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Special Report

group nox661 2018-06-26

Another man approached her as she continued to read from the prompter and he too emptied his load on her face. A line of men formed in either wing, taking their turns one at a time to approach her, empty their load onto her and then leaving. She obliged him and turned to face him, doing her best to continue reading the headlines, though her voice was now obstructed by his fingers. He took his cock and rubbed it through the cum that already covered her face and then forced it into her mouth. The unending tide of men continued to approach her from either side, ignoring the fact that she was now being fucked on live TV, and emptied their cum onto her in wave after wave of molten semen.

Angela and Britt's Wild Plan

group Marina 2018-06-26

Laura talked about plans for Friday evening at the new happening restaurant/bar in town called O’Neill’s. We wanted to get to O’Neill’s early so we could have a drink or two before Mark got there and so we could sit where Laura could get the best view. Britt pulled Mark to the dance floor and moved just for him. I smiled at Laura as I put my head close to Mark and rubbed my hand down his chest to his pants and slipped my fingers inside. Britt still moving in and out of me, Mark started to rub my clit gently until he found the place that would send me into quivers.

Get It Done

group westondoeshandstands 2018-06-26

He was stroking his hard cock, and Anne licked her lips at the sight of him. Brittany turned, and Anne whined in protest when she stood up, and began stripping of her clothes. She moaned with pleasure, while Brittany was watching, fingering herself and teasing her nipples. Anne rode him fast, her sweet juices all over his rock hard length. Marco first got going with Brittany, making her tits bounce with each hard thrust he took. Marco's tongue went all around Anne's pussy. Both Anne and Brittany leaned for it, sucking their juices off of his cock. After this, Brittany and Anne had a quick 69, cleaning each other out while Marco watched.

Threesome: Me and Two Hot Men

group justdance 2018-06-25

I whispered into his ear, "I know how badly you want this because I do too." Jack just sat there, staring at us as I began to kiss and grind on Kyle. I was going wild, grinding my pussy into Kyle's face and sucking Jack's fat cock. Kyle sat up, and I altered my position so that Jack could stick his fat cock into my ass. Jack began thrusting in and out of me along with Kyle moving ever so slightly in and out of my pussy. My pussy began to convulse, squeezing and milking Kyle's cock. I felt myself come and I arched my back, feeling Kyle and Jack's hot cum shoot into my ass and pussy.

Perfect Sunday

group candytales 2018-06-16

We chatted for a while and then Darren gave Lucy a hug and suggested, “ Why don’t we finish our drinks and go back to my place, it’s not far and I’ve got a great pool which, on a day like today should be real fun.” He was now deep inside Lucy’s succulent body and Ebony looked like she was welded to Darren’s back as she mirrored his position and hugged him tightly whilst massaging his smooth fit torso with her slender black hands. As though the move had been previously rehearsed, Lucy disconnected herself from Darren and all three of us lined up in front of him squatting on our haunches with our hands on our knees, heads tilted back slightly, faces pressed together and our mouths wide open expectantly.

Just a Quiet night In with the Boys

group Clarabelle 2018-06-12

Harry stepped away obediently and began tracing his own hard cock with his fingers. Harry ran his balled-up hand along it’s length. Carrying on, she supposed, from where he would have liked her to have taken over. It was an impromptu embrace, laced with passion and which pleasantly surprised Elise, increasing her lust. She panted and he sucked on her lips, kissed the fine sheen of sweat from her nape, cupped her breast with his massive hand, sharing his heat. To Harry she continued “I want to stuff your cock into my mouth or my arse and use your pleasure pole to make me cum. As Elise worked at covering his whole cock with saliva, she felt Aiden shift behind her.

Club Roxy

group chesty_tight_lick 2018-06-02

One Saturday morning, I found myself sitting on my bed, fingering the business card of Tony, the guy who installed the pole and platform, and wondering if he’d be available for some night work. I was so lost in lust thinking about Damien and Simon watching Tony and me that I didn’t realize his rock-hard prick was right in my face until the thing bounced off my nose, leaving a splat of precome in its wake. I got in touch with Damien and Simon and told them I was canceling our cam-date because I was inviting them to join me and another friend at Club Roxy on Saturday night.

Quick Flash - Last Night Was Amazing

group AJQuick 2018-06-01

It turns out they both like football and since Sean is fairly new in town, Adam invited him over to watch the game that weekend. I think Sean was also feeling a little more relaxed because he jokingly kissed Adam on the cheek when he returned with the food. Sean then looked at Adam and said, "May I give your wife a kiss, to celebrate your anniversary? At the same time I know Adam is not a jealous person but how often does a man ask your husband to kiss you?!? It was so fucking sexy to have another man touch my breasts while my husband watched and looked me in the eyes. “It’s your turn to ask a question,” Adam said softly as he stared at me.

Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #5b

group petdyke 2018-05-19

In the continuation of the last day of rule by Mistress Marina we are all one lovers in a threesome In fact we stop to care whose role it is to be Master or Mistress and Servant or Slave in our play! With two willing wanton sexy slaves the rules of our game stopped to apply - they cared about me We make love all the rest of day of the rule of mighty Marina as our outraging submissive Mistress My mighty Marina and sexy submissive Stella Maris try to satisfy me in every way they can think of The Mistress of the day is Stella Maris - but we all three stopped to care about any hierarchy

A daughter's Homecumming. Part 3

group timbo101 2018-05-19

First of all I had been having dreams and then fantasies about my father's thick cock, imagining it fucking me, thinking of what it would taste like in my mouth, wondering if he wanted to fuck his sexy little daughter as much as I wanted him to. "Come on darling, dinner's almost ready, and your dad can't wait to see what his sexy little daughter is going to wear for us." "God, what a sexy slut my own mum looks, those clothes just cry out "fuck me now", I thought, but then of course I realised my clothes said exactly the same, and that of course was exactly what I wanted - to be my dad, with my mum watching, or even joining in!"

Least Likely to Intercede

group jongleur 2018-05-13

Soon after I started dating Julie I'd come over to the house where she still lived with her younger sister May and their parents. After we watched a few shows, Julie's mother got up and went over to the cabinet where the movies were stored and started browsing through the titles. While Julie continued to stroke me, Irene looked into my eyes and said "I want to see you cum. Irene went to the bathroom to wash her hands, then came back and teased us guys about interrupting her enjoyment the movie, could we please start over? Nancy and Rob cleaned up a little with our help, then told Julie and myself that we could stay as long as we wanted, but to please lock the door when we left.

Sex Studio Secrets #20: Sasha and Ashtyn-5

group petdyke 2018-04-04

First bite by sexy Sasha who knows well how hot naughty Nat likes her tough treat to her pretty pussy. Fine for Petra who loves mother's milk, so sucks eagerly at Natalias D-size big breasts dangling down. Ashtyn continues after Sasha gives her place, proud she induced even three orgasms at her hot wet Nat. Ashtyn is new to the cute cunny of nice Nat up in our swing. As she bends over a bit munching those swolen love lips Ashtyn offers a sexy sight to Petra and Peter. Peter positions his piston where the tongue of Petra has left the wet wanton twat of nice Natalia. Peter lets Natalia nicely suck all the seed from his balls when they finally come hard together.

Sexy Man Fantasy Part 2 - Bi-Sexy

group MrFun79 2018-04-02

The hot pre-cum was perfect for fingering his sexy button, it kept him moaning and dripping for as long as he could hold on. Her dark red hair almost matching the color of her lips and it was hard to look away from her big engorged nipples. “You get on the bed” She said to me, then turned to her husband and said, “You watch for a bit, I need this.” 
He nodded and looked at my cock and said, “Yes, please” as I laid back on the bed and he touched his growing b**st and played with his nipples. “Make him cum with your big cock.” She said with a twinkle in her eye as she bit her lip.

My Long Dark Fantasy....

group vampy83 2018-03-15

I am single now, long story, just like i said been a lot of crap going on, and during this time, i have been on this awesome site, talking to these four ( yes four awesome guys on here). I took off my mask as i said " i flirted with you four, because it is me Ginger, and i am actually a stripper here, and wanted to surprise you guys". Guess they got tired of that, due to one of the four men grabbing a gag and putting it in my mouth, (before i get ahead of myself here, the guys names , so i do not keep saying the four guys lol, are Sir E, JD, Mr. K, and D'lion).

About swinger clubs

group 2018-03-07

Sometimes the clubs have pools or saunas or jacuzzis, and usually there people just go naked, sometimes discreetly wrapping towels over their most intimate parts, sometimes being exhibitionist and (discreetly or less discreetly) allowing fellow guests to have a good show. In most countries (but not France) swinger clubs usually have one or more TV screens showing porno movies. Some people go because they like to watch others being naked and playing sexy games, or fucking. What gets my juices flowing is a great smile and a friendly fun attitude, so that is what I go looking for when I start talking to women in a club.

My Mate and His Mom – Episode 2

group daviea9 2018-03-07

“What are you doing?” I asked “I’m just looking to see what she has in the way of sexy undies or nighties in case we fancy wearing some.” I remarked that she might well object if we did that but he said that as she didn’t seem to mind us sl**ping together he doubted she would. Jean was watching me intensely staring at my face and at the pleasure reflected there and as she felt me start to cum she increased the frequency of her thrusts and said “don’t hold back, I want to feel your spunk spurt inside my pussy and slap against the back of my womb.”

