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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group homaster 2018-07-12

'Awesome; breaking and entering God's house so we can break into one of his fucking handmaidens!' Randy enthused, though once Dane had turned into the church parking lot, he asked his buddy to give him the lock-picking tool from the glove compartment, after which Dane released the slut from his car-trunk. And the horny slattern began salivating to see the guys' muscled bodies when they told her to watch them strip - though while Randy calling her a 'bitch-whelp of sin' had been coincidental, that opened the way for him to continue mocking the remnants of her religious sensibilities, as he did by clasping his hands together in a prayerful gesture and solemnly intoning: 'Our Father which art in heaven, give us our daily whore, and forgive her not her sins while we ask for thy blessing in doing thy will on earth.


A Day of Pleasure at the Spa

group Mysteria27 2018-07-12

Salvatore continued massaging me, while Joseph and Vincent were licking and adoring my wet cunt. Then Salvatore stopped rubbing me and he joined the other two men and they took turns licking at my juicy pussy. Pia pushed through my pussy lips and tongue fucked my wet and very creamy cunt. Pia and the women licked and enjoyed the sweet and tangy juices coming out of my pussy. "Lay down Emma we'll all lick your gorgeous cunt and then bring you to orgasm one more time and then your day of pleasure will be over." I then got dressed and put five hundred dollar tips in Salvatore, Vincent, Joseph's, Pia, Elsie and Dawn's tip envelopes.

Dominated in Brazil Ch. 02

group engine1844 2018-07-12

However, suddenly images of Carlos' more muscular, bigger, stronger body flashed in my head; his broad shoulders, the rocklike delts, the sun gleaming off his deeply tanned skin. I tried a smile, then looked back up quickly, and saw that Carlos had noticed us as he was walking our way. "So ...Carlos...we were thinking of heading back to our place, want to join us there for another drink?" We were both looking at him and she was sensually running her fingers through my hair while giving him a pursed-lip smile that was suggestive. She was going down on me and I alternated between looking at her and at Carlos' athletic, powerful body and jutting glistening with my girlfriend's spit.


Summer Ch. 12

group TheTyke 2018-07-12

We all breathed with her, our eyes fixed upon Peter's seemingly huge penis twitching softly, forming a bridge between them, the large purple head resting against her sex shining almost angrily against the pink puffy lips which had tried and failed to accommodate him. There was a collective inhalation of breath as we watched Gwen's lips stretch and open, wrapping themselves around the large wet head of Peter's penis as it pushed its way inside her. Peters thumb continued to rotate between her legs and slowly Gwen began to shake, her whole body responding to this small movement at the very tip of her sex and the shaft that was buried deep inside her, stretching her sex to the limit, filling her completely.


I've Made Plans

group candytales 2018-07-12

I reached out my hand to locate Ebony's pussy and sure enough, I could feel Alex's balls and his cock moving in and out with slow penetrating strokes whilst Ebony rubbed her clit with her slender finger. Watching all the sexual activity going on around me and having been asked so politely, I couldn't really refuse so, within a couple of minutes of meeting this guy for the first time, we were mating like rabbits over the back of a chesterfield sofa. Gavin started to fuck me at one end of my body with long rhythmic strokes while I had Simons' cock halfway down my throat at the other end.


Full Moon Beach Party Pt. 02 Ch. 02

group i_would 2018-07-12

This meant lots of beautiful half naked girls running around, and catching them was of course also a hands-on activity. I started with her top, looking at the number, looking at the bracelet, taking my time, running my hands over her soft body in the meantime. I looked around, and saw a very busty girl with long black hair sporting a five on her skirt. Small, beautiful tits, not even a hand full, standing firm from her chest with remarkably large dark brown nipples. Knowing the game was finished I just delivered her bra to Angel and went to the bar, looking for Rose, hoping for a little private time with her.


Ron Ch. 06: With Courtney and Jenni

group Susie_O 2018-07-12

I put the camera aside and watched Ron's cock doing Jennifer while feeling my own in Courtney. When you have your penis in the tight fitting, wet vagina of a cute and beautiful girl and you can feel her soft breasts with their hard nipples pushing against your chest because she's hugging you tight and she has her legs wrapped around you and she says to stay and keep fucking what do you do? Next to me I heard Diane telling Ron to put plenty of lube on "that huge thing." She told him, "slow but steady, push hard." Then she let out a tiny squeal of joy.


Lisa Ch. 09b

group JadenL 2018-07-12

"We'll keep you company." Leah said as she, Amanda, Justine and Sara came to join Jessica and Abe. "Josh sure doesn't like heights, does he?" Leah asked laying back onto the blanket beside Jessica and watching as he sailed into the air but looked really tense. You've been looking at us," she said indicating Sara, Leah, Justine and herself, "like you've hurt us somehow and don't know how to apologize. "That's why I feel stressed." She said when Abe, Leah, Sara and Amanda looked between Justine and her with curiosity. Justine has a fantasy about Mark and I having sex." Chris said turning bright red and looking at his feet. "The gunman was left handed." Riley said and looked at Jessica with a blank expression.


