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Our Neighbor's Daughter

group Banes1 2018-06-26

“Oh Thad, I can tell what you think.” Steph said, staring directly at the bulge, straining to escape the confines of my swim trunks. “Good answer, Honey.” Mandy said as they turned and walked away, leaving me to deal with my hard cock. Besides, I have wanted you ever since I turned sixteen.” Steph replied, letting her hand slide over my rock hard cock.” Mandy and I watched our neighbors leave, Steph turned her head, blew a kiss and seductively licked her lips. Mandy came up alongside her, took Steph’s cum covered fingers from my shaft and brought them to her lips. Steph took my cock in her tight pussy as Mandy and I were kissing.

Please Part 2

group RichardScott 2018-06-26

The man fucking her, stroked his cock, letting a load of cum fly onto her pussy and belly that she hardly noticed. The Assistant grabbed him by the hair, roughly stuffing her rubber cock into his mouth as the head of the Mistresses cock disappeared into his ass. The first man grabbed her in a very unceremonious manner and shoved his huge erection down her throat, cum still dripping off her face from her husbands orgasm. The man lewdly rubbed his cock all over her face before stuffing her mouth once more, his partner took a finger, slipping it into her ass. One guided his cock into her husbands ass, as the other grabbed his chin, thrusting his erection into his mouth.

Cora & Suri

group kornslayer1 2018-06-26

"Oh, shit, I'm gonna cum, Suri," Cora warned her, taking her hands off her head. Suri failed to move and just let her splash her face with all the lady juice that Cora could give out right at the moment. Cora began thrusting her lips ever so slowly and then Suri got right below my balls. Fuck, Cora, I'm gonna cum now," I moaned, slanting my head back and closing my eyes. "Yes, now you are turning me into a life sized vibrator for your husband's cock, Cora," she moaned, rubbing her head nonstop. My eyes were stuck right on Suri's face, but I did manage to see Cora a few select times.

It Started With Babysitting

group Meggsy 2018-06-25

We looked for people we knew and Sam said she thought she recognised one woman but it was hard as she was having sex against a wall with a guy. It was the time I rang about the baby, Judy was in the middle of getting sucked out by Jan while Ian was cumming into her mouth. Sam had been listening and said, “I let this guy fuck me when I was on holidays and after he came in me, he then got down on me and sucked me out with his cum in me. I had often sucked my fingers when I masturbated so I knew what cunt juice tasted like but I had never had so much of it in my mouth at one time.

Kate's men

group SirSpewalot 2018-06-25

For several seconds the two men inspected her bare torso closely, tracing the taut lines of her slender figure from hip to breast to neck, gazing hungrily at her pixie-cut blonde hair, her hard-etched jaw, and her shining blue eyes, and back down her body to her shorts; then each man leaned in and began sucking at a breast, caressing the small swell of flesh around the erect nipple, and she sighed loudly as Tom licked and kissed her right nipple and Fred sucked hard on her left breast. Tom breathed in sharply and sat back so that his cock rose straight up from his lap; Fred kissed Kate as his fingers explored Tom’s shaft, and soon she pulled back and caressed Fred’s neck as he looked down at the cock in his hand.

Cozumel Revisited

group darcyj82 2018-06-25

I’m sure I can come up with a way for you to repay me.” I grinned my most lecherous grin, and Lori laughed at Mark’s obvious rapture. She sucked his balls and her hand followed my mouth up and down his cock in long, languid strokes. Lori settled her dripping snatch over Mark’s mouth and watched as I slowly slid the full length of him into my slippery slit. Lori suckled my nipple while she face-fucked her boyfriend, her ass poised over his face while his tongue worked her swollen clit. Lori ground her hot little pussy in Mark’s face and she came, too. Lori was still cranking that big cock, and her hands were slick with his cum as I slowly released it down his shaft.

A Day of Pleasure at the Spa

group Mysteria27 2018-06-25

I arranged to have the package called “The Works.” The services that would be provided to me were a whirlpool bath, custom comfort massage, which typically tailored to your needs, eighty minute ultimate facial, pedicure and manicure. Salvatore continued massaging me, while Joseph and Vincent were licking and adoring my wet cunt. Then Salvatore stopped rubbing me and he joined the other two men and they took turns licking at my juicy pussy. Pia pushed through my pussy lips and tongue fucked my wet and very creamy cunt. Pia and the women licked and enjoyed the sweet and tangy juices coming out of my pussy. “Lay down Emma we’ll all lick your gorgeous cunt and then bring you to orgasm one more time and then your day of pleasure will be over.”


group RumpleForeskin 2018-06-24

Frank sat next to Cindy and Todd next to Sue while the others pulled up chairs at the end of the booth. "Well," said Jim, "now that you've got it, what are you going to do with the stuff?” Sue studied her hand then with lady﷓like gentility began licking it clean. "Well, Todd," said Sue, who’d just finished licking her hand clean, "it looks like the round’s on you." "You have got to be fucking shitting me!” Keeping Tony's dick inside her mouth, Cindy turned slightly to see who’d spoken. The sight of Sue and Tony coming at the same time, and then lying together spent and, judging from the expressions on their faces, very content, turned Cindy on more than ever.

