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Helping Hands

group RejectReality 2018-12-02

Engrossed in watching them and touching herself, Liz barely had time to duck back from the archway between the shower entrances when Kyle bent down to pick up the bucket and the pair turned to walk her way. Liz licked her lips and turned around, pulling her tank top over her head as she walked, Steve and Kyle hot on her heels. Moaning and whimpering around Steve’s cock, Liz could feel the first tingles of an approaching orgasm dancing through her nether lips and behind her mound. Her body lurching from the tidal wave of ecstasy crashing down on her, Liz grabbed the edge of the table in one hand, and pulled Kyle’s face tight against her with the other, yelping and moaning as she came.

Holidays at the Farm Part 3

group frogprince 2018-11-29

After she caught us together naked, she kissed me on the lips, probed my mouth with her tongue and grabbed my ass tightly with her hands. "If Ken and you don’t mind, I would like to watch Sarah's mom, Ken and you have an orgy fucking, sucking and licking. I sure would like to see mom and Elaine going at it with Ken," Sarah’s dad said excitedly. Elaine had a look on her face that was surprise, as Sarah's mom fingered her pussy. I put my hand down on Sarah’s mom’s pussy and shoved my cock in her ass, all the way in on one hard fast ram. My cock was rock hard and Elaine pushed juice out of her pussy lips.

Orgy of Delight

group DanielleX 2018-11-28

“You really know how to look after your friends, Judy,” said Suzanne, sexily. “We’re going to suck your lovely cock, one at a time,” said Suzanne, with a look of glee on her face. As Sally got her turn, Suzanne stood up and joined Judy, giving the young guy a lingering kiss. Judy and the other women were getting more and more turned on and wanted to round on Matt and use him, once Sally had had her share. Judy and the others wasted no time in gathering on the sofa, running their hands over Matt’s body, stroking his cock and his legs. Suzanne pulled Matt to his feet and pulled his head towards her, standing on tip toes, she kissed him deeply, holding his cock between two fingers.

The Boy's Day In

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-26

She had several orgasms through all this, I've told you that Sherry is an orgasm machine, and after a few minutes of this, I decided it was fuck and cum time so I got her up on the bed, had Ryan get between her legs, he was the better-hung of the two, while Lee and I sucked her tits, Ryan drove into her fucking her just like a teen boy in his first pussy, which it was. Sherry was spread open on the bed, smiling as she asked his name and whether he'd fucked a girl before (he hadn't) and I told him I would be busy for a while and when he was finished to come out and send back another guy.

Sarah Goes Dogging

group njdom 2018-11-23

I'd been once before, and had loved seeing a queue of men by my car window, all looking in at me and all wanking....wanting me to stroke them or even suck them. Rather than just making men cum from the driver’s seat, you could really have fun if you went to a quiet area away from the cars. I'd seen a German woman on a sex site called XNXX who went dogging and seemed to love this sort of sex, several men taking turns with her. One thing she loved, was to make as many men as possible cum over her breasts and her face, something I was also enjoying now. I also have no idea how many men came over me, but my face, hair and breasts were covered in cum.

You think you know someone - Tammy and Barry: Their story. Chapter 4 of 4.

group Bipeep 2018-11-16

'This woman is persistent as well as greedy as she already had a nice looking dick pumping into her cunt,' thought Tammy as she now noticed through the tenting material of his trousers that Barry's cock was beginning to swell. Could she?' She thought as she was tempted to pull Barrie's huge cock out of his pants and see what the expression on the other woman's face would be. Tammy and Barry did meet with a number of couples and had same room sex and swapping sessions with a few of those. That Saturday night went so well that Tammy rang all the participants the next week and asked them if they knew of any suitable couples who they might like to invite along as trial members.

My first threesome.

group kent1734 2018-11-09

I feel Kate's finger inside my asshole massaging me and I cant take it any longer and blast my cum into Michelle's mouth! As I look up at her I see Kate has knelt between her head and I see Michelle licking her pussy and spreading her ass cheeks as she starts to move a finger toward Kate's asshole! As I am going slow I see Kate come down and place her head on Michelle's stomach and watched my cock going in an out of her pussy. I am totally spent at this point and I sit in the chair in the corner of the room and watch as Michelle starts to kiss and lick Kate!

Double Dip

group RejectReality 2018-11-07

Her face a little red, Vanille accepted the necklace and said, “I guess not.” She put the truck in park, steeled her nerves, and opened the door. Having not even noticed Karen walking up, Vanille started and covered her eyes with her hand in embarrassment. After blowing out a hard breath, he knee-walked closer, his ice cream covered cock twitching next to her lips. Vanille gasped and looked back over her shoulder to watch Greg move closer, the tip of his cock pressing against her nether lips. Greg held his half hard cock toward her lips, and Vanille answered by slipping a hand to his rock-hard butt and tugging him toward her.


group VinsanityOrElse 2018-09-17

I moaned loudly as I felt Vic's hot mouth on my nipple, sucking and nibbling. Feeling Vic grind between my legs, hitting my hard clit perfectly, God I just needed something big inside my tight little pussy. As soon as my wet tongue touched Vic's head, I felt Vince's tongue on my gaping pussy. "Oh...oh...mmm," I cried as I felt his thick cock pressing into my tight pussy, the ripples of his condom catching in all the right places. I moaned louder each time he buried his perfect cock in my tight pussy, feeling his balls slap my clit. As he squeezed my ass, I felt his finger teasing my asshole, spreading the wetness from my pussy across my puckering hole.

