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Behind the Purple Door

group Coco 2018-06-27

Valerie denied LeAndra; lately she had identified herself as lesbian, (if she had to label herself) and truth be told, she thought she was in love with her boss and didn’t want to fuck Jason. LeAndra found Valerie with Jason in the salon’s room of indulgence, she joined them behind the Purple Door; offering them both a drink, she spoke quietly. Approaching the massage suite, LeAndra thought about the best way to convince Jennifer to join the party behind the purple door. There’s another client here that wishes to fulfill a fantasy.” LeAndra took a deep breath and speaking with authority continued, “He…his fantasy is to watch and to do so anonymously.” Quiet settled over the room as she let the idea sink in.

Our coach trip home

group Joanna86 2018-06-24

Despite teasing me, Chloe watched our friends as Steph began to grind her pussy on Zack’s hard cock. I was teasing my clit hard and fast, desperate to cum, hearing Steph moaning as she fucked Zack and watching Chloe’s jeans slide down her long shapely legs and take off her bra and tracksuit top. Rick and Danny were knelt, facing us, on their seats to our left and Matt sat with his feet and legs in the aisle, bulge clearly visible, all watching Chloe and me. Steph sat one chair to Zack’s left, with her legs apart, exposing her pussy, which was wet and still oozing cum which Zack had filled her with earlier.

Down The Rabbit Hole - Part 4

group JefferyB 2018-06-23

Lily walked up behind him, looked in the fridge and said, “I’d love a Landshark.” As Mitch opened it and poured it into a frosty mug he took from his freezer she asked, “Do you always treat your lady friends so well?” He looked down as the head of his cock popped out and watched as a stream of hot, white cum began to slip out of Lily and run down over Bre’s chin and into her open mouth. Mitch was having a wonderful time listening to the banter until Lily turned to Bre and said, “We’ll let Mitch decide who has the best tits.” With that they both stood, removed their shirts and stood directly in front of him.

It Takes Three To Tango

group Belthazor 2018-06-21

Placing his hand on her head again, Jesse guided her down until she knelt on the seat between Holly's legs, face inches from the other girl's pussy and her ass up in the air. "Chelsea," Holly said, her voice husky with lust, "I want you to lick my pussy while I watch my boyfriend fuck you." The redhead shivered as she felt Jesse's hands on her hips, caressing her. He smiled and continued his slow thrusting, sliding his cock deeply into her and slowly drawing it back out. Chelsea moaned softly and licked Holly's pussy even more, causing the girl to quiver and spasm as smaller, faster orgasms rippled through her clit.

Relief in Rugby

group MajPaddy 2018-06-19

Another man, below your line of sight, knelt in front of you and lathered soap on your pussy, working his fingers between your cunt lips while your legs were also held spread by the two men holding your arms. As his cock slid into the wet and warm palm of your outstretched and waiting left hand, the man in front flooded your mouth with his come, pulling out and spraying your face and hair with his declining spurts whilst you swallowed his salty juices. Your cunt clasped the cock of the man behind you as you felt an orgasm build inside you and he too pulled out spraying sperm over your upturned back as the man on your right jerked and the warmth of his seed flowed over your hand.

A cruise with a view

group fn_lvn_guy_13 2018-06-19

Of course I was hard as a rock and my wife came over and grabbed my shaft and gave me a big wet kiss and told me to enjoy the show! He laid her on the bed and I could see her large nipples were rock hard and pointing straight up the ceiling and she was squirming her legs a little bit which meant her shaved pussy was getting wetter and wetter. Our friend got between her thighs again and started rubbing his semi-hard cock up and down her pussy. After a few minutes, the big guy looked like he was getting ready to pop. The noises were getting louder and louder in the room and the big guy started to explode inside my wife's ass.

Vignettes: Welcome to Our Home

group boo_dreaux 2018-06-16

"You wouldn't mind?" Char whispered cautiously, her hand now stroking my hardening cock, her palm sliding around the head, smearing it with my precum. Still, the sounds that reached my ears of his increased breathing and of her muffled slurping of his cock told me that my friend Randy was discovering the joys of a cocksucking by Char. With my eyes lifted so that I could watch her suck him, the sight fueled my cunnilingus of her pussy, my efforts bringing her to a quick climax, her hand pulling my head tighter to her snatch as she rubbed it against my tongue and mouth frantically. After I showered quickly, I returned to sit in a chair and watched Randy and Char for the next hour of some seriously hot sucking and fucking...

The Bar (Part 4)

group Pegasus4 2018-06-11

As we watched Sarah finger fuck Carol, one of Carol’s hands moved between Sarah’s wide spread legs and parted Sarah’s pussy lips with her fingers. One of her hands was pulling me forward with each thrust into Sarah and her other hand was slowly moving up and down John’s rigid cock as John reached over to slip a finger into Carol’s very wet pussy. John had grabbed hold of Carol’s hips and pushed forward as Carol rubbed his cock up and down between her hot outer pussy lips. Not to be left out, Sarah climbed onto the pool table and positioned herself in front of Carol so that her legs were spread wide, exposing her smooth, wet pussy right in front of Carol’s face.

