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Wife looses a bet

group woreout 2018-03-04

I was planning on having the guys over to watch a preseason game and I asked my wife if she would be our hostess? I said first of all it was two guys by the pool and yes I want you to give your pussy away again. I said I wanted one last kiss before your mouth starts tasting lick cock. Well the guys all started arriving and each one gave my wife a kiss on the cheek and commented on her outfit. Without going into a stroke by stroke description of the evening I just say every guy there sank his cock into my wife's pussy before they left.


group silkstockingslover 2018-03-04

Ryan then went to his best friend’s bound wife and pulled the toy out of her pussy and crawled underneath, awkwardly with bars in the way, and uncomfortably began licking her soaking wet cunt. Lisa said, “Tell me Amanda, do you want your friend to fuck your ass?” Lisa’s pussy was wet by being controlled in such a dirty way; when time was up, Lisa stood up and said, “I want that cock in me later.” Lisa, who could play the game too, walked over to Craig, put her hand on his cock, through his shorts, and said, “I like surprises.” She rubbed his cock through the shorts and then walked back to the basket. Amanda moaned a submissive yes as her husband pulled out and slid his cock into her well fucked ass.

My wife entertained my friends

group woreout 2018-03-03

Friday I was on my way home and my cell phone rang, it was my wife and she asked me to stop and pickup four cases of beer. He said all the guys are here , grab a beer and come out to the pool. Doug saw me and said " he's awake" all eyes turned toward me, even my wife with half closed lust filled eyes looked toward me. My wife stood up and rubbing her belly said thank you guys for great time, you are welcome to come by and fuck me anytime you feel like it. She relaxed and pushed a big stream of cum started leaking down her butt hole toward her pussy.

An Unexpected Threesome With The Babysitter - Part Three

group Mysteria27 2018-03-03

I kind of liked that Sandy was our play thing but didn’t know if I wanted him fucking her without me. I was pushing my fingers deep inside of her really hard and then I pulled my fingers out quick and Sandy started to spray her hot cunt juices. Sandy liked big cocks and I wanted my cock to be bigger than my husband’s. I eased down on his hard cock and fucked my husband, while he ate the babysitter’s pussy. I rode my husband hard, while the babysitter started to spray her sweet cunt juices. We called Sandy several more times and had fun with her until she went back to college.

Two Beats a Cheat - Part Four

group storyo 2018-03-03

Maria saw it and turned around sliding under Jackie, pulled her knees his locking around her sucking each others wet, hot sex as Andy slammed hard in Jackie, his balls dragging on Maria's face. His balls tightened once more, he pulled out spraying the last load he had on Jackie's dark pink rose bud and watched it slowly drip down over Maria's nose as she continued sucking Jackie's clit letting it run down her face to her black hair. "Are you going to just stand there all day with your dick in your hand or are you going to fuck us?" She turned back to Jackie's pussy as Andy ran his hands over her firm, perfect, brown ass.

Ana at the stripper pub

group Anitaslut44 2018-03-03

The room erupted into applause as I stared in disbelief as my beautiful sexy wife Ana strutted out onto the stage swinging to the smooth sounds of an erotic kind music. One of the men who had been stroking his cock approached Ana and moaned as he unloaded a huge torrent of cum onto my wife’s face. Looks like I made a mess!” Ana said; when she stood up and watched the seated man erect cock dripping cum. Then I watched my loving wife lick and suck his balls and dick, cleaning up the gooey mixture of cum and pussy juices. It was quite enough for me… I knew that night Ana would fuck the four guys in a wild way and my cock was as hard as theirs.


The Bridal GangBang

group sluttybitch 2018-03-02

Cocks started popping out and it seemed like there were a hundred hands feeling me up. As expected, I felt rough hands squeezing my tender flesh, and then the man in front of me grabbed my head and gently led it towards his cock. It was a lot better when they lay me on my back because I could give my legs a rest and concentrate on the cocks in my mouth, pussy, and ass. Since I was still feeling like a whore and loving it, I kept lapping at it and letting some of it fall out of my mouth even though I couldn’t help but swallow some.

My Wife and her Best Friend Lay a Trap...Part 2

group Bman8in 2018-03-02

I saw both of the ladies’ bodies tense up and saw J push her hips down on Jenn’s face, while Jenn thrust her hips up, slamming her slick, shaved pussy into J’s waiting mouth. I looked deep into her sparkling eyes, which were still filled with unfettered lust and said: “Jenny, may I fuck your pretty, little, shaved pussy again?” I saw Jenn’s eyes fill with additional desire and felt her hands fly to my cock. I could feel Jenn’s sucks at my thrusting tongue become more frantic and I opened my eyes to look at Jenny’s sweet face. Jenn’s hip bucked and heaved and as she screamed again, her pussy shot a load of girl-cum right into J’s waiting mouth!

