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Lovers Part 2

group Sassyandsexy85224 2018-01-14

A couple of weeks later Joe asked how I felt about having his friend Matthew and his girlfriend for a BBQ and an evening swim. I took Matthews big cock in my mouth slowly, stroking it with my hands, tracing my tongue down his long hard cock until it was touching the back of my throat. Joe was behind me playing with my ass and wet pussy watching me suck his best friend’s big cock. Matthew moaned and placed his hand on the back of my head, pushing his cock deeper in my mouth. I could feel that Joe was ready, I sucked harder and pushed his cock deeper and suddenly pulled him out of my mouth screamed

Our Fantasy

group PAMtnMan 2018-01-13

Susan , on the other hand seemed to enjoy each session of practice more and more, trying new things with her new toy and also with my cock, asking each time, what I thought of her technique and if I liked it. I want you fully loaded when our fantasy takes place," she said smiling, while squeezing my cock. She saw the somewhat shocked look on my face and said to me, I think I have to let him do that so he will know that I am sincere in asking him to join us. I noticed he stared at her pussy and I know he was thinking how wonderful it would be to slide his cock between those soft moist lips that he had felt earlier.

A Teachers Fantasy: Part2

group AGreyFoxxx 2018-01-13

After two misses, Sara grabbed my shaft and helped me slide it home, between the puffy lips of the red-heads cunt. That feels so good!” Tory groaned as she thrust her hips back at me, helping to bury my cock in her hungry cunt. “Why not?” Sara said, lowering her head to my cock, sucking the limp flesh into her mouth. Sara chose to continue working on my meat , leaving Tory’s delectable cunt for me to suck and Sara’s moist snatch for Tory to play with. The air was thick with the smell of pussy as Sara pulled her lips from my now rock hard cock, and said “I want some of this in my pussy.”

The Judgment of Alex

group oceanrunner 2018-01-13

As the bolder women held Sophia’s arms down at her side, June said something quietly in her ear, and all I heard was, “...your idea anyway…” Sophia took a deep breath (which had a fantastic effect on her breasts), and looked me in the eyes, her grey eyes looking nervous but also excited. The die has sort of been cast, wouldn’t you say?” Then, turning back to me, June said, “Really, Alex, why do you think I like having you clean my pool, instead of just hiring Perfect Pools?” June started to lower her mouth onto my head, but just as her lips were about to touch my cock, she said, “Oh, and one more thing.

Contractor to the [porn] Stars Chapter 3

group oldrascal 2018-01-11

“Chad's Carpentry....Hi Dawn, what a coincidence, I just hung up with Hazel a couple minutes ago.....No, I didn't know that, she sure doesn't look that old.....Plastic surgery, huh....I don't know, they felt natural to me.....Yeah, they're bigger than usual, but so are yours, and you told me yours were natural, didn't you?.....Calm down, I didn't say that, they're beautiful, Why'd you call me?.....Sure I do cabinet work.....This week? Hazel, grabbing my arm, pulled me in the house while saying, “I want you to meet some of my friends and co-workers, Chad.” She pointed and rattled off their names which I'm sure she had no intention of me remembering.

Having Fun With Mr. Smith

group Mysteria27 2018-01-11

“Henrietta, I want Sophia to spread her legs, you can kneel down and lick her pussy. I got behind Sophia and wrapped my hands around her and played with her breasts as I mashed my pussy into her ass. Sophia licked my pussy, while Mr. Smith was finger fucking her. I know you’re a lesbian, but you've never wanted to feel a real cock in that beautiful cunt of yours? Mr. Smith got on top of Sophia and slipped his cock into her pussy. I knew that Sophia really loves me and I could see she was a little jealous as Mr. Smith fucked me. After that Mr. Smith went to get cleaned up and Sophia and I enjoyed ourselves in the pool and the hot tub.

Jo makes my first group experience great

group LASARDaddy 2018-01-11

I'd pulled it up like a skirt and was close to coming, watching some stranger as he looked, staring at her, listening to her slobbering all over my cock and balls. She moaned softly then and said, "let's move to where it's a little darker." As I danced us to a corner I'd seen my friends looking at us, big smiles on their faces, knowing what was going on and happy that I was getting lucky. It's been something I've wanted since Dave asked me to do this." Then reaching harder and staring wide eyed at Steve's huge cock she said, "I've never had a cock that big before."

The Truth Shall Get You Off (Part Two)

group Espresso 2018-01-10

Marcus continued to fuck my pussy from behind, while I kissed Curly and handled his dick in my hand. I couldn't help but look up at Soren for the first time since I'd been with Marcus and Curly. I sent him an air kiss and began to ride Curly, slowly, feeling every inch of him, gratified by how turned on he was by my movement while watching Soren. The combination of the two throbbing dicks inside of me, in both of my holes, the two tongues licking my skin, and the two sets of hands gripping me in violent pursuit of satisfaction, sent me reeling and I was loudly having the longest, most intense orgasm of my life.

