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Brett and Amber - Part II

group NVMii 2018-11-27

Jake had a big smile on his face, but Sally looked like she could smack Brett. Brett grunted and slammed his cock deep, holding it tight as he pumped his cum into Sally's pussy. I went down the steps and saw Brett eating out Sally and Jake was kissing and sucking on her tits. The boys were soon synchronized, Jake going deep in my pussy, Brett almost pulling out, then the opposite. He crawled up onto the bed, pulled my ass up and fucked his cock deep into my cum soaked pussy. If Tara and Albert were anything like Sally and Jake, they needed seclusion. He continued, “And to Brett and Amber, may they be as loving friends as Jake and Sally.”

Weird Fantasies 21: Surprises

group TessMackenzie 2018-02-27

But kissing isn't really sordid dark alleyway sex with a stranger, so I whisper to him to hold my neck and pull my hair and choke me, and he does. Basically three other guys have come along, and been horrified, and were about to save me from the dude I was having sex with. So I'm going stop, wait, and trying to explain, and I have to say several times over that I'm fine, everything's fine, yep he was holding my neck and spitting on me and banging me on the wall, but I wanted him to. They grab me, and push me face-down on the counter and pull my shorts off and start fucking me.