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Games Night With Friends

group K8Lin 2018-06-24

Debbie was oblivious to Mark and Simon, but Sam could hear them making complimentary sounds in the background. Sam knew she would need Debbie lubed before she could fuck both her holes, so she lifted up from swollen clit and spat on the vibe finger. Simon pulled Debbie's mouth wide open and pushed his cock into the gaping hole. Simon had no idea if it was his, or Marks, but he pulled his softening cock out and kissed Debbie fully on her lips. Mark never missed a thrust into Sam. He continued to fuck her as he sucked Simon's length. Debbie has a sweet pussy and I want to know how Simons cock feels" Sam giggled as she reached the top of the stairs.

Somewhat Silent Library Escapades

group deviousdevil 2018-06-22

He pushed my face against the wall, lifted my skirt and pulled my hips back. "I told you to keep quiet, now continue but maybe this will shut the little whore up." He unzipped his pants and pushed his thick, hard cock into my mouth. He pulled himself out of my mouth, saliva dripping from his cock and pushed me back up against the wall. Miss Hastings, Giles is one of the personal trainers on campus, I trust you won't complain." Mr Jones withdraw and pushed me onto my hands and knees and positioned himself again while Giles knelt in front of me and pushed his cock into my mouth. He pulled out completely and quickly pushed himself into my virgin ass.

He Was A Good Teacher (Chapter Three)

group Madison_F 2018-06-20

I began to suck and stroke Mr. Devon's cock until spit was running down my chin and onto my breasts and over my hard nipples. I spread my legs a little farther to get my pussy closer to his face while still sucking and stroking Mr. Devon's thick cock. I rubbed my clit as I continued to fuck Mr. Devon's cock with my pussy and as Mr. Patterson kept his cock pressing into my ass. He slid his cock into me and began to pump his hips slowly, relishing the feeling of my tight wet pussy. I continued sucking Mr. Patterson's cock, stroking him with every mouthful. Ever," said Mr. Devon, locking eyes with Mr. Patterson as he pulled his clothes on and headed towards the door.

The Complete Submission Ch. 06

group silkstockingslover 2018-06-17

Mark finally said, "Mrs. Kendall, the only way we will totally understand is a demonstration." Mark then walked over to his mother and pulled down his pants, "Show the girls how to perform safe sex." The other two boys took turns in my Mom's mouth until Kari said "You two, that looks like fun, double fuck me." Dave and Sam were not going to argue and Sam lay down on the floor and Kari climbed on his dick saying, "Mrs. Kendall, is this how you ride a cock?" After about fifteen minutes, while my Mom slowly sucked off Sam, all three boys shot a load into the cheerleader's asses.

Changing Annie's Grades

group Mysteria27 2018-06-16

I’ll dress like a complete slut and if I have to, I shall fuck the good teacher right on his desk. John approached the bed and Barbara hopped up on top of him and slid his enormous cock into her wet cunt. Barbara and I got on our knees and John stroked his huge cock and then sprayed each of our breasts with his hot come. I started to move my hips and he was sucking on my cock like a little bitch. Barbara got on her back and lifted her legs high and John licked her bald pussy. After that, I walked out and felt good that my daughter was now going to be passing Science and graduating in June.

Homework and Hook-Ups: Fun with the Soccer Team

group CherryRedGirl 2018-06-10

Nick grabbed onto my hips, and thrust his cock into my eager pussy. "Are you ready to take a cock up your ass?" Nick asked me. As I rode Blake's cock, Nick pressed a finger into my ass. Next thing I know he had three fingers in my ass and was fingering my tight hole as I had a cock in my pussy. One cock in my ass, one in my pussy, I just needed one in my mouth. I took Tiny's and Mike's cocks in my hands, servicing all five guys at once. Blake pounded my pussy, Nick pounded my ass, Ethan pounded my mouth. I squirted again and the liquid ran down my pussy lips onto Nick's and Blake's cocks.

Swiss Girls Finishing School, Part 1

group silkpantygirl 2018-06-10

“Now then, girls,” said Lucy, “This is John, and he had kindly agreed to help our class this morning. She straightened her clothing and Miss Lucy indicated John's cock, now fully, almost painfully, erect. Reluctantly, the last girl relinquished John's genitals back to Miss Lucy's hands. “Well, done, all of you,” she said, “as you can see, you've been able to maintain the erection, and,” - here she squeezed a large drop of pre-cum out of the tip of his cock - “you can see a significant amount of lubrication as emanated from the penis.” As he began to ejaculate, Lucy expertly pressed her thumb into the base of his cock, holding the flow back for an ecstatic couple of seconds, then she let go, and a long stream of white cum spurted out onto his belly.

Wife Forced To Cheat 2

group gumie35 2018-06-07

On the way to work Sharron was so excited she felt like she was going to cum. Next Mrs. Rivers felt a cock start to press at her pussy. Mrs. Rivers also felt someone’s cock against her hand and a wet hand on her tits, squeezing them very hard. Mrs. Rivers felt his cock swell in her throat though and knew that he was going to cum any second. Paul was fucking her pussy like a man on a mission and she felt Ricky’s cock slipped from her lips and another had pushed its way into her mouth. Mrs. Rivers lay there on her desk when she felt another cock trying to enter her pussy.

