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Stranded Desires

group DainJay 2018-11-09

“Well lucky for you both I was lying, I have no control over what my body wants, and right now it wants you two!” Dane replied ripping his robe off as well and allowing his cock to spring out at attention pointing directly at the tight little snatches of the two naked girls in front of him. Seeing what was happening, and not wanting to miss out, Skylar quickly knelt beside her sister and Dane aimed and shot his remaining cum on her face and tits as well. “Goodnight,” Skylar said standing up and kissing his cheek as well, adding a sensual cock stroke as she did that at any other time would have made Dane incredibly hard.

Erotic Adventures of Brandon & Cheryl Ch. 08

group timewarp69 2018-07-18

Cheryl took a second to gather her senses, smiled, and said "Come on in bitch, you've got a long day ahead of you." Wynona walks in. "Start sucking like you mean it, bitch!" Stacy gets off on this a minute when Cheryl walks in. After a long, agonizing while of Cheryl applying more and more lube to her back door and trying harder and harder, she heard another crack as it slid right in, making Wynona whimper. I'll bet they'd love to get in on somr of this action." Cheryl had Wynona clean up and made some phone calls and that night, about ten girls show up. Cheryl laughs and watches as Wynona starts sucking hard at the breast in her mouth.

Tribe of Lost Women

group Rouge7575 2018-07-07

The priest who was riding his cock had a beautiful and slender feet in each of the stirrups her toes were arched upwards as pleasure coursed through her body her angelic face pointed skywards… He then noticed stirrups on each side of his hands, feet and head. The one who was sitting on his face moved down and deftly mounted his cock after applying some more oil on it, while the female licking his balls got up and sat on his face, while the head priest who had a look of absolute satisfaction on her face knelt down and starting licking his balls.

Four Girls Ch. 02

group Taunus 2018-06-14

She kept the vibrator going and the butt plug in while gathering up her Political Science and History books. Trisha told me how a bladder filled with warm saline could help with lazy orgasms, somehow stimulating the pudendal artery and parasympathetic nerves." Jessie pinched, pulled, and twisted her teats. Then she recalled some earlier conversations with Susan the psychology major, Trisha in pre-med, and Sam the blonde physicist and computer hardware expert. This gave Jessica a chance to confide in Trisha. "So, a saline enema and a full bladder would go with my butt plug and vibrator. "We will have hours of one-on-one and many-on-one before getting down to serious business." As she said that Susan and Sam arrived. "Only if you cum too," Jessica fired back at Trisha.

Deep Space Exploration Ch. 02

group TowlieTheThird 2018-05-16

Flip couldn't answer, he couldn't even drag his eyes from the captain's hand as it pushed up and beneath Macey's top, venturing around and cupping her breast, prompting another moan and renewed vigour in her tongue's movements, sliding from the tip all the way down to tease his balls. Roland lifted her, taking hold around her with both hands as she slid down, her asshole stretching tight around his member, and she took hold of Flip by his collar, dragging him closer to kiss him on the mouth, one hand falling to his cock to tease it gently, drawing it toward her, the heat from her pussy stiffening it further, and he inserted it slowly, timing it with a rolling thrust from the captain.

If I Could Clone Myself

group WFEATHER 2018-03-17

Would you end up on your hands and knees on the bed or on the floor, with one of me taking you from behind while the other me enjoys the pleasure of your throat? Hopefully the clone would wait until you have already undressed me, for I know how you enjoy peeling away my clothes, especially that moment when my engorged manhood is finally uncovered and fully exposed to your view. Perhaps you would already be kneeling on the floor, your head bobbing slowly back and forth, pleasuring me as my clone finally enters the bedroom, closing the door unnecessarily to command your attention. I know that penetration is practically a requirement for you to finally achieve orgasm, so enjoying a dual penetration might allow you to reach the initial climax faster.

Gamma Gets Bred

group Filledfille 2017-12-10

The Alphas clustered around her commenting on her well-trained fuckhole, saying things like, "Wow, what a cunt" and "Damn, I wanna fill this bitch." Several pulled out their cocks and started to milk themselves. Being filled by the Alphas felt so good, being fucked like a bitch felt so right. One of his gang passed him an empty glad bottle and he shoved it into her full, gaping cunt, saying, "Don't you dare pull that out until you're home, Gamma whore." He turned to the crowd. The crowd closed in on her and carried her home, where she pulled out the bottle and let all the Beta and Gamma men there fuck her too.

Ghost in the Machine Ch. 3

group Guitman69 2017-11-07

Lisa watched as Jack rubbed his hands all over the woman's ass cheeks and down to her wet pussy. Jack pulled out of the blonde woman and turned to face Lisa. She looked down to see the blonde holding one of her large breasts in her hand and rubbing it up and down Lisa's wet pussy. The blonde leaned down and started to kiss the inside of Lisa's legs. Lisa let out a deep sigh when she felt the blonde's mouth on her sex for the first time. Lisa grabbed onto her bonds and let out a scream as the blonde would flick her tongue over her clit while applying the gentle suction. He pussy clamped down on Jack's cock and her whole body started shaking.