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A Visit From Home

group Tanksdad 2018-11-28

I saw Janice, Betsy and Tonia but no Oscar. “You told me you ran Oscar away from one of your cousins back in your high school days,” Tonia said crossly. Betsy did like her drink and her face was flushed, telling me she had a head start. Tonia added, “Betsy said she offered you anything you wanted if you helped get Robin admission into Austin Preparatory, which as I recall, you did.” I felt Tonia gripping my dick and aiming it as Janice slid down onto me. Janice screamed as she came which scared Betsy who peed in my face. One horny bastard came over and offered to buy one of the toys if Janice would let him suck one of her melon sized tits.

Back at the Golf Club

group nickitaylor 2018-11-15

Angus let go of my arse and took a tit in each hand, mauling them, clawing at them as he fucked my tight wet pussy over and over again. But the time I had spent with Landry, Angus and the chairman that morning had left me exhausted--and that was on top of the previous day. I knew he was going to cum soon, and just as he gave a final almighty thrust, I felt Bill's cock twitch and deliver a mouthful of spunk. He took it as a come-on and pushed his cock into my arse; thank God he went slow (though I am sure that was as much for his pleasure as my comfort).

You in Bitch - dom instructions to pussyboys

group ssspspb 2018-10-04

want to hear you to beg us to fuck you, stick our cocks down your throat, not a worthless pussy hole like you), is gonna stick his dick in your fucked by a real man with a real cock, you're just gonna have to take pulls out of the hole, the ass pucker of a man's slutty cunt wrapped covered in shit, he's gonna throw your naked ass in his car, take you First we're gonna bind up your sissy cock and balls so that they swell up and start to turn purple, then we’ll hog tie you. each one of us is gonna step up, move your little sissy balls and clitty cock aside and shove

Brighton Cumslut Ch. 03

group kirstymia 2018-08-04

The girl in the movie then was subjected to having her arse fucked and Kirsty's fingers were moving the bullet faster, at this point Kirsty was really sniffing her knickers, she loved how the Italian girl didn't really want a cock in her arse but the men carried on, so with her left hand she started to pinch her right nipple. Pete did as she had asked and Kirsty started to suck on Simons cock, she really did like this penis and foreskin, she found it a turn on pulling the foreskin right back and putting her tongue around his head then rolling the foreskin back along his shaft covering her tongue, she then felt fingers pulling down her knickers and she felt one finger starting to enter her pussy.

Country Hotel

group TheAmericanDream 2018-07-30

She slowly began to wank me, but the helmet was so fat, the foreskin wasn’t able to roll over it so she gently rubbed her hand up and down and over the hard cock end. Haley was already close and as soon as Charlotte slid a finger inside her, she came hard and fast and rather noisily. I wasn’t too far away from cumming myself and after pulling out of Charlotte I laid on the bed and beckoned the girls to suck me. I tried and tried to piss as hard as I could but eventually I couldn’t stop my come and instead of a few bursts of spunk, a thick jet of white liquid poured in the air from my cock.

Brighton Cumslut

group kirstymia 2018-07-28

Kirsty looked at him whilst she frigged herself and getting even more turned on, the older chap pulled out a slightly smaller than average penis, maybe just 5 inches and it was hard then he pushed her head to his cock and Kirsty opened her mouth and allowed this total stranger to start to thrust his cock in her mouth, Darren started undoing the zip on his trousers, Kirsty went up to him and as he got his cock out she placed her hand on it, he had a hard penis and it was very smooth to feel, as she wanked him with her right hand Darren moved his face to hers and kissed her, he probed his tongue into her mouth and Kirsty kissed him back.

sluts night on way home

group 2018-07-01

I get on top of the table, and open my legs, the tables can move, so whilst one of the guys takes off my knickers and starts to finger fuck me, the guy I was stroking with my foot gets his hard cock out and shoves it in my mouth, I start to suck, he has a big cock and I begin to gag but I don’t want him to stop. I feel the guy who is fucking me shoot his load into me, the café worker takes over and starts to suck my fanny and lick all the cum and juices from me.

sluts night on way home

group 2018-06-26

I get on top of the table, and open my legs, the tables can move, so whilst one of the guys takes off my knickers and starts to finger fuck me, the guy I was stroking with my foot gets his hard cock out and shoves it in my mouth, I start to suck, he has a big cock and I begin to gag but I don’t want him to stop. I feel the guy who is fucking me shoot his load into me, the café worker takes over and starts to suck my fanny and lick all the cum and juices from me.