The Photographer: Part 2, The swinger party

group xhardx13 2018-06-24

"I wasn't offended, Irv. In fact the thought of you taking my picture fucking Tony turned me on, and I had at least three really powerful orgasms. I shot video of the Polish woman giving head to the Asian lady while the black guy fucked her from behind. At the pool, each woman took turns giving a man blow jobs until they sat on the edge of the pool with open legs inviting them to screw their waiting pussies. I started packing my gear when Crystal came up to me and said, "Before your go, Irv, I'd like to try your junk. When she came up for air a second time, Crystal said, "We could use a man like you.

Maddie - Part 2

group jhmik_88 2018-06-24

Shane walked up to Madelyn before gently laying her back on the living room carpet, just a mere foot or so from Kyle and Mia who happened to be fucking with reckless abandoned. He lay over the top of Madelyn before kissing her hard, rubbing the head of his cock over her tight lips. Mia was still bouncing up and down on Shane’s cock, her moans rippling through the air, as she rode him, her hands kept lingering around her nipples and she would occasionally take one, pinch and pull on it, before moving to the next one. Her legs tightened greatly around Kyle’s ass, her pussy squeezing the life out of his cock, her moans turning to screams as she came hard over the dick that was busy inside her.

Friend and Lover

group CirceWand 2018-06-24

I can’t say I’m not flattered, and god-knows I’ll enjoy the play, but I have an idea, a twist to the tale if you like that might just help you decide.” My brain was whirring down a million paths, making hurried plans, and I was making it up as I went along. Shifting to the side so that Patrick could also see this amazing moment, the first time I intimately kissed a woman in front of him, I put my tongue at the bottom of her swollen pussy lips and licked all the way up in a smooth and gentle lap until I reached her bud.

Their Little Stut

group CelebritySkin 2018-06-23

I couldn't keep my screams of pleasure in any more, especially since my fantasy was coming true: two older guys fucking me hard and showing me that they knew what to do. I could tell they were both enjoying the fact that I was so turned on, but Tony realised that if I got louder, their wives would hear and we would be caught, so he moved his hand round and placed it over my mouth to stifle my screams. “Let me have a go with your pussy now!” Tony moved round as Mike swam behind me and placed his hands on my boobs and squeezed my nipples. Tony felt me cum all over his cock and fucked me faster as his orgasm came just as intensely as mine.

A Little Fun For Amy

group Mysteria27 2018-06-23

A few times in college, my roommate would be having sex with her boyfriend in our room and I would pretend I was asleep, but was really fucking myself with one of my toys. When I’m masturbating, I always imagine either a man or a woman licking my pussy after I have come. He moved my skirt up a little higher on my leg and then started to rub my pussy through my panties. I could feel my pussy getting very wet like it did when I fucked myself with the vibrator. If you want we could go into the bathroom and I could fuck that wet little pussy. I had never had oral sex with a woman before, but had seen my roommate get her pussy licked tons of times.

The Truth Shall Get You Off

group Espresso 2018-06-22

"Put your guns down," John demanded of Soren and Yelena. John, with his tan, athletic build, the darkest hair I'd ever seen, and alluring green eyes that added up to one of the most gorgeous men I'd ever had the privilege of knowing. "So you moonlight as Soren's lackey?" I said to Marcus as soon as I got eye contact with him. "You know what I'm going say," Soren said firmly to John. "A truth serum," Soren announced, looking at me again as if John wasn't there. I shot Soren a look of disgust and slowly went over to John. John stood behind me, much like Soren minutes earlier.

A Day on The River

group Banes1 2018-06-22

I continued to stroke my cock and caress my balls as Maggie moved her hands over her body then down to her pussy. Maggie was so turned on that she moved her hand from a breast, reached down to my shorts, and removed my cock. Maggie took my cum covered hand and rubbed it over her breasts and nipples while at the same time pulling her finger from her pussy and lifting it to my mouth. One of the girls introduced herself as Julie who stood five feet four inches at one hundred and fifteen pounds with shoulder length black hair, brown eyes, shaved pussy and a 34C cup. Julie had released my cock from her mouth and stroked the shaft with her hand until my load filled Maggie's mouth.

It's A Sign: The World Is Going To End

group Idol 2018-06-22

My sister freed her mouth and while still jacking off the men around her, responded, "I don't know Saki but everyone's really enjoying this sudden control. Tears came to my eyes as I heard the same noises that sprung throughout the village. A small tingling ran through my fingers and veins, my hands suddenly lifted and pulled my huipil off of my body. The leader, Caine, took his rightful spot between my legs, another hovering above my face, four more heading to the ends of my hands and feet. My breasts were immediately devoured by two men, ones tongue sucking, licking my nipples, the other pulling with his teeth. My hands jacked off the two men immediately as my toes got sucked on.