My Best Friend's Wife - Part 2

group Remington 2018-03-02

"Don't think you were gonna come down here alone, especially with a horny girl wanting to get pleased." Cindy said as she approached me in the water, giving me a very sultry look. The look she gave me just said 'wanna bet?' Her eyes never leaving mine, Cindy took my cock as far as it would go into her wanton mouth, eliciting a moan from me. Cindy began moving her hips while watching Lacy suck on Shane's dick. "I have an idea." I said, looking at Shane, "why don't you come over here and fuck Cindy's ass while she's on top of me. "Lick Lacy's ass you dirty whore!" I heard Shane say as he finally got his dick inside Cindy's ass.

The Apartment, Part 4

group fog43 2018-03-02

I had agreed to give Roger access to the apartment alone so that he could prepare after his workday, so Carol and I got dressed and took a walk out around our neighborhood, watching the cabbies play soccer in the local park between shifts. Carol then made me hold the pad while she took Roger’s cock in her hand and pulled him close, then kissed him fiercely. Then we switched, with Roger now eating Carol and sawing the dildo in and out of her bottom, while she sucked my cock and fucked my ass. Carol came three times on Roger’s tongue before Roger and I reached our peaks. “I want his cum inside me,” Carol whispered to me as Roger prepared to fuck her.

Lucky at poker

group woreout 2018-03-02

I like the look of the thin black straps holding a high hill on a stocking covered leg. I looked up to answer her and when I did I saw her eyes where on the TV and her legs had fallen open with out her knowing . She looked down at the way she was setting , then she smiled and spread her legs wide open showing me her always shaved pussy. Her legs started bouncing a little while she said that any time he calls she always goes to see him. She smiled and said you know dressing me up like this is only going to lead to some guy fucking me.

After the Reception

group pashe196 2018-03-02

While Brad and the bridesmaid loaded the flowers into the back seat of the car, Todd pulled me aside and said, “Steve’s going to be sitting in the passenger seat. After handing her and Todd each a glass, he said, “Well, since I didn’t get enough glasses, Brad and I will have to drink from the bottle. Tom didn’t look happy, but he shrugged and said, “Look, I took her husband by the longest route I could think of, and going back that way he’ll probably wind up in the traffic from the race track. Steve stepped in and pulled Tom away while Todd ran some water into the empty champagne bottle and handed it to her.

The Birthday Book

group aldenbradley 2018-03-02

“I didn’t tell you I wanted to make love to Caitlyn, too,” she admitted, leaning into the blonde to kiss her passionately, her hands seeking to steady the breasts that bounded in reaction to Todd’s aggressive thrusts. “I want to make sure you’re not mad at me for fucking Gary last night,” Lena told Todd over their morning coffee. “Michael,” Lena said, walking toward the bedroom pulling Gary by the arm, “You wouldn’t mind a repeat rendezvous with Caitlyn while I entertain the photographic genius for a bit would you?” “So you see, darling,” Lena addressed Gary quietly in the darkened bedroom as Caitlyn nursed her breast tenderly, “you can’t use her anymore as your private whore. “You can fuck Caitlyn, Melanie, or me, when you need to,” Lena said softly.

Costume Party

group tcg 2018-03-01

I pulled the back of her gown up and slipped my hand down the back of her panties and d**g my middle finger between her legs and into the steaming cauldron of pussy juice that seemed to be flowing like a river from her cunt. And I could tell she was not far from exploding into a mind blowing orgasm and also by the way ole cocks man up there was gaining speed I knew he was close. Just then my wife screamed and I felt the tale tell signs of her pussy muscles and I couldn’t hold out any longer and exploded into her ass with what seemed like a gallon of sperm and as my cock was slowing down I felt ole cocks man’s dick expanding into his own explosion.

A Cold Winter's Day In January

group jcfrgb1 2018-03-01

It's Friday, and with the work week over, Kay and her husband along with their photo loving friends Ed and Jan are at Marcus's house - the house where she and Marcus's wife Terri have had so much fun and where there has been so much sweat. She loves this heat, for it means the cameras are on and the sweet sweat involved in stroking and sucking young men's cocks will be preserved. She spends a minute watching Kay who is on the blue rug on her back, sweating with her legs wrapped around the black haired young man fucking her as she slowly sucks the brown haired guy.


Holly From Eastbourne

group PervyStoryteller 2018-03-01

I tried to ignore their presence as I focused on capturing Holly on camera, but then my attention was grabbed by the fact that one of the men had pulled his sweatpants down beneath his balls and was waving his cock at my wife with a dirty grin on his face. One of the men had come right up close to the window with his erect cock, and as myriad hands groped my wife's tits, her fingers with their sparkling red nails, were holding the stranger’s erection in a firm grip. She leaned back against the car, her hands coming up to fondle her ample bosom, massaging the cream into them as one of the men twisted her head into position to suck on his hard cock.

