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group woreout 2018-06-27

She said lookey at all the cars and trucks....I bet there's new guys here I haven't fucked ...I got out and walked around to help my wife out of my truck, it's a four wheel drive and sets a bit high for a lady wearing a short skirt to get out of. I looked down at the dock and saw Keith talking to three guys at the pontoon boat, my wife skipped up and jumped on board, then all three of the other guys got on as Keith started backing out of the slip. Some clooege guys where having a gang bang party and they asked keith if he knew a woman that could fuck all night long, so he said yeah i do...and that would be me she said.


group bava12 2018-06-27

I came close to my wife face pushing my cock into her mouth,while her uncle was licking her asshole,i pulled my cock out ,sat on the sofa,i asked my wife to set on my cock, The two girls went on their four,opening their assholes wide with their hands waiting for dad cock,i started to push my cock in my older daughter asshole,it went easy,then i pulled it out going to the other hole,it was not tight,my cock was moving from one hole to the other. The other daughter was having her ass cheeks facing her granny head,the old woman was licking the sweet asshole while her own hole is being fucked with a huge dildo.

By Invitation Only Part 2

group Sweetdreemz 2018-06-26

The overhead light had been turned off, so it took a while for Cindy to make out Trish lying on the table face down with two large towels covering her body; one for her upper body, one for her lower body. Despite the fact that she had watched couples have sex in this room before, and despite the fact that Jenny and Mike were intentionally performing in front of the group, Cindy had the feeling she was intruding on a very private moment. Finally as Nancy began relaxing, Bob pulled his still twitching cock out of her, but continued to squeeze it until the urgently impending orgasm passed.


group silkstockingslover 2018-06-26

Ryan then went to his best friend’s bound wife and pulled the toy out of her pussy and crawled underneath, awkwardly with bars in the way, and uncomfortably began licking her soaking wet cunt. Lisa said, “Tell me Amanda, do you want your friend to fuck your ass?” Lisa’s pussy was wet by being controlled in such a dirty way; when time was up, Lisa stood up and said, “I want that cock in me later.” Lisa, who could play the game too, walked over to Craig, put her hand on his cock, through his shorts, and said, “I like surprises.” She rubbed his cock through the shorts and then walked back to the basket. Amanda moaned a submissive yes as her husband pulled out and slid his cock into her well fucked ass.

Submissive Alyson loves being used

group arbymore 2018-06-26

They finished their drinks and Master Roger said, ‘Pull your skirt down,’ Alyson did as she was told and they all stood up and walked out to reception where John the manager was. Master Roger turned to the others and said, ‘So who’s going to fuck her first, make sure you cum inside her and fill her cunt for her. She loved the feel of the cock fucking in and out of her cunt and with the vibrator against her clit she actually climaxed seconds before John spunked deep inside her. Master turned the vibrator off for a moment just to give her a short respite and as he stood in front of Alyson he could see the guy’s spunk start to trickle out of her red and sore cunt.

Banging In the New Year

group WayneGibbous 2018-06-26

My hands were on Amanda's lovely breasts, feeling, squeezing, rubbing her nipples as she put her fingertips in a circle and began twisting back and forth over the head of my cock like it was a twist-off cap. Now, naked, my cock hard and ready, I went over and took the dildo from Jerry and began stroking his wife with it while he began embracing Sharon. I think she was sucking so hard on Jerry that he went right after she started, then my cock started filling my wife's mouth and right at the beginning of the first chorus of Auld Lang Syne, the one that is about 'taking a cup of kindness, yet,' that was when Sharon began humping my face as she moaned and groaned.

I thankful I live in Georgia

group woreout 2018-06-26

I was busy for a few minutes and didn't notice that he had picked her up and was walking around the shop still fucking her , her legs where tightly around his waist and he had her ass cheeks in his hands and he raised and lowered her onto his now foamy cock. I gave them a few minutes before I walked around the corner to see what they where up I wiped my hands with a rag I watched him set in one of the chairs beside the pool , my wife turned her back to him and eased her ass hole down onto his cock...he pulled her legs up on either side of his his cock fully buried in her.


group bava12 2018-06-26

Why he, they all are nice persons before they joined but then everything changed!” Looking at my curious eyes she said, “Look I used to be a very chaste girl and today I feel like a prostitute.” She stood up and lifted her blouse exposing her beautiful round tits with small pink nipples and in the same breath, lifted her skirt to show her neatly shaved pussy between the hairless smooth silky thighs. Girish hugged my wife at the door and kissed on the lips cupping both breasts with his hands and again with his arm around her, playing with her tits, led her to the drawing room where half a dozen men were sitting, enjoying their drinks.

