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Sally's Fantasy

group pandsal 2018-03-02

If I can't help speculating about the size of Ty's penis and picturing Monique wrapping her lips around it, how do I know that privately they aren't having similar thoughts? The story always starts at the point where I say to Ty and Monique, "Can I make a suggestion?" When I go on to explain what i have in mind there is a long pause. Monique has turned her head to one side, has her hand on the shaft and is feeding it into her mouth. [Sometimes Paul likes me to come at this point in the story, so that he sees me fingering myself to a conclusion at the same time that I am explaining how I imagine it would be with Ty. He then handles himself until he, too, comes.

Weekend Surprise - Part One

group MercyB 2018-02-19

Your mouth feels so good!” Keith threw his head back, reveling in the pleasure that I gave him with my hot, wet mouth. I wanted him to last a little longer, so left his dick and I inched my way up his body, the chill touching my pussy as I moved away from Sam’s mouth. I could hear Sam shifting behind me as Keith’s cock shoved its way deep into my hole. My body was tingling all over with the duel vibes of having Keith’s cock in my pussy and Sam’s fingers in my ass. I relaxed myself and felt the head of Sam’s cock as it gently pushed its way into my ass.

One Lust Filled Night-Part4

group gubica 2018-02-16

She started to shift her hips from side to side as she slipped her thumbs into the band of the thong she wore. She pulled the band away from her hips as she did a slow, enticing dance in front of me. She stopped moving and started wiggling her hips real slow and very erotically. I watched as she started to lower the band of her thong. At the same time, she was bending over pushing her ass closer to my face. I reached up with both hands and started to gently massage her cheeks. Slowly, I reached out my right hand and ran my finger from the top of her crack down, across her asshole, and across her pussy lips.

A Loving Family?

group oldrascal 2018-02-11

When I took her home her stepdad opened the door and glared at me, “You're almost late, watch the time from now on.” He leered at Marilyn's back as she entered and slammed the door in my face. Elena, not missing a beat, responded, “We're fucking dear, what does it look like?” She grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me into her when I hesitated and humped up against me to get me going again. Marilyn took a break to say,”Oh mom, you taste so good on Mark's cock.” And went back to slurping and sucking on my dick.

A genuine story of your sexy mature at a swinger c

group SwissMature 2018-01-26

Putting my hands slowly one before the other, when I started to feel some skin – a leg? “She whispered: yes come and join in, I’m a hot bi-girl.” My right hand started to stroke slowly up her leg. My tongue started to run up and down her pussy. Suddenly as I was kneeling there licking this juicy pussy I could feel to big hands on my bum. I guessed it was the wife of the stocky built man who was still playing with his big dick on my bum. I grabbed his massive cock with my hand while Stocky pulled his big one out of my pussy and came all over my hot bum.

The Fun Intensifies

group 2018-01-22

She walks to the bed, pulls her knee up and starts rolling the stocking, moving to place it at her toe. She stands up, does a little turn (with a hint of playful irony) and says "How do I look?" I can't really answer, but I notice that my cock starts stirring a bit. Sam pulls his cock out and waits for her to run her tongue hungrily along its length, then just the tip, then he holds it to his stomach so she can suck his balls. Without thinking to ask whether it would be okay or not, I reach over and tear open the toe of her stocking, contorting myself to be able to run my tongue between her toes while I slide my almost-cumming cock in and out of her.

Wifes best friend 2

group boots25 2018-01-18

I concentrated on sucking Patty’s labia and running my tongue inside her vagina to take my mind off of my dick and keep from cumming to soon. Then Sandy began to slowly slide my shaft deeper into her mouth while using her tongue to rub the head. My muscles flexed and relaxed as I moved in and out of Patty’s pussy and I could feel Sandy’s warm hand inspecting me at every stroke. As soon as I began to feel a new sensation from Sandy working on my mouth, Patty would shift her grip on my genitals and stimulate me. I could feel Patty caress my ass and legs as the urge began to build.

My Neighbours (Second Chapter)

group kezza6969 2018-01-18

Bob and Gracie commenced their usual display and in the shower right beside them Natalie and I followed their lead. As with Natalie I laid Gracie face down on the bed and wandered the full length of her long slim body with my mouth and tongue. That Saturday night I had both girls in my bed, on their backs side by side, naked, legs bent, thighs spread, pink pussy’s open to my lustful gaze. I took my time with Gracie, remembering her love of mild pleasure pain that, as before, brought her to a writhing vocal climax. Gracie’s body came into view, as my eyes looked long Natalie’s belly.

