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Road Trip part 2

group BiCuriousBytch 2018-06-23

"Well, let's see how you do." The officer said as he pulled out his throbbing hard cut cock and began to stroke it as he stepped up just inches from my face. He then shoved his cock in my sopping wet pussy and began to rub my clit. You wanted a big hard cock, didn't you, dirty girl?" He said in a rough tone. He slid in and began face fucking my mouth holding onto my head and moaning which gave me a tingling feeling inside. The officer pounding my pussy began to rub my clit as and I felt his cock throb in my pussy.

Bosom Buddies, Ch 10

group KennethPierce 2018-06-23

Naked as the day we were born, I took a moment to drink in every detail of Elizabeth’s incredibly sexy body, from the wine-dark nipples on her succulent breasts, to the delicately trimmed curls of hair between her legs, to the way her bright green eyes gazed longingly at my own body… Apparently, while they were out shopping for their prom dresses together, Liz, Talia, Corrine, Amy, and Stephanie had all splurged and bought themselves something sexy to wear for us when they got back to the hotel. I tried to stay focused on what I was doing, but there were way too many distractions: Talia licking my nipple, Amy groping my ass, Stephanie kissing my throat while I juggled her massive tits, my balls smacking against Corrine’s pussy while she passionately Frenched my girlfriend—

Given by the Campfire

group JuneFernan 2018-06-22

While Martin and I were still looking at each other, I moved my body up the bank once again, this time revealing my nipples to him for a split second, then settling back under the water. Even after Seth got the fire going, and Martin and Chris helped me spread all my clothes out on the chairs we had, there wasn't much warmth spreading from it to help them dry. Seth gave me a towel and mentioned I could wear some of his clothes if I wanted, the tone in his voice quite hesitant, but I said, "No. I don't want to wear stupid guy clothes."

We meet again... And Again

group CommonClaire 2018-06-22

I decided to make one last trip to the ladies room before seeing if Taylor was really up for continuing our previous encounter, but this time when I come out I run right into Michael. Again, he focuses on my g-spot while pulling on my clit and I feel the juices of my sex rushing out of me, splashing Michael’s face and running down the side of my car, pooling on the pavement below as my back arches off of the hood and I let out a long, drawn out cry. I think I’m about to pass out from the orgasms and then I feel Taylor tense up and yell that he’s coming.

Maja's Student Bodies - Part V

group TheTravellingMan 2018-06-21

Maja turned in the front seat to see me pushing my cock into Sasa’s cunt. Nina wasted no time, offering up the strap-on cock to Sasa’s needy cunt, her gasps relayed to us that she was getting purposefully fucked. We watched as Nina bucked her hips into Sasa and her evocative gasps and moans drove me to give Maja the same. I looked to Nina, she was remorseless as Sasa’s face with contorted in ecstasy, her slight hips writhing to take her cock inside her. Each hard strong convulsion from my cock made Maja gasp as another hot injection of cum shot inside her. I turned to see Nina easing herself onto her knees, with a desperate gasp of pleasure and still sensitive from my heavy orgasm, she licked and sucked the cum off my cock.

Babette, Johnny And Me

group candytales 2018-06-20

“People like buying things on the beach from young naked girls,” he said, and then he asked Babette to show me one of the beachwear items. Johnny confessed that he’d got really close to cumming but just didn’t want the joy to end so he withdrew from me, and as Babette and I kissed and cuddled on the mattress, he wandered over to the table and flopped into a chair. His moment of joy was fast approaching though and I invited Johnny to slip his cock out of me so that Babette and I could share the enjoyment of his glory stroke. This time his cock was soaked in my fragrance and as he reclined on the mattress between us we told him that we didn't want him to hold back.

Gazebo #8

group LadyLexxx 2018-06-15

Opening my eyes and looking up into the sky, I see what no summer walker wants to see, dark rain clouds. I feel the rush of blood through my veins, my cheeks going red, my clit engorging, my passion making my breath catch in my throat. But here I am, bending over a railing in Gazebo #8, getting fucked by a stranger in the middle of a rain storm, while his lady licks me and I can continue to hide from the one thought that occupies all others; I fucking love it! Leaning slighting back, my ass rested against the man's stomach, I look down and see the woman licking her man’s cock.

The Creek - Part Three

group Arcane 2018-06-15

Logan, Sophie, Maggie and Jeremy were all down by the creek cooling off. Logan and Jeremy both had semi erect cocks because the two girls had decided to wear skimpy bikinis. Logan felt his cock twitch with excitement; he knew Maggie would have something fun in store. Logan and Jeremy started to pump their cocks furiously, putting all their effort into their arms. Logan moaned and hot globs of cum erupted from his cock, spurting everywhere and splattering onto Maggie’s chest. Logan, Sophie, Jeremy and Maggie stood reunited on the bank of the creek. Logan felt Sophie having an orgasm, her juices spurting out of her pussy and saturating Logan and Jeremy’s cock. ‘You better eat my pussy good, bitch,’ Maggie yelled enthusiastically, spanking Sophie’s plump tits.

