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Captivating Catwoman

group fanatasize 2018-11-26

Jake held Sarah's shoulders as the girl's hands roamed her body from her hips to her breasts to everything in between. The song ended, the girl grinned, kissed Sarah on the cheek, and she said she hoped they had a good time. As the woman stroked and squeezed her breast, Sarah stared at Jake with wide eyes as if imploring him to choose a course of action for her. As if sensing agreement, Catwoman stood, took Sarah by the hand and said, “It is time we found some privacy. As they passed the large play room on their right, Sarah caught a glimpse of couples engaged in various sex acts and a small crowd gathered to watch them.

Black Muslim Cuckolding Night

group Samuelx 2018-11-16

"Sheikh, you already know that I like to fuck black guys up the ass with my strap-on dildo, I should also tell you that I like to make them eat my pussy when they take big dicks up their asses, is that okay with you?" Leyla Brown said sharply as she looked at the tall young black Muslim man who stood before her. Sheikh resumed sucking Mamadou's dick with gusto, even as he watched Leyla get closer, that dildo of hers getting dangerously close to his hungry ass... Just like that, Leyla began fucking Sheikh's ass while watching him suck Mamadou's dick.

Mistress Shay Noir

group Samuelx 2018-11-05

I smiled as Henrietta began to twerk for me, and I smacked my sexy Black male sissy on the butt, loving the way he moved for his mistress. The Black male sissy whore sucked Ibrahim's dick with gusto, his wig-covered head bobbing up and down as he deep-throated that big Somali dick like his life depended on it. I spread my Black male sissy slut's ass, and began greasing Henrietta's tight-looking asshole with the lubricant. When Ibrahim's dick let out its cum in a torrent of liquid masculinity, Henrietta guzzled down every last drop of his cum like a good Black male sissy slut should.

Snow White the Naughtiest Princess

group HK4167 2018-11-04

After spending four hours of quality time with his wife on the stairs, in the bedroom, and at the castle balcony, the King walked out with a big smile on his face like an idiot, and totally agreed on whatever the Queen had said. He loved the way her blood-red lips wrapping around his hard shaft; he enjoyed pulling her ebony-black hair while he rode her hard from behind; and he was definitely fascinated by the view of her snow-white skin covered with sweat and body juice, glistening under the sunshine. Being touched by his kindness and naughtiness, Snow White told the Prince everything about herself, her family and the Evil Queen.

Sorority Gangbang Pt. 03

group SexyDaemon 2018-09-19

The girl instantly smacks my ass, hard, and says, "Keep moving, slut." I continue to crawl across the floor, when the girl pushes the plug in deeper. I writhe in pleasure as the girl with the jelly starts to stick more and more into my mouth. The pleasure starts to become so intense, with my dick and ass vibrating. The girls take the plug out of my ass, and one starts to finger me, rubbing my prostate. The sound rod keeps me from getting an erection, but I can feel the pressure from my prostate starting to build. I begin moaning with pleasure, feeling the vibrations run from my prostate to the tip of my dick.

Mistress May I

group bryan0578 2018-09-08

Kevin standing behind her was kissing the back of her neck, while Brad and James were kissing and sucking each of her voluptuous tits, and Melody dropped to her knees and started tasting Mistress Ann’s pussy. Kevin slid his hands up and down her curvy body and reached around to Melody’s head grabbing it and pushing her face deeper in Mistress Ann’s pussy. Brad and James, sucking on her breasts, caressed her sexy stomach and rubbed down her thighs, as Melody grabbed their cocks and started to stroke them as she tastes Mistress Ann’s heavenly pussy. *“Cum for me you bi slut, cum all over my whore’s tits and then clean your mess,”* said Mistress as Melody pulled my cock out of her mouth and stroked it.

Mistress Of The Manor

group betin6 2018-09-05

Mistress Karen turned and faced a small and petit, blonde hair girl, dressed in a short PVC maids uniform. Mistress Karen had removed her dress and now stood in front of them wearing a beautiful red Basque and stockings. The little maid had removed a section of the seat and now that mistress was sat on it her little slave was staring right up at her naked pussy. Mistress Karen started to rub herself a little and then Suzie handed her a vibrator. Her breasts were licked and sucked by both men and women as mistress Karen stood and watched. Surrounded by eight hard cocks, mistress Karen took each one in turn and began to suck it.