All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

group LickerLicense 2018-01-14

Instead of going in for the kill right away, I took a little extra time, and kissed around her pussy, trailing my tongue slowly along her folds. The mouth on my cock had been steadily deepthroating the whole time, and I couldn't take anymore, between the mouths on my nipples, the pussy on my face, the throat on my cock, the hands on my balls, and the tongue in my bum. The mouths on my nipples stopped, but I still had my hands in their pussies, so they weren't going anywhere. I yelled out, “Is there anyone else who wants a quick lick?” A few of the women who weren't quite done came back, positioning their asses above my face, and I happily stuck my tongue in their bums.

Pissed off by two hot women 3

group 2018-01-13

It tasted wonderful. After a few moments, she was back with her, she looked down at me, smiled and told me that I should go to bed schonmal. She held a black handkerchief in her hand, smiled at me and came to me. She lay down beside me and pushed her tongue into my mouth. Even now she pushed her tongue into my mouth. Alternately I could taste the saliva of these two wonderful women. And while I was again pressed a tongue in my mouth, I felt another of my plump, thick, red and sensitive glans. I felt as she drove along the rim, as they drove up and down the shaft, as this hot tongue licked my bags.


group veronicaslut 2018-01-08

Your concentration wanders – now you are watching that thick, hard cock driving forwards and backwards – now you are feeling me entering you from behind, an almost disembodied penis, existing only for your pleasure – now you can almost feel the sensations of the woman’s body, the rubbing against her pussy lips, the pressure on her clitoris as he pushes in to the limit. Then you move forwards once more, a little further this time and I too lean closer until my face is only inches from yours and I can see every detail – the veins standing out as they criss-cross the length of him, his ball sack gathered up tightly now and appearing to writhe under the gentle massaging of your left hand, your soft, wet lips drawn tight as they struggle to take in his full girth.

Three is Better Than Two

group firedream35 2018-01-03

“You, your body all sweaty on top of me, my finger sliding on your clit while my cock is pumping your drowning pussy.” One hand comes around to my breast, the other goes to my ass and a finger goes into my hole. We kiss for a minute, then you pull back and tell me to stop what I am doing, you want to taste her. Your hand comes around to the front of me and starts to play with my clit. Your tongue presses a little harder and her hips start to take up rhythm with your licking. I can tell you both are going to cum hard, so I stick my finger in your ass.

My Fantasies Ch. 02

group ukwriter 2018-01-03

Your friend leans over and starts to suck upon your nipples. She leans forward and her tongue starts to lick the end of my cock. You are now sucking your friends cunt as she leans down and tongues yours. You and her start to kiss and suck each others nipples as to use my cock and tongue to your pleasure. The combination of having my cock up inside you and your friends tongue probing your mouth and nipples quickly brings you to orgasm. Your friend cums equally as quickly as my tongue in her hole and you sucking her nipples drives her mad. You both suck and lick me until I start to pump my warm, white spunk across both your lips and tongues.

Birthday Swinging

group msthickclit 2017-12-29

While kissing Kenji and getting the best ass eating and pussy licking I've ever had, I cum all over Alyssa's face! Kenji spreads Alyssa's pussy lips, takes her index finger and massages her clit. Kenji takes a long slow lick of that big ass clit and Alyssa moans in desire. First Kenji takes a long slow lick from the top of Alyssa's glistening mound; then I take my tongue and starting at her ass, lick my way from top to bottom, stopping at the top to bite on that clit. While I'm enjoying licking Alyssa's clit, Kenji puts one finger in my pussy and with her thumb she rubs the rim of my ass.

My wife and her sister.

group zleis 2017-12-25

As Cindy was laying there still catching her breath, Amy laid flat on her tummy, and said, "C'mon, give it to me, I can't stand it anymore!" I scooted up behind her and eneterd her hot, tight vagina from the rear like I had so many times before-we both groaned as I entered her, and she immediately put her butt slightly up in the air to make the angle of my thrusting perfect.

Catching up, last evening, a date at last

group antoniaf 2017-12-21

She can’t do deep-throat yet (I’m sure that will change though) so I just gently fucked her mouth, felt her tongue playing with my clitty-cock, felt her tongue round the skin and ridge before I gave one last, gentle but firm push and shot my cum into her mouth. We laid back on the bed chatting, actually getting to know each other before I thought it was time I left, got cleaned up, found my undies and put them on again, straightened my stockings and headed off home – after that is, we had agreed that we shall meet again and that next time my new friend gets the actif’s cock in her mouth, unless that is we can get him to fuck us both in the pussy, we shall have to see.

