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A Few Good Men

group Chef_D 2018-12-03

Anne felt the chairs slide apart, opening her legs wider as Drew knelt between them, pulling her panties aside and then placed a soft kiss on her mons venus. As Anne lay there enjoying the pleasure between her legs, looking forward to her much needed cum, she was shocked out of her sensual reverie when a strong hand grasped her right forearm and at the same instant, a mouth closed over her nipple, sucking it firmly, sending a shock of pleasure through her body. With the fingers that she was sure belonged to Drew stimulating her clitoris, and a hard, thick cock fucking her with long deliberate thrusts, Anne cried out as she for came a second time, squeezing the man inside her and causing him to cum with her.

Peaches the Limo Slut

group slutmaster 2018-11-27

Tossing his mobile aside Steve Richmond grabbed the blonde roughly by the hair "You hot little prick-teaser!" For a long moment his eyes savoured her perfect white teeth and luscious lips before he thrust his aching cock into the girl's willing mouth. Peaches took a few moments to savour the incredible scene around her: a hot sexy guy on his knees vigorously fucking her pussy; two guys holding her stocking clad thighs open and watching with obvious excitement; another two, jerking their hard cocks at either side of her face, ready and eager to be given head; and yet another two guys standing behind her chair, also watching with great excitement.

Soft Target

group kochankatulipan 2018-11-25

Trevor wanted to scream “Oh yes!” but, before he could utter a word, Chrissie straddled his face and, pulling her panties to one side jammed her pussy in his mouth. The brunette, having coaxed Trevor’s cock into life squatted over his thighs and, opening her wet pussy, descended on his dick, taking it all in one go and screaming in pleasure. Chrissie grinding his tongue, the brunette slamming herself onto his cock and the blonde’s pussy accepting first two, then four fingers until his hand was inside up to the wrist. Chrissie grabbed Trevor’s head and forced it onto her pussy, the Brunette clamped his thighs with her knees and the blonde grabbed his hand and rammed it hard into her clit.

Shopping for her - Part 6

group seansxxy 2018-11-08

Vicky put her arms around Monica from behind and pulled her close while Sean put a hand on each side of her face and gently, so gently, kissed her on the lips, more a breath than a kiss. "Good girl." Sean nodded at Vicky, who led Monica dressed only in her knickers, gently by her hand to the shower in the master suite, turning on the shower so that warm water splashed down. I want to see you lost in that same passion." She turned him around, pulled him close and kissed him deeply, slipping her tongue into his mouth and her hands dropped to trace his hard dick through his trousers.


group CeliaisAliena 2018-11-03

I let my mouth noisily pop and slurp on that cock when Oliver catches the beckoning zipper in his fingers. The tightness of the vinyl doesn’t let much of my butt spill out, I’m just like two slivers of ivory melon back there, a melon with a dry winking hole in its center, a hole that wants to be filled. I take my mouth away from the stranger and rest my head against the pillow, thrusting my ass around, feeling my nipples scratch against the bed sheets, my hand holding on to the base of the stranger’s cock as I start to wank it. Orgasm rips through me, my holes grip and shudder as his cock spurts inside me, my ass so full and wet, so owned by him as his hand knowingly works my snatch.

A Fucking good time Chapter 1

group gber1 2018-10-31

The only difference now, was her screams vibrated the cock in her mouth, as the hand on her blonde hair shoved the tool down her throat again and again. The man with a tight grip on her soft, gentle ass shoved deeply into it, finishing as well, leaving a large shot in her colon, but also pulled out and sprayed her back with his seed. He, in similar fashion, slapped his now soft dick on her ass cheeks, rubbing some remaining cum on the cheeks before disappearing. A man with even bigger hands guided his penis inside her used hole, and with one thrust, sent enough force to force her head forward, completely taking the dick in her mouth and throat.

Five Nights Ch. 07 - The Conclusion

group Noreasonneeded 2018-10-31

“If you do a good job, maybe later I’ll let them have you.” Sue started sucking us, starting with Mike, and switching back and forth, not trying to make us cum, just enjoying the feel of hard cock in her sweet sucking mouth as she had her pussy and ass licked and sucked. “You take her pussy, Jason,” Mike offered,” I want to see her face.” We high-fived (like a couple of dick heads) and I stripped and got on my back on the bed, and Sue let Marybeth up and guided her on to me, where she sucked me until I was hard, and climbed on, slipping me easily into her wet cunt.

Mistress Of The Manor

group betin6 2018-09-05

Mistress Karen turned and faced a small and petit, blonde hair girl, dressed in a short PVC maids uniform. Mistress Karen had removed her dress and now stood in front of them wearing a beautiful red Basque and stockings. The little maid had removed a section of the seat and now that mistress was sat on it her little slave was staring right up at her naked pussy. Mistress Karen started to rub herself a little and then Suzie handed her a vibrator. Her breasts were licked and sucked by both men and women as mistress Karen stood and watched. Surrounded by eight hard cocks, mistress Karen took each one in turn and began to suck it.