The Fantasy Emporium Ch. 01

group madam_noe 2018-09-11

Never before had Maddie ever felt anything so darkly erotic, such decadent pleasure, and this time the climax slowly swelled inside, washing over her like a dam bursting, her creaming pussy drenching them in her juices. Turning her head Maddie met him in a hot, sliding kiss as he slowly began to inch his thick cock inside her. Deeper his cock inched, spreading her, making her want to widen her stance, but now the other brothers hands clamped her thighs in place, his head between steadily pulling on her clit. Over and over one man drove into her, his cock sliding deliciously along every inch of sensitive flesh inside, all the while white hot sparks flew from where the other brother's mouth teased and tortured her aching clit.

The French Visit Ch. 07

group christinamonroe 2018-08-31

He recalled Professor Cox gazing at them, watching the younger man's cock ploughing his wife's pussy, his own hand rubbing his groin. Georges was kneeling between her spread thighs and suddenly he felt the mans hand touch his cock: the pressure of the older mans fingers made him jump. Georges was kneeling up, his eyes closed, breathing heavily with the violence of his ejaculation, and then looked down in amazement as he felt Professor Cox take his cock in his mouth, licking delicately to lap up the remainder of his seed, cleaning his cock. Sam knelt behind her again, his cock quickly resuming its position buried in her sex, and Georges began to fuck her mouth, forcing her head back with his hand pulling on her long hair.

Candy's Forty

group AGentlemaninWestminster 2018-08-15

As they all entered the living room, Candy saw Marian lightly brush her fingers over Daniel's pants. For a long silent moment, no one moved, then Danial took the open collar and -- his eyes slowly shifting from Candy's eyes to her pussy -- buckled it around Marian's throat. Flickering her eyes open and closed, Candy could still see that both Marian and Daniel's free hands were stroking and rubbing between their thighs. "Make me cum, make me...oh, fuck!" Candy felt like she was melting, dissolving into a shuddering pool of sensation and pleasure. Marian and Daniel were still softly kissing her thighs with tentative nuzzles across Candy's slick wetness.


Lovely Linda and Sexy Sarah Pt. 01

group TSpank61 2018-08-15

Linda Spinelli - 32 yrs old, 5'8" tall, 130 lbs, black hair, dark almost black eyes, full figured, large breasts, slim waist, full hips and ass. Sarah Andrews - 28 yrs old, 5'1" tall, 98 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, slim figure, small breasts and waist, fabulous ass. I looked over at Sarah in alarm, when Linda said, "It's okay baby, she knows." Then she kissed me passionately. Linda turned Sarah's head this time and kissed her deeply. Linda moved behind Sarah and kissed her neck while fondling her tits. Linda, still gripping Sarah's hair started guiding her head up and down my shaft as I tried not to cum instantly. As I sat there trying to catch my breath, Linda pulled Sarah's mouth off my cock and kissed her hard.

Lovely Linda and Sexy Sarah Pt. 03

group TSpank61 2018-08-10

She started to lick and suck it, then pulled it from her mouth and told Sarah, "Mmm I love this cock, but you will have to earn the right to pleasure it, slut. As Linda's full lips slid up and down my cock, Sarah spread my cheeks and started to lick my whole crack with her long tongue, exerting pressure to my anal ring as her tongue swept by. I slowly slid my cock in, and just started to pound Sarah's ass hard. Then I felt Linda's lubed fingers sliding into my ass, messing up the rhythm of my strokes into Sarah. Linda continued her slow stokes as Sarah started to move her ass back and forth on my cock.

A First Night Threesome

group mintabal3239 2018-08-10

"I am Maya," said the leaner one "and this is my friend Saras." "Exciting women?" said Maya. "We were fairly good looking then," said Maya, quite happy to hear herself described as a beauty, "but now?" "I think for the present you better retract that skin." said Maya. "I'll die rather than expose myself to Saras," said Maya. "No young man," said Saras in her most authoritative voice, "that won't do. It was a funny sight, these two middle aged women standing with hands clasped behind their back, topless, with breasts proudly protruding, faces red with shame, but with smiles that depicted extreme amusement. "We are Saras, but twenty years late," said Maya hoarsely. "No way Saras," said Maya.

My Wife's Diary - Book Club Night

group Dreamer971 2018-07-23

As I stroked the warm hard shaft, Ted leaned close to my ear and whispered, "I've been dying to fuck you ever since that day in the park." I shivered at the thought of that, and then shivered some more as Vince's finger entered my pussy and his thumb rolled over my clit. Vince unzipped my dress in the back and Ted's hands went under my skirt to finger my pussy and rub my ass. I watched mesmerized as Ted and Chuck had their way with Penny, who was obviously enjoying her evening of hard, young cock. About the same time as Ted and Chuck lost their loads inside Penny, the young man fucking me came, making wild noises as he spewed his juice inside me.

