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Summer 2000 - true story

group Jaque69 2018-12-02

The load kept coming and I swallowed most of it, some of it came oozing out of the corner of my mouth, he took his finger and pushed the cum in my mouth so that I could swallow it. I didn’t, and I felt Jimmy’s cock jerking, he groaned and let go a great load of hot cum but kept on fucking me, shooting more loads and finally he fell on top of me rolled over and looked at me with a great smile. Billy spread the cheek of my ass and plunged his cock into my ass hole and both started fucking me hard. I squeezed my pussy and my ass hole and with that I came and I could feel both Jimmy and Billy getting ready to drop their load into me.

The Bus Ride

group peachesncream5670 2018-11-19

He began licking back and forth, from my wet pussy to my ass hole. I was already so turned on I came instantly, as his tongue entered my wet pussy, shooting my juice all over his mouth and chin. I continued to suck the cock in my mouth, and suddenly it swelled, and shot its hot sticky juice down my throat. She then got back up on the seat in front of me, and spread her legs, to give me good access to her wet pussy. I continued to lick and fuck her pussy with my tongue, until she shot her sweet juices all over my face. The cock in my mouth started to cum, and I sucked every last drop I could get.

Wife's Triple Sex on the Beach

group leighm 2018-11-18

            Why I said the next thing I have no clue but...  I blurted out...  "Lotion party on Angie!"  and squeezed out gooey slippery  oily spf 20 stuff into the hands of Bob, Jim, and Billy who eagerly took up my offer and proceeded to "Examine"  Angie's now naked body with their hands almost furiously.              I saw her cheek being pushed outwards by his cock going in her mouth, and all the  while Billy and Bob are still fondling all  over her naked body.  Intense shit!    Jim cummed enough in her mouth to the point where it was spilling out of the sides of her mouth.  He seemed happy.

Midsummer Night

group Amethyst_Dawn 2018-11-14

We have celebrations throughout the year, but on Midsummer Night is when the group gets together specifically to release that energy.” Audrianna paused again and looked deep into Terri’s eyes. Terri could feel Michael’s hands still caressing the sides of her breasts, but now she also felt someone pulling her shirt up over her head. As Audrianna and Karen rode out the apex of their zeniths, John thrust his cock in her mouth hard and deep and she felt the cum shoot from him against the back of her throat. Terri heard Audrianna and Karen breathing hard in her ear as they rested their heads on the table beside her.

Leanne. Cum slut

group styxx 2018-11-08

Leanne yelped as the first slap struck home on her bare arse cheek, leaving a red hand mark and a stinging sensation she hadn’t felt since she was very young. She felt her arse cheeks being pulled apart and suddenly, a hard cock was pushing against her rose bud anus. Leanne had never been so massively filled, it felt like a rod had been pushed up her cunt and was now fucking her hard, driving the breath out of her lungs at the force of his thrusts. She pulled him out, took a deep breath and then shoved him all the way into her throat quickly, knowing that he was going to blast his load straight into her guts and knowing that was exactly what she wanted.

One In A Million Girl

group texasace 2018-06-23

I went back to her mouth to share what I had received, and slipped my hard and hungry cock in her soft succulent cunt while we kissed. With each rub and stroke Monica got closer to Laura's beautiful ass. As she massaged the inner thighs, I could tell that she was getting close and maybe rubbing Laura's smooth shaved pussy. Monica spread Laura's ass cheeks and massaged and rubbed her little pucker hole. After about 5 minutes of that, Laura started to lick Monica's tits when they came in contact with her mouth. Monica then inserted two fingers and started to finger fuck Laura while she rubbed and stroked Laura's clit.

Nightclub Group

group NWStories 2018-06-20

I'd pulled his cock out of his pants now, for all to see, and as I started jacking him off harder, I felt a hand move from holding my elbow, to playing with my tits. I felt two hands grab my head as he thrust his massive cock in my mouth. I felt the cock in my mouth start to slow as he bent round to look at my sopping wet pussy. I could cum, I let out a loud moan as I felt his cum shoot inside of me, making my legs shake and pussy contract so hard, it forced his massive eight inch cock out of me, as his cum continued to spray across my pussy as it exited.