I licked her b*****rs cock as went into her

group 2017-12-20

I could hear her gasp as she started riding my nose, her smell was intoxicating, and I lapped her up like a bitch in heat, swallowing hard, feeling her tighten up on my nasal cavity, she was building up for an orgasm, her own devouring of my own sex organ, was in proportion to the love two girls felt for each other, both locked into our special sex, touching myself was the norm for me every night, but touching another female, her buttocks, her breasts and nipples, and slipping my fingers inside her, just blew my mind.

Shelly's First BBC

group 77naughtycouple77 2017-12-15

We share a fetish for jizz, and the thought of helping her milk a BBC was an extreme turn on, to the point where I'd like nothing better than to do a tongue dance with her over his spurting head. "Oh, God, fuck me!" she is begging him, and he climbs up her chest so she can slobber all over his cock, then back down and balls deep in one huge, long, slow thrust. I wedge my face down in her clit, licking her little button while he slams into her in slow, measured strokes, finally pulling out just enough to flood her pussy lips and my tongue with the first few spurts, than pushing back in to shoot the remaining volleys against her cervix.


group FrankSinner 2017-12-15

I was dumped onto the bed, and Lori sat on my legs, tickling me, while Kim and Nancy began tying my hands to the headboard. I raised my head and watched Kim take the long banana into her mouth, and surround the end with her lips, then push it back out. Kim looked right at me and her long tongue snaked out and licked my cream from her chin. Kim leaned down and shoved her tongue inside me, and Nancy sucked my clit, humming as she did. Kim soaked my face, then Lori climbed on while Nancy began licking me. Nancy was the wildest, rubbing her pussy on my tits, then fingering Lori's dripping cunt and smearing her juices all over my face.


group hotartist 2017-12-12

My body bristles with anticipation as I feel a soft kiss just below my ear, then along the sides of my face, before a tongue grazes the tips of my lips. As I feel her body tighten, I move my lips to her clit, sucking it into my mouth and massaging it with my tongue, as I slip a finger inside of her, sliding it in and out in rhythm to her gyrations, as I explore every way I can pleasure her. I can feel the body against me begin to shudder, so I catch the cock in the back of my mouth in one deep thrust, and moan powerfully, letting the vibrations massage him.


group d4david 2017-12-02

Just wait till Daniel come in that ass, when he get up I'm gonna bust his ass wide open...' Sweat was already falling off of my body and as Daniel continued to slide his penis back and forth he too started to sweat. Mumbling through our lips Daniel said '...give me your tongue, stick your tongue in my mouth...' I surrendered and Daniel begin to gently suck my tongue, it was shortly after that I felt his penis throb and a stream of fluid strike my bowels walls and I knew he was coming again as he held my head and sucked my tongue.

A Fantastic FMF Threesome

group kezza6969 2017-11-29

As Jeanette began to kiss her way along Robyn’s feet, ankles and calves Robyn moved her lovely slim legs, parting them, silently assenting to Jeanette’s mouth body. Her body shuddered, mewing sounds came from her throat, her hands clutched at my head, her mouth sucked at my tongue, her nipples hard to my touch. Jeanette lay back on the bed, a pillow under her head, her legs spread, her pussy open to our gaze, her big breasts mounded on her chest, a look of happy lustful expectancy on her face. I moved my head and watched Robyn stroke her tongue back and forth amongst the open long folds of Jeanette’s pussy.

A Memorable Cruise

group deggles 2017-11-24

kept my hand rubbing high inside Amie's thigh and Derek As Sarah and Derek watched, I dropped to my Sarah joined Amie's moaning, turning around gently in himself into position, Derek deep kissed Sarah and I knew Derek cumming in her mouth would set off and kiss her deep as Amie, now flowing again, sat on my Derek and Sarah would, for me, to watch Amie take his soft for Derek and Sarah to hear: "It's that time for taste Amie's now heavy flow as Sarah and I exchanged Her mouth fell slightly open with a soft moan as Derek Derek leaned forward to taste Amie's hard and quivering their faces, Derek asking, "Now?" and Amie responding

Sunny Daze Threesome (MFF) - Part 2

group jm_xxx 2017-11-23

Racquel gives him a deep tongue kiss and slaps his face, then kneels on the cushions on the counter, with her dark, round ass, wagging in the air invitingly, as she looks behind to see Steven licking his lips to start eating her out from behind, as he stands with precum dribbling down the shaft of his dick.) Racquel takes the tip of her tongue to the head of Steven’s cock to lick up the precum, which she then feeds to Sunny, who swallows it eagerly off Racquel’s tongue, licking her lips.) Racquel looks down to Sunny and also guides the back of her head onto her man’s dick, like she is watching her man fuck her own mouth.)