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Debbie's Distraction

group literot 2018-06-26

I think I said before that I love watching people have sex; I swung around to watch Michelle and Bob, and without asking dropped myself with a gasp onto Charles’ rampant cock. Bob put his erection between her breasts and started to tit fuck her, and with each thrust, Michelle’s mouth took the head of his cock like a consummate pro. Suddenly we stopped laughing and watched in amazement as Gabbie and her Adonis, soon to be named as Jake, walked boldly into the room, completely naked and amazingly confident for their age. “All change,” one of the men shouted and before I knew what was happening, Michelle and Gabbie were sitting on the couch and I was being manhandled into a crouching position on the bed.

A Gangbang for Jess

group neon_dreaming 2018-06-26

Returning to the situation, I hooked a finger through Jess' collar loop and led her back over to Rob and Tom. I pulled her forward onto Tom, and she reached her hands up to massage Rob and me as she bobbed her head back and forth on the first of her three cocks. "Switch off!" Tom exclaimed gleefully, reaching across Jess' back to high-five Rob. They moved around her as she gasped, trying to catch her breath. Tom pulled himself out of Jess' mouth, and for the first time I heard her moans full-force as another man fucked her. Jess leaned her cum-covered face forward and kissed first the head of my cock, then Tom's.

Blow jobs in the beer garden

group Roxanne 2018-06-25

I could see them chatting and Tony nodded my way and the two looked at me and I could tell they were interested. Tony introduced the two as being Rob and Steve I said “hello did you like what you had been looking at”? Steve wasted no time and got under the table. Steve crawled back to his seat and Rob quickly replaced him and started licking my already wet pussy, heaven. It was my turn now so I got down under the table and the boys wasted no time. The 5 of  us went back to our house and I got shagged senseless until it was time for the boys to go home.

A Day of Pleasure at the Spa

group Mysteria27 2018-06-25

I arranged to have the package called “The Works.” The services that would be provided to me were a whirlpool bath, custom comfort massage, which typically tailored to your needs, eighty minute ultimate facial, pedicure and manicure. Salvatore continued massaging me, while Joseph and Vincent were licking and adoring my wet cunt. Then Salvatore stopped rubbing me and he joined the other two men and they took turns licking at my juicy pussy. Pia pushed through my pussy lips and tongue fucked my wet and very creamy cunt. Pia and the women licked and enjoyed the sweet and tangy juices coming out of my pussy. “Lay down Emma we’ll all lick your gorgeous cunt and then bring you to orgasm one more time and then your day of pleasure will be over.”

Sweet Treat Store

group Mysteria27 2018-06-24

The girls helped me get dressed again and we all went and washed our hands and got ready to open the store. One of the men took it and opened it up and slathered Laura’s asshole and his cock with the jelly. All four men licked her ass and pussy clean of all their come. She was licking her pussy like an ice cream cone, which was making the woman go into convulsions. The woman then took off her strap-on and then got on her knees and licked Sally’s cunt. Sally got herself cleaned up and then came back to the front of the store where Laura was.

Revenge is best served three-ways

group Forbiddenwriter 2018-06-20

The tattooed man brought his stiff cock to the slender woman’s opening, shoving it inside her, and Bethany heard the woman let out a moan of pure ecstasy. Bethany was beginning to feel her face turn a bit red, Claire knew she hated to be called ‘sweetie’, “Well, I think we all know what you do when you find ‘nice guys’.” She instructed Nathan and Brad to come around and stand by the back of the couch, so she could suck them off while she rode Joe. Doing as she asked, Bethany had two beautiful, hard dicks in her face.  Bethany sensed his coming orgasm, and switched over, taking Brad’s dick out of her mouth, and began blowing Nathan aggressively.

A Wild New Year's

group Mysteria27 2018-06-19

She walked over to the mirror and admired herself in the mirror.  She went downstairs to her kitchen and poured a glass of wine and enjoyed a drink waiting for Joanna and her boyfriend to pick her up.  Samantha wondered what the surprise was.  She also hoped that there would be other single people at the club.  She was going to be very opened minded about any situation that might come up.  Samantha was a very attractive person.  She knew that something interesting would happen.  She just wasn’t sure of all the details.

Break-In Bang

group Goldeniangel 2018-06-19

Teresa's body reacted both to the name and the fingers that pressed upwards inside her as he spoke, a muffled cry emitting from behind the gag. With the one man's finger moving inside her pussy, and all their oral stimulation, it wasn't very long before Teresa was cumming ecstatically; her body practically levitating with pleasure as she screamed behind the panty-gag. Of course, with her hands behind her back she had no control over the blow job at all and he was soon pushing his way into her throat as she gagged and panicked, never having deep throated a guy before.