Kate #6

group xhardx13 2018-01-09

At this point, Jessie knew that all of the men were Tyton's business associates, either as partners, customers, and even competitors. The following morning, Hans ordered room service and didn't bother to ask Jessie what she wanted for breakfast. It was easy for Jessie to understand Fiffi's excitement about LeSean because she had lusted for him since she spotted him the first day at the chateau. Jessie thought of asking Fiffi to join her upstairs for some lady sex, but she couldn't be certain that Fiffi wanted women as much as she was enjoying men. Before leaving the room for breakfast the next morning, Kate wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a smoldering kiss saying, "Ronald, I love you more than I can say."

Delightfulgirl's play with two men

group Delightfulgirl 2018-01-09

Ben began to stroke his gorgeous piece of meat and I continued to move my hips in a circular motion allowing my pussy to swallow Justin’s cock. It wasn’t too long until I felt Justin’s dick rub my cheek and I turned to once again take his cock into my mouth, tasting my pussy juices as I did so. With Justin’s dick still in my mouth, Ben lay on his back and slid his head between my legs. Justin began to pound into me fast and hard making it difficult for me to keep Ben’s dick in my mouth but I managed! The boys swapped positions and I got to feel the pure pleasure of Ben’s cock sliding into my pussy oh so easily.

Three in a Bed

group novaguy 2018-01-09

Julie groaned with pleasure, legs involuntarily spreading wider, body racked with waves of sensation as a seeming multitude of fingers simultaneously probing her pussy, caressed her swollen clit and teased the pursed button of her anus as the suctioning mouths and agile tongues continued to thrill her sensitive nipples. In a flash, Roger was mounted and thrusting, arms hooked under Julie’s knees to raise and open her to him, his buttocks alternately clenching and relaxing as his shuttling hips pounded the back of her thighs, his rampant cock searching the depths of her pussy. With his hands under Julie’s buttocks, Doug moved her back and forth, his tongue teasing her swollen clit, thrusting deep into her pussy, and teasing her anus in turn.

Please Part 2

group RichardScott 2018-01-09

The man fucking her, stroked his cock, letting a load of cum fly onto her pussy and belly that she hardly noticed. The Assistant grabbed him by the hair, roughly stuffing her rubber cock into his mouth as the head of the Mistresses cock disappeared into his ass. The first man grabbed her in a very unceremonious manner and shoved his huge erection down her throat, cum still dripping off her face from her husbands orgasm. The man lewdly rubbed his cock all over her face before stuffing her mouth once more, his partner took a finger, slipping it into her ass. One guided his cock into her husbands ass, as the other grabbed his chin, thrusting his erection into his mouth.

New Life

group ChuckEPoo 2018-01-09

Anne reached out her hands and greeted Gail with a kiss on the cheek. Gail looked emotionally invested in the moment as her arms dropped to her sides in submission and she threw her head back inviting more attention.My hands made their way down her back as my lips nestled into her neck. "I know Anne made it clear this was a one time thing, but if you ever want to see me, here's my number," she offered, handing me a folded slip of paper. After I watched Gail leave and went back in the house Anne smirked, "Well, it looked like you two had a good time!"

The Poker Game

group LoverBoy20 2018-01-09

Here I was, 20 years old, having the house to myself as my parents had just gone across the country to visit friends for a few weeks and now, Lori was at the door and Charlene was in the kitchen. I went back to the kitchen, called my friend Ted (who was already invited) to come over quickly to rescue me and I got the beers and returned. Play resumed and soon Bob, Lori and Charlene were out of chips. Ted, not wanted to be left out, dropped his clothes and went over to Lori who quickly engulfed his hard on. Although on the verge of an orgasm, Charlene did not want to miss out and got on the table next to Lori and Steve quickly mounted her while I continued to receive her oral skills.

Vegas Adventure Part 2

group LuvMeSomeBooty 2018-01-08

She told me that Mrs. Smith had a larger than normal clit and Kate thought she might enjoy my oral skills. Kate was deep inside Ellie’s pussy, and I could see Ellie was close to cumming. I told the men that Ellie had always wanted to have a gangbang, to be the simple fuck-toy to a group of people having their way with her. As I continued to fuck Mrs. Smith ass with my tongue, I felt Kate rise off me and I was once again being sucked and cleaned. She did as she was told and once he was back inside her, he pulled her downward onto his chest and Bill came up and placed his dick at the entrance to her pussy.

Wanna Swap? with Kelly

group GoodToBeMe 2018-01-08

Kelly and Yvonne popped up without a moment of hesitation, walked around to each other’s position and went to work sucking the new cock in their mouth. About that time, literally just a couple of minutes after the swap, Patrick and Kelly got up and moved to a spot on the floor in front of the TV, kind of behind me, and with Kelly on her back and her knees pulled up, Patrick slid his dick right into Kelly’s sopping wet hole. By now I heard Kelly (with her wet, slippery, horny-as-hell all the time pussy) start her quick build to an orgasm. I got on my knees, moved up in front of Yvonne, she spread her knees far apart and I slid my cock all the way into her cunt in one stroke.

