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Cock for Doris

group CK1 2018-06-25

Ruth turned to her husband and said, "Doris looks really sexy tonight, doesn't pushed Keith aside and thrust the dildo against Doris's mouth. "Spread her legs," Ruth commanded, and Doris felt eager hands pulling her thighs Doris gasp out, her tits shaking and her body jerking as Ruth screwed her Keith's prick was rigid as he pressed it between Doris's wet cunt lips. beautiful sexy little slut like many cocks have screwed you Doris, how Ruth took hold of Keith's arm and told him to stop fucking Doris and lie back on impaled on Keith's cock to the hilt, as Ruth prodded her arse with the dildo. push moved Doris forward off Keith's cock, before she was pulled back onto it

En Vacances Part 5: Fucktoy Tease

group CumGirl 2018-06-24

Who, most certainly, shouldn’t be stood, naked on lovely Grant and Anita’s balcony, squeezing my pussy muscles together, ogling Grant’s cock and hoping beyond hope that he’ll take me by the hand, lead me to the bed and fill my aching wetness with his hard, thrusting, muscle. I shake my head, there is no room in my mind for memory, it’s full with aching ankles and shaking legs, with Grant’s nuzzling cock and my impatient, empty, desperate, sodden pussy, with Anita’s fluttering fingers and teasing words … no reasoning, no thought, no anything, just flesh and blood and cum.

Hot Fun with Doris

group CK1 2018-06-22

had pushed her finger inside Doris's cunt and I could head and she was holding Doris's mouth hard against her hands, he pulled my wife's face down on to his cock Vic and holding Roy's cock in her left hand, her loves fucking hot little cunts like you, Doris. rammed his cock into my little wife's juicy tight cunt, and even with her mouth sucking Vic's cock, Doris was With her thighs held open and Roy's cock in her arse, pulled Doris's head to the side and guided my cock Liz was still holding my cock in one hand, wanking it started to kiss Doris, even though my cock was in her I watched breathlessly as both Liz and Doris started to

Blondie's Wild Ride - Part I

group sprite 2018-06-20

Instead, she simply stood still, an unsure smile gracing her face as Geronimo began caressing her ass through her shorts, re-igniting the lust she’d felt earlier while riding behind him on his powerful bike. Taking a deep breath, she set herself upon the cushion, feeling suddenly self conscious, her thighs squeezing together as she took the shot and tossed it back, the whiskey burning its way down her throat like liquid fire. She nodded, managing a soft smile, her eyes a little wild as she turned her gaze first towards King, and then Jack, making sure her voice was heard over the jukebox.

Friday Night - Surely it's my turn now?

group DCUK 2018-06-03

His vision narrowed to the few square inches of Tia’s ass, obscured by my hand, as she continues to push and pull herself around on my rock hard cock. Taking hold around the tip of Lennie’s cock, I push him back, manipulating him away from Tia. Listening to him shuffling and then sighing as he loses contact with her pussy. It's easy to know I’ve hit the bull’s-eye, when Tia cry’s out, “Oh fuck,” and hisses,”Yesss.” I feed the first couple of inches into her, until my fist makes contact with her labia and, quite bizarrely, the base of my own cock buried motionless in her ass.

Surprise Dinner Party

group Noreasonneeded 2018-05-29

My mouth opened, releasing his cock; I felt it laying wetly on my cheek as I saw Mona's head between my legs, licking and fingering me, and the idea of her there pushed me over the edge; my orgasm exploded, sudden and powerful. I turned to him and opened my mouth and he came to me, and I sucked him, sucked his cum and my own from his shaft and head even as I realized that Mona was doing the same to me, sucking his gift from inside me, her lips kissing and caressing my fucked cunt, pulling his hot cream out with her tongue.

The Gangbang

group Jillbaby 2018-05-28

“Look, could I use...?" Again I was interrupted, this time by the touch of a calloused hand on my thigh and before I could react, Billy’s rough fingers slid under the hem of my skirt and caressed the cheek of my ass where it was exposed by my skimpy thong. My breasts were being sucked and fondled by Jim and Bob, and my greedy, slutty body was enjoying every minute of it – I was getting a good fucking and despite all my anxiety I started to writhe reflexively as the men took their pleasure. I sat up with an effort; my back was aching from the hard table, and my neck was stiff from bending to suck Tim. Suddenly Bob spoke, looking worried.

Round of Four Pt. 04

group RiteofSpring 2018-05-06

She makes a great, soft, wiggling, pneumatic bed for me as I lie on her with my cock up her cunt, and I can watch her pant and jiggle under me as I thrust deeper and harder into her lovely pussy with its luxurious thatch of auburn pubic hair. Then she rubs the cock head up and down her own sex slit, and I feel simultaneously the bristly brush of her pubic hair and the warm wetness of her labia on the tip of my penis. I hold my cock in her cunt and flop onto her pneumatic body and embrace her, my lips seeking hers and my hands grasping the globes of her buttocks to keep my penis firmly inside her as it shrinks to normal size.