Lovers Part 2

group Sassyandsexy85224 2018-06-22

A couple of weeks later Joe asked how I felt about having his friend Matthew and his girlfriend for a BBQ and an evening swim. I took Matthews big cock in my mouth slowly, stroking it with my hands, tracing my tongue down his long hard cock until it was touching the back of my throat. Joe was behind me playing with my ass and wet pussy watching me suck his best friend’s big cock. Matthew moaned and placed his hand on the back of my head, pushing his cock deeper in my mouth. I could feel that Joe was ready, I sucked harder and pushed his cock deeper and suddenly pulled him out of my mouth screamed

The boy next door part: 2

group QTpie210 2018-06-21

I want to say no, but at the same time Cindy has her hands playing with my nipples and her lips are kissing my neck. I have three sets of hands running all over my body, Cindy and I having a war with our tongues, Todd is working his magic on my breasts and Clay is kissing all around my pussy lips. Looking next to me, Cindy is naked now and already going down on Clay, it's so sexy to watch her sucking his cock. I let out a scream and Clay uses this moment to put his cock near my mouth, wanting me to suck him like I did Todd.

The Saturday Night Club

group older-wiser13 2018-06-20

At the same time a tall white guy with dark shoulder-length hair and a really thick dick was groaning and fucking her mouth. One time a few weeks ago, she almost started laughing as they were doing this because the thought crossed her mind that it felt like she was trying to stuff a tennis ball in her mouth. They showed up right on time with an extraordinarily pretty young woman who had straight black hair and the kind of full ass that he liked. When they saw the black man put his mouth on the fat cock they each let out a short groan and their fucking got faster.

Fun with Janice

group marna69 2018-06-20

You ready for us?" I groaned as Coke's hand did a long stroke across my pussy lips, right there in the lobby. Coke kneeled in front of her, put both hands under her rump, and lifted her pussy up and against his hard cock. Holding her ass with just one hand, Coke guided his cockhead to her swollen lips, dragging it up and down her entrance until she started humping toward him in a state of wild, sexual abandon. "Coke," Janice asked, "Marna's ass needs attention. Gradually, Coke began guiding my head up and down the top of his cock, so I was seesawed back and forth between him and Janice. Eventually Coke slowed down and left his sticky hand on her pussy, cupping it as Janice came back to earth.


group flyboyB4 2018-06-20

My cock is buried in her hot tight little pussy and she has both hands on my shoulders and moaning, panting, and stuttering words “yes,yes -   oh fuck yes- fuck me” I’m working hard to get her 105 pounds up and down on my cock. Amy slides off of me, with my cock still hard slipping out of her, with one hand holding on to my shaft and with the other, pulls Stacy’s arm and says, “C’mon Stacy, get his hard cock in you.”   Now I know that there’s no way I’m going to be able to have Stacy on my legs with her 135-145 pounds.

Jamaica Surprise

group Mister_E 2018-06-20

The doors closed and Sally pulled me to her and kissed me with her lovely full lips until the lift stopped at our floor. “You’re the problem, John,“ she said as she stepped forward, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me – pushing her tongue into my mouth and pressing her naked body against my fully-clothed one. Sally laughed and told her that she either had to stand and watch or join in like we agreed because she wasn’t going to stop in the middle of a lovely fucking. Sally muttered through Sherry’s wet cunt for me to fuck her harder as she was cumming; Sherry grunted out loud and closed her eyes to concentrate on her own orgasm as I just went over the top and thrust umpteen spasms of cum into Sally.

The Bachelorette Party - Part 2

group NVMii 2018-06-19

Suddenly Robert forced his cock deep into her and held it there as he shot rope after rope of cum into Sarah's hot cunt. Sarah started to moan and finally said, "Fuck me Jacob, I want to feel you deep in me." Alex opened the door and we walked in, Robert was on top of Vivian, fucking the shit out of her and Harvey was straddled by Allie, his long cock buried in her snatch. About his cock size and how tight it filled my cunt and about the many times I came and how I used the mirror to watch Alex and I fuck, like it was a porn movie.

Professional Courtesy - Second Assignment

group Tashtego 2018-06-19

Based on what Olivia, the wife, had said that night, Jennifer was expecting a return engagement with Jamal. Jennifer smiled at Olivia, expecting Jamal to appear again with a towel around his waist. “Drink up and stand here in front of me,” said Jennifer, removing her blazer and plopping into a cushioned chair, “We need to get to know each other. Jennifer tried to execute a sexy smile and got on her knees, motioning with her index finger for Jack to come forward. “Ryan, I’m going to suck you cousin’s dick and make him come in my mouth,” she said, looking at his dangling, semi-hard member. It slid up and down, which felt lovely, but Jennifer knew what Jack was trying to accomplish.