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Sally's Fantasy

group pandsal 2018-11-16

If I can't help speculating about the size of Ty's penis and picturing Monique wrapping her lips around it, how do I know that privately they aren't having similar thoughts? The story always starts at the point where I say to Ty and Monique, "Can I make a suggestion?" When I go on to explain what i have in mind there is a long pause. Monique has turned her head to one side, has her hand on the shaft and is feeding it into her mouth. [Sometimes Paul likes me to come at this point in the story, so that he sees me fingering myself to a conclusion at the same time that I am explaining how I imagine it would be with Ty. He then handles himself until he, too, comes.

A Loving Family?

group oldrascal 2018-11-12

When I took her home her stepdad opened the door and glared at me, “You're almost late, watch the time from now on.” He leered at Marilyn's back as she entered and slammed the door in my face. Elena, not missing a beat, responded, “We're fucking dear, what does it look like?” She grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me into her when I hesitated and humped up against me to get me going again. Marilyn took a break to say,”Oh mom, you taste so good on Mark's cock.” And went back to slurping and sucking on my dick.

Weekend Surprise - Part One

group MercyB 2018-10-30

Your mouth feels so good!” Keith threw his head back, reveling in the pleasure that I gave him with my hot, wet mouth. I wanted him to last a little longer, so left his dick and I inched my way up his body, the chill touching my pussy as I moved away from Sam’s mouth. I could hear Sam shifting behind me as Keith’s cock shoved its way deep into my hole. My body was tingling all over with the duel vibes of having Keith’s cock in my pussy and Sam’s fingers in my ass. I relaxed myself and felt the head of Sam’s cock as it gently pushed its way into my ass.

One Lust Filled Night-Part4

group gubica 2018-10-30

She started to shift her hips from side to side as she slipped her thumbs into the band of the thong she wore. She pulled the band away from her hips as she did a slow, enticing dance in front of me. She stopped moving and started wiggling her hips real slow and very erotically. I watched as she started to lower the band of her thong. At the same time, she was bending over pushing her ass closer to my face. I reached up with both hands and started to gently massage her cheeks. Slowly, I reached out my right hand and ran my finger from the top of her crack down, across her asshole, and across her pussy lips.

Wifes best friend 2

group boots25 2018-09-30

I concentrated on sucking Patty’s labia and running my tongue inside her vagina to take my mind off of my dick and keep from cumming to soon. Then Sandy began to slowly slide my shaft deeper into her mouth while using her tongue to rub the head. My muscles flexed and relaxed as I moved in and out of Patty’s pussy and I could feel Sandy’s warm hand inspecting me at every stroke. As soon as I began to feel a new sensation from Sandy working on my mouth, Patty would shift her grip on my genitals and stimulate me. I could feel Patty caress my ass and legs as the urge began to build.

Othello takes Michelle for the Night

group boxerali 2018-09-24

I feel her hands caress my ass an then come around the front to let her hands touch the hard bulge in my briefs. Soon I'll fill her mouth with what's inside - but for the moment, I just want to feel her kiss and touch through the fabric. She's on her knees and takes her hands and stroke my penis while she let her mouth glide over the head and shaft. As her mouth pulls away from the head, I feel her hand stroking me. You show me your pussy soaked fingers and I can't wait to taste her juices and let my tongue push inside her. I want to feel my dick deep inside her wet pussy.

Tres Amigos in Bakersfield

group Mojave 2018-09-22

He pumped 7 times hard and then relaxed his grip as I slid his cock out to the point where I could get my tongue working his glans as I applied suction. He slowly pulled out as I swallowed the remainder of his man juice and then holding my head in his hands I looked up at him and he smiled down at me and said “Thanks. He tried to pull away after his 6th shot but I gently held him in position and took his glans in the front of my mouth and worked it with my lips and tongue.

Cheer Leading

group FelicityWaters73 2018-09-21

I was dumped onto the bed, and Lori sat on my legs, tickling me, while Kim and Nancy began tying my hands to the headboard. Kim looked right at me and her long tongue snaked out and licked my cream from her chin. Kim leaned down and shoved her tongue inside me, and Nancy sucked my clit, humming as she did. Kim let me, then began to fuck my mouth with her long tongue. Kim soaked my face, then Lori climbed on while Nancy began licking me. Nancy was the wildest, rubbing her pussy on my tits, then fingering Lori's dripping cunt and smearing her juices all over my face.