Purple Girl's Sexploits

group PervyStoryteller 2018-06-18

“I’d offer you a drink,” Purple Girl said, “but all I’ve got is orange juice.” She’d placed the notebooks on the round table and pulled out a chair to sit facing the men. James had his hand in his pocket, fingers round phone as Purple Girl said, “Well, maybe it was kind of an experiment of sorts.” James and Rodney watched, stark naked, holding their cocks as Purple Girl slid her lips halfway down Nigel’s cock, humming as she sucked. James could see how hard he was pushing, but Purple Girl made no sign of protest, removing her hand from Rodney’s cock, allowing Nigel to shove her down on it until her throat protested loudly.

Keeping A Promise

group flhtjim 2018-06-12

Shortly after I moved into the neighborhood, I began to notice this beautiful young man coming and going out of my next door neighbor's home. I got all tingly thinking about all that young flesh being there but I knew they would all bring their girlfriends, so I didn’t give it much more thought. Aaron raised himself up and carefully aimed the head of his beautiful cock at my wet pussy. Every young man was out of the pool in two seconds and they each were sporting beautiful raging hard cocks. I motioned for the dark skinned young man to lay on the lounge then I eased my pussy down on his monster while telling Aaron I wanted his cock to be the first in my ass.

Volleyball Games

group quietmischief 2018-06-11

Darren had also moved to start sucking on Camryn’s other breast, so she felt two mouths on her tits. When Chris was standing right in front of her, with his cock in his hand, Camryn started to open her mouth and lick the head of his cock. “Are you going to be our cum-slut, Camryn?” Darren asked as he watched his cock slide in and out while she was sucking on Matt and jerking Chris. This continued for a little while until the three guys switched again, and this time, Matt went between her legs and Darren came back up to her mouth. She felt the head of Darren’s cock start to press against her asshole, and thought for just a second that she was happy that of all three of the guys, he was the smallest.

Tara Catches A Ride To Paradise

group Road_Runner 2018-06-08

After a few draws he offered it to Tara and she just shook her head no, so John passed it to Max, who took several long pulls. She wasn’t sure if sharing the joint had relaxed her or if it was just that these guys were damn good looking, but she could feel herself becoming a little excited by them. Max and John had sat up and took keen interest as Daren and Tara came up from the river. Tara, with her eyes only partly open in pleasure, realized the guys had come over to watch her and Daren. Tara pulled Max closer by his cock and turned her head to take him in her mouth as she continued to stroke John and be fucked by Daren.

Last call Bar fun

group quietmischief 2018-06-06

She had two guys sucking on her tits, a finger buried deep in her pussy, with a third who was continuing to slide his cock back and forth across her ass. Shawn took his finger out of Amanda’s pussy, and started pulling panties down her legs while Mike dropped her skirt to the floor and started to rub her ass. Rob continued his mastery at Amanda’s pussy and clit as Shawn and Mike worked her out of her cami and bra so she was completely naked on the pool table. She continued to suck and stroke on Mike as Rob started to build a rhythm of fucking her pussy.

paying off my lover's debts

group maggi 2018-06-03

“You ready to be fucked by a proper cock?” your boss asked me, a wicked grin on his face. "Choose a hole," he said to his friend, whose black cock, whilst smaller than the one in my ass, was thicker and bigger than you. "Fuck her cunt" the guy in my ass said to you, sounding exasperated, as if he couldn’t believe you haven't thought of that yourself. Your boss, aware that I was now turned on by this orgy of fucking, pulled his cock out of me completely. “Tell him how if feels to be fucked properly” your boss growled at me, as his hand suddenly spanked my ass.


group DBarclay 2018-06-01

An hour later Tony and Trevor had to go out on a bit of business, and would be eating out that evening, so I turned on the hot tub to heat the water up for a soak; Monique was still enjoying the sunshine on the pool deck, as I jumped in the hot tub. By the time I had got everything sorted and had a shower myself it was getting near the time to take Monique back to the airport I found her on the pool deck all dressed ready for the trip, drinking coffee with the boys and telling them how much she enjoyed the visit.

When the lift got stuck

group OldGeezer 2018-05-31

Simon didn’t though, until Melinda told him that if he would take his shirt off as well, then she would take her blouse off. “OK, guys”, Melinda announced, as her hands went behind her, “who wants to see my tits?”. I moved away to let the other guys do the same, and watched as Melinda relished in the feelings that fingers and hands were giving her. “God, I feel so horny”, Melinda then told us, “I want to be fucked, who’s going to be first?”, Each seemed to be able to keep it going for a good time, so Melinda was well and truly fucked, orgasming several times as our cocks penetrated her pussy, ass and throat.