Party with the Geeks

group Gamina 2018-04-22

Her dress was being pulled over her head and for a second, she tried to hold onto it, and not let the boys pull it off her, but then she felt the cold vodka hit her clit and she moaned as Abel pushed his lips against her pussy and sucked the alcohol into his mouth. Grinning at him, Bella felt a new mouth on her pussy, making her moan in pleasure as she licked her lips at Mark, moving them closer to his cock but not touching his cockhead, before answering him. This time, it wasn't the men who blew early, but the feeling of being completely filled and used sent Bella over the edge, the two cocks thrusting hard and deep into her pussy and ass drove her to a body wracking orgasm.

Closing Time

group zarregwen 2018-04-17

George hooked up with Pamela (a girl staying in my house and very hot) and somehow Zara ended up driving me home. Diane, the bartender, knew the crazy blonde and hauled her out with her just as Zara and the girls came in. Gwen had dark red hair, a pretty face, perfect white skin, a hard body and a heart-shaped ass. Gwen persistently asked why I hadn't tried to fuck Zara at my house. Zara looked me deep in the eyes and said, "I want you to go downstairs to the office and eat Gwen. I told Zara and Rhea to drink anything they wanted but to not touch the phones or let anyone in no matter what.

A Slow Unwinding Ch. 02

group deSilentio 2018-04-16

Contrary to their expectations, Marc and Theresa managed to beat them to the cottage by a good half hour, and had already unpacked and gotten in beach mode by the time John and Sara arrived. It's not like you've got school tomorrow." Theresa shot what might have been mistaken for a friendly, encouraging look to Sara, but John knew it for what it was. John began rubbing her clit rapidly and again started fucking her, moving his hips far to the left and then to the right with each stroke, clearly hitting some perfect spot for Sara, who was now moaning "oh yes" softly with each thrust.

The Train Story

group Ooshnafloot 2018-04-14

But just when she's possibly maybe thinking again she would let him fuck her he really blows it this time, he blows his load without saying anything and she's got sperm all in her mouth and over her face and on the bed and stuff. After getting it a second time her friend upstairs tried to get rid of that other guy by coming down to the bottom bunk but of course he followed. She said she had to shift around and do 69 again otherwise she was going to get fucked as well, even though that guy's cock was dirty in her mouth it was better than getting in her cunt.

Goddess of Cum

group queenhobart 2018-03-31

"What's so different about them?" Molly asked, sighing, acquiescing to Shayla's hand under her robe, feeling the warmth radiating from her tweaked nipple. " It's almost a...spiritual experience for us." Heavener said, as the man he'd called Tim began to massage the oil into Molly's legs. Make me feel good, make me cum!" She leaned her head back and James kissed her upside down, long and sensually, sucking her sweet bottom lip. The twins continued sucking, as James offered deep kisses--and Molly was shocked to feel she was close to coming. And you!" She looked up at James "Get that cock in my mouth." Secretly, Molly loved giving head, loved the feel of wrapping her lips really thick, really hard, pulsing dick.

Foursome at the Bar

group quietmischief 2018-02-12

Shawn took his finger out of Amanda's pussy, and started pulling panties down her legs while Mike dropped her skirt to the floor and started to rub her ass. Rob continued his mastery at Amanda's pussy and clit as Shawn and Mike worked her out of her cami and bra so she was completely naked on the pool table. She continued to suck and stroke on Mike as Rob started to build a rhythm of fucking her pussy. As he pressed his finger in her tight backdoor, she exploded again, screaming in pleasure as she frantically worked her mouth over Shawn's cock and kept stroking Mike with her other hand.

Pakistani Bride Group Fuck Pt. 01

group Nobodyfamous 2018-02-03

A few days went by with my husband going to work and me left in the house and then the guys started to make lewd comments towards me. My jaw was still open with awe and my eyes fixed forward when riaz held my hair hand pushed his rock hard meat straight into my mouth. He paused as well almost questioning 'are you sure?' I thought about my husband, I thought about my wedding day, my parents, my religion, what my family would say and slowly lifted myself off and away from his tip stopping when I was about an inch or two off it. Then Amin's patience went - he held my hips and started to shove forward really hard.

Round of Four Pt. 05

group RiteofSpring 2017-12-28

"This is the Marquis de Sade, essential reading for all libertines with a strong interest in varieties of human sexual experience, including horny men like me who like to be aroused." Titters and knowing looks. Looking a little bewildered, Brooke does as I ask, scooching onto her back on the pillows above Cathy's head and gingerly lowering her butt so her asshole and cunt nestle on top of Cathy's straight honey blonde hair, streaked fashionably with red. I fuck harder into Cathy's cunt; I slurp the heavenly taste of Brooke's pussy juice; I screw my fingers into Nancy's vagina and Jacqueline's vagina, flicking their clits. It's incredible: the smells, the tastes, the groaning sounds of arousal, the feeling of Cathy's cunt around my cock, of Brooke's pussy in my mouth, of Nancy and Jacqueline's vulva in my hands.