What Really Happened on That Trip

group LadyFrederika 2018-07-23

Pastor Samson was the best-looking pastor we'd ever had at Plainsview Evangelical Church: tall, late 30's, a former pro soccer player, great smile, light brown hair, a little bit like a young Robert Redford. "Thanks to the generosity of Bill Withers from Christian Vacations Unlimited, Suzie and Frederika will be joining my wife Linda and I on a special five-day trip next month to acknowledge their efforts," said Pastor Samson. You see, Suzie and I had been fucking and sucking Pastor Samson and his wife Linda for more than four months before we won our special prize. Even during the ride, the pastor had his hand up my skirt, and Linda was telling me what Suzi was going to do to that "delicious, tight teenage asshole" of mine while her husband fucked me.

Literacy Enhancement

group EroticDiscovery 2018-07-21

During dessert, the PR woman pulled out her smartphone and passed around a video of her getting fucked by two young black guys in a hotel room at a Barbados resort while her boyfriend watched and jacked off. "It's just like Annika and I always tell you: the woman's pleasure comes first," Heather said. "I'm going to fuck you on your hands and knees so that you can play with your clitoris while I'm inside you," Mario said. "How does it feel to have your big penis up her cunt, Mario?" Heather said in a loud voice. "Do you like seeing her asshole from behind while you fuck her?" Heather asked Mario, rubbing her clit vigorously.

Gina Ch. 10

group Tommy1982 2018-07-06

I grabbed the dildo sticking out of Susan's ass and pushed it in and out of her asshole as I started moving my dick. This caused her cum again as Gina licked her clit and I kept fucking her ass with the dildo. She pushed the dildo right inside Gina's pussy in one hard, fast thrust, and I could feel the fake cock through the wall between her ass and pussy. Gina pushed us away even before her orgasm subsided and told me it was time to fuck Susan's ass. I pushed my cock inside Susan's ass and started fucking her ass from behind as I squeezed her tits.

The Housesitter Ch. 03

group TrulyTerrific 2018-06-30

'My sentiments exactly,' thought Pete wryly, thrusting his cock into Gina's hand and at the same time searching out Heather's wet snatch beneath her bikini bottoms. 'Life didn't get any better than it was at this precise moment' he realized as he went to work on Heather with his tongue and Gina with his cock. His hands reached out to fondle Heather's young, pert tits that were so like Gina's, plucking her pink pebbles to stiff peaks. With massive pressure building up in his balls again, he started to fuck Gina as hard as he could, his hands pulling Heather closer as she rode his tongue wildly.

The Party

group duppy_conqueror 2018-06-27

Samantha and her husband Jordan, Denise and her husband Randy, and Anita's husband Tim. They sipped their drinks and jokingly dared each other to get into the hot tub. "Oh, well if you want to catch some air, bring some towels out to the hot tub, the party is a little more exciting out there." Unaware of whom Tim really was, and if he had a high position at the company Matthew was looking into, he jumped on the offer. Back in the hot tub, Samantha, Anita and Matthew chatted, still rubbing themselves in the sex charged water. "Thank you Tim for the suggestion of bringing out the towels." Matthew said, a smirk on his face as he made quick eyes with Anita.

Lovely Linda and Sexy Sarah Pt. 02

group TSpank61 2018-06-22

As Linda rode up and down on my cock and Sarah slid back and forth on my face, I could feel them leaning forward to kiss and caress each other. It seems when I was sucking her clit, Linda started to pull and twist Sarah's long nipples! Linda broke their kiss and said to Sarah, "I've still got a pussy full of Timmy's cum. What an awesome feeling to hear two women moan at once from the force of your strokes, as Sarah was pushed harder into Linda's sweet pussy. As I continued to slide my cock rapidly into Sarah's tight pussy, Linda started to squeeze my balls and talk dirty to me, "That's it, fuck that pussy.

The Neighbor Ch. 01

group LadyBlueMoon 2018-06-22

He explained that he had been running when Jake began to follow. Thankfully, I was spared having to tell my husband about my negligence with Jake. With our own children grown and gone, Jake was like a child to us. Over the course of the next week, I saw Steve out running daily. Truth be told, I had been having more and more such thoughts recently when I spied attractive men. That night at dinner, I told my husband about our new neighbor. The next day I called Steve with the invitation. Steve explained that the kids would be at their maternal grandparents that weekend, but that he would still love to come. I think both of us were excited by the thought of Saturday night.

Bobby's Mom

group AlexaWriter 2018-06-21

We were all quiet watching these two women rub the bare back of the dark haired girl and slowly slide the towel down to massage her ass. On the tv the dark haired girl was getting her ass rubbed down with oil and one of the blonds was sliding her hand up the girl's leg and brushing her pussy. Mike and I went back to rubbing her legs, slowly brushing her ass like the girls on the video. On the tv the dark haired girl was getting her pussy and clit massaged, so I started sliding my hand higher, hoping I was brushing her clit like the girl on tv.