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Behind the Purple Door

group Coco 2018-06-27

Valerie denied LeAndra; lately she had identified herself as lesbian, (if she had to label herself) and truth be told, she thought she was in love with her boss and didn’t want to fuck Jason. LeAndra found Valerie with Jason in the salon’s room of indulgence, she joined them behind the Purple Door; offering them both a drink, she spoke quietly. Approaching the massage suite, LeAndra thought about the best way to convince Jennifer to join the party behind the purple door. There’s another client here that wishes to fulfill a fantasy.” LeAndra took a deep breath and speaking with authority continued, “He…his fantasy is to watch and to do so anonymously.” Quiet settled over the room as she let the idea sink in.

Gym Class

group TheSexyWriter 2018-06-27

Megan looked at Tyler with a feisty fire in her eyes, then slipped his red boxers off and revealed his lightly tanned, fully hard cock. I was left there stroking my dick helplessly, watching Tyler thrust into Megan’s, hearing the sucking noises as Megan complied to her urge, and did her best to keep her saliva from getting in the way. Everything then just became too much; the knowledge of the situation that I was in; AJ fucking Megan like a rabbit, making her moan and gasp over my cock in ecstasy; Tyler fondling her roughly, squeezing her nipples and stroking himself in anticipation. And though Megan’s mouth was now full with AJ’s cock (“You like the taste of your ass, huh Megan?”) I could feel the pleasure ripple through her stomach.

The Submissive Co-Worker Gets a Party

group cal_jack 2018-06-26

Everyone except Betty was looking at either Yvonne's pussy being eaten by Sarah or Sarah’s lovely ass. Yvonne began to play with her nipples, pinching and twisting them as she pulled Sarah's face against her wet pussy, moaning with increasing delight. Sarah was coming down from her orgasmic high when Tom and Yvonne lead her to the stage in the middle of the group where they tied her spread eagle, face up, her pussy begging to be used. Yvonne gave his cock a little brushing as she released his cuffs and gave the leash to Ali who was waiting in another chair with her legs spread wide, stroking her juice covered pussy, her black pumps still on.

Please Part 2

group RichardScott 2018-06-26

The man fucking her, stroked his cock, letting a load of cum fly onto her pussy and belly that she hardly noticed. The Assistant grabbed him by the hair, roughly stuffing her rubber cock into his mouth as the head of the Mistresses cock disappeared into his ass. The first man grabbed her in a very unceremonious manner and shoved his huge erection down her throat, cum still dripping off her face from her husbands orgasm. The man lewdly rubbed his cock all over her face before stuffing her mouth once more, his partner took a finger, slipping it into her ass. One guided his cock into her husbands ass, as the other grabbed his chin, thrusting his erection into his mouth.

Liz's holiday threesome

group RobJohnson 2018-06-23

Matt moved forward to kiss Liz, while Paul continued to rub Liz's hands against his cock, which was getting harder by the second. Matt was wanking off in front of Liz, he then moved forward and Liz naturally opened her mouth to take his cock, while Paul continued to tongue her tight arse. Paul then started rubbing his cock up against Liz's pussy, then within seconds he was inside her and Liz was being spit roasted on her own bed. Watching Liz cum got Paul going again, and as she climbed off Matt, Paul lay her down on her back, opened her legs wide and fucked her with all his worth, emptying himself in her for the second time.

First Experiences

group QueenieX 2018-06-22

She smiled sweetly at me and began kissing me down my neck toward my nipples and then down my navel. She slid one then two fingers in and while she sucked my clit into her mouth she fucked me hard and fast with her fingers. I heard her moan with pleasure and I began to kiss down her body. I slid two fingers straight into her dripping pussy and while I sucked vigorously at her clit I felt her close around my fingers while I fucked her hard. He started off slowly at first but began fucking me harder while I went to town on this beautiful woman. I groaned and pushed my ass out in hope she'd fuck me hard with it.

A Trophy Wife, A Lawyer and True Love

group cal_jack 2018-06-22

Sheila noticed as she was collecting the money that one of the older men kept looking back and forth between her body and her husband’s cock and another delicious thought came to mind as she lowered her thong and then slithered on to the bed. Soon all three of them were in a rhythm, Sheila sucking on George’s cock while the young doctor sucked and nibbled on her pussy and clit. Soon, George’s mouth engulfed Phil’s cock as Phil tried to yell and move away but he was gagged and tied. Sheila got her phone and took pictures and video of it all, especially as Phil’s cum was dripping out of George’s mouth. Sheila got on her hands and knees and started to suck on Rod’s cock as Jason began to fuck her.

Forced or Love! (1)

group anuraa32 2018-06-21

As Garrett started to thrust his fingers in and out, Jack went up again and kissed Becky's screaming lips. As Becky sucked on Jack's cock, she felt the tremors in her body as Garrett pleasurably worked on it. As Becky turned her attention to Garrett's cock, Jack slid his hands around the warm skin of Becky's waist and pulled himself up close to Becky. She bent her head backward as she felt Jack's hand over her waist and his cock fucking her cunt like an superfast express. As she recovered from her orgasm under the pressure of his body she felt the head of his cock pass between her pussy lips and his hardness slid into the depth of her womb.