Cottage Swinging

group gracesnowpaw 2018-06-14

It was relatively early when Dean asked if my hubby wanted to go for a ride on the ATV's and try fly fishing on lake further back from their cottage. Dean's tongue probed my mouth and his hands grabbed my ass firmly as he massaged it roughly. Dean sucked on my nipples and breasts, his hands grabbing and opening my ass cheeks. The wetter my mouth got, the harder he started fucking me until his cock slowly pushed its way down my throat. Fully expecting to take a big load of cum down my throat I started to fuck his cock with my mouth. It only took a couple minutes and Dean was moaning like a wild man with his cock buried in my throat shooting his load straight to my belly.

Making New Friends In The Woods (Part 1)

group Pegasus4 2018-06-12

I couldn’t see anyone else around so I caught hold of her from behind and, turning her to face back along the path we’d just come, I pressed my hard cock against her lovely round backside and slipped my hand under her dress to feel how wet she was. The man came up behind the woman and slipped his arms around her as they watched me cup Jay’s butt cheeks in my hands, squeezing them and gently pulling them apart, exposing her naked, wet pussy. There was no surprise or shock on their faces as they stared at Jay, practically naked, her fingers spreading her pussy lips apart and my rock hard cock slowly moving in and out of her mouth.

Who Knew What The River Would Bring: The Finale

group dirtysweatywhore 2018-06-09

In discussing the best approach to actually catch a fish, Hot Stuff’s man, and what turned out to be her brother-in-law, decided to fire up their boat and drop anchor just off shore. Looking down at herself, she realized she was hanging in the breeze and pulled her top up over her head and tossed it to the sand, “and if you don’t mind, I think I’m going to join you.” Not only had she gone topless, she wasted no time dropping her bottoms to the sand as well. I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to put some sunscreen on your cute little ass cheeks.” Before I could say a word, I felt both of her hands on me.

Pam Sandwich

group Jaymal 2018-06-08

We can’t come here on a day like today and not go for a swim.’ Patrick and Aiden were transfixed as Pamela brought her fingertips to the straps of her dress and coyly pushed them off her pale shoulders. Patrick and Aiden did not even do their mutual checking glance this time, they just plunged ahead into the clear, sharply cool pond and strong-armed their way through the water in pursuit. Call it an Earth Day present.’ She drew them both to her again and gave Aiden, then Patrick a moist, lingering, open-mouthed kiss, letting her tongue tantalise just a little between each guy’s lips. Aiden stared on at the sight of his brother’s strong back straining, his well-developed buttocks flexing tight, as he plunged his cock hard into the wildly moaning Pamela.

The Girls Getaway Part II

group LeahLidocaine 2018-06-03

Veronica and Colton watched as Brantley starting fucking Leah's cunt with his hand. Veronica was getting wetter at the feel of her best friend finger fucking her pussy as she laid there with a huge cock in her mouth. Veronica ground her hips against Leah's face, and pushed her mouth into Brantley's crotch, choking herself on his cock. She opened her eyes to see Brantley's cock being devoured by Veronica's mouth, and looked to the side to see Colton jerking himself off while he held the end of a joint in his mouth. Veronica was having trouble holding herself back as she felt Leah's mouth on her cherry, and Brantley cutting her air off with his cock.

Resolutions - Part 2 of 2

group Lisa 2018-06-01

The way her smile falters makes my breath catch, and it’s in that moment I realise Lucas has been telling the truth. The three of us stand like this for long moments, with Lucas and I kissing while Beth’s hands slide over my body, arousing me further. It’s in that moment I decide I’m going to let him to do whatever he wants and just trust that Beth will put a stop to it if it goes too far. Lucas helps Beth up, and while I’m still wondering what to say next, he clutches the back of my neck and gives me a kiss that has me moaning in the back of my throat.

Graduation Party: Fantasy or Fact — I'll never tell

group blondewife 2018-05-30

Hubby went down with me to some of the parent teacher meetings and they asked him to coach football after work twice a week. hubby came up to me and asked me to wear a pair of black jeans that are stretchy but pretty tight. Hubby had put two battery operated breast pumps on my nipples and they were humming along, feeling very good. Me sitting there with my tits and crotch humming, and my hands tied above my head making my tits stand straight out as much as they could with two pumps hanging on them. Hubby was sitting there watching my chest heave up and down, and my jeans crotch turn wetter and wetter.

The Creek - Part Two

group Arcane 2018-05-28

Jeremy and Maggie led Logan toward the creek with Sophie in tow. Maggie, Jeremy and Logan positioned themselves evenly in a circle around Sophie as she began to spin. Sophie paused her sucking for a moment and turned around, just in time to see Jeremy plunge his throbbing cock into her pussy. Sophie looked up and saw Logan standing over Maggie, his long, thick cock standing at attention. Logan propelled his cock down Maggie’s mouth and pumped in and out of it, just like he would to a pussy. Logan was pumping vigorously into Maggie’s throat and Jeremy was thrusting into her pussy. Jeremy, also finished, took his cock out of Maggie and wiped his member clean on Maggie’s lips.

