of Joy’s arse under Marcia’s chin, and noted that Joy still had her feet on the bed, but had drawn her knees up and had them splayed as wide as she could. Joy opened the curtain so we could both look in, Marcia was leaning forward against the wall, with water cascading onto her head and down her back, whilst Ivan was thrusting into her arse trying for the orgasm her had missed out on.

Bring Her to the Greek

group ricinatl 2018-03-01

The young lady removed the towel that was wrapped around Jenny and motioned for her to lay upon the table face down. Jenny was in heaven as the three men gently massaged her when she felt another pair of hand start on her right arm and yet another on her left arm. As the two men holding her lifted her off his cock, her pussy quivering from orgasm, they laid her back upon the massage table. Like a well timed orchestra her Adonis plunged in deep and she could feel his loads of hot cum filling her inside as his massive cock pulsated and the five other men shot their hot sperm all over her body in unbelievable loads nearly covering her from breast to thighs.

The Ups and Downs of Massage

group ANcpl 2018-02-28

The entry fee included an introductory foot and leg massage, so when two male and two female masseurs arrived, we lay back, closed our eyes, and enjoyed the attention. Later, when I told my husband what happened, he couldn’t believe it. Boobs oiled, he dismissed them and lowered the towel to my thighs, took a good look at my shaven pussy and began to rub oil on my tummy. When my husband told him to leave, he didn’t seem to understand why, but knew something was wrong and left with his tail between his legs. He didn’t need to feel my juices to know how turned on I was, but when he did, he pushed two fingers inside me.

Coaxing wife for a threesome and quest for a cock!

group bava12 2018-02-28

At my apartment, I asked him to wait at the sitting room and went to our bedroom to make her ready for the experience. Then that idiot pulled down her panties a few inches, just to expose her ass folds and started fumbling. A couple of minutes later, I again intervened, turned her face up, removed the panties and unhooked her bra. Then he turned to me and asked if we need a “pooor massage” ( pooor in our native slang is vulgar for vagina.) I wanted to break his face, but controlled and said ‘yes’. He poured in some oil over her clean shaven cunt and rubbed it a couple of times and stopped.

My first threesome Part 1

group onlythistime 2018-02-20

The date was set for a Tuesday night to meet up at their hotel lobby where the husband would come to receive me and after a small chat we would head up to their room. A thousand thoughts ran through my head as I prepared myself to stay calm, look confident and prepare for a situation that I didn’t want to be involved in. Just before we got up to start towards their room, I asked what he thought about what should happen. He handed me some massage gel which I placed on the desk as the wife walked in naked from the shower. I loved the feeling of controlling her with my fingertips as I teased her pussy and started sliding my hands between her butt cheeks.

The Double Date That Didn't End - Ch 7

group KennethPierce 2018-02-19

As her massage moved lower down my body, Tracy scooted herself back, and I felt the hot, gushing wetness of her cunt lips as they brushed across my lower back, over the curve of my ass, and finally came to a stop resting on my leg. The full, healthy buttocks in my hands were every bit as smooth and curvy as the rest of Tracy’s body, and I absolutely loved the way she moaned as my fingers pressed against her skin and kneaded the tension from those sore muscles. My limp body gave a final jolt as Connor withdrew his fingers from me, and off to the side I watched in amusement as Shane knelt down beside Tracy and gently caressed her shuddering, post-orgasmic body.

A Christmas to Remember

group Kandikiss51 2018-02-18

Kandy looked Mark in the eyes and said, “Mark, you dirty card playing weasel. Jennifer then gave Kandy a hug and purred, “Welcome to the Sugar Shack, we are going to have a lot of fun, as for me, I don’t care if it’s snowing…..we can play on the bearskin rug in front of a roaring fire. Jennifer kissed Mark and then squealed loud enough for Richard to hear, knowing he loved watch her get nailed by another guy. He asked Jennifer if he could cum inside her, when she said, “Hell Yes,” He threw his head back and shouted, "Baby, I love what you are doing to my dick. Mark moved over to Kandy, pulled her close, kissed her hard, and said, “I love you baby!