An Early Present

group OhFloridaManNo 2018-08-21

"Mmm, Mistress, Jimmy," Grace said as she sat down on the bed, with her legs spread wide open and her back resting on my reading pillow. Between the two of us, we made Grace writhe and moan in pleasure in no-time flat, and soon enough I felt her hands on my back and head, holding me tight to her breast. "Jesus Grace," Jimmy said, as he sat up, holding a hand over one eye. I returned to find my sister moaning in pleasure as she was pushed down against the bed, and my favorite reading pillow, by her lover, with her legs wrapped around his chest. "Would you really deny your sister over a single picture?" Jimmy said, as he crawled into bed with the two of us, placing his phone on the nightstand.

The Birthday girl

group Zaracuckoldress 2018-07-28

Carmen spreads her legs and started to rub her pussy in a circular motion thinking hard about how she would use her black female slave, Carmen then arched her back and moaned so pleasurably as she reached climax. "Today you're going to be my little birthday bitch girl and you, i have plans for you too" "yes daddy" Carmen said in her cutest ways and the black dude collared Carmen and shoved her down to her knees before leashing her. Carmen squeals moan in pleasure knowing she loves it "oh its sooo big daddy" carmen black slave looked on watching her boyfriend fuck her Mistress. "Michelle go and pleasure Ali, suck his cock!" "Yes Mistress Carmen" the black dude pulled Carmen's hair back to raise her head and then he quickly thrusts his cock in so deep and fast.

Master Decides to Share

group Sirforher 2018-07-18

As he stood there beside her as he watched his good girl cum while this stranger was sucking and licking on her pussy. She looked over at her Master and he smiled as if to say "good girl" When she saw it was pleasing him she turned back to the stranger and started kissing him and whispering "make me cum" When the stranger heard her he started sliding his cock in and out of her giving her a little more each time. He shoved his rock hard cock in her mouth and exploded when he heard her moaning and knew she was cumming on his cock. When she sat on his cock her eyes rolled back in her head and she immediately started cumming again.

After The Dance

group Sweetness001 2018-07-18

Karen was enjoying it all, the touch to her body the kisses upon her skin and then the fingers that were probing at her pussy talk about wet... Exposing my breast he squeeze and told Karen to look at the full mass of me as he wrapped around with the other arm and started to stroke my abdomen and then down to my pussy. Karen was experienced in the art of giving another pleasure ..Stephen came over and put his cock in my mouth and I enjoyed the fullness of him and felt him getting hard all over again, this time this cock was mine.

Part II

group Latexslav3 2018-07-14

"Yes Master please i would like to wear that collar one day" "if you can achieve your training and complete your transformation into a gurl i give you a chrome collar to wear if you can do the right thing for your Mistress and Master, do you understand whore." Master Ali then places Michelle new collar on her neck. "Yes Master i understand." "Good now i want you both naked, Carmen assist michelle please and do keep on her, the chastity, plug and high heels." Yes Master Ali as you say." Soon the two slaves were naked ready to serve their Master.

Conference Diversion Ch. 02

group slippingpoet 2018-07-11

I placed a hand on either cheek and shoved them up before pushing my face against her wet panties, tasting her cunt through them. I grabbed at her panties with both hands and pulled her sweet ass firm against my face, letting my tongue lick lower against her hot cunt. Please fuck me," she wheedled, her ass rolling from left to right as I licked up from her cunt to her lower back. I did not deny her, too turned on to even care that her mouth was slick and swollen from sucking and licking at another man's cock. I love the feel of her ass against my lower abdomen when I fuck her from behind, and she was inspired, rubbing it against me.

Night in Orlando

group Twrgds77 2018-06-18

She began to stroke and suck the cock in her mouth, while she felt a tongue flicking her clit and her thighs. Almost immediately, she felt the fingers slide out of her pussy, and the familiar feel of Will's hard cock insert her fully and quickly. Will stopped, and told her to get on all fours, so she could suck his cock the way he likes it, and to allow the man to fuck her. He began to groan, and rammed his hard cock back into her pussy, and rammed it back and forth with fast, forceful thrusts, causing Amber to cry out as the man came once again.