Showtime - Part One

group JWren 2018-06-26

Ruth squirmed in her seat but resisted the urge to finger herself, even when Natasha stared directly into her eyes, grinned and buried the cock deep within her squishy pussy. Natasha rose and leaped off the bed to one side, took a couple of paces towards the front of the stage and spread her arms at shoulder height, her cum-covered tits wobbling and swaying. Natasha, arms now at her side, looked directly at Ruth and, with a sudden extravagant sweep of her right hand, blew her a kiss before prancing off stage left, boobs bouncing to rippling applause. Ruth smiled and smoothed her right hand down his left thigh, brushing the bulge in his trousers. “Good grief,” said Ruth, hands quickly raised to her ears as the opening bars of The Stripper blasted the room.

The Proposition

group aldenbradley 2018-06-25

“So, did the two of you have a good chat?” Cheryl asked Drew and Dana as she emerged from the shower, wrapped in a towel, and finding the two of them seated on the sofa. “You don’t have to do this, Dana,” Drew said gently. Dana, her mouth full of his cock, and Cheryl, her hands brushing up and down Drew’s thigh, looked at one another. Dana dropped down to her knees, putting her hand on Cheryl’s breast again as Cheryl licked and sucked on Drew’s cock. “He liked it, too,” Cheryl said, beaming at Dana. “Yes,” Cheryl said, giving the side of Drew’s cock a last, loving kiss before rolling out of the bed.

How I Became a Hotwife Ch. 05 [MMMF Strip Poker]

group JENnRASP 2018-06-25

It was about three months after I had met the artist, my hubby and I were on the bed chatting and he asked, "Darling, do you remember you had met two of my friends, Simon and Robin? My hubby then took the cards and dealt it to them again and he finally broke the ice by saying that since we were already fully naked and had nothing more to strip, whoever won this round could choose what he wanted. My hubby won the first round but instead of asking one of the guys to do something stupid, he looked at me and chose me instead and said, "Darling, I request you to suck my cock now and shake your ass like what you did just now."

Trish, Sarah Harry

group Trish 2018-06-25

Sarah realised Trish was staring at her naked body and grabbed an old shirt of Harry's off the chair. 'That won't be  necessary  Sarah, but your not going yet.' An edge of hardness came back into Trish's voice as she remembered that this little slut, innocent as she may look, had been fucking her husband. As Harry moved behind her Sarah could feel her pussy pumping with the beat of her heart. As Sarah looked down at her, at the back of her head,  Trish's tongue  flicked across her pussy lips, parting them, exploring them. She could feel Harry's dick pounding into her and right next to as gentle as a faeries touch  Trish's  mouth delighted her pussy.

An Unexpected Threesome With The Babysitter - Part Three

group Mysteria27 2018-06-25

I kind of liked that Sandy was our play thing but didn’t know if I wanted him fucking her without me. I was pushing my fingers deep inside of her really hard and then I pulled my fingers out quick and Sandy started to spray her hot cunt juices. Sandy liked big cocks and I wanted my cock to be bigger than my husband’s. I eased down on his hard cock and fucked my husband, while he ate the babysitter’s pussy. I rode my husband hard, while the babysitter started to spray her sweet cunt juices. We called Sandy several more times and had fun with her until she went back to college.

Cock for Doris

group CK1 2018-06-25

Ruth turned to her husband and said, "Doris looks really sexy tonight, doesn't pushed Keith aside and thrust the dildo against Doris's mouth. "Spread her legs," Ruth commanded, and Doris felt eager hands pulling her thighs Doris gasp out, her tits shaking and her body jerking as Ruth screwed her Keith's prick was rigid as he pressed it between Doris's wet cunt lips. beautiful sexy little slut like many cocks have screwed you Doris, how Ruth took hold of Keith's arm and told him to stop fucking Doris and lie back on impaled on Keith's cock to the hilt, as Ruth prodded her arse with the dildo. push moved Doris forward off Keith's cock, before she was pulled back onto it

My little control freak

group AntonandJolyn 2018-06-25

I heard a definite ‘yes’ from the couch but didn’t see who said it because I was looking at my wife already pulling my boxer down just the way she had with my jeans. I knew Janet and Christina couldn’t see exactly what happened there on account of the dress and the angle, but the thought of me almost entering my wife with two other women watching was still very exciting. I lost every thought in my head except the image of me fucking my wife on the living room table while two of her friends were sitting on our couch looking at us with joy on their faces.

business trip

group jaflaf1983 2018-06-25

A couple of days later the couple was back in the bar and without hesitation asked us back to their house  I told the woman that I confessed everything to my wife and said she got really hot.  She asked me if I wanted another blowjob.  I grabbed the woman and took her into another room, dialed the phone an said I want you to let my wife hear you suck my cock.  I told her to get on her knees now!  The woman got really excited and said she wanted me to force her.  I grabbed her by the hair and said get down and take my cock out.  She dropped to the floor and began to grab my cock.  I held the phone in one hand and grabbed her head and shoved my cock in her mouth.  I picked up the phone and told my wife.  She is sucking my cock now.  I could hear my wife panting in the background.  I told the woman to open her mouth wider.  and to lake it all the way in .  I said now pull it all the way out.  And shoved it in deeper.  I could see the woman playing with her pussy so I asked her if her pussy was wet.  She said yes.  She was coming just sucking my cock.