Spa Treatments

group Cherism 2018-02-15

Sarah started driving her tongue as deep into Cindy as she could then slowly licked her way to Cindy’s clit, ending with soft little licks across that sensitive clit. Sarah climbed on top of the table, positioning her pussy right over Cindy’s mouth for her turn at treatment. She pushed her pussy onto Cindy’s face at the same pace that his cock slid into Cindy. Cindy positioned herself under Sarah, which gave her mouth access to Sarah’s pussy and clit as well as allowing her to lick Joe’s balls while he fucked Sarah. Cindy fingered her own pussy as she worked on both Sarah and Joe. going…….to…….cum.” A few seconds later Joe felt the tightest sensation around his cock while Cindy eagerly licked Sarah’s pussy.

By Invitation Only Part 2

group Sweetdreemz 2018-02-15

The overhead light had been turned off, so it took a while for Cindy to make out Trish lying on the table face down with two large towels covering her body; one for her upper body, one for her lower body. Despite the fact that she had watched couples have sex in this room before, and despite the fact that Jenny and Mike were intentionally performing in front of the group, Cindy had the feeling she was intruding on a very private moment. Finally as Nancy began relaxing, Bob pulled his still twitching cock out of her, but continued to squeeze it until the urgently impending orgasm passed.

The Birthday Present

group ChrisM 2018-02-11

Going behind me again, I feel her soap covered hand coming under the stool and lathering my cock which immediately springs to attention, all seven and a half begging for more. Miko is running her tongue up my sensitive inner thigh alternating licks and kisses as she climbs higher and higher towards my balls and my cock. Looking over, I see Tony has wrapped his arms around her legs and is giving his full attention to her pussy and ass with his tongue. I see Alice licking Ali’s face clean and then kissing her deeply as her tongue washes my taste out of her mouth. Tony smiles and gets behind her spreads her magnificent ass cheeks and coats his cock with the Nuru gel.


group Sweetdreemz 2018-02-03

Catching up as they walked to baggage claim, Al explained that Debby couldn’t get off work to pick up Cindy, so Al was going to take her to the house. Not that she would mention that to Al. Cindy wasn’t going to be alone in the house anymore, since Debby had taken the next week off, so she had time to think about what to do about the videos on their computer. Paddling herself over to the edge, Cindy got out of the pool, dried herself off and went in the house with Debby to get a beer and pee. Later, as Debby was in the bathroom getting ready for bed and Al was lying on the bed in his boxers, reading a golf magazine, Cindy came up to the door and said, “Knock, knock.

Dry Spell

group spuddick 2018-01-31

I went back around to Maxwell's other side, out of Karissa's sight. "Come here, Karissa," I said. I guided her hand back and forth, letting the tips of her fingers brush further and further under the towel until I could feel his ass rising beneath them. Karissa's hand began to follow the length of Maxwell's dick, stroking it. Her right hand was passing over Maxwell's rippling abdomen while her left was stroking his cock, almost instinctively. I leaned over the bench, ass still covering Maxwell's face, and took him in my mouth. I kissed Karissa's shoulder, running my hands down her body, clutching her hips, her ass. I took Maxwell's dick into my hands and pressed it into Karissa's pussy.

Hailey Grace's First Threesome

group fadedblu 2018-01-22

Hailey Grace couldn't remember her legs ever looking them long or her stomach so flat. "All right," Hailey Grace said, "I'll text you tomorrow when I know what time I'll be over." When she closed her eyes, Hailey Grace could still see the picture the couple had sent her. Hailey Grace arched her back as their hands replaced hers on her nipples, plucking and teasing, while her hands stroked up and down her pussy lips, opening her legs wider. The petite lady, Les, straddled her leg, grinding slowly while she lowered her mouth to Hailey Grace's nipple. Hailey Grace gasped and got water in her nose and mouth, shocking her out of her fantasy.

A Very Special Massage

group ava23 2018-01-20

He reached up to grab her legs again, and in one swift movement, before Jeannie even knew what was happening, pulled her body against his, pushing his cock all the way inside her. The blond was fucking Jeannie hard and quick, his hands moving up to firmly hold her hips, and Jeannie automatically wrapped her legs around his ass, pulling her hips up, causing him to sink even deeper inside. As soon as he pulled out, and started moving to other side of the table, the dark-haired man pushed Jeannie's hand off his penis, and moved down to the bottom of the table, looking at her soaking wet pussy, red from the fucking she had just taken.

