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The Party Started After Labor Day

group oldhippie1949 2018-11-20

"I want to see your breasts, Carrie." Suzi sat up and reached around her, unclasping her bra and letting it fall. Suddenly, Suzi jumped up off the couch and said, "We have to move to the bedroom RIGHT NOW!" She grabbed Carrie's hands and pulled her up. I cumming." My hips began to bounce as Suzi stretched out on me placing her tongue on one side of my cock as Carrie licked the other side. Smiling and happy, I felt them go at it until Suzi placed her arms behind her and rocked backwards giving Carrie all of her, and let me tell you, there was a lot to give.

Bringing Hunter's Fantasy to Life

group CommonClaire 2018-11-20

Hunter didn’t see him right away because I still had one finger in his ass and my other hand was gently stroking his rock hard cock, getting him primed for what I had in store. I kissed him deeply as Sully began stroking Hunter’s cock and then took it into his mouth. Sully has a large cock, but Hunter was able to handle it, taking the length of it deep into his throat and he sucked and licked every inch of it. Sully had already lubed his cock, but he drizzled some more on Hunter’s entrance and used his finger to make sure that Hunter was ready. Sully brought his long, thick cock to Hunter’s entrance and slowly pushed against it until the head popped inside.

Bank Holiday Camp Pt. 6

group BiUKSwinger 2018-11-20

I started sucking all my fingers, and the using my right hand I inserted three of my fingers inside her eager love hole, and pushed my little finger into her arsehole, while rubbing my thumb on her clit. I carefully remove a finger from each hand that her pussy was clenched onto, and then had them join my little fingers in her ass replacing the two fingers with my thumbs up her slippery fuck hole, and then covered her clit with my mouth and sucked for all I was worth as my hands pounded back and forth. I held my fingers and thumb together on one hand and rubbed it all over Jess’s swollen pussy lips to give them a good coating, and then I began to push my fingers against her ass.

We Weren't Prepared for Camping Chapter 9

group QBBC 2018-11-20

Katie noticing that Pat’s cock had become quite hard as they watched Samantha stroking cocks and then getting face fucked down on the edge of the lake, pushed Pat down on his back. It wasn’t long before Katie and Suzzie had truly lost their group and anal virginity, and were being fucked rigorously up the arse and cunt holes by every guy’s cock which had recovered and was ready for a second round. Another two guys from the main group came over and positioned themselves behind the girls, pushing their hard cocks up Katie and Suzie’s cunt, and began fucking them with vigour.

Chatting Threesome

group Mysteria27 2018-11-20

I play with your balls and suck them slowly and I suck the pre-cum off your hard and very sexy looking cock. We all decide that there will be double penetration, I will blow the both of you and swallow your cum, you will both tit fuck me and slap your cocks across my face and I will be dominant with the both of you. I tell you that I am going to lay on the bed and Eric will eat my pussy and I will continue to blow Red. I also tell you if you do not follow my wishes that I will humiliate the both of you.

We Weren't Prepared for Camping Chapter 8

group QBBC 2018-11-20

Tammy noticed that the third lady (she named her Zoe) had taken control of the movie camera from Dick, zooming in getting close up shots of Tammy’s pussy and arse both being licked and finger fucked without any breaks in attention. Joe meanwhile had lain down on the ground with his head at her feet, and looking up at her cunt, was also taking picture after picture of all the action working her pussy. In the earlier shots Joe focused on Tammy’s swollen mound in the foreground with her tits skin wrapped in her T-shirt in the background, and now with her clothing removed he perfected his position and camera shots of Tammy’s naked cunt and tits. As Tammy turned slightly she saw that Zoe was now bent over Dick giving him head, and whilst she could not quite see his cock being sucked off she could see Zoe’s swelling pussy lips from behind clearly portrayed below her tight little arse.

A new way to play Cupid -Part Two-

group RoyaL_BeaT 2018-11-20

As I dove into Zoe's waiting cunt I heard Kyle groan out "Oh God" before his hands found my ass again. I felt Kyle move away slightly and stand, his hands moved from my ass to my hips. I returned my mouth to Kyle's cock, I used one hand to begin jacking him while my tongue rolled against the underside of his dick. I moaned at his touch, vibrating Zoe's pussy, she imitated Kyle's action with hand, but her other moved down to play with my clit. As we all came down from the pleasure Zoe fell to my right in exhaustion, Kyle laid to my left and pulled mepossessively into his arms to hold me close.


group ErotikWriter 2018-11-20

She said she thought she’d be embarrassed when she came, but Ellen told her how she’d put her pillow over her face to shut down the noise and both girls sailed off into gales of laughter once again. Jen’s tears were still coming, “It’s not fair!” Ellen held her close and without thinking a single thought she reached down between Jennies parted thighs and began to massage Jennie’ clit just as she rubbed her own. “Come on” Ellen said, pulling Jennie away from Greg’s jerking cock and pushing her into a kneeling position on the little single bed. Ellen lay on her back and slid under the pumping, grinding couple until her face was directly beneath the place where Greg’s cock stopped and Jennie’s pussy started.