82% wife

Ana at the stripper pub

group Anitaslut44 2018-06-25

The room erupted into applause as I stared in disbelief as my beautiful sexy wife Ana strutted out onto the stage swinging to the smooth sounds of an erotic kind music. One of the men who had been stroking his cock approached Ana and moaned as he unloaded a huge torrent of cum onto my wife’s face. Looks like I made a mess!” Ana said; when she stood up and watched the seated man erect cock dripping cum. Then I watched my loving wife lick and suck his balls and dick, cleaning up the gooey mixture of cum and pussy juices. It was quite enough for me… I knew that night Ana would fuck the four guys in a wild way and my cock was as hard as theirs.


My Wife and her Best Friend Lay a Trap...

group Bman8in 2018-06-24

She really looked hot, and at that moment, I just wanted to grab my wife and fuck her right there in the backyard; but then I took another look down Jenn's sun dress at her sweet, perky breasts and knew that I was going to have both these hot women before the night was out, and I wanted to start with Jenn! J said; "Jenn, you need to get naked, like me, before you start blowing my hubby!" "Scotty loves to play with my tits when I give him a blow job, and I'm sure that he'll want to do the same with you." While I continued to pound Jenny’s sweet pussy, I watched J expertly squeeze Jenn's breasts, pinching and sucking on her beautiful, full nipples like I had done earlier.

Watching Anna Ch2

group danielzack 2018-06-23

Ryan then grabbed my wife and started dancing with her as Connor sat beside me on the sofa. We sat there saying nothing to each other as we drank our drinks and watched Connor feeling up my wife's arse as he took his turn dancing with her. As I held Anna close to me I turned her back to the guys and slowly pulled her dress up revealing her arse cheeks to them. As I watched my beautiful wife drop to her knees both guys dropped their shorts and boxers revealing very hard cocks. Anna groaned in pleasure as Ryan set about fucking her hard, and at one point she had to take Connors cock from her mouth as she gasped for air.


My wife's fourth of July gang bang

group woreout 2018-06-23

Every guy kept my wife's tanned naked ass cheeks in site. John one of my old friends and also my wife's fuck buddy said your honey is trolling for cock isn't she? She stepped closer and I ran a finger up the front of the bikini pushing then nylon in deep between her pussy lips. Several of the other guys joined them by dropping their shorts and my wife played with their cocks while blowing John. My wife turned her head to me and said clean my pussy. Mark is a big black guy and his cock is the size of my wife's arm at her wrist. He was hard and soon had his thick black meat stretching her white pussy lips apart.

My Wife's friend Mandy

group Sballin245 2018-06-22

Her pussy clenching my cock, I started slowly to move my hips, kissing her neck. "Make sure you satisfy her, like you always did when I was pregnant, baby," she said as she gave me a kiss and walk out the room, closing the door.  With that I started to slam Mandy's pussy hard, giving her the fucking that she needed and deserved. Kate leaned forward even further and started licking my wife's pussy. Both women exploded in orgasms at the same time as I unleashed my cum deep inside Kate's pussy. I leaned forward and start licking my wife's pussy until my cock was fully hard again. I could tell my wife was getting wetter knowing that her friend was sucking her pussy juices off my cock.

Bringing in the New Year with a Bang!

group tcg 2018-06-22

"Michelle," I said, "Tara was brave to show us her Christmas present, but you don't have to if you don't want to." "But it sure looks like she's wearing the same panties as you." He knew that Michelle and I hadn't brought bathing suits, so Heath added, "The gals have shown us their panties already, why not just hop into the warm water like that?" He looked at me, "Wearing boxers?" "Hope you don't mind," Heath said to us, "We love to do this." He lifted his wife up and down on his enormous cock, and I could only guess how big it was erect and how much Tara could take.

Strangers needing a ride

group atadreep 2018-06-22

Tina was but naked as well on al fours between John’s legs while she was licking on Johns cock and Loris lips of her pussy and ass at the same time. Then Shawn stuck his massive cock on Veronicas mouth and John got behind Lori and started fucking her very hard doggy style.   Shawn, John, Veronica and Tina all got dressed, leaving Lori laying in all that cum and Mike sitting there thinking about what just happen. The 2 couples said thank you, Shawn and John gave Lori a intimate Kiss and Veronica and Tina did the same to Mike and they left.

Hot Fun with Doris

group CK1 2018-06-22

had pushed her finger inside Doris's cunt and I could head and she was holding Doris's mouth hard against her hands, he pulled my wife's face down on to his cock Vic and holding Roy's cock in her left hand, her loves fucking hot little cunts like you, Doris. rammed his cock into my little wife's juicy tight cunt, and even with her mouth sucking Vic's cock, Doris was With her thighs held open and Roy's cock in her arse, pulled Doris's head to the side and guided my cock Liz was still holding my cock in one hand, wanking it started to kiss Doris, even though my cock was in her I watched breathlessly as both Liz and Doris started to