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My wife entertained my friends

group woreout 2018-06-18

Friday I was on my way home and my cell phone rang, it was my wife and she asked me to stop and pickup four cases of beer. He said all the guys are here , grab a beer and come out to the pool. Doug saw me and said " he's awake" all eyes turned toward me, even my wife with half closed lust filled eyes looked toward me. My wife stood up and rubbing her belly said thank you guys for great time, you are welcome to come by and fuck me anytime you feel like it. She relaxed and pushed a big stream of cum started leaking down her butt hole toward her pussy.

cuckold lifestyle26

group woreout 2018-05-29

His date was a little hottie, she said oh your wife is that sexy lady in the light blue dress, right? I said well, yes she's sexy and wearing a light blue dress...OH , so who's the guy she was going into the limo with? I took my wife's arm and started walking, I asked what felt good? I saw my wife and she was headed my way, she walked up and without trying to be discrete she said I'm going to fuck one of the bar backs I'll be about an hour, find something to do. I walked over to our car and got in, started it and turned on the AC...I was about to have a heart attack....She was right, almost an hour later here she came across the parking lot.

The best s****r ever part 4

group horndogs 2018-05-19

Over time he let us fuck him anal and he enjoyed it as much as I did and we started to do something called "naked hour" which happened every friday evening, where our mom works until 11pm if she comes home early. The next friday mom had booked a day off from work to relax and me and my s****r went upstairs and dad said he had a surprise for her but to wait downstairs. What was actually going on was me and my s****r lay down in our parents room and did a 69 on the bed while dad started to fist me and then he called down "darling could you give me a hand here".

Plug fun in the video store.

group deveon4u 2018-05-14

So he pushed me on we went it he bathroom closed the door the guys in there were pissed they wanted to watch. I gently walked out some guys came over to me rubbing my ass saying things that I still have no idea what they said. One of the guys that said something to me walked over pushed me to the wall kissing me. Another guy came over holding his cock out, I looked at then felt a hard push in my groin area he had my dildo.

Dunes of Maspalomas

group waterbuck 2018-04-12

Of course there are sunbathers too, but sometimes walking around a corner, you will stumble into scenery of fondling, sucking and banging in some bushes or under a palm tree, always with some gentlemen standing nearby, working on their organs. I had seen them days before and had been touched by her quiet and patient way to massage his rod. Legs widely spread apart to give them an unhindered look on my testicles; I began to fondle my balls tenderly. A Swiss guy besides asked, after expressing his enthusiasm about what he had seen, where the two came from. This is like paradise: sun is almost shining, one stand or lies aside, and if one is lucky, wishes will come true.

Cuckolding with Americans

group welshcpl05 2018-04-07

So I suggested she take her time, get ready whilst we all go for drinks and she meet us at restaurant as it is only 5 min walk away. I returned to meet the guys and we went to several bars before getting to the restaurant on time, having several double gin and tonics to start us off. I had noticed that she was spending a lot of time chatting with Bruce and had even looped arms with him walking to the bar. Jane has told Bruce I wouldn't mind and infact encouraged her to pull men but he said he didn't want me there unfortunately.

Tinas surprise!!!!

group madddog1945 2018-03-26

I looked over at Sean and Keith to see if they wanted anything. Sean said as they grabbed their keys and left. I sat on the couch and looked out the door at the sea of people dancing. Keith had started to piss as I hopped a bit behind him then turned and saw her standing there. Keith turned his head and started to hurry ?What on earth? We all caught our breath and she started humping my cock again Keith and Sean switched positions. She finally caught her breath then looked at us ?Well that was fun guys, thanks.? When we finally got done Keith and Sean had got dressed and left.

The Slave Market

group MrErotica 2018-03-17

Once the woman in red had finished all the guests fanned out and began walking around looking at all the tied up women. “These are nice and soft I’m relived to find that they are natural too, give them a feel for yourself” the man said to his partner, at which point she walked over and began squeezing both my breasts. A woman was being pleasured by a group of men one man was laying on the floor with the woman laying on top of him facing away he was trusting his cock in and out of her arse while another man was kneeling between her open legs and was fucking her pussy another man was kneeling near her face while he thrust his dick in and out of her throat and still there was other men crowding round her waiting for there turn.