Two Couples on a Yacht

group NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-01-08

A few years ago he had met Nina, a lawyer for one of the bigger firms in LA; she was more like Jack than Max. Dressed according to the latest fashion, always on social media, and loved the gossip magazines. Then I walked loudly up the steps and when I was out on deck again Nina was sitting in her sun chair wiping her lips with the back of her hand and Max had his back turned to me. When she spread Luci’s ass cheeks apart I thought she would stop sucking me, but she didn’t instead she said a few words to Nina and kept on going.

Model Client 2 - Mile High to Vegas

group seeker4 2018-01-07

“We are meeting Tara Maclean after the show,” Angie said, flashing the guard a smile and some boob. “Are you the one we check in with?” Moving slightly apart, Angie and Tara began to caress each other’s tits, stroking and squeezing them as they gazed lustily into each other’s eyes. Beside us, Angie slipped her thong off and started masturbating as she watched, using the middle finger of one hand to rub her clit while using the other to caress her pussy lips and probe inside. Straddling her friend’s face, she buried her own between the singer’s thighs and began licking and sucking Tara’s clit, while Tara went back to work on Ang’s pussy.

Brett and Amber - Part II

group NVMii 2018-01-07

Jake had a big smile on his face, but Sally looked like she could smack Brett. Brett grunted and slammed his cock deep, holding it tight as he pumped his cum into Sally's pussy. I went down the steps and saw Brett eating out Sally and Jake was kissing and sucking on her tits. The boys were soon synchronized, Jake going deep in my pussy, Brett almost pulling out, then the opposite. He crawled up onto the bed, pulled my ass up and fucked his cock deep into my cum soaked pussy. If Tara and Albert were anything like Sally and Jake, they needed seclusion. He continued, “And to Brett and Amber, may they be as loving friends as Jake and Sally.”

Matchmaker, Make Me a Match (Jake 4)

group ian69 2018-01-07

Jake and Helen seem to be hitting it off, so Ann and I go into the kitchen to get the dinner started. “What with Helen’s lovely little tits and thinking about us both fucking Ann last time you visited, I don’t know what to do with myself.” As the night draws on, Helen and Jake touch more and more and I can tell Ann is getting turned on by the sexual tension. I start to rub the palms of my hands over Helen's tits, letting her hard nipples flick between each finger. “That's lovely Ian, but Ann tells be you are dying to rub your cock over my nipples and then shoot all your spunk over them.”

Kate #1

group xhardx13 2018-01-07

Okay, the first time as a teenager was a little scary but as she gained experience, Kate learned there is something true about the cliché, "Different strokes for different blokes."  Kate was excited just watching Sarah's fingers fly over the screen as they rejected one guy after another. It was an intimidating sight but the invitations were quickly accepted by both Sarah and Kate who joined Sinead in the melee. Kate loved the control of riding cowgirl and hoped that Robert would last for awhile as she enthusiastically drove his cock deep into her pussy. As he waited and watched Kate pumping Robert's slippery cock, the boy stroked his mammoth cock in anticipation.

A New Helen

group Shadowforce1 2018-01-06

"Sure you can," Jackie said pulling Helen's hand to her chest.  "That's not the only thing I got pierced," Jackie said as she looked down.  "We have to get you better clothing," she said looking at the one piece bathing suit that Helen was wearing.  "You must be Helen," Dillon said smiling through perfectly white teeth as he shook her hand. "Fuck that," Jackie said as she sat up holding her knees together looking over at her friend. "I fucked a guy on the plane when I went to go visit my husband," Karen admitted looking at Helen as if she had just said that she had made popcorn. "Okay," Jackie said looking at Helen. "It's not a frigging lollipop," Jackie said as she pushed Helen's head down on it.

The boy next door part: 2

group QTpie210 2018-01-05

I want to say no, but at the same time Cindy has her hands playing with my nipples and her lips are kissing my neck. I have three sets of hands running all over my body, Cindy and I having a war with our tongues, Todd is working his magic on my breasts and Clay is kissing all around my pussy lips. Looking next to me, Cindy is naked now and already going down on Clay, it's so sexy to watch her sucking his cock. I let out a scream and Clay uses this moment to put his cock near my mouth, wanting me to suck him like I did Todd.

The Country Club - Chapter 2

group Banes1 2018-01-04

Irene went over to Jodie, handed her the putter then kissed her on the lips. Jodie let out a soft moan as she kissed Sue hard while her hands went under the crop top. Jodie held the shaft in her hand as she slowly took the head in her mouth. With dinner over, Irene told Jodie that she was a good girl for not making a sound. Irene let my cock pop out from her mouth then moved to my swollen balls licking and sucking them. Jodie then straddled my face as Irene who was still clothed slowly took my cock into her pussy. Jodie kissed both of us then Irene told her to suck my cream from her pussy.