Repeatedly Gangbanged Part 1

group alison90 2018-06-17

He kept rubbing me through my knickers for a bit longer this time before moving up, then under my bra as cupped my bare right breast. Mark was continuing to kiss me and play with my bare breasts when he suddenly moved his head down and started sucking my tits. I could feel his leg pushing against my cunt as he started kissing me again and his hand went back to squeezing my tits. The window was still open and some of Mark's mates came over to the car and watched as Mark fucked me for the second time. As Mark pulled his cock out of me and climbed off of me, the door behind my head opened and the guy who had been feeling me up got better access.


group Sweetdreemz 2018-06-16

His hard dick had been waiting all day to enter her, and when it did, it was all he could do to keep from cumming on her immediately, but he tried to take his time, taking long, slow strokes the length of her cunt. Mike was at the shop early one morning, and Melissa was cooking breakfast in the kitchen when Jaws came in. One time he mentioned that he liked to fish, so Melissa convinced Mike to set up a fishing trip one day for the three of them. Davey was pulling her nipples the way she liked as Mike rubbed her clit, and she felt her climax building.

The Birthday Girl

group nellieneska 2018-06-15

I wanted to scream as I watched him slowly begin to push his cock into her but all that escaped my mouth was a loud moan as the felt of my finger against my clit became too much. As she fucked my mouth with her pussy, I could feel my husband's hands running up the inside of my legs before he slowly slipped a couple fingers into my soaking wet pussy. Soon my husband was pushing his cock into my wanting pussy and he took no time fucking me hard, pushing my face harder into her pussy, making her scream. He then pushed me back on the bed, making me get onto my hands and knees right over the young girls face, my pussy just inches away from her mouth.

The Last step on the Path.

group snowboy 2018-06-14

Jim said, “I will need to blindfold you and guide you to a room in the house. Jim said, “We are going to start now, if you want to stop just say the word THUNDER.” Warm oil started to be worked in on my ass and between my legs and it felt so good. I felt a cock rubbing up and down my hole, getting all oiled up before pushing in. Jim and the skinny guy started to move in unison, it was nice and I felt I could do this all day. Jim's movements got faster and faster and then pounded hard into my little boy pussy and unleashed another load of jizz that I took deep.

New Carpet

group Master_Jonathan 2018-06-14

“Oh that’s okay,” the old man said with a quick wave of his hand, "Most people don't even bother to ask us our names!" He gestured at himself saying, “My name is Mike and this is Tommy.” “Well, if I worked there I don’t think I would mind getting into trouble.” Mike said with a laugh and shaking his head. “Yeah it must be great to have such a hot looking woman to spend time with after work,” Mike said with a slow nod. Christy closed her eyes and groaned longingly as Tommy continued to pump his cock into her mouth and Mike, now with two fingers stuffed into her pussy, continued fingering her.

Sexual Avalanche

group Jane_Awsum 2018-06-13

He removed the towel I had wrapped around my head allowing my damp hair to cascade onto his abdomen before he entwined his fingers of both hands into it and came deep in the back of my throat. After returning from my lesson on one of those days early in our second week I got ready to go to the hot tub and sauna as usual and waited in my tank suit for Pete to return. When Mike did withdraw from my throat I gagged a little and turned to welcome the head of Jon's hardness in my mouth for a few seconds before I opened my mouth for Mike to force down deep again.

Joyce and Me at the Cape Part 1

group frogprince 2018-06-12

I want to grab her head and stop her, but I am driving and need to pay attention and her lips feel so good on my cock. I push my rock hard cock into her wet pulsating pussy. I pull almost all the way out hold there for a few seconds and push my cock in as hard and as fast as I can getting deeper into her than I had earlier. Me I got to have three women all to myself and I was so fucked, I really need the sleep because tomorrow is another day and if I know Joyce and Kate, I will be very busy.

My Mary Janes

group TheDevilsWeakness 2018-06-11

My boyfriend held my Mary Jane heels in his hands, pushing my legs back, til my knees are touching my shoulders. You guys were too busy 'gettin busy'" My boyfriend's younger brother was eyeballing my tits hanging out and I could tell he was getting hard. Jay lined his cock back up with my mouth and Matt got busy working a lube covered finger into my ass. I tightened my sphincter on his outstroke making him hate to leave. Dropping a hand down between my legs, I pushed two fingers into my cunt and convulsed into another orgasm. My groaning made Matt's hips twitch as he plowed one last time into me, painting the inside of my ass with his spunk.