Tabby Cat: Sex KItten

group 2018-02-24

I hadn't seen them before and while they both took a good long look, one of them smiled and said to me, "It's a bit cold for that skirt, honey." I just giggled as they walked into the bar. Of course I knew what was up so I wasted no time, I opened my mouth wide and before I could even start sucking, Calvin rammed every inch of his cock down my throat. After another minute or two, however Kyle popped my toes out of his mouth, and after a few more deep hard thrusts he pulled his cock from my ass.

my slut wife 1

group johnjohnagr 2018-02-20

The dining room was not very full, the resort itself was rather empty, a handful of couples were there on the first night, although more singles and a few more couples came and went throughout the two weeks, the resort stayed pretty quiet. I walked in to the bathroom and i heard two guys taking while using the urinals, they were talking about a girl, on guy said how he liked the girls tiny titties, the other guy said he liked her pussy, the first guy asked him where he saw her pussy, and the the other guy told him that she was wearing a mini skirt with no panties in the dining room, and her pussy was bald.

I married a slut.

group exoticcpl 2018-01-26

This woman I had been watching all week was on the pool table in the barracks break room naked and getting fucked by this group of guys she had driven onto base with earlier. As I continued to finger this woman, this guy walked into the room and told this woman that he and his wife were going to a friends house and that they would be back later. On the drive to my soon to be wife's house she asked me if I intended for her to remain faithful to me after we got married. When my soon to be wife saw me, she told me that Gary, the guy she was with, and her b*****r and s****r in law had agreed to witness at our wedding.

Truth or Dare: The Adult Bookstore

group beth080808 2018-01-26

As i started walking up the aisle towards the back, a guy in grey sweat shorts stepped around the corner looking at me and the movies. To the left, it looked like a dressing room, with 5 open doors. I decided to leave, I stood up, opened the door and there were 3 guys just standing there in that little hallway. The larger guy rubbed my other arm down to my wrist and held it, while his other hand unzipped my hoody all way down. I reached up to hold it closed, and the other guy stuck his hand up the back of my skirt. The larger man grabbed a handful of hair, stepped up and started rubbing his cock on my face, and then shoved it in my mouth.

A f****y Friend 5: The Party part 1

group 2018-01-02

“Oh yeah you ready to cum?!” he said, “Cause I’m about to blow!” he gripped my hips and shoved his cock in deep. Cum now began to drip out from my hole and down my face, as the last 2 men made they’re way out, I heard the front door close and then heard Artie make his up towards the room. “I have to hurry” I said, “ I don’t have much time.” I got out of the shower, but fell to the ground, I guess my legs just didn’t have much strength left. Artie left the room, told me he’d be back with the party, and closed the door.

Porn Theater

group exhibmax 2017-12-31

Before I entered I unzipped my jeans from my car to the theater the feeling of my cock ready to burst out of my jeans made me feel hot and horny. When I entered the theater the action was already started as a man was sucking another one in the front row, so i walked not too far from them and let my big 7" fall out off my jeans a started rubbing right in front of every body else... what a feeling when the others saw that they started to rub them self as well on hot Latino in is 30's walked close to me to offer is mouth but im no gay just a pervert so I refused.

Just another Walk in the Park

group SaraOz 2017-12-17

He looked around and saw the boys and then at me and said 'are you sure girl, you want them to see?' I smiled, and just went to his cock and started to kiss and then lick and suck it. He sat back and I went to work, and it was not long before his hand had pulled the tie on my dress and the front fell down and my young boobs were in the air, and the man put his hand on my boob to play with my nipple as I sucked his cock. I got up and was walking off and thinking it had been a great night in the park with guys all feeding me so much cum...But I had lost my panties again.

The Cleaner's

group therealbk 2017-12-12

You look pretty strong and flexible." said Lacey. See if she is still looking for someone." said Lacey. Is this Mrs. Baines apartment?" I said.She smiled. I walked behind Jessica Baines big ass. I started to clean her big floor to ceiling windows around her bedroom. My bedroom looks brand new sweetie." she said. A minute later the door to Ms. Baines apartment opened. She told me to have you wear this, while you vacuumed the entire apartment.” Said Lacey. I smiled as Lacey put the small nude color thong in my right hand. A second later I felt Ms. Baines push her huge breast around my cock. I saw Ms. Baines was trying to inch her middle finger in Lacey tight pussy.