Sex Class

group Calikokat 2018-06-06

I felt Susan's lips press against my penis, and I saw her hand gently brush against her breast. Her hands grabbed my head and my hair, and I knew I was touching her in all the right places. I lapped at her clit with the broad side of my tongue as my finger stroked her inside, then sucked again. As Susan pressed more of my cock into her, Mylene grabbed a pillow off the couch, put it under my head, and moved her pussy over my face. The smell of her sex overwhelmed my nostrils, causing my tongue to move on it's own. The thought of Mylene's mouth on Reno's cock and Susan's pussy on mine merged as one in my mind.

A Teachers Fantasy: Part2

group AGreyFoxxx 2018-06-02

After two misses, Sara grabbed my shaft and helped me slide it home, between the puffy lips of the red-heads cunt. That feels so good!” Tory groaned as she thrust her hips back at me, helping to bury my cock in her hungry cunt. “Why not?” Sara said, lowering her head to my cock, sucking the limp flesh into her mouth. Sara chose to continue working on my meat , leaving Tory’s delectable cunt for me to suck and Sara’s moist snatch for Tory to play with. The air was thick with the smell of pussy as Sara pulled her lips from my now rock hard cock, and said “I want some of this in my pussy.”

The Teacher's Pet - part 2

group Forbiddenwriter 2018-05-30

Her name was Emily, a short little thing, with an equally nice body to Kat. She was also known to be a slut, but anyone's only ever seen her with other women, so it was hard to tell if she was bi, or a lesbian. Emily took her hands off my chest and wrapped them over Kat's tits now and started playing with them. Emily bit her lip and was getting very hot watching me fuck her like this; she even started furiously fingering her own ass. Emily's voice was filled with desire and a little submission, she started playing and fingering her holes harder and faster, as she watched my face.

Teacher's Pet Ch. 04

group jamesofthedead 2018-05-21

"No, sir." Emily replied, turning temporarily from her friend causing Nikki to begin kissing and nuzzling her neck drawing some appreciative moaning from her friend. "Why don't you give her mouth something to do sir?" Emily suggested inbetween sliding her tongue into Nikki's cunt and sucking on the girl's clit. I started thrusting into Nikki's tight quim and I looked Emily in the eyes as she began grinding her crotch on her best friends face, her large firm tits standing proudly from her chest and jiggling with every to and fro. Nikki clearly knew what she was doing between Emily's legs as her eyes were half closed, her fingers were savagely twisting her nipples as she screamed out an orgasm.

Test Re-take

group historycup 2018-05-12

She began stripping, but when she got her tight skirt off there was a knock at the door followed by: "Ms. Cox, I need some help with my homework." I realized that the voice was my girlfriend's. As Courtney watched us, I pulled out of Ms. Cox then slammed back into her and began fucking the shit out of her. Ms. Cox noticed this and said to her: "Court, why don't you come over here and sit on my face?" Courtney climbed up onto the desk and positioned her pussy over Ms. Cox's mouth. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and Courtney got down on her knees in front of me.

Hot Teachers 4somes with VWE Teens

group Heidilovescock 2018-04-27

I had put together the shortest, lowest cut, tightest, sluttiest outfit I could find and squeezed my lovely 34-26-34C body in to it with no underwear on, as I looked in the mirror I felt so horny I could feel my closely shaved pussy get wet, a few minutes later I left the house looking and feeling like a dirty slut and loving it and headed to the bar I knew would be full of young guys. After about 5 minutes of nervous chat I stood up and leaning forward so they could all see straight down my top poured a glass of wine, before I had finished I looked up to see each had a huge hard cock in their jeans, I couldn't wait any longer and as I sat down opened my legs for them to see straight up my tiny skirt to my moist pussy.

Tag-A-Long Ch. 02

group behindtheseeyes 2018-04-23

Maybe they were working on some kind of business together. I look to my left, and I saw two middle-aged man in their trunks, with massively hairy chests, and beer guts, chatting away as they start climbing in the pool. I grab my towel and start walking back towards my room, wondering how bored I'm gonna be when I get back. "Well, since I have no one to hang out with and you have no one to hang out with, maybe tonight you could come to my room and we could talk and get to know each other." I've got some things to do, so come by about seven thirty if that works for you."

Teaching the Teacher

group MaddieJCarter 2018-04-23

With ten minutes before school let out, Christian and Blake stood in the hallway outside Miss Anderson's door. if Blake takes his hand away from your mouth, are you going to keep quiet like a good girl?" He disappeared too quick for her to have a substantial orgasm and she let Christian's dick slip from her mouth and she looked back into Blake's face. "Please make me come," she begged as she wrapped her fingers over Christian's length and stroked him, jerking him off quickly and pouting, her lower lip pushing out a little more to toy with the young man's emotions. Blake groaned but she felt fingers grab her chin, turning her to look up into the other boy's eyes.

