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New Adventures of Carmen

group eatu55 2018-11-06

She poured body wash into the wet wash cloth and slowly washed herself from her face and neck down her chest and around her breasts, stimulating her nipples as she moved the cloth lightly around her firm globes. I pulled out the chair and was about to leave when her right hand slid down her belly and she lightly moaned. Carmen increased the pressure on her clit and moved her left hand down so she could insert two fingers between her wet lips. Yes, you did all the things a good room service does, except you stayed." She slid her hand in my waistband and found my hard cock. Would you like to touch me, Eduardo?" she said as she arose, took my right hand and pulled it to her beast.

Barcelona Vacation Ch. 03

group Jack_Love 2018-01-07

After we'd done checking in, Melody strolled over to the group of girls, as cool as a cucumber, and said offhandedly to the most slutty-looking of them, "Hey, we're having a party tonight in our room if you wanna come. Soon they were all getting naked, or half-naked, kissing me, touching me, pulling my fingers onto their totally waxed-smooth, warm, wet twats, asses, and college-girl titties. After an hour, I'd had my cock up seven different babes' assholes, seven different pussies, and down seven different babes' throats, squeezed seven different perfect college-babes' asses, seven different amazing sets of college-girl titties, and kissed seven different babes gorgeous young lips!

Barcelona Vacation Ch. 02

group Jack_Love 2017-10-18

I slid my cock out of her wet pussy, and straight all the way up her tight brown-hole with a loud farting noise, and began fucking her bum hard and deep. Candy squatted down behind me, facing away from me, tilted her head back, and took my entire ball-sack into her warm, wet mouth, as my dick slid in and out of my wife's hot little asshole. Both girls were moaning lustfully as I enjoyed the sheer sexual decadence of having my cock up my wife's tight ass and my balls getting sucked in a hired babe's hot mouth. I pulled my dick out of Melody's ass with a farting sound, and put it into the call-girl's mouth, who sucked hard and fast on it as she fingered her pussy.