My fantasy starts with us being at a party

group Sexiting 2018-03-03

A few hours later I went to the toilet to powder my nose, where I met a stunning girl, about my age, who was sexy yet had great taste and an amazing figure (tits but without a boob job!) we got chatting, within 10 minutes we knew everything about each other and clicked very much together, I could tell from her body language that she was hot too and wanted to feel even hotter. Marco gently eased himself into my rear as he did that I could feel both of them starting to grind me in unison, my whole body tingling with extasy, the pleasure showing on my face and the moaning that came from my mouth was confirming the unconditional joy I was having, I really didn’t want it to end and cherished every movement, throb and moment they were giving me, the whole thing was absolutely perfect.

The Third Wheel Pt. 02

group ThomasXXWilliam 2018-03-02

Cassie lowered herself and positioned her face directly in front of Alison's stomach, delicately kissing around her naval every chance she could get. Cassie slowly picked up the pace of her fingers as she started to French kiss Alison's eager slit, alternating between gentle strokes and sucking on her tiny clit. The touch of Jason's tongue drove Cassie wild, and she knew she had to have him inside of her. Oh yeah, harder baby...deeper..."cried Cassie while Alison moaned in pleasure. Alison took this chance to put herself on top of Cassie's face, giving her access to continue using her talented mouth. Just as Jason felt him swelling up to release his seed deep inside Cassie, she moved off of him and stopped the oncoming orgasm.

Good sport

group gazonga 2018-01-26

Before Jake was done, Tommy had Pam's dress laid back Pam took her sweet time, her face as red as a Jake said, "Jerry, I'm going to give you a chance to Pam had plenty of time to finish cleaning the ash tray. rest were leaning towards her rear, looking at Jake's Jake reached out and took her left hand, drawing her to Benny said, "Jake bet Jerry that he could remove Pam looked right at me, stunned. Pam shot him a dirty look and said, "I'll do no such Jake said, "Pam, you don't tell me how to take my This shook Pam. Jake ordered the table taken away. Pam stomped over to the man on Jake's left and stood

Trip To DC Alone

group caramelsuga924 2018-01-23

Pulled me one leg up and fucked me so hard against the shower wall under the hot steamy water....I wrapped my free arm around he strong arms as our bodies rubbed against eachother as he fucked me raw, so hard....mmmmmmm.....he lifted me up by both legs and bounced me up and down on that big black dick...mmmmmm....making me scream and Moan....I came so hard on his big black dick...he bounced me so hard and fast...cummin so deep inside this tight Indian pussy...mmmmmmmmmm......felt so good, could feel that big thick dick throbbing and Cummin inside me....

The German Project

group 2017-12-15

Opening up one file I soon found out as there were photos of him sitting beside this lady, completely naked and with her hand firmly around his cock which was hard as a rock and looked massive. The next few photo sets featured Bernhard and his friend in various poses, often with her wanking him either in her hand or between her heavy breasts and occasionally with his big cock in her mouth which by the look on her face she was clearly enjoying. For a moment I was speechless for as she said that, Elsa had lifted a foot on the cushion of the settee and opened her leg wide giving me a view from a metre away of her stocking clad legs, black suspenders and her sexy pink see through panties which underneath her pussy was visible for all to see.

Pushing My Boundaries Ch. 04

group Kissytina 2017-12-14

His other hand was roaming under my skirt and his fingers found their way inside my panties, "Yes, I wear panties.'' I find it more of a turn on than going pantie-less,"Would you like me to give you a blow-job?" I whispered in his ear. "I want to stick my cock, right there, cutie!!" He said with a glint in his eyes. I felt a hand run down my cheek, drawing my attention, Without warning his hand grab me by my arm, pulling me off Ricky's cock, then he threw me onto the bed, making me squeal. The combination of me sucking hard on his cock, and my giggling, quickly had him blowing his entire load of cum down my throat.

Three's Company

group sweetescape 2017-12-07

Jessica felt for Melanie's crotch less panty and at finding her moist orifice shoved two fingers inside her pussy that made her gasp and jerk her man's cock even faster and harder. The girlfriend taking charge of the scenario, went straight for his dick and placed it inside her mouth and Anthony himself finding his hungry mouth licking and sucking Jessica's pussy once again. Signaling Jessica to open her legs wide and put her pussy in Melanie's mouth, as she did so, Anthony said: "there you go baby, isn't that what you wanted?" After about a 2 minutes or so; Anthony stopped, walked over and pulled Jessica towards him, positioned her legs so that her knees where reaching her shoulders as he wanted to make a deep impact inside her pussy.

So we get invited for a private swim..

group bi_cpl_69 2017-12-02

I nudged her a bit and she reached out and rubbed her hand on top of his shorts over his cock, and said "yes, you are definately hard!". Of course at this point with him nice and hard in his shorts, seeing that bulge in his pants, watching her rub it, and just the fact that she asked me that question, of course I wanted her to. She looked at me and gave me that sexy smile, and said to me "is that what you want to see?" Then she whispered in my ear, "I will if you want me to, he's got a nice one and I'm kind of turned on..". I told her how amazing she looked sucking his cock, and how good it felt to cum inside her already cum filled pussy.