Three Friends - An MFM Experience

group kezza6969 2018-09-17

I sunk my face into her gash, sucking her love bud into my mouth, nibbling at it with my teeth, strumming it with my tongue, feeling her body slowly but surely respond. Over the top of her snatch I could see Roger locked in a tight embrace with Tina, their mouths still entwined, her hands caressing his hard cock. When the stress had built to a throbbing ache Tina moved her mouth to Roger, to repeat the cock suck on him, maintaining my interest and body heat with her hand. Slowly and carefully he began to gently but firmly penetrate his cock into Tina’s tight snatch, first his knob touching my shaft, then the length of his hardness inching along mine, making his way into her.


group workmate 2018-09-17

I saw his balls touch her chin, and then just as I thought my wife would gag, she suddenly she released him and began to flick his cock with her tongue. She sucked on his knob and shaft like there was no tomorrow, and he looked so happy and horny and just plain fucking turned on that I began to feel left out. I felt Terry almost melting against me, our sweat running between us, before he turned slightly and suddenly began to flick my nipples with his tongue. I pounded at my wife’s cunt and his cock, and suddenly felt the amazing heat as his spunk flooded all round me, bursting deep within Lauren.

A Beautiful Sight

group JaxsonCurry 2018-09-16

"Look!" Leigh interrupted, and as Lacey's eyes followed her s****r's line of sight, her mouth dropped open in surprise. Lacey began rubbing Leigh's butt, kneading it in her hands, and then reached between her s****r's legs and rubbed her crotch. As Leigh sucked on me, I began licking a little harder and faster on Lacey, and she began humping at my face, her butt cheeks flexing, so I grabbed her cheeks, kneading on them as I thrust my tongue inside her. Daddy knows how to really make me cum!" Leigh let go of my erection and shoved her vagina against my mouth, so I really began to eat her out as she shivered and gasped.

Three is Better Than Two

group firedream35 2018-09-11

“You, your body all sweaty on top of me, my finger sliding on your clit while my cock is pumping your drowning pussy.” One hand comes around to my breast, the other goes to my ass and a finger goes into my hole. We kiss for a minute, then you pull back and tell me to stop what I am doing, you want to taste her. Your hand comes around to the front of me and starts to play with my clit. Your tongue presses a little harder and her hips start to take up rhythm with your licking. I can tell you both are going to cum hard, so I stick my finger in your ass.

Lesson One

group BurningGarnet 2018-08-18

I suck gently…just enough to hold her finger in my mouth and I glide my tongue around the fingertip slowly, feeling the textures with my tongue, tasting her skin. I suck gently on her fingertip and swirl my tongue slowly around it and pull away, at the same time she keeps your foreskin between her lips and pulls it up over the head of your cock. I lick down toward her palm and kiss the mound of flesh at the base of her finger, her tongue follows your cock down to your balls and she kisses the right and then the left one. I lick and suck two fingers at a time, gliding my tongue and lips over them like they were your cock.

My Neighbours (Second Chapter)

group kezza6969 2018-08-18

Bob and Gracie commenced their usual display and in the shower right beside them Natalie and I followed their lead. As with Natalie I laid Gracie face down on the bed and wandered the full length of her long slim body with my mouth and tongue. That Saturday night I had both girls in my bed, on their backs side by side, naked, legs bent, thighs spread, pink pussy’s open to my lustful gaze. I took my time with Gracie, remembering her love of mild pleasure pain that, as before, brought her to a writhing vocal climax. Gracie’s body came into view, as my eyes looked long Natalie’s belly.

My Wifes Friend

group carlos06 2018-08-17

I felt her tightly puckered hole open under the workings of my tongue and the tip of my tongue was starting to work its way inside, Sally stopped licking Lucy's pussy, arched her back and let out a loud moan. She quickly slid under her friend and went to work on her clit with her tongue while I was pumping my cock in and out of her pussy still with my finger deep in her ass, it felt amazing, I could feel the ridges of my cock through the the wall between her ass and pussy, she liked it too as she was letting out a stream of deep moans.

I'm The Man In the Box

group LickerLicense 2018-08-12

I just let her ass fuck my tongue, occasionally feeling wetness from her pussy drip onto it. I wasn’t bisexual, and hadn’t told her I was, but, as I wasn’t one to ruin a good time, I let the cock enter my mouth, and began sucking it. I had difficulty telling the passage of time, but it seemed like after nearly ten minutes of fucking my tongue, she came, in a shower of cum. I slid my tongue as far up her ass as I could reach, licking and sucking on her asshole but, then, my wife surprised me by spinning around, dropping to her knees, and kissing me, long wet kisses with lots of tongue.

changing room part 1

group spunkbo 2018-08-11

rolling the white stockings up my wife s silky legs kissing gently the tops of her thighs, both uttering soft murmurs of pleasure. Becky positioned herself behind, running her lips and tongue over the pale soft skin of Zoe s ass cheeks, then began kissing the small of her back. Zoe reached a hand back and started toying with her ass as my wife flicked her tongue across her clit, arching her back she knew Zoe was about to cum, she could see her creamy cum starting to dribble slowly out between her already swollen lips. this obviously excited Becky as she moaned with satisfaction, and very gently flicked her tongue across her pussy lips tasting Zoe for the first time.