One Thing Leads to Another: Hey! That's my Ass!

group Magical_felix 2018-06-10

"You are very pretty, how old are you Christine?" Juan asked as Roberto formed some lines from some cocaine he had cut up beforehand. Roberto does look pretty good and his friend Juan isn't bad either...Christine thought. Juan slowly moved his thumb in and out causing Christine to suck on Roberto's dick harder and faster. Juan pulled his dick out of Christine's butt-hole slowly and waited for it to clench shut then he shoved it right back in hard. Roberto butt fucked her for a good ten minutes before he flooded her ass with his cum. "I fucked Juan and Roberto in his room and gave them my bra and panties alright.

The Doctor Is In: Chapter II - Return to the Doctor's Office

group GatorRhythms 2018-06-10

Don placed his left hand on Rodney’s flat stomach, just above his pubic hair, and in a slow rhythm pulled my husband back and forth against the hard cock residing in between his ass cheeks. I didn’t have to use my hands because Don slipped his fingers back to the base of my husband’s penis shaft, surrounded his balls, and held the whole package out until the tip of Rodney’s cock touched my lips. As Don stepped back, I moved my hands from Don’s ass to Rodney’s where I felt Don cupping my husband’s cheeks, slipping his fingers low into the cleft, and bringing them upward from the perineum to the anus.

One Thing Leads to Another: The Head Shop

group Magical_felix 2018-06-08

Christine took a quick glance out through the beaded curtain and saw that Mike was showing Maria a bong. "Talk about bongs 'n' shit, obviously, and tell him about the free grinder," Mike said as he pushed Maria out the door. You don't think you can take us both on at the same time?" Justin said as he guided his dick back into Christine's mouth. "Goddamn girl hold up, you're gonna make me cum," Justin said as he pulled Christine off his dick. Mike slipped right into Christine's cunt and they both fucked her for several minutes before they all started feeling the urge to cum. You ready to earn that bong yet?" Mike said as he gently moved his dick up Christine's tiny snug hole.

Amy's Arousal

group SuccubusDreams 2018-06-08

Cameron and I came out of his room and while I caught the occasional knowing glance from Alex and Beth, no one mentioned anything about our earlier encounter. I felt a set of cool hands brush over my skin and a set of soft and decidedly feminine lips began to kiss their way up my neck. “Sometimes a little pain just makes the pleasure sweeter.” He moved back away again and Beth took advantage of the moment to regain the upper hand. I want to watch Alex’s thick cock slide into this tight little pussy.” I sighed a little as her hands left my pussy but they were quickly replaced by the thick head of Alex’s cock pressing against my entrance.


group KittyOH 2018-06-06

I immediately am overcome by the mere sight of the beautiful cock and feel a thick drip of juice fall from my pussy and land on my leg. "Looks like she needs a little help" she says as she kneels next to me and we begin working that cock together. The feeling of being so physically dominated is intoxicating, and I can only imagine what the past two hours have been like for Liz, I later find out that the three friends of Will were passing her around, "Like the fucking slut I am" she says. He then proceeds to fill me up with hot cum, for what seemed like a full minute, his cock pulses and releases streams of black seed into my pussy.

Feels Like - 19. All better now.

group JM_fantasy 2018-06-04

“Do you realize how long it’s been since I had a hard dick inside of me?” she asked and rolled her head around in a playful manner. “Tegan told me to come in here and fuck your brains out, Jack,” she said. Tegan is afraid she’s going to end up losing her best friend over you,” she said. Tegan must think that I’ll end up making her choose between Riva and me. Tegan on my cock, Riva on my face, hands on that sweet ass, and they kiss. If Riva were to be forced back into my life, fucking her brains out is the best solution. I took Riva’s new hairdo in my hands and began fucking her mouth. Cunt in my mouth, ass in my face: just the way I like Riva.


Campground Gangbang

group alison90 2018-06-04

I didn't usually have any problem going without sex for a day or two, but the first time that I went away for over a week, was only four months after I started going out with Jason. Before I had even finished cumming, I felt the hands of the guy in front of me reach up high on either side of my hips, and pull my knickers down. Jason was still asleep, so the guys came right up to me and watched, as I washed my breasts, and cleaned between my legs. I was going to let all these guys fuck me again, and even though I felt incredibly guilty, I desperately wanted their cocks inside me.

Special Delivery: Raveged Raw

group TDHDC 2018-06-04

With both hands on the sides of her face he pulls her head down and back so her head is upside down, and he forcefully fucks her mouth.  Amber instantly gags at first then takes the cock completely in her mouth.  The men continue to rub Amber down as she feels a man rubbing his hard cock up and down her moist pussy.  He pushes just his head in and holds still for a minute then he slides deep into Amber. While Amber is being fucked hard another man begins rubbing her clit.  This is too much for Amber and she begins cumming uncontrollably.  A muffled scream is coming out of her full mouth and the guy Amber is blowing is enjoying the vibrations this is creating for him.  Amber’s pussy is soaking wet and the slapping sound is now more of a sloshing as the rest of her body begins to quiver.