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group creativeendeavors 2018-07-20

Alex brought back a few items – busily each person sought to duct taping her upon each of the legs of the table so she couldn’t escape, all the time I continued to bring that wooden stick against her swollen pussy – she cried out the loudest I had ever heard her, and when I unintentionally smacked upon her swollen, exposed, sensitive and pure clit. I had grown tired of abusing her thighs and ass and even that wet swollen engorged pussy mound coupled by wounded assaulted pussy lips, and so instead chose to take one of the chalks for the wooden pool cue and place it in between clit and hood, making sure the blue part was entirely upon the sensitive place before I jammed it inward and twirled.

Nutcracker Sweet: Part 1 of 2

group Stormdog 2018-06-01

Troy and I met in the locker room about twenty minutes later, but Rick had needed to run home to pick up his gear, so by the time he showed up we had changed and were closing up our lockers, about to head out to the gym. Despite the seven-inch height advantage that Troy had on her she was able to harass him enough that she took him out of his game when she covered him on defense and was so quick and skilled with the ball in her hands that he struggled to stay with her when we had the ball – and he had to try to guard her, because Rick was hopeless in that position.

The Triple Blowjob

group Carnevil9 2018-05-27

All I know is that my left ball, my right ball, and the sensitive, flaring head of my cock all felt engulfed in the warmest, wettest, most wonderful waves of pleasure I had ever know, all at the same time. Meghan and Sally sucked my balls into their mouths, popping them into those suctioning caverns with a pressure that danced again on that threshold between pleasure and pain. All I could see was three heads of hair: Sally's long blonde tresses flailing about on my right; Meghan's short brown locks bouncing on my left; and Julie's dark curls in the middle, jauntily swirling in beautiful arcs.

Chasing the Orgasm Ch. 03

group thepussylyst 2018-05-25

"Please, punish the slave for her mistakes, master!" Katie replied, tears welling up in her eyes, the way she was being framed. He shoved his boxers in her mouth, effectively muffling her and brought his cock close to her lips, teasing her, just touching her lips, then pulling away, eliciting a wanting moan from Katie, as her eyes automatically shut down, enraptured in this sweet torture. Like a well trained submissive, Katie obliged, though the pain was too much, her nipples were aching, so was her wet pussy and red ass, and now her plugged asshole was running dry, making it all the more uncomfortable.

Barbara's First Gang Bang Ch. 04

group eroticwriter28 2018-05-14

"That's a good start." He selected a bottle of water from the fridge and walked toward the circle of men who had been fondling and fingering Barbara. Frankly, it kind of surprised me that despite the prevalence of this activity on the internet, there are still a lot of wives and girlfriends who won't let their guys do it." Joseph brushed the back of his hand lightly over Barbara's cheek. "My, my," said Joseph, slipping a hand down Barbara's back and letting his fingertips tickle the crack of her behind. "Now that we have a soft, pink glow," Joseph said, as he walked over to the equipment cabinet and returned the horsehair floggers to their hooks, "we're going to step up the sensation." He reached for a single flogger.

The Whore in the Basement

group PapiMark 2018-04-17

While driving to his house, we were slapping you around, grabbing and squeezing your tits and spanking both your ass and cunt. Paul decided it was time to rip the zippers off your cunt and thighs. John slid under you and shoved his cock in your ass while Paul stuck his in your pussy. Paul got under you and started to fuck your asshole, John had his cock shoved down your throat and I started fist fucking your cunt and sucking on your clit until you were, once again, dripping wet. John grabbed a candle and started dripping hot wax all over your body - trying to concentrate on your armpits and nipples.

First Time with Married Couple

group Osewa 2018-04-16

I love to be roughed up in other places, my nipples and ass are fair game for pinching and slapping, but my cock does not like dry fast hand-job - it likes more wet sloppy slow oral. She had suck the head of my cock sometimes, but mostly rided my face, - while he probed my ass and put finger, then two, and finger-fucked me with lube. With very first pain in my ass I squeezed her nipples hard, she squeezed my cock hard, we all started to talk dirty like "stop you fucking bitch!", "or I will break your cock!" ... At that time I started to play with one interesting lady, and still did not want being fucked in ass with his big cock.

Five Years

group JBSDownUnder 2018-03-14

"We can work with that." He leant over Jenny and took advantage of Evelyn's open mouth, sliding a tongue inside as he kneaded a hand into her hair. Evelyn was rolling her hips, grinding against Clark's no-doubt swollen cock as they pair passionately kissed, his hands gripping her waist and eliciting desperate moans. Evelyn pressed her pubic wall as Clark slid a finger inside her and Jenny jerked, unable to buck. Jenny was embarrassed briefly at the reminder of her imperfect gut beside the toned flat stomach of her dream woman, but she forgot all about it when Evelyn ducked her head over Clark and began sucking.

The Couple; Part 3

group redhelm 2018-02-01

Tammy was holding my ankles over my head, watching, with a slight grin on her face as Jake delivered more blows to my exposed ass hole. As the flogger found its mark, again and again, Jake's blows getting harder, and harder, Tammy pissed on my face, "open your mouth. She stood, as I gasped, and choked on her piss, she spat on my face, and said "you filthy pain slut!" Grabbing my chest and digging her nails into my skin. Finally I felt Jake tighten up, and this time I got the cum I so desperately wanted, he pulled out of my ass and shot hot cum into my mouth, and on my face.