One Great Halloween Chapter 2

group NIGHTOWL6261A 2018-03-01

J-Nine said, “It is not a joke, and I think your wife needs a cock inside her now, by the way, I am jealous you get to lick this sweet twat any time you like." As she lowered my shorts she looked up at M and said, “Holy shit, this thing is going to split me open.” M replied back, “I know, it splits me open three times a week and I love it!” M laid down on her back, and as I spread her legs to enter her, she grabbed J-Nine and said, “Get above me, I want to taste that pussy and get it ready for that fat cock.” I slid into the saddle and slowly sank as deep as I could into M's pussy. 

Cuckold with a view

group woreout 2018-02-28

She said the reason I had you put on the device tonight and showed this video is that Marco has a gang bang set up for Saturday afternoon and he told me he wanted you to attend. She said you are the cuckold and I'm the hot wife being fucked by twelve well hung black guys. He said are you excited about watching your beautiful white wife being used over and over by all that thick black cock? He said that hot little body is amazing how it can take that much fucking from guys that try their best to beat your cunt up. She said are your ready to watch your sweet bride get her cunt totaled by twelve black cocks?

A surprise weekend for my wife and her b*****r!

group tcg 2018-02-28

As they kissed I watched Linda reach between them, grasp Mike's cock through his jockeys and start to rub it. I watched as Mike kissed my wife, and smoothly sliding his hand up her thigh to her satin panty covered pussy. As I watched Mike soon began work his cock slowly in and out of Linda's pussy. Mike pulled his cock out of Linda's well-fucked cunt and a glob of his cum oozed out of my wife's hole as the head of his dick popped out. I want to feel my cock in your pussy that's full of your b*****r's cum." Linda shockingly did as I asked and pulled her panties aside.

Share And Share Alike (Jake 3)

group ian69 2018-02-27

Ann pushes Jake to the floor and bends over him, taking his cock in her hand and slowly strokes it along its length. I feel her tight ass grip me and then Jake starts to move again pushing his cock into her pussy. Oh, Jesus, I can feel his cock working against mine through her pussy wall and the shear fucking dirtiness of this almost makes me come right then. We both start to move now but struggle to coordinate our thrusts into Ann. In the end, Jake stays relatively still, Ann pushes down on him and I am free to fuck her ass as fast and as hard as I wish. Ann starts to convulse around our cocks shouting, “Oh fuck, oh fuck I’m coming, do me, fucking do me, do me hard!”.

Anita's secret drawer

group Anitaslut44 2018-02-27

The black guy immediately fed his pole back into my wife’s hungry mouth, as his companion began working his dick into Ana’s wet stretched cunt. He was grabbing her by the hair and fucking her face as the white guy slid his dick in and out of her pussy. The black guy in her mouth was thrusting a little faster, grabbing a handful of her hair as he fucked her throat and slapped her face. The black guy then took his turn between Ana’s spread legs, sliding his meat into her well-fucked pussy. The black guy eased his cock out of her ass and his companion pulled his dick from her throat. The black guy soon resumed his position up my wife’s ass, stuffing Ana full of cock.

Our adventure continues (part 2)

group Fantasypenman 2018-02-27

It was the first cock other than mine that you’ve had in your hand since we’d met 8 years ago and from the look on your face you aren’t disappointed. I’ve always said that you give the most amazing blow jobs and as I look at you now, my own cock throbbing deep inside you, I can see why. I look down to see your juices are flowing freely down my own rock hard member and over my smooth balls as I continue to slide it as deep into you as possible. As the last few inches finally slide out you close your eyes and turn your attention back to the job in hand.

A cuckold

group woreout 2018-02-26

My wife told me that this Saturday she was having her ladies group over for some relaxing and sunning by our pool. Some where laying on the lounge chairs and it looked like they where getting head from a couple of ladies. I wanted to see what it looked like wet, so I stayed there until she started to come out if the pool. She told me if I wanted to come out and watch all the sex I could for doing such a good job on her pussy. My wife fixed a soft pad next to the pool and told them to come and get it as she lay back and spread her legs.

Wife's Birthday Surprise

group janedoe19 2018-02-26

I was pulling a new thong out of the drawer when you walked up behind me and said, "Close your eyes and hold out your hand." My hands moved to her hips, and ever so slowly I pulled her jeans down, as I kissed a path to the top of her thong. I felt Bradley pull out of my ass and he said, "Lay down on the rug and Rachel will lick you clean." You shoved your hips forward until you were all the way inside Rachel and then you let go, cumming hard deep in her ass. When I stopped licking, she moved herself off me and Bradley picked up the pace again, fucking me hard with his cock and fingers.