Bar Room Dancer (Alternate Ending)

group PAMtnMan 2018-06-11

At the same time the stranger leaned forward and I watched as his cock slowly disappeared into my wife’s hungry pussy. The man who was fondling her tit had now stopped and was watching his friend’s cock disappear into my wife’s glistening wet pussy. He had barely pulled his cock out until another man stood between her legs with his cock in hand ready to slide it inside her cum drenched pussy. The second man slid his cock between Susan’s wet lips and her pussy welcomed it in with a soft sucking sound. Susan moaned and licked her lips as he slid his cum coated cock out of her dripping pussy. Susan grabbed my cock in both hands and slid it up to the edge of her wet and swollen pussy lips.

He Set Up The Tents, I Set Up The Surprise

group rockinshell 2018-06-11

As our red headed neighbor shot a smile my way and landed a hard stare at Rob’s ass bent over the fire. I could barely contain my hands, or my orgasm as I opened my eyes and saw that Rob had Sylvia bent over in front of him and he was giving it to her hard from behind. I couldn’t get the look that Sylvia had on her face as Rob let her have it from behind out of my head. We went to the tent and I showed him how if we laid down and looked out the door we could see her really well, laying in font of the tree in the firelight of the campfire, and I’m sure that was her plan. I sucked Rob hard and fast, Sylvia took my juices and put them on my other hole.

The Island - Final Connections

group DarkSide 2018-06-11

The conversation fell quiet for a moment before Jenny blurted out, “Brian, I dare you to drop your trousers and show Karyn your cock.” Karyn slowly let her arm extend and she watched both Jenny and I as her hand clasped around Brian’s upright cock. By the time I pulled my hand out of Steve’s trousers, Karyn was naked and guiding Brian to the stool near the bar, still pulling on his engorged member as she walked backwards towards the stool. They were unaware at the time of what was going on in our area, but they soon appeared as voyeurs to watch Karyn get fucked from behind; well, as soon as John had served them their drinks and taken their money.

Here Comes the Neighborhood

group MissAnonna 2018-06-09

“Do you see the neighbor?” He said moving towards the fence, inching the head of his cock closer and closer to the hole. Her hand pulled me to his cock and I felt the head push my lips further apart and I felt his erection slide along the top of my tongue. “Oh Shit!” I cried and held tightly onto Ray’s erection as he reached over the fence and placed his hand across my left breast and began squeezing my nipple. I pushed a little harder against his cock and opened my mouth, feeling the next creamy blast coat the back of my tongue and then he jerked forward and I felt a warm feeling across my eye.

Making New Friends In The Woods (Part 2)

group Pegasus4 2018-06-09

Jason and I stepped closer, our rock hard cocks in our hands, and watched Jay gently lick Sally’s clitoris. It was such an intensely erotic sight watching my wife press her face against Sally’s smooth, wet pussy as her husband and I held her legs up high and wide apart. She then placed my cock against Sally’s tight little opening and watched closely as I slowly and tenderly pressed forward, the swollen head of my cock gently slipping inside as Sally quietly groaned in deep satisfaction at having two cocks at once. I felt Sally’s gorgeous backside push up to meet my thrusts into her tight little butt hole and then down to meet Jason jerking up, driving hard into her hot pussy.

The best night in a hostel

group sexxxyandiknowit 2018-06-09

Jessie moaned again as Sam brought her hand up to Jessie’s other breast and softly massaged it, still sucking on her other nipple. Krista was so caught up in Madison that she hadn’t noticed that Jason had pulled out his enormous cock until he sidled up behind Jessie, who was still kneeling between Sam’s legs, softly rubbing her clit. Jessie shut her mouth and let Jason pull her panties down, watching him while still rubbing Sam’s wet clit with her thumb. Jessie moaned with pleasure, whether from Krista’s mouth on her nipple or because Jason and just shoved his fingers into her hole. “And now,” Sam smiled “Now, I can play with the girl who watched.” Krista reached around and finally undid Sam’s lace bra.

B&B: 3. The Sheriff

group torchman 2018-06-07

She told Walt and Sue about the conversation she and Gary had at the party with Will, a police officer from a nearby town and suggested that he might be the culprit. “Hi Mike, this is Walt, and I am here at the B&B with Sue, Gretchen and Gary. “I can give Dan a call in the morning and ask if Gretchen and I can meet with him later in the day,” said Gary. Gary and Gretchen did their best to make it clear that the B&B was first and foremost a guest house, but that their ability make the business work might depend on hosting occasional parties for a select and small group of couples and selected single men and women.

A new job, a new friend - Chapter 2

group Bobsadventures2013 2018-06-06

By the time I got to the part about us watching five men working out, and I had my first orgasm for the day, Bob began to push his cock ever so slowly into my now aching pussy. I was so full of lust, I just wanted to feel him back inside me, so I quickly climbed on, and guided him back into my wet throbbing pussy, as I eased myself down onto his hard thick cock, I turned to see Camryn on her hands and knees with Charles fucking her from behind, she was screaming, “Ah yes, Ah yes, fill me, fill me with your cum, ahhh.”