The Birthday girl

group Zaracuckoldress 2018-07-28

Carmen spreads her legs and started to rub her pussy in a circular motion thinking hard about how she would use her black female slave, Carmen then arched her back and moaned so pleasurably as she reached climax. "Today you're going to be my little birthday bitch girl and you, i have plans for you too" "yes daddy" Carmen said in her cutest ways and the black dude collared Carmen and shoved her down to her knees before leashing her. Carmen squeals moan in pleasure knowing she loves it "oh its sooo big daddy" carmen black slave looked on watching her boyfriend fuck her Mistress. "Michelle go and pleasure Ali, suck his cock!" "Yes Mistress Carmen" the black dude pulled Carmen's hair back to raise her head and then he quickly thrusts his cock in so deep and fast.

Part II

group Latexslav3 2018-07-14

"Yes Master please i would like to wear that collar one day" "if you can achieve your training and complete your transformation into a gurl i give you a chrome collar to wear if you can do the right thing for your Mistress and Master, do you understand whore." Master Ali then places Michelle new collar on her neck. "Yes Master i understand." "Good now i want you both naked, Carmen assist michelle please and do keep on her, the chastity, plug and high heels." Yes Master Ali as you say." Soon the two slaves were naked ready to serve their Master.

A Surprise from my Mistress

group az8nchr 2018-05-14

Next, thing I know, you grabbed the leash and make me waddle to the edge of your bed and order me to open my mouth and keep it open while I slowly bend over the edge of the bed. Now that we are in position, you order me to eat your pussy until you cum and tell the other male “Since you have been a good boi, you may fuck his ass hard. Next thing I know, you start screaming in ecstasy as you cum on my mouth at the same time where I can feel his cock grow in size, he pounds me harder and yells out as he cums deep in my ass.

Sottomesso Resort Ch. 02

group Sottomesso_Slut 2018-03-27

We are going to start with you swallowing Master Rick's cock while I eat your pussy." stated Mistress Vivian. Master Rick stepped in between Candy's legs while Vivian climbed up on the table and lowered her slopping wet cunt to Candy's waiting mouth. Gin walked around the table getting close ups of his cock sliding in and out, then moved on to where Candy was finger fucking Vivian while sucking on her clit. Vivian sat on the table and Candy went right back to eating pussy while Rick fucked her from behind. Oh yes...yes..I'm coming..fuck me!" shouted Vivian as she pushed Candy's head farther into her exploding pussy. Gin was thrusting her hips and fake cock as hard as she could while pulling and rubbing Candy's clit.

The state of my union :D

group boundlesbian 2018-03-27

Now here's where i got to say "nothing good ever starts with that sentence in a situation like this," and She tried to smile but didn't quite get there....She tells me that She's HIS submissive but not how i'm Hers...basically the way it works for her and men is that men are like sex toys to Her but they come to Her and when they do they have to be all manly and f***eful. i sat and tried to brace myself but before i could he had her by the hair...FIRMLY..."you didn't suck my dick last i was here bitch why," She honestly whimpered and said "i could Sir please she was coming home and i knew i didn't have time," Well she's here now isn't she?

My Nasty Hotel Secret

group LadyFrederika 2018-03-14

Deliberately maintaining eye contact with Lisa, I recline on the bed and take Thomas's thick, uncircumised cock in my gloved right hand. My hands roam all over Lisa as the servant holds her in place: I cup her tits and run a knowing finger over her irrepressibly aroused, smooth little fuck-slit. Returning to the bed, I take Thomas's stiff cock with my right hand, gripping it at the base, and begin to lick it like an ice cream cone, moaning with loud enjoyment as if no one else is in the room but me. You like watching Mistress Rose drink your man's come and do whatever she wants?" Without waiting for her response, my head goes down on Thomas's length and I start to suck him off.

Used by My Mistress

group IAMCURIOUS 2018-02-20

"Brad here had is way with me just before you got here, he pounded my pussy harder than I thought possible, I came a lot on that cock, now strip your clothes off and get on that bed and clean my cum off his cock!" said my Mistress. Now I had no control of the movement with cock at each end of my body, as my Mistress thrust into me, pushing me forward but would hold her cock deep inside my ass. The combination of his stroking of my cock, his fucking my ass and sliding past my spot and finally my Mistress cumming on my face, did the job.

Cornfield Costume Party

group GetSome69 2018-02-08

With both of the nurses hands holding the man by the legs so he wouldn't get pushed backwards, the cowgirl started pushing the girls throat down onto the cock each time pushing into her head harder. She took the quickened pulsing of the mans cock as a yes and reached in wrapping a finger around the leather collar and using it to pull the slave girl to her feet and to the table. The mistress pulled back on her strap on some then pushed back forward with it again, feeling his anus jerk along the un-lubed plastic shaft, she was smiling to herself and looking into the slave girls eyes.