Cupid's Valentines Day

group StuarttheWriter 2018-05-14

Cupid is a little winged boy who flies around, naked not in a diaper, but he doesn't just use his arrows to make people fall in love. The girl's head suddenly swiveled to the side as she caught a quick movement, and possibly a glimpse of a naked little boy, but saw nothing once she turned her head. Her eyes opened wide in surprise when she saw the girl sucking his cock and playing her pussy right there in the middle of the lecture. Cupid quickly pulled back on his bow and let another arrow fly into the girl. Most of the guys in the class had instant erections and some of the girls could feel their own pussies begin to drip.

Friends...and Benefits

group kitten1964 2018-05-06

Ted poised himself to enter as soon as Derrick gave him the word, and Chris grabbed the back of Marie's hair and began fucking her face, emitting groans of pleasure as her vocalizations made her lips vibrate against his cock. Ted pulled out, then Derrick, and all of the guys looked at Marie, who was covered in cum, cum oozing out of her ass and cunt, and a small string of cum leaking out of her mouth - she was so drunk, she was having difficulty swallowing the spunk Chris had shot. The boys' comments got more ribald as well; Ted was muttering in Marie's ear, "Such a hot little slut, so wet and ready for love us fucking your body, don't you?" while Derrick moaned out what a sweet round ass and perky, full breasts she had.

Voluptuous Escort Ch. 03

group Raven_Tintagel 2018-05-01

"Let's get you ready for your date then." Angela said grabbing my hand and pulling me away from the table. "We have to be quick about this or you'll be late", said Angela lathering up my hard cock while Gina's hands moved in from behind to lather up my ass and balls. "Of course we need to make sure the goods are in working order." Angela said and gave a harder tug on my cock. "Come over here and let me clean you up." I stood between Angela's legs as she started washing my chest, legs and arms. "Fuck yes baby, I'm gonna cum" Angela said "Make me cum lover!" I felt her hot pussy convulse around my cock as she quivered into a shuddering orgasm.

Jake's Tales Episode 01

group JakeMorgan 2018-04-23

Soon she's moaning and groaning and all and I'm pounding away and the crowd is watching and the silicone breasted porno actresses in the movie are entering a lesbian scene and its getting as hot as hell and I'm breaking a sweat and my groin is slapping up against her ass cheeks and my nuts are banging up against her and I need to cum and its building up and building up and building up and then I'm buried into her cunt as deep as I can and I'm emptying my balls into her and I'm done. You really haven't lived until you've got a blonde slut bent over the front row of a cinema and you're fucking her cunt from behind while she's sucking off a guy that bears a remarkable resemblance to Carlos Santana and a black transvestite is leaning over your shoulder to get a good shot of your pussy pounding cock with the blonde's husband's camcorder.

First Class

group mscleavage 2018-04-21

His eyes light up, and he does not hesitate to take your suggestion; very lightly he places his open right hand upon your silk blouse over your left breast. Again, as if scripted, each man now has their hands around their assigned breast while sucking on the nipple and you began gyrating your pelvis a bit, showing your oral nipple pleasers that you are fully appreciating the rush of erotic feelings that are pounding through you at this moment. You grab my cock with your left hand and open your mouth and pull my member deep into the moistness that the other man was enjoying only moments before.

Let's Play Pool

group CheriSM 2018-01-02

Brian came out and danced a dance or two with me, then asked me if I felt like playing pool. Brian came up behind me and told me I was getting the guys excited and might want to think about what I was doing. He told me how hot I looked and climbed up on the pool table as well, mounting my face and giving me his cock to suck on. Brian stood by and watched as I worked on Ed and Matt continued to give my pussy one hell of a fucking. I felt hands on me and looked up to see Brian guiding me and helping me to take Matt deeper and deeper in.