Steve's Birthday

group opels 2018-05-28

Steve's cock was rock hard again as he then watched his girlfriend's head dip down to Sarah's tits to clean his cum off of her, suckling her nipples and licking at the soft flesh. Steve breathlessly watched the two, their naked tits jiggling as the blows were struck and received, the soft cries of mingling pleasure and pain coming from Cassie's lips and the small smile playing upon Sarah's. "Oh baby, your ass feels so fucking good," he moaned as he pressed in the final bit and his cock was buried inside her. Steve could feel Cassie trembling against him as Sarah knelt before them, her thighs spread, stroking the large dildo standing erect in front of her.


group carlajayne 2018-05-20

David came a little closer, he started to nip my skin along my shoulders and neck, and brought his hands down my legs. He wavered slightly at the hem of my skirt, looking to Ryan, who again gave him a little nod, smiling, and he carried on kissing me, fondling my breasts. I started to rub Ryans cock through his jeans, knowing it would make him want to fuck me then and there, and with my other hand started to trace Davids cock through his shorts. He pushed me onto the sofa, and David came to my side and whispered in my ear "Dont worry, it will happen soon beautiful" He then spoke louder to me, "Play with my dick, slave".

Shanti - A Vixen Adulterous Ch. 05

group shanti2010 2018-05-20

Shanti's tits jiggled as Chitra flicked her tongue over them, licking off droplets of cum and sucking at the hard nipples. Shanti held one end and Chitra the other as the two sexy Tamil whores got on their asses, their legs wide spread and their cunts facing each other. They took hold of each other's hands and began to pull, each dragging her ass closer to the other, and their moans got louder as the dildo entered each pussy. Shanti looked at the dildo in her cunt, eyeing it hungrily.Chitra leaned forward and put her fingertips on the shaft, stroking it up and down as it jiggled inside Shanti's pussy.

Barbara's First Gang Bang Ch. 01

group eroticwriter28 2018-03-22

Leather straps around her ankles were clipped to a metal bar that Joseph had adjusted to force Barbara's legs very wide apart. Joseph had placed a small space heater on the floor in front of her to keep her comfortable and Barbara felt the warm air from the fan wafting tantalizingly through her thighs and across her puffy lips. After much second-guessing, she had finally come to the point that she was now willing to give her body to complete strangers and let them use her in any way they wanted. "Looks like a little whore who has lost her way", said a second man who also began to walk toward her.

Visiting Mistress Dee Chapter 1

group 2018-03-15

The couple then opened the hoses spraying me with cold water, making sure no area was left untouched, concentrating on my cock, balls and ass. Empty it and rinse the entertainment.” The man grabbed my cock and balls pulling them up and away, “They need to stay clean, bitch!” The woman squeezed my abdomen, “Empty yourself toy.” I gratefully complied, releasing the water from my bowel. Opening a cabinet on the wall Mistress Dee removed a leather collar, placing it around my neck. “Just a reminder who is in need of entertaining today.” Mistress Dee smiled. Your little cock is not forgotten.” Mistress Dee rummaged through the cabinet, “Ahh…..perfect!” She grabbed my cock pulling and stroking it getting me hard as the weights tugged and pulled.

Night in Washington DC

group Twrgds77 2018-03-02

As I slide his cock deep into my throat, he grabs my head and fucks my face faster, deeper, and harder, as I gag and slobber all over him and myself. I feel the pressure, the heat from his breathe, the pain as he bites down on my clit as his fingers are deep inside me, and the licking of his tongue. As I try to relax and really enjoy getting my pussy licked and sucked, I have VA's cock back in my mouth. I try to calm my body down, as he pushes his hard cock deeper inside my ass. As my ass relaxes, and he is deep inside of me, DC spreads my legs, and puts his cock inside my pussy.

Angel Baby

group MsMorrigan 2018-02-13

Laying in her bed one spring night, she was awakened by another prisoner and led into the head guards office. He told her she was needed for a conjugal visit at the men's prison just across the way. Soon the door opened and six male prisoners were led into the room, and as the door closed the guard said "you have one hour make it count." Soon the poor guy came so hard he could hardly control the spray of jizz as it covered her back and even went some into her hair. The door opened and after they walked out the one head guard tossed Angel a towel told her to get dressed.

Our Girl and the Truckers Ch. 01

group MadaamMeg 2018-01-23

After a couple dozen strokes, the man gasps and I can tell he panics a little about cumming in her pussy, but Our Girl slams herself down on him, keeping him from pulling her off. He is forced to keep his long skinny dick in her pussy while the other guy is fucking her ass. I ask Our Girl, "Do you want this dick in your ass or pussy?" After a few minutes, he sits back up on to his knees and spreads her ass so he can watch his cock slide in and out of her soaking pussy. Suddenly, he pulls his cock out of her pussy and sticks the head right into her ass.

Night in New Orleans

group Twrgds77 2018-01-06

You will watch as my face turns red, the tears pour from my eyes, and after you face fuck me with your cock deep down my throat, you let go so I can catch a breath. I move slightly closer to the guy, silently letting him know that I like his touch, and I want more. I whisper in his ear, telling him I like the way his fingers feel against my leg. Just when it seems like he is ready to cum, his friend is in the back seat with us, and he pulls me off of the original guy, and orders me to suck his dick. I stop sucking the second guy's cock, and we kiss.