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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Cleaning Girl

group biwifeplaying 2017-11-22

When we started having the crew come, I never would have imagined that one day I'd do what I did with the head girl, Tonya and her friend, Alex. That Thursday night came, and Tonya showed up right on time, at the door with a bottle of red wine in her hand and a smile on her face. My husband walks in from the garage door entry and says hi to Tonya and me but then complains that he's tired as he starts to unbutton his shirt and walk upstairs. Tonya looks at me and says, "how about we do this another time?" I smile and tell her I would like that.

Trailer Trash Party

group BarefootWriter 2017-11-22

Susan laughed and said "You want to look slutty for Dan. Ok seeya then" Dianne looked at what Susan was wearing and said "Loose the tube top and the outfit will be perfect" Tony pulled her red hair as she sucked him while Goose fucked her hard and fast. As she walked around the front of the house, she saw that Dianne was in Dan's Suv . "Girlfriend, you look like shit" Susan joked at Dianne. After a hot shower and a cup of tee, Dianne walked over to Susan and said "You know You made me feel so good I would love to repay the favor." Susan smiled and took Dianne's hand as they walked upstairs.

Kelsey's World Ch. 17

group riverboy 2017-11-22

He could already picture the end-game — all of them naked on Kelsey's big bed, his cock deep between Erin's round ass cheeks, and an awkward meeting at the next photography class. Erin seemed to like it, staying back there, clicking away, so Kelsey added some more eroticism, letting her hand drift to the crack of her ass, with her middle finger finding the dirty spots, first a tickle of her asshole and then some nice swipes through her glistening slit. "Let us know if you want us a certain way, so you can keep Richie's face out of it," Kelsey said. "Erin, you got some super nice tits to fuck," Kelsey said.


The Boss's Secret

group VaSaint 2017-11-22

I needed to know I could handle emotionally watching my wife fuck another guy and I didn't want to be in the middle of things if I couldn't. He got in, closed the door, said hi, pulled down his sweatpants, grabbed her by the back of the head and shoved her down until she was sucking his dick, I watched her head bob up and down for about two seconds before I unzipped my pants and was stroking my cock. After a few minutes, he climbed on top of her and shoved his cock in her mouth while he came and I heard him order her to "swallow every drop!" Then he sat back down, pulled up his sweatpants, got out and left, never to be seen again.

Job Perk

group BrettJ 2017-11-22

Ellie's told me a few times that she thinks about fucking you," Paige answered, the wine loosening her tongue just a bit. "You want my permission for you to fuck Roger?" Roger was Ellie's 2-years younger boyfriend and Frank was not necessarily his biggest fan. Instead of getting in the doggie position like she usually did with Frank, she decided to let the hard-cocked younger man fuck her in the Missionary style. "Come here bitch and ride my fucking tongue," Paige said to Ellie. After all, while Paige was having her first DP, he had Mila sucking his cock, Ellie riding his face and Honey's lovely tits to suck on.

Finally Carries Fantasy !

group FilthyBoy10 2017-11-22

Tom who is a really dirty bastard, took her panties and had them in his face to sniff and lick before putting them around his wanking cock. Carl who had been a bit hesitant to now, pulled his big bell end out of her mouth and started flicking and rubbing it on her face, she looked like a lovely sexy whore ! Pulled his cock from her pussy and went straight to her mouth telling her to lick her cunt juices off like a filthy slut that she was. As she started to rub it in, Tom blew and shot about 4 thick ropes of white spunk over her hair forehead and tits.I was next and stood in front and shot it all into her open mouth, she swallowed a bit and then let the rest dribble out over her big tits.

The Dinner Ch. 1

group AnonOne 2017-11-22

Ken tried not to watch them too closely, but he had always been attracted to Shannan, and never could understand why any man would have a hard time learning to be a better lover to please a woman like her. It wasn't long before his cock swelled and he started stroking it under the blanket as he closed his eyes and wished he were Sean. Ken looked up at Sean, but his eyes were closed and he was rocking back and forth on his feet as Shannan resumed sucking his cock. Shannan was about to resume sucking Sean's cock when her eyes grew wide at the sight of Ken's twitching prong just inches from her face. Shannan adjusted herself pulling Ken and Sean closer together; she was between them and moved so that both cocks were inches from her mouth.

Making Amends

group Many Feathers 2017-11-22

During dinner, and then later while watching TV, Lana began to think about all the friends she had once known, wondering what many of them had been up to over the past ten years. Though Lana later learned about a year after graduation that someone had told her they'd heard Lucy was bi-sexual. Sensing that, Lana backed off slightly; she wanted to time this just right if she was going to convince Keith to go along with her to the reunion. When the dancing began, Keith was pleasantly surprised at Lana's suggestion that he and Lucy go out onto the floor for a dance together. Lana was even more aroused, excitedly so as she and Keith awaited Lucy's arrival.