Serving My Mistress... & Friends! pt. 2

group azid619 2018-01-15

After what felt like forever of both licking Anna's ass and holding on for dear life not to cum, I finally heard the nicest command ordered to me that day. "MMMMMMMMMM!!!" I moaned loudly with such relief underneath Anna's ass as loads of my creamy cum shot out of my rock hard throbbing cock all over Chrissy's tongue, filling her mouth up. "Right now baby," Chrissy started, "We're going to go upstairs and have some more fun, but before we do, you are going to kiss each of our asses and thank us for letting you serve us like this." "Good," smiled Chrissy, "Well start with me, kiss my ass and thank me." She ordered as she turned around and positioned her naked ass close to my face.

Educating Mary, Part 4

group mellencamp101 2017-12-31

“Yes, Mistress, thank you,” said Mary as she swung a leg over Reggie’s face and lowered her pussy onto his mouth with a smile of anticipation. The cock was much too big for her to get all of it inside her mouth, so she put her hand around it down at the base, just like she had with Reggie’s, and began stroking it in rhythm with her sucking. Come on, Reggie, open wide.” Mistress smiled as, with a twist of her wrist, she brought the wet cock towards Reggie’s mouth. Just as Mistress was coming down from her orgasm, Mary felt Lawrence hammer his cock deep in her pussy and loud groan.

A Night to Remember

group jamieblack 2017-12-26

Watching her ass slowly sway back and forth with each movement until just before she reached my Mistress she turns back and locking her eyes with mine licks her lips like a cat ready to devour its favorite treat. "How much do you want to taste this sweet pussy," holding the fingers in front of my face then slowly tracing them around her lips leaving a shinny trail of Danielle's juices. As she rises to her knees Mistress pushes her onto her back climbing on top of her with a quick glance and a smile at me she leans in and begins to kiss her lips softly, seductively, just a quick brush together a little lick with her tongue, teasing her driving her wild.

Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #5b

group petdyke 2017-11-22

In the continuation of the last day of rule by Mistress Marina we are all one lovers in a threesome In fact we stop to care whose role it is to be Master or Mistress and Servant or Slave in our play! With two willing wanton sexy slaves the rules of our game stopped to apply - they cared about me We make love all the rest of day of the rule of mighty Marina as our outraging submissive Mistress My mighty Marina and sexy submissive Stella Maris try to satisfy me in every way they can think of The Mistress of the day is Stella Maris - but we all three stopped to care about any hierarchy

My former mistress from hell. Part 1

group 2017-11-09

I knew straight away it was my mistress. "Oh fuck" I thought to myself, "I'm being a*****ed" as I felt the strangers bulge rub against my exposed pussy. I knew this was bad, but little did I know how bad it was going to get. I heard a voice yell "get that filthy slut out of my car!". I could feel the cold straight away, so I knew we were outside, and the cracking of twigs beneath my feet told me must be in the woods. I heard my mistress cry out, "I want that bitch worn out by the time we get there!". "The little slut claims to be a virgin!" My mistress yelled, "let's see for ourselves".

Threesome with Girlfriend and Mistress

group somedude2 2017-10-23

Melissa was groaning with residual pleasure and Sarah turned to me and she saw me gently stroking my cock. Sarah knew what Melissa had planned and Melissa pulled down Sarah's business dress with gusto and with a longing yearning for more and Melissa guided the strap-on to Sarah's pussy and I could see on Sarah's face that the strap-on had hit the spot and as Melissa started to gently thrust Sarah groaned and her face turned to an expression of pure lusty pleasure. Melissa's groaning increased as she began to climax and she screamed at the top of her lungs as she came to climax and Melissa started to slow down to a slower pace but she didn't completely stop for a few minutes and Sarah was out of breath and she enjoyed the last moments until Melissa stopped and pulled out of her wet and dripping pussy.

An Orgy in Venus Villa Ch. 04

group kinkydreams667 2017-10-08

"Ahhhhh....hmmmm..." The black man grunted, camera zoomed in, as his shining ass muscles clenched, huge sack of bull like swollen balls was hitting furiously with whacking sound on widely open cunt lips of the woman he was fucking in grotesquely stretched brown rimmed anus. His dick was rock hard, after so long, and it would not be too daring to take it out and pump, as no one would be coming in this heavy rain and he could hear the ring of lift to pull his shorts up, if at all disturbed by the caretaker, delivery man or a chance visitor.