French Adventure Ch. 02

group Group-lover 2018-04-28

She gasped as his fingers made contact with her streaming pussy, and her eyes grew wide as within seconds she felt Rob thrust one of them into her slippery hole. Carla didn't stop her thrusting up and down on the two hands between her legs and seconds later she gave a loud cry, and both Rob and Anique felt the spasming pussy grip their fingers. A second gasp caught Anique's attention and looking up from her position on the floor, she saw Simon's hard cock bobbing up and down as he tugged on his manhood, while he watched the action unfolding before him. It was Rob who lost control first, as with a groan and a hard thrust into Anique's sopping pussy he shot stream after stream of his creamy sperm, deep into her body.

My xmas 2014

group MyraFoil 2018-04-12

The my Master ordered the second course to be served and to bring him a big bowl. All the men peed in the bowl and by the time i placed all the plates before them on the table my Master placed the bowl with piss on the floor. When i brought in the main course i saw a big dog bowl full of shit and the rest of the piss. After they were ready the men went to the living room and I was ordered to bring them coffee and cognac and to clear the table and to the dishes by hand. The air was filled with the sound of moaning men, slapping bodies against bodies and the smell of cunt juices, sperm and piss.

The things teen girls get up to

group 2018-03-20

I looked into my b*****rs eyes, he smiled, 'Hold him', she asked me, and I took him into my warm grasp, squeezing his cock, now firm and erect, 'Wank him Mariel', she was kissing his mouth and her hand found mine around my b*****rs cock, she covered mine and began wanking him, her mouth entrenched on his, and she slipped of my hand and squeezed his balls, he came in my hand as I watched his sperm ooze from his cock and pour over my fingers, his hot breathing into Angelina's mouth, telling her he was having his orgasm, they both laughed while I warmed his cum.

How I Met The Guy I Wanted To Marry Ch. 04

group skyeslut 2018-01-31

I sat in the passenger seat, leaned over, exhausted from cumming so hard, messy tits still on display, my skirt shoved so high it was useless for purpose, my shaved gaping slit dripping fluid as I unzipped Dan and began sucking his fat cock. Dan and Nate helpfully filled my ass up with a DP to get the my back door gaping first, plus the loads of spunk to help grease his way in, then he stuck his cock in and really fucked my asshole, putting his whole body into each thrust, one of his big hands slapping my rump as he got into it, his balls slapping up against my oozing cunt as he banged away at my welcoming back door.

Jeff's Boy Ch. 02

group DLove 2017-12-18

Jeff beat his dick as I took long laps from his balls, over his asshole, and up to his lower back, pushing my tongue and face hard into his asshole each time I passed it. With my tongue deep inside her ass, and my nose buried in her pussy, I looked up over her taut stomach, her firm, round breasts, up the curve of her throat, to her cherry lips, and found them wrapped around Jeff’s cock. Jeff’s pretty puckered hole winked at me as he fucked his girlfriend’s face, and Jess gagged around his cock as I lapped at her cunt and ass, sucking in her flavors, and rubbing my face all over her stinky, sweaty, salty-sweet crotch.

i needed to pee

group manfed 2017-12-12

There were 6-8 guys in the restroom in various stages of undress, sucking, rimming, and fucking each other. I was fucking one guy while sucking another HUGE dick when I felt a blast of warm, salty wetness hit my face. The guy I was fucking whipped around and started sucking the rest of my cum out of my cock, and then snowballed it back to me. I thought it couldn't get any better, then she said "You like piss?" I mumbled "Yes" without taking my mouth off her pussy. All around us fucking, sucking, rimming, pissing and cumming were occurring. So to recap: from expecting to get a blow job, I got my first piss play, snowballing, felching and fisting (top) experiences.

Brighton Cumslut Ch. 02

group kirstymia 2017-10-09

She was working his cock with her right hand and going up and down his shaft with her silky lips, whilst Kirsty was doing this she was thinking Simon was making the sounds of Darth Vader breathing really heavily, he then started moaning softly grunting every few seconds words like "don't stop" and "faster". He then was feeling the orgasm just coming, he felt his toes tingle and was clicking them back and forth in his trainers, Kirsty was still licking his cock with her tongue and her lips were gently going up and down his shaft and also her hand was gripped around his cock base, She could taste the salty warm precum leaking from his cock and then Simons cock released his sperm in Kristy's mouth.