Truck Ride Ch. 01

group urbanslut 2017-11-22

You can sleep for as long as you want", were the first words Saleem said to Madhu. Saleem watched Selva tongue Madhu's cunt for a few minutes. At the same time, Selva got up, and pulled Madhu's blouse up until it was bunched up under her arms. Some time later Madhu started having small warm shivers and Selva recognized the signs of an impending orgasm. Madhu took Saleem's dick out of her mouth, held it in her right hand, and let out a loud moan-yell as she climaxed. Madhu forgot all about Saleem for a while as she pulled Selva towards her and gave him a long passionate kiss.

Santa's Little Helpers

group JosephBarnosky 2017-11-22

Cindy lifts her ass up and Santa slips in, flicking his tongue against her clit, causing a squeal of delight to escape her lips. Soon Cindy is reaching another orgasm and starts moaning into Tabitha's tight pussy. Cindy moves her arms up under Tabitha's legs and grabs her ass, pulling her down further onto her face, pushing her tongue into her tasty pussy lips. Tabitha squeezes her breasts and plays with her nipples as Cindy's tongue continues flicking around inside her until finally she bursts. Santa continues driving his aching cock into Cindy's throbbing pussy and without warning he shoots his hot cum deep into Cindy so hard she feels it hit the back of her pussy, triggering another miniature orgasm.

True Stories of a Sex Hungry Housewife part#1

group ehrin 2017-11-22

guy friend "derek" over to our house for dinner and drinks!So after a yummy dinner my wife cooked for her friend and us,we put our k**s to bed in their bedrooms!We all started having some mixed drinks that i was making in the kitchen,"earlier that day i stopped by the porn shop and purchased some packets of:super-horny-female-sex-powder"and i secretly poured some into my wife chrissys cocktails!so for a couple hours my wife,me,and her guy friend derek are laughing hving a great time and getting d***ker and d***ker!

A Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 02a

group ava23 2017-11-22

Emily stood there next to her, naked, but Alicia couldn't stop her hand moving up and down, caressing her clit, she was so close to an orgasm. Alicia felt the throbbing in her pussy start to grow, and as Emily moved over the kiss her again, she automatically closed her eyes and accepted the kiss, lips slack as Emily's tongue invaded her mouth. Alicia moaned in disappointment when Emily stepped away, grabbing her hand, and pulling her behind, out of the bathroom, dropping the towel on the way out. Emily started climaxing first, and as she was pushed over the edge, her pussy squeezing David's cock inside her, he kept thrusting as he released his own juices into her.

The Stranger in Pink Shoes

group fantasyboy 2017-11-22

She held her husband's arm as they walked into the store and I followed behind. I was looking at her legs when her husband turned and looked at me and smiled. Then suddenly her husband walked directly up to me and said, 'You want to fuck her, don't you?' Her orgasm was soon happening and I felt a huge stream of her cum engulf my cock. Her husband then said, 'Cum inside the slut's cunt.' As my cock subsided inside her, her husband moved closer to her and shot a huge stream of cum over her ass. As I walked a few feet behind them I could soon see my and her husband's cum trickling down her legs.

Sheryl Caught on Film

group ZotDragon 2017-11-22

"Yeah, I, uh, hurried," Sheryl answered, lamely not wanting her friend to know how eager she was to see Penny fuck her husband. "Why don't we all get a little more comfortable," said Penny, trying to bring Sheryl's attention back to where it was needed. There had always been a low level of flirtation between the two, but John had never pressed her and Sheryl could never have acted because her friend Penny was married to the man. Penny had forced John onto his back and had swallowed half his cock when Sheryl took the first shot. Sheryl was just able to focus on the obvious wetness that was seeping out between Penny's labia before she was blocked by John's head.


The Fish Bowl Party

group PrincessErin 2017-11-22

"Two is fine." Denise was left alone in the room while Adam went back down the stairs. Why this fantasy?" Adam was spreading her pussy lips wide, loving the feel of her wetness against the shaft of his cock. I want to be worshiped by two sexy guys." Denise had a hard time concentrating. You're too big." Denise was trying to relax, but was already feeling so full with Adam's huge cock inside her. "Oh God. Oh God. Oh God." Denise began bucking hard and fast on Adam's cock. Adam placed Denise on the bed and both men stood up, jerking their cocks in front of her face. Denise rubbed Drew's cum into her breasts and smiled as she mixed both men's semen into her body.

Part 2 of The Evolution.......The Backpack Trip an

group Lozo44 2017-11-22

I wiped his face with my index finger and sucked the fresh Cumm of it saying how good it tastes and described what I did to the two guys he saw earlier swimming with me as he squirmed in discomfort.Richard stayed quiet as instructed as Cock after Cock used my sloppy holes, and before Cumming would holler out to Richard, watch me blow a big load of my Cumm in you're slut wife Tara's mouth, pussy, asshole, or wherever the Cock might be. I went from one to the other like a wild, crazy whore telling Richard that this was what I needed, I loved lots of Cocks using me, and then I grabbed Hank's huge pole with both hands, which barely covered the width and length, and added that this is going all the way up my asshole right now, why didn't you Fuck my ass?