Nude Day on the Lake

group NorthCoaster 2018-05-18

On the horizon I could see a familiar sail, a jib with the Corona beer logo on it and knew that our friends Craig and Tami were headed our way. "You know my face probably needs more lotion, can you help me sweetie?" Christy asked with a grin. My hard cock was being sucked by this gorgeous blonde as I watched my wife slobber on Craig's cock like there was no tomorrow. As I finished, Tami turned and began licking her husband's cum from my wife's face. Soon the two of them were kissing deeply and Christy's fingers were deep into Tami's pussy. Tami's hips began to buck and I realized that Christy must be as good at eating pussy as she is at sucking cock.

Hiking Story

group your_siren_rogue 2018-05-05

You are instantly hard inside your girl and she moves her hips against you, smiling slightly and asks the man if he would like to join in. As he is licking her breasts she pulls away from you and pushes the guy back and down onto the blanket, then she straddles him and slowly slides his cock into her pussy. As you slide into her ass she is moving up and down your cock, once you are fully inside her and she is relaxed around your hardness, she lays back, and continues to move on your cock, but now her back is against your chest and she pulls the stranger towards her as he enters her pussy again.

The Hike of Many Peaks

group jwwcarterjr2 2018-05-03

After they sat down on the other side of the fire pit, the new couple, Bob and Mary introduced themselves to Mark and Amy. Bob and Mary continued to watch John and Heather and occasionally glanced over to see Mark and Amy. They were too shy to do anything out in public. Vicky walked over on her knees and began to suck Tim's cock as Heather did the same to John. She bobbed back and forth a couple times, then she slowly moved her head forward as Marks cock slid down her throat. Vicky walked back and sat next to Mark as Amy continued to suck Tim's cock.

In The Woods

group Frank Noir 2018-04-26

The man felt Mia's wet mouth sucking his cock, as he watched the blushing Ellen play with her friend's pussy. Mia was standing beside them, watching the man's long cock entering Ellen's pussy again and again, getting wetter with each thrust. "Come here," Ellen said, and the man came over, holding his stiff cock, and squatted down right above Mia's ass. Mia held onto Ellen as the man's hips thrust forward, burying his hard cock inside her ass. The man kept on repeating the procedure: Pulling back, a few seconds of unbearable hesitation, then the powerful thrust, forcing his bone-hard cock all the way into her ass, punctuated by his angry shouts of "Yeah!" - "Again!" -- "Had enough?" -- "Like that?"

Trio at the Pools

group Clouds_and_Rain 2018-04-23

Ana tried to move her body so that Claire would be more accommodating and begin to satisfy her. Without us asking, Ana began to lick Claire's pussy and my cock as we fucked. My cock, as it moved inside of Claire, and on Ana, while she licked my cock, and sucked on my balls. Ana was taking care of Claire; she didn't need my cock thrusting in and out of her. Claire guided Ana into a position where she was on her knees, and with her face and hands resting on the blanket. I handed the champagne to Claire, and then began to alternately tongue both Ana's ass and pussy. We traded places; I sat and watched as Claire began using toys on her, pushing Ana to more orgasms.

The Assistant Ch. 03

group Vysis 2018-04-21

This chapter involves her professor, Adam Grey, his wife, Leslie, and his secretary, Victoria, and sets the theme for future chapters involving these three. "God, this feels good," Victoria said, looking over at Leslie. After what seemed like an hour to Victoria, Leslie finally applied sunscreen to her butt. "This is the first time a woman has touched by boobs," Victoria thought, surprised at how soft Leslies hands were as compared to every other man that had pawed her breasts. As Adam walked toward the pool completely naked, Victoria admired his dick swaying back and forth. As he started to lick her pussy, Leslie leaned forward and kissed Victoria on the mouth, and then moved to her breasts, sucking on each nipple alternatively.

Contrary To Your Morals

group byronNME 2018-04-20

Every man who deep down doubted his stolid superiority looked and beheld a woman contrary to his conscious standards of taste and female desirability. Contrary would never waste a smile on a man who did not in some way desire her bodily. Without holding the flesh of the coquette in your hand, without feeling the beat of her heart while caressing her thigh, how can a man truly say he has had a woman, let alone has known one? She searched for the source of the color and her eyes suddenly fell upon the form of a man, dressed in a dull brown coat but adorned with a bright, almost ruby red woolen hat.

First Time Dogging

group geronimo_appleby 2018-04-18

My eyes snapped open when I heard the snick of another car door opening, and while the second bloke approached I saw the dark-haired man had unzipped and was slowly stroking his cock. I heard car doors closing, a sound soon followed by the crunch of feet on gravel, and when I looked up, pre-cum smeared around my lips, I saw a gathering of glassy-eyed men in a half-circle around the bench. It was bloody uncomfortable like that, what with my hip forced hard against the wooden slat of the seat, one leg raised so that big cock could slide in and out of me more easily, but I soon got over it when the man began to move inside me again.