Airtight Night

group stockingsandgarters 2018-11-20

Steve and I suckled happily for a few minutes, with me running my right hand gently in repetitive circles over my wife's silky lower back and perfect ass, as Jake worked his face farther and farther into Mel's pussy, sliding his tongue deep inside her and occasionally pausing to suck on her clitoris. After a couple of minutes Sue stepped sideways on her knees to lower her pussy onto Steve's face as she blew him, continuing to work my dick with her right hand as she did so. Melanie promptly slid Jake's cock from her mouth, leaned over to her right and took Steve's cock into it, then followed up by stepping across his face and feeding him her pussy, while working Jake's cock with her left hand.

My First Cock!

group DarkSide 2018-11-20

The girls broke away, and as June kissed me, Gary started to lift Lezza's skirt and caress her arse kissing her ear at the same time. We eventually started to fuck our respective partners once the tension had got too much and we both watched each couple fuck each other, as it happens we both did it in the same position men sitting on the sofa with the women's arses giving it everything on top. I was with June on the other sofa, kissing and sucking her breasts and Gary was on the sofa licking Lezza's pussy and clitoris. I actually wanted to come on Gary's face while he sucked Lezza's pussy, so I thrust harder.

Just a Quiet night In with the Boys

group Clarabelle 2018-11-19

Harry stepped away obediently and began tracing his own hard cock with his fingers. Harry ran his balled-up hand along it’s length. Carrying on, she supposed, from where he would have liked her to have taken over. It was an impromptu embrace, laced with passion and which pleasantly surprised Elise, increasing her lust. She panted and he sucked on her lips, kissed the fine sheen of sweat from her nape, cupped her breast with his massive hand, sharing his heat. To Harry she continued “I want to stuff your cock into my mouth or my arse and use your pleasure pole to make me cum. As Elise worked at covering his whole cock with saliva, she felt Aiden shift behind her.

My Honeymoon With The Co-eds

group todream65 2018-11-19

I embraced my topless bride and kissed her mouth hungrily as my hands groped the back of her skirt, working my fingers inside to her naked butt, while pulling the skirt down at the same time, until it slid to the floor. I turned and watched April soothe her friend's pussy as Andrea reached around and brushed her April's hair back with her fingers, then began to pull her top upward to her head. My cock hardened as I sat on the floor behind April, and slid my hand over her bare butt, feeling within its crack as her anus contracted from the touch, until my fingers found the lower entrance to her pussy. I stood at the end of the sofa looking at April's tight pussy as Andrea opened it with her fingers and began to lick her friend's pussy.

Cindy's First Bukkake GangBang Party Part 5

group lindaswan 2018-11-19

I kept the show going, spreading wider, making myself feel really good, achieving small orgasms multiple times as the men kept arriving, watching me while reaching their own climax, leaving me with their cum. I went to one end of the line, dropped to my knees and took over the first man's cock, using my hands and mouth together to make him cum. I worked my way down, taking the cum of each man with sloppy mouth moves and jerk off hand motions, then showing off open-mouthed what I had accomplished. Watching me, listening to me, suck off one man after another, play with the cum, kept all the men totally ready for their turn.

Me and my friend in a porno movie-true story

group Jaque69 2018-11-19

The big guy went down between my legs, grabbed the cheeks of my ass, put his mouth against the lips of my cunt and stuck his tongue way up and moved inside my pussy then his mouth closed on the lips and he vacuum cleaned me. My other guy pulled a 10 inch long and thick cock out of his pants, I bent over the side and grabbed it in my hand, stoked the shaft, put the head in my mouth and sucked all the way in down my throat. The guy between my legs moved tem up on his shoulders, pulled his huge cock and shoved into my wet, hot pussy and fucked me hard.

Cock Race

group slut_alice 2018-11-19

Out of the corner of my eye, I see The Dodo stroking his long hard cock as he watches the Owl-Tattoo Man thrusting deep and roughly into me, keeping my hair pulled taut so his wife's sweet pussy could torment my mouth. I gasp as the man slips his large hard cock in me from behind, forcing me to lean forward with my arms wrapped tightly around my legs to support me as he thrust so forcefully, I can feel him hitting the back wall of my pussy; my pleasure is building swiftly through me as he pushes faster and faster.

Blondie and the Dancing Dead

group sprite 2018-11-19

I welcomed it, moaning softly, rolling my hips like a stripper, cupping my breasts as, one after another, they took my aching nipples in their mouths, sucking, teasing with their tongues, fingers caressing the crack of my ass, gliding along my ribs, my mound, tantalizingly brushing along the edges of my parted lips until I could no longer think straight. Thankfully, the first guy who took me in the ass was gentle, lubricating his dick in my cunt first before easing it into my tight little hole, his head pushing past my anal ring, sealing himself inside me as I clenched around his shaft, impaled from behind as a pale skinned skeleton dressed in bright red speared my eager mouth, laughing gleefully as I sucked greedily, his cum joining the others who’d gone before him in my belly.