Model Client 2 - Mile High to Vegas

group seeker4 2018-06-06

“We are meeting Tara Maclean after the show,” Angie said, flashing the guard a smile and some boob. “Are you the one we check in with?” Moving slightly apart, Angie and Tara began to caress each other’s tits, stroking and squeezing them as they gazed lustily into each other’s eyes. Beside us, Angie slipped her thong off and started masturbating as she watched, using the middle finger of one hand to rub her clit while using the other to caress her pussy lips and probe inside. Straddling her friend’s face, she buried her own between the singer’s thighs and began licking and sucking Tara’s clit, while Tara went back to work on Ang’s pussy.

The Substitute

group RCPUDGE 2018-06-05

Within moments, while Larry was licking her pussy her body jolted and she screamed, "OH YES" After her climax we rested for about 5 minutes and then Steve said "It's my turn" Since you have not seen Steve's or Larry's cock I'm going to blindfold you and watch as you try to guess who is fucking your mouth. As Larry watched her suck, his cock began to stiffen in anticipation. Then Carol removed her mouth and then felt for the other cock. She stopped sucking their cocks for a moment and said to me, "I love you and I hope you are watching" I replied, "I love you too and this is really turning me on." That's all Carol needed to hear.

The Camera Club

group anubis63 2018-06-05

Jackie is now moving about the garden and picnic bench posing for us, sniffing flowers, first bent forward then thrusting her large tits to the sky, all the time the fleshy mass of her breast wobble and swing from side to side, and back and forth. With that Mark stands upright, taking his 7" cock in his hand he steps forward and slowly pushes it deep into Jackie’s love tunnel, letting us take our photos before he starts to pump her. Bob steps forward and carefully pulls Jackie's hair back over her ears to make sure none of the action is kept form our cameras, before moving away to let tom and mark get their photos.

Mrs. Jessup's House (part four)

group Green_Man 2018-06-01

One day in the spring, after the desert winter had passed, my girlfriend Sarah came to Mrs. Jessup's house one evening from volley-ball practice, surprising me and Carol by bringing the whole team with her. I got another rubber out and then one girl put her long leg over my waist and slowly lowered herself onto my cock. She turned her fluffy head back to me and told me to get to it so I crammed my cock into her pussy and began pumping and pumping. It seemed to go on for a long time, but finally from her moans and huffing sounds I could tell she was coming.

I had an urge that needed satisfying - Part 2

group Joanna86 2018-06-01

The lads took us by the waist moving us up the bed a little, before the two of us opened our legs invitingly, hearts pounding in anticipation, hearing Emma moaning behind us as she continued to pound on and off Robin's cock. Though I'd moved to be sat cross legged, my hips were bucking furiously on Sean's fingers as my juices trickled steadily onto the bed, my pussy was contracting harder and harder and as I looked down at his cock, I was surprised to see how much pre-cum was oozing out. Eventually I lifted off him, our cum oozing onto the increasingly stained sheets and as I kneeled on the bed I saw Robin on top of Issabella, pumping hard and fast, Emma and David sat watching them, his cock glistening, the aftermath of having sex.

Watching and being watched

group Mister_E 2018-05-31

When I looked over at the other two, Chrissy had turned around to face us and we could now clearly see Dave’s cock disappearing into Chrissy’s shaven cunt as she leant back on him. I’m not sure how any of us lasted so long but, I think it was Dave who came first and then Ali as she clamped herself around my cock. Ali said she kept looking at Dave’s cock and how hard and long it was. “Why don’t you take this tea up to Chrissy and I’ll take that to Ali?” asked Dave. I was just thinking how it matched the scenery outside – looking like a snow-capped mountain – when Ali’s mouth went to it and sucked in my cum from Chrissy’s nipple.

Our Introduction to our neighbours part 1

group Bobsadventures2013 2018-05-30

Our neighbour hasn't stopped watching or playing with herself and looks completely mesmerized as you fuck yourself with the cucumber. I lean forward and pull her other breast out of her dress and grab both of them as I pick up my pace thrusting into her warm wet pussy. After you've finished covering it with your juices, you pull the cucumber out and begin running it up and down the outside of your pussy. This has obviously really excited our neighbour watching you orgasm because her pussy tightens around my cock. You grab the cucumber inserting it into her pussy, as you push it in,she leans her head back and moans.

Tuck’s American Roadtrip! Arizona Pornography

group ArtMan 2018-05-30

Next Paul had them turn around facing the couch and bend over and spread their ass cheeks apart as he got a closer up image with his small hand held video camera. Then Tuck not knowing what would happen next watched as Paul unbuckled his pants and walked around to the front of the desk then said to the girls, “Now I need you both to suck my dick, people in the industry will want to see a demonstration of your skills.” Rhonda was moaning and grunting as she received Paul’s cock in her pussy from the back and Kate was moaning out, “Oh yes baby!” as Rhonda’s tongue licked and lapped and sucked at her wet juicy cunt lips.