Anniversary Gift (Group Sex)

group fotisampini 2018-08-05

The sensation of the sensitive skin stroking cotton, as my cock intermittently flexes only making me more turned on and unable to look at anything but your stunning face, amazing body and huge, beautiful breasts. I love the sensation of fucking your mouth, feeling your wet lips and tongue devouring my cock as I slide in and out of you. You then feel something hard, warm and wet at the entrance to your tight pussy- I have your dildo in my hand and am slowly teasing your entrance with it while stroking your clit. Then, you feel the huge hot, throbbing head of this guy's cock press gently against the opening to your cunt.

My wife and her sister.

group zleis 2018-08-04

As Cindy was laying there still catching her breath, Amy laid flat on her tummy, and said, "C'mon, give it to me, I can't stand it anymore!" I scooted up behind her and eneterd her hot, tight vagina from the rear like I had so many times before-we both groaned as I entered her, and she immediately put her butt slightly up in the air to make the angle of my thrusting perfect.


group FrankSinner 2018-08-03

I was dumped onto the bed, and Lori sat on my legs, tickling me, while Kim and Nancy began tying my hands to the headboard. I raised my head and watched Kim take the long banana into her mouth, and surround the end with her lips, then push it back out. Kim looked right at me and her long tongue snaked out and licked my cream from her chin. Kim leaned down and shoved her tongue inside me, and Nancy sucked my clit, humming as she did. Kim soaked my face, then Lori climbed on while Nancy began licking me. Nancy was the wildest, rubbing her pussy on my tits, then fingering Lori's dripping cunt and smearing her juices all over my face.

I licked her b*****rs cock as went into her

group 2018-07-31

I could hear her gasp as she started riding my nose, her smell was intoxicating, and I lapped her up like a bitch in heat, swallowing hard, feeling her tighten up on my nasal cavity, she was building up for an orgasm, her own devouring of my own sex organ, was in proportion to the love two girls felt for each other, both locked into our special sex, touching myself was the norm for me every night, but touching another female, her buttocks, her breasts and nipples, and slipping my fingers inside her, just blew my mind.

Story Told to Lana: We Three

group Anothername_9 2018-07-29

You watch, you stare breathlessly, as you pull at your own nipples, making them hard, pulling so that you begin to feel a tasty pain overcome yourself, seeping away from the rigidity of your breasts' peaks, radiating down to where we lap and lick and kiss you, kiss your coming, kiss your sex, kiss her, kiss me, kissing tongues and clit and eyes kissing, breath kissing in the air around us, light upon our eyes kissing from one to another, my cock now spurting in my hands, as I keep sucking and licking, sweating, moaning, your body arching, nipples hardening, her eyes widening, watching me come, her body quivering, tightening, tongues still wandering, savoring, three bodies connecting at your V, moaning, gasping, rocking into each other, fingers grasping anything, holding, squeezing...loving this brief time turned to eternity.

Mandy (Part 1)

group johnxxjoseph 2018-07-26

The second time he did she responded, and placing his coffee cup on the floor he ran his hand lightly along her thigh... "Hold yourself open!" he suddenly gasped, and while she did he tongued her deeply, his hands reaching around and inside her t-shirt, 'cupping' and caressing her her lovely, firm breasts. Moving back to stand beside her he eased a finger back inside her while she leaned towards his penis. He fucked her ever faster and deeper, probed his tongue inside her mouth, then moved his hands to hold her breasts. After a short time she removed them and, taking this as an invitation, he eased his penis against her opening...


group veronicaslut 2018-07-24

Your concentration wanders – now you are watching that thick, hard cock driving forwards and backwards – now you are feeling me entering you from behind, an almost disembodied penis, existing only for your pleasure – now you can almost feel the sensations of the woman’s body, the rubbing against her pussy lips, the pressure on her clitoris as he pushes in to the limit. Then you move forwards once more, a little further this time and I too lean closer until my face is only inches from yours and I can see every detail – the veins standing out as they criss-cross the length of him, his ball sack gathered up tightly now and appearing to writhe under the gentle massaging of your left hand, your soft, wet lips drawn tight as they struggle to take in his full girth.