Black People Fuck The Police!

group Samuelx 2018-05-28

Nearby, my partner, Boston policewoman Elisabeth O'Leary is having some fun with Tyrone Brown, Shamika's dumb-ass husband. Meanwhile, Tyrone is howling like a bitch as Elisabeth rams her thick dildo deep into his ass. Almost at the same time, Elisabeth presses a special button on her high-tech, mechanized strap-on dildo and unleashes a torrent of hot artificial cum deep inside Tyrone's ass. Spreading Shamika's plump black cheeks, Elisabeth pushes the dildo into her ass. The black bitch howled like one of the damned as Elisabeth slammed the dildo into her asshole like butt-fucking was going out of style. I happily fucked Tyrone's ass until I got my nut, flooding the black man's tight asshole with my manly cum.

What best friends are for

group tommie 2018-05-26

The speed of Chelsea’s circling fingers increased, rubbing urgently over her clit, until she felt her orgasm hitting her, her legs giving way as she sank down to the ground, producing a high pitched squeal in the process, before putting her hand on her mouth, muffling any further sounds that could give her away. When the scare had worn off, adrenaline was still surging through Chelsea’s body and together with all the lustful, plain horny feelings she had felt the last few days, it took just a second to realise her brother was knocked out and Tom was alone downstairs. Phil had started rubbing her clit with his thumb and together with his hard fucking, Tom’s tweaking of her nipples and the taste of her juices mixed with his cum, Chelsea was losing it quickly.

My Sweet Slut

group Mysteria27 2018-05-26

Roxanne rubbed her pussy, while I fucked her ass hard. Roxanne was fingering her pussy, moving her fingers in and out of that tight cunt, while I held her hips and fucked her so hard she actually moved up a few inches. Jack was fucking her ass really hard, while Robert was getting his cock sucked. Jack pulled out of her ass and Roxanne got off my cock. Jack got on the bed and Roxanne eased her pussy down on his cock. Roxanne started to come and Jack thrusted up into her pussy and filled her with a pile of cream. Robert pulled out of her ass and Roxanne got comfortable on the bed.

The Yurt, By Mikey

group Shazz 2018-05-22

Whilst I was still trying to work out the implications of what Shazz had just said, she went on; “The futon looks the least comfortable, so I suggest you each take turns sleeping on there and that means that you will take turns on the bunks and in the double bed, as well.” The other lads were no longer looking at the floor but were listening with interest as was I, but for different reasons. After dinner, Shazz said: “Look, Mikey has been very good and let you each have a turn in the double bed but Dave is no longer here, so there is no need for anyone to sleep on the futon.

New Beginnings Ch. 02.1

group 69plus1 2018-05-19

Call it a sixties burnout that tried to drag then through the nineties, adult ADD, sexual nirvana whatever, I am back to finish my first experience with Steve and Sara set up by Ben. I hadn't even though where they story was going to go, but wanted to get this to my nice supporters, so I stripped naked, got some lube, watched some porn and well, here it is. Someone, Sara I think, takes my cock into their mouth down to the base and a hand continues to caress my balls, pulling them down stretching my sack. Powerfully I feel it start in my anus, it is like a bolt of lightening and moves through my balls and up my cock into Sara's' mouth.

They Came Back Too

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-05-14

"You too, fuck my pussy!" They both did as they were told, and I watched her mouth open and his cock pushed into her mouth, and she took it, deep, until she gagged a little and pulled her head back. The guy at her face was fighting her gag reflex, and she was resisting, so I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, forcing her mouth open, and on his next thrust I watched him push slowly all the way into her throat. I didn't care, I just wanted her, like this; my cock pistoning into her tight anal passage, feeling another guy in her cunt, and watching her get face-fucked.

The Initiation

group Cespenar 2018-05-14

They sat on the lounge as Vicki handed them all a cup and Karen said "I remember that we were talking about your husband, and you thought he was a little inadequate!?" As he followed her husband to the car, the man turned and smiled at Vicki. Her lovely long legs rose up to an almost hairless sex, and as she looked, she felt a sensuous tingle in her clitoris. Vicki felt extremely sexy and wanted a man to have her, but the orgasm had taken the edge off her desire for lust and so she fell asleep not long afterwards. Eventually Friday came around and Karen, Julie and Paige arrived five minutes after John had left for work.

His Slut Act 03

group HotHunty 2018-05-11

I pull off Kyle's cock long enough to say "Oh yeah, fuck me harder, I want you to fucking hammer me!" Then I am sucking again, hungrier now, the feel of Jack slamming into me making me more eager, more aggressive. Then I feel him sliding the toy back into my cunt, filling up both my holes, working them, and I am cumming, pulling up off Kyle's cock... He continues to slam into my mouth, deep and hard, until he is ready to cum, then he pulls out, grabbing my jaw and forcing my mouth to stay open, then he cums on my face and on my tongue, rubbing it all over my cheeks and lips with his cock.