First Visit to Green Door Las Vegas

group MIKEBBCBULL 2017-12-07

Most of the other single men visiting were older fat guys who walked around wearing just a towel or naked. I walked to the other end of the hall and found an open area that had four beds on one side of the room and chairs lining a low wall on the other side of the room. Single men could watch the action from outside of the wall. A few other couples were sitting in the chairs inside of the wall watching the action. Right on the other side of the wall from me was a couple who were watching the action. It became apparent that the woman of the couple was getting horny watching the old man's wife taking multiple cocks.

Wife's ex boyfriend fingers her in front of m

group 2017-12-05

My wife and Weston were sitting on chairs outside but something did not look right, the way they were facing was kind of weird. When I had finished in the bathroom I left the house via the front door and walked around the side path to the back garden, this way I would be approaching my wife and Weston from a direction they would not expect. After a few minutes of fingering her pussy up against the wall and sucking her tits her hands found their way to his jeans, unbuttoned the front and reached inside for his cock. Weston looked over and saw the head of my cock poking through and grinned.

The Gift - Working Vacation Part 2

group Nomufftootough 2017-11-29

The cabbie dropped us off in front of our motel and, while gathering our purchases, I asked my wife if she felt like stopping for a drink at the bar in the motel next door before we called it a night. I moved our purchases from my bed to the closet in my wife's room and closed the connecting door without even thinking about it, then tried calling Walter at home. 'Well,' I thought to myself 'this was why I got the room to begin with!' It was just a matter of luck that I'd closed the connecting door before I'd left to meet my wife!

Me, 2 BBW's and a Strap On - BBBBTS

group therealbk 2017-11-27

I found your keys just outside the door to the laundry room." said Tori. Don't be late pussy licker." said Tori. She started to bash her big breast on my face, and head. I like pussy licker better." said Tori. Then you can start putting together the baby furniture and help decorate." said Tori. Got it paint boy." said Tori. My mouth fell open when I realized she had a big purple strap on cock between her legs. I think Tina and I could use a big cock around here." said Tori. I then felt Tori big breast, wrap around my cock. Tina likes his big cock too." said Tori.

Hotel Truckstop Fun

group Funloving62 2017-11-13

i made sure my pussy lips spread against it and my clit got vibrated as I rode it and yesI let my coat slide open to reveal myself to the two truckers that I was nude under the coat .They smiled and moved over to watch me enjoy the ride and even one took pictures of me as I moaned for then and cam just knowing i was being watched. I watched a few of my new friends walking back to their trucks then I went to the shower and cleaned up and go in bed boy what a night...

Beach 3-some

group alistairdazzle 2017-11-03

The beach is about 2km long and at the end it is quite narrow and backed by cliffs with a series of small bays separated by rock outcrops which can be reached by walking through the shallow sea. As they walked past the man was further away walking in the sea and said hello in German and the very nice shaped women who was closer on the sand gave me a big grin while looking straight at my cock. After about 20 minutes I noticed the man get up, put on his cap and walk away so I took my camera into the sea so that I could see if the woman was still there by herself.

Happy Anniversary

group herandtheoldman 2017-10-26

We walked back to our room by this time the evening meal was being prepared and so we freshened up and got dressed, it gave me the chance to put on the gift hubby had bought for me, first I put on the black lace panties, matching bra and suspender belt, followed by the sheer black nylon seamed stocking with the lace trim, wow I felt real sexy and must admit looked good too as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, think hubby will approve, I finished the look off by putting on my little red dress and red stiletto heels, and grabbed my black wrap as we headed for the dining room we were feeling a little hungry by now, what a delicious meal we had, fresh salmon, new potatoes and a lovely selection of vegetables all home grown of course, the salmon had been caught just that very morning and was all washed down with a very nice house wine.

Fucking A Mother And Son On A Cruise Liner (Part 1

group adm19842 2017-09-25

Fred began chatting up a middle aged hispanic woman who was also in the pool with us. I went back into my cabin had a nice warm shower, put on a pair of shorts and a tee and splashed on some cologne. I asked her if she was going on the Island walk today and she said she was undecided cos she had a headache and her hangover from some hard drinking last night hadn't completely gone away. Would you like me to come over and take a look at you?" "Oh no" I said, "i think ill be fine". As we walked in she asked me what the problem was and I replied that I thought it was a bout of food poisoning.