Massaging Scott and Nikki

group married_but_curious 2018-01-20

I take off my boxer shorts, and then I rub pikake-scented massage oil on my hands and sit on the foot of the bed between Scott and Nikki while my eyes slowly adjust to the candlelit dimness. He loves to let Nikki indulge her wild side, it brings them closer, and he enjoys watching her giving other men blowjobs, having lesbian sex, getting her pussy licked -- anything but another man fucking her pussy or ass. I lean my face close to Nikki's glistening cunt and breathe in her intoxicating scent -- God, she smells so musky and good -- and then I rub a little oil on her pussy lips and slide a finger inside.

What's 'Spanish'?

group 2018-01-18

A beautiful, short blonde with great tits met me at the door, and ushered me into the room, which was a typical massage parlour room, including dim lights, a table, sink, oils, and new-age music playing. The blonde started to protest, but Suki smiled and stripped quickly, revealing a smoking hot body. After what seemed a very short half hour, the blonde climbed off and asked me to turn over. The masseusse was up to the point of the massage when it was my cock's turn for attention, and she was doing a fantastic job of that, with the weapon of choice changing from breasts to pussy.

Becky's Initiation

group Senschal 2018-01-12

And start rubbing her g-spot, too." He dropped another kiss or two on my back, and kept his hand on my clit, rubbing and stroking it in just the right way as he slipped his cock in and out of my aching, dripping pussy, moving it so it hit all my hotspots inside. I slid mine into Becky's asshole, and she and I both started cumming at the same time, her screaming into the air, pulling a breast up to suck on her nipple while the other nipple was being tugged, and I came screaming into her pussy, still keeping the rhythm with her clit in my mouth, pressing up on her g-spot, and feeling erotic heat rush through all parts of my body as he strummed me, sliding into and out of me, and then I heard him begin to cum, too.

Tim and Liz Make My Day

group TybeeSnoop 2018-01-08

When he got hard, he'd maneuver his cock downward so it and his balls were visible between his legs and my strokes brushed against them frequently and he usually got off from the contact, making a mess on the towel under him – a bonus for the patient. I got a bit bolder with my strokes and my fingers came in contact with her lips in a way that I knew was sending sensations to her clit. I looked over at Tim who was now furiously pumping his cock and I let my fingers move inside her lips. Tim bent over and let Liz take him in her mouth and he proceeded to fuck her face while I filled her pussy. Tim rolled off her and Liz took my cock out of her mouth long enough to ask me to eat her.

Massage on the Beach

group OneWhoKnows 2018-01-08

Ruth Ann chose to let her friend go first, so she got up and walked a little ways down the beach, sat down, and enjoyed watching the surf in the moonlight. I picked one leg up, laying it on my thigh, started at her toes, then the rest of her foot, and kneaded her calf muscles, up to her knee. I would start my hands outside her knees, and slowly work them up the outsides of her thighs, over her beautiful butt cheeks, and on up to her waist. The results were almost identical, except that when I finished, about 40 minutes later, instead of her getting dressed, Ruth Ann waved to Karen, who came back to the blanket and undressed.

A Day At The Salon Gets Wild

group Oasis690 2018-01-07

Just as she lifted the big hot cock to her mouth another warm stiff rod brushed up against her right breast. Eat that pussy, I want to cum so bad!" She went back to sucking on the hard cock to her left, while stroking the hard cock to her right. She kept stroking, and felt the big dick to her left, Harrison's cock, tighten. She looked up to her right and saw Dane, and as she took his cock in her mouth, feeling his next blast of cum, she looked down to see a beautiful brunette between her legs eating her pussy.

The Massage Ch. 02

group scotsboy 2018-01-05

I went through the next door into the massage room, the masseuse I had last week was standing there waiting for me. The new masseuse took over rubbing my legs while the other came to the top of the table and started to massage my shoulders. As the masseuse came up around the top of the table I felt something brush my face, I opened my eyes and there it was. Just as I thought that I felt another one enter my pussy twice and then another and another, there were six men not four moving around my body putting there cocks in me and then moving around to my face.