Cindy Party Day

group FilthyAlterEgo 2017-12-27

Then came the morning after a night of best ever yet sex and Cindy confessed to Dave she had "forgotten" to take her pills the last couple of days. Today is Cindy Party Day, a now 13 times a year event, where Dave and his STD tested friends get a hotel suite and give Cindy what her body craves. Cindy's body is in charge now - it will do what it must to get more fertile male sperm gushing deep in her cunt, for by then she won't have a pretty pussy leading to her fertile womb. Oh, how Cindy's body loved Cindy Party Day. Oh, how Cindy hated her body, but not right now, not today.

Video Amateurs Ch. 02

group betwixt_and_between 2017-11-26

Nicole watched intently as Karen grasped the base of Jerell's penis, took its massive head into her mouth and eagerly sucked on it. Waiting in the wings, Nicole seemed to study Karen's technique as she pondered what it would be like, knowing she soon would be sucking Jerell's cock herself. When he groaned, "I'm fittin' to cum." Karen withdrew and poised her face directly under the tip of his cock and jacked him furiously, her mouth opened wide and tongue extended. Karen reached up and grasped Jerell's cock head with thumb and forefinger, pinched down on it firmly for a count of three and said, "Hold that thought."

Hot Tub Fuck

group Texracer1 2017-11-08

Sharon said, "I like fucking little girls like you; your pussies and asses are nice and tight; I like to see you struggle, especially when my husband's cock is so deep in your throat the first time." Sharon reached around for Kady's tits that were hanging down and twisted one of her nipples hard, causing her to cry out, "Fuck!" as she pulled off the cock in her mouth. Kady was forced to eat cum out of Sharon's cunt and asshole and watched videos of Janice being willingly gang banged and ass-fucked the previous night. Kady fisted Sharon in the cunt and ass at the same time, bringing her to multiple orgasms as the men watched.

Round of Four Pt. 02

group RiteofSpring 2017-11-07

At last, the tightening of the balls, the final ineffable stiffening of the penis, and the faster and faster thrusting as orgasm hits and semen shoots in spurts out of my cock into Nancy's cunt. Little does she know—what woman ever knows because she doesn't feel like a man—that after coming in Nancy's pussy, my balls will be slow to respond to the delicious arousal my penis is enjoying in the depths of Cathy's cunt. I kneel up on one leg to let Jacqueline move in on our genitals from behind with the video camera, a full nude shot of Cathy's face, tits, and cunt with my cock in it.

My Sex Pets

group HornyKat 2017-10-23

"Perfect, now put some on his cock." Jock went to hand the lube to Rock. "I was going to play with my nipples while you oiled up his cock." Jock swallowed hard and looked at Rock, who considered for a moment and finally just shrugged. Rock took a deep breath and moved forward again and pressed the tip of his penis against the tip of Jock's. "I want to see that big rubber cock balls-deep in his asshole." Rock positioned the tip of the dildo against Jock's hole and pushed. As the rubber cock disappeared farther into Jock's ass, I slipped the vibrator into my pussy. Rock began pumping the rubber cock in and out of Jock's asshole.

A Different Kind of Threesome

group IshtarIshtar 2017-10-17

I don't have to wait long for an answer, as I can hear her orgasm begin with loud shrieks and then he collapses on top of her, filling her pussy with his cum, deep inside her. But before I can say anything, Katherine grabs my face and pushes me back into her pussy, making me unable to speak and after a few seconds, I start to lick her again. Andrew pushes his fingers inside my ass now, making it harder for me to lick Katherine. Just like this, we continue for a while and I feel completely helpless, my head held against her wet pussy and my ass being fucked by a huge cock.

Surprise Threesome

group ValhallaValkyrie 2017-09-25

"I know," you respond and stroke my cheek with your thumb, "I didn't plan it, I just woke up and couldn't help but want both of you," you brush my hair out of my face and behind my ear, "Come here, kiss me." With your hand on the back of my head, you lean down and I reach up, my breasts are pressed against your side as our lips meet. She keeps sucking on my clit, finger inside me, As I come down, I relax, letting go of her head, my legs hang to the sides and, in a kind of daze, I watch you fuck her.

In the Midst of Chaos

group Jade_M 2017-08-31

His fingers felt her left breast under her bra and started to twist her nipples left and right as if he was adjusting an old fashioned radio knob. The guy gave Tim's girlfriend a wink before diving his dick into her pussy. He gave her wet kisses on her lips, cheeks and neck as he traced her back and then to her waist, and to her navel slowly going up where he gave her nipples soft pinches using his middle and index finger as if it was a chopstick. He pushed his dick in and out of her tight pussy and she gave a soft moan in rhythm with his pumping. Tim fucked her hard all right but her moans were still soft so he didn't expect it when she cummed.