Working for an A With My Sexy T.A.

group jmjohnson 2018-04-21

Frantically she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head, desperate to feel his hot mouth on her flesh. Urgent to feel his mouth on her wet pussy, Blair scooted to the edge of the desk and leaned back on her arms. Blair could feel herself on the brink of an orgasm, and tugged urgently on Wyatt's arm, desperate to climax around his hard cock. Shifting her body slightly, Blair felt the head of his cock graze her clit, and began to spasm as her orgasm took over. Giving one last forceful thrust, Wyatt emptied his cum deep inside of Blair's clenching pussy, and pulled her mouth down to his to capture her scream.

Amy Caught in the Middle Ch. 03

group mrhmann 2018-04-21

The boys, John and Matt, had taken their shirts and pants off and were approaching Miss Amy wearing nothing but their boxer shorts. Timing it to correspond with John's movements at the front, Matt slid his love muscle into Amy's pussy. Without realizing it Mr. Kay had taken his rock-hard, nine-inch cock out of his pants and was stroking it in rhythm to the pounding that Amy was receiving in the next room. Amy's pleasure ride kept going for anther two minutes as her pussy muscles contracted and milked every last drop out of Matt's cock and her mouth sucked up every drop of John's cum.

The Professor Vol 1

group FunFiction 2018-04-03

Maria licked her lips and began to saunter towards Carter and his hard dick. Amanda grabbed Maria's hips and began to kiss the back of her neck. Amanda began to kiss the sides of her neck, and Maria closed her eyes. Meanwhile, Amanda sat on the couch next to Carter and began kissing him. At the same time, Amanda began to lick Maria's pussy. Amanda felt Maria's legs shake as she began to squirt pussy juice all over her face. Amanda spit the juice back onto her pussy and licked even more furiously, turned on that her body and couch were now covered in Maria's pussy juice. Carter began to fuck Maria's face even harder as he came dangerously close.

Summer School Ch. 01

group ravageme480 2018-03-23

I turned on the charm and started acting very coy with him, and rather than being shocked like most teachers this summer, Mr. Atwood came right out with it and asked me to unbutton my blouse. Mr. Atwood went right back to fucking me, and Mr. Smith told me what a dirty whore I was by servicing two teacher's cocks at the same time. Finally Mr. Smith took his fingers out, stroked himself a little, and then slowly started to insert his raging hard cock into my ass. As I licked the cum-mixture from Mr. Smith's cock, I could feel Mr. Atwood push himself slowly into my ass.

Extra Credit Group Pt. 01

group lustskrypt18 2018-03-19

"However, I've decided to do an extra credit group, so you can bring up your grades." Relief came across their faces and Caleb raised his hand, he always had a question. "So would you boys, like to help your poor sex starved teacher, and earn some extra credit at the same time?" Another chorus of nods came from my audience. "So who wants to cum, to our little extra credit group?" Again hands shot up like bullets from guns and I let the bra drop to the floor. "They're so big and lonely, they just want some nice warm hands to play with them." Of all the boys in that room, one was a man, Kel. He got up and walked right to my desk.

Swiss Girls School

group SilkPantyGirl 2018-03-18

"Now then, girls," said Lucy, "This is John, and he had kindly agreed to help our class this morning. "Breasts, dear, tits are a kind of bird," said Miss Lucy, "but yes, that may have the desired effect. She straightened her clothing and Miss Lucy indicated John's cock, now fully, almost painfully, erect. Reluctantly, the last girl relinquished John's genitals back to Miss Lucy's hands. "Good," said Miss Lucy, "then let's make that the goal in the final few minutes of this lesson." As he began to ejaculate, Lucy expertly pressed her thumb into the base of his cock, holding the flow back for an ecstatic couple of seconds, then she let go, and a long stream of white cum spurted out onto his belly.

Tag-A-Long Ch. 03

group behindtheseeyes 2018-03-17

I got back to my room, sat down on the bed, wondering how things were gonna go tonight. And, our town didn't have girls that looked like Winter. I had never really considered myself a good looking guy, but every girl back home did. I want your big, hard dick deep in my tight, wet pussy." Leaning in, I started licking and biting her left nipple, while rubbing her right one with my thumb and finger, after I few moments I switched. As I continued to play with and suck on her nipples, I teased her with the head of my dick, putting it just barely up against her hot, pussy making her beg for me over and over to fuck her.

Well Worth the Wait

group BoNeRBoY19 2018-03-14

Her name was Heather and she was a new teacher who had graduated from the same college as Alexis. "Hey Alexis wanna grab some-, oh you've already grabbed what you wanted." Heather teased as she entered the room. We sat down in a booth, Heather beside me and Alexis sitting across from me. I waited until she was out of sight and pulled Heather's hand away. Alexis said they were just playing around while Heather insisted they were doing nothing at all. When I turned back towards the desk, Heather's head was buried under Alexis' skirt and her thong-clad ass was high in the air. I looked up from Heather's butt and caught Alexis' eye.