Dear Paul Ch. 2

group Laurie 2017-11-22

I went back to sucking Keith's cock, and as soon as Shane returned with the lube he began to apply it to my asshole. After I had finger fucked him for about two minutes, I leaned my lips up to his ear and told him Shane needed a little help with his cock so he could do the job right. The way Keith took Shane into his mouth; I knew right away that that wasn't the first cock he'd ever had the opportunity to suck. We went on like that for another minute or two with me pumping my fingers in and out of Keith's asshole and Keith bobbing his head up and down on Shane's cock.

Strange Way to Get the Girl Ch. 01

group SummerHighlandFalls 2017-11-22

Now this isn't to say that the other two members of their little foursome were unattractive, but the least attractive of the four, Tiffany, was fairly whiny, and the fourth, Melinda, who was as physically attractive as both Miranda or Toni was always somewhat cold and distant. I quickly thought about my options, and found them wanting: I could try to attack an unknown number of assailants, who had already acquired one hostage in Miranda, or I could be led like a sheep. I looked back up as I heard Melinda say, "You're gonna get it now, you little tease." The canvas bag was now on the bed, and Melinda pulled out a strap-on, which she handed to Toni.

Helping a Maiden in Distress

group CharlieL 2017-11-21

We enjoyed our steaks and I figured that before the rest of these guys had opened her pussy up neither her or I would ever feel my cock in her so I took her by the hand and went back to another of the cabin's bedrooms. When the head of my cock touched her ass she retreated back on the bed and said, "Oh God, Jim. You are going to kill me with that and then I wont be any good to any of you." "Honey, I am going to start thrusting in and out and I know it isn't going to take me long before I am shooting a gallon of come up your sweet little ass.


The Tree House

group hakawati 2017-11-21

They drank their coolers slowly, and finished them off as they had come to their old tree house, in the back of Todd's massively large back yard. Todd and Mike laughed a bit about climbing into the old tree house in their tuxedos, but then complied. Todd went up first, followed by Mike and Cindy came up last. Cindy started working their rods, moving Todd and Mike closer together. Finally she stopped going down on Todd long enough to tell Mike what she wanted. Frustrated she turned around and put her waiting pussy up to Todd's slightly smaller shaft, and went down orally on Mike again. Todd and Mike began to work her breasts with their fingers and that was the final straw.

Lucky Buildup Ch. 2

group S. Joel Philips 2017-11-21

I asked Kim how she got any privacy and she told me when the lights mounted in the floor in front of the window were turned on the glass became a mirror on the outside. Then she started to move like a snake, running her hands up her body and through her long black hair, her eyes never leaving Kim's. Kim noticed my erection and said, "I want that cock inside me now." She walked over, turned her back to me an sat on my lap, her pussy engulfing my cock to the balls. Sure as hell, they did, and I was sitting on the floor looking up the beautiful tight ass I had just left and the cum mixed with the water of the shower running down Kim' legs.


Sam and Jill pt 2

group WeiBandung 2017-11-21

I am Tim and my wife Jill, Sam and her husband John, Susan and her husband Jerry, and Tom with his wife the dominatrix Jenny. My body was wrapped from my neck to ankles to a chair and O-ring gag inside my mouth, only my head and my cock were free. After pierced a small hole on Jill’s gapped mouth, which was u*********s, Tom moved behind Susan, turned her facing him by lifting both her thigh, and swivel her body using my cock and her pussy as a pivot. Without mercy, Jerry kept his cock for another minute inside my u*********s wife’s throat, while caressing her fully wrapped head except for her mouth.

Poolboy's Bi-sexual Clients Ch. 03

group walterio 2017-11-21

Nicki had totally relaxed and it took her awhile to realize that the head of Curt's cock was now in her ass. Nadine also had a swimming pool and Nicki thought that she would like to have a well hung virile young man clean it for her. Curt also had sex on his mind and he stayed hard most of the time as he took in Nadine's body in her bikini. Nadine had her head on the kitchen floor as Curt fucked her from behind and played with her shapely ass. Curt stayed in her ass until his cock was drained and then he pulled it slowly from Nadine's asshole. Nadine felt a huge void in her ass as the cock left her hole.


Pranking the Distance

group WatchingCloud 2017-11-21

As she dressed in blue scrubs for her shift at the hospital, Gina marveled at how easy it had been to convince Ben that she'd actually been a porn actress for a little while. Ben had sent just one more text, around 3pm, telling her he hoped her day was going well and that he had a surprise in store for dinner, so she didn't need to pick anything up as she often did when working the Saturday shift. "Skye Blue, as I live and die," the woman said, finally breaking off her hug but still holding Gina at arm's length where she could look her up and down.