Furniture Anyone?

group carolinafun 2018-11-19

I started to slowly walk toward them thinking that Krista had had her fun and we'd now buy something, go home and fuck like two mice stuffed in a wool sock. I followed as well but stayed far enough away as to not be a distraction or threat to Rob. Krista turned and pulled his polo shirt over his head as they arrived at a nicely displayed king size bed. As Sam finished licking the drops from cock she started to stand and I turned to see Krista bouncing wildly on Rob. Our eyes met and I knew she could see what was happening with me. Rob kept pounding at her cunt until Krista raised up one last time and sent a huge flow of cum all over his cock.

Chapter 20. My personal gangbang and pulling a train!

group LuvitAll 2018-11-19

While I was cumming, I felt the guy fucking me unloading, dropping yet another load into my cunt. I was losing myself in the feeling of two cocks in me at the same time, thinking it couldn’t get better when another guy stood on the bed in front of me, slipped his cock into my mouth and lodged his knob in my throat. I dropped my head onto the guy under me and lay passive on him like a fuck queen doing what I was born for; fuck men, have cocks in me, take cum in me, give orgasms, take orgasms. My cunt was full, my arse was full, my clit was bursting, my nipples hard as rocks and being pulled by the guy fucking my mouth.

A New World Part 7

group BadDog9 2018-11-19

Glancing down at my stiff rod in Jenn’s mouth, Riley said, “I want you in my ass.” The erotic sight of Jenn squirming in the grass as Riley licked her pussy while my stiff cock slid into her ass, filled me with an animalistic desire. Once in bed, Riley and Jenn took turns riding my hard cock, and tongue, until we’d all had powerful orgasms. There on the sidewalk were Riley and Jenn, both wearing extremely short skirts and very tight tank tops, and they were talking to Sam. They both looked amazing and I felt a slight pull in my groin as I descended the front steps.

Ashley and Geena Cock Hounds

group frogprince 2018-11-19

She is sucking me hard and I feel like my head is going to fly off. Walking under the walkways we hold hands like young lovers all the way to the EM Club. Geena moans but gets up holding my cock pulling me to the ward and our blanket. Geena pushes Ashley away and takes me in her mouth. Geena feels it to and starts to move faster and suck harder. She comes up for air and moves her pussy over my cock and climbs right on. She turns to face Geena and sits with her mound and pussy against my mouth. Ashley is sucking my cock now and feeling it swell in her mouth.

A Young Woman's Perspective

group Pussyismypleasure 2018-11-19

Jill bent over at the waist exposing her rounded ass for the young men who now clamored over their workstations to get a view up her skirt. Jill excited by Dave’s touch left the book where it was and turned towards Dave. Looking down she saw a huge bulge in Dave's pants. Jill engulfed Dave’s cock with her hot mouth nearly sending Dave over the edge. Kate slipped to her knees eager to take Dave’s limp cock into her hot mouth. Jill, rubbed up against Dave’s back and reaching around grasped his thick cock. Jill guided, Dave's cock into Kate’s tight ass. Kate, with her hand on her clit and Dave’s thick cock in her ass, began panting.

Costume Party

group EnjoyBoth 2018-11-19

I have no idea how much time had gone by, only that there were more people watching and Brian had placed his hands on the sides of my head trying to guide me as he began to fuck my mouth. I placed my hands on her ass pulling her closer tongue fucking her pussy and sucking on her clit to bring her off two more times in near succession. Jessica, on the other hand, took a few minutes to gather her composure and when she stood up, her own cum from being fucked so good, oozed from the head of her own cock that was still pulsing, head above the black laced panties she wore.

First Time for Everything, The Gift Part 2

group peachbuta 2018-11-19

At the same time, she latched her mouth onto my clit, sucking and licking it until I was taken over by a powerful orgasm, Katy happily lapping up my juices as I came. I lifted my head from her pussy and was greeted by Matt's rock hard cock, which he shoved in my mouth, choking me on his massive dick as it forced its way down my throat while Katy continued her task of eating me out. I did my best to lick Katy's clit, attempting to time myself with his thrusts to not get my head in his way. Climbing underneath them both, I removed my finger and licked around the rim of her ass instead, slowly pushing my way inside, Matt's testicles hitting against my face with every thrust.

A Visit From Home

group Tanksdad 2018-11-19

I saw Janice, Betsy and Tonia but no Oscar. “You told me you ran Oscar away from one of your cousins back in your high school days,” Tonia said crossly. Betsy did like her drink and her face was flushed, telling me she had a head start. Tonia added, “Betsy said she offered you anything you wanted if you helped get Robin admission into Austin Preparatory, which as I recall, you did.” I felt Tonia gripping my dick and aiming it as Janice slid down onto me. Janice screamed as she came which scared Betsy who peed in my face. One horny bastard came over and offered to buy one of the toys if Janice would let him suck one of her melon sized tits.