The Journey Ch. 04

group Lanthir 2018-07-12

"Michael," said Sandy, "We want to talk to you about something." I had a sudden fear that things had gone too far yesterday, and that the girls had decided not to continue our adventures. "Oh Michael," said Sandy, "We were sure you would say yes, but it was still a little hard to ask you. I can't even tell you how much fun it is, or how good it feels on your skin." Suzy had been gazing at her sister's tits as we were talking. Suzy was standing more to the shallow end of the pool, and so her tits were easy for Sandy and me to see, and my dick hardened even more than before in response to the sight.



group 2018-07-12

My wife Elaine is 19, petite with long black hair, in the corner and watched as the 2 guys approached my and the other guy was pulling her skirt up. strangers groping my lovely wife Elaine. you want some Joe?' he asked the barman. The guys pulled her skimpy top up to reveal her lovely All this time, Joe the barman was kneeling on the table In dribs and drabs, other guys were coming into the bar This excited the guy fucking her and Joe, they both The guy in her cunt and Joe shot across her face. Then to all the guys watching he said 'Fuck this slut arse, in her mouth but the guy underestimated my lovely

Party of Four

group Raynne 2018-07-12

Steve held the popsicle close to my face while Dustin's tongue slipped in and out of me and Tom's hands kneeded my sticky tits. Dustin was really going crazy eating my pussy and I was starteing to moan while sucking Steve's huge dick. "I like the girl to be on top," He said as he moved so that I was on top of his hard dick, the tip of it almost inside my hot, wet hole. Steve's cock thrusted harder into my face and I started bouncing up and down on Dustin, moaning and breathing hard. "Ah!" I screamed, "Fuck me hard, Steve, stick your dick up my wet hole until I scream!" I was so turned on that I said the dirtiest things.

Mary's Dream Comes True

group JunsuiLife 2018-07-11

Looking down at this girl with my cock in her mouth and gagging tears running down her face, I knew that I had won. As she moved her mouth back onto my dick I grabbed her head and started fucking her face again. "Now that you both have cummed you should be able to fuck for a good, long time," she said in a very domineering voice as she stated to suck Andy's limp dick again. Her pussy kept getting tighter and tighter until it felt like it was trying to rip my cock from my body. Mary quickly flipped over, yanked off his condom and started sucking his cock.


Twins Cum Best with Twins Ch. 08

group machiavelliwriter0 2018-07-11

Annie was moaning into his mouth, no doubt the pressure of her pussy around his cock was extreme at that angle and the thought of getting Hallie into that position made his body shudder eliciting another burst of pre-cum to shoot up into Hallie's sucking mouth. As Aiden pressed the now buzzing vibrator against the top of Annie's slit, Hallie reached between the gyrating couple and made a ring with her fingers around the base of Ewan's cock, applying firm pressure to the root of his shaft. Hallie had been filming the whole thing and now moved behind Ewan getting a close up of his balls, cock and Annie's puffy pussy lips.

Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 08

group csn61 2018-07-11

Rathi bowed to her and replied, "Yes of course, your Majesty...I will strive day and night to see that our Prince is nursed sufficiently back to his full potentials to manage all your affairs" she stressed the words 'your affairs' that the queen looked up in suspicion and both knew what it implied! But that was more to do with extra-long sessions of frequent intercourses, day and night than a mere weakness, but she said that ' solid erections were hallmark of healthy princes like me' and of course she rightly claimed that 'it was my only saviour in a harem full of waiting queens' on this particular mission in any case.


Mrs. Martin Ch. 14

group Tom Davis 2018-07-11

As her nerves quit tingling and she was able to open her eyes she said to herself, "you are not going to make it with Tom's friends just get that thought out of your head right now Judy!" She finished her shower, set her alarm and headed to bed. During the night she dreamed of Bobby and Jeff lying beside her, rubbing her body, she felt them remove her clothing and each of the young men took one of her large nipples in their mouths. When Tom got to the large bed he could see Susan kissing the naked woman who's body was now accented by the moonlight that filled the room.

A Day on Ellen & Ken's Farm Ch. 03

group netsfan_44 2018-07-11

Come on tell me, or I will stop sucking you!” Ellen said as she had a handful of his balls and cock. Wanting to do a child like that, teach her how it feels to ride a cock, well hope you enjoy my hard slut-fucker!” As the officer picked her up and impaled her on his fuckstick. Ellen’s mouth opened to scream but nothing came out till the officer started working her up and down on his cock. As Ellen pictured what it would look like, her little sister where she was, with a black cock in her, she started to cum again. The feeling of that thick cock working her lips apart would look even better spreading her sisters little pussy.

78% car

What Happens After Date Night

group curlyspurs 2018-07-11

Amy's hand had been squeezing the older woman's breast, gently pinching her rock hard nipple, but now she was moving it between Laura's legs. As he plunged his cock deep inside the young girls tight pussy, he watched Laura writhe in ecstasy fighting back an orgasm. Amy's eyes met Laura's who stopped sucking Austin's cock and crawled across the floor and began to lick the cum that was slowly oozing from Amy's pussy. Austin was disappointed that his wife wasn't able to suck his cock back to life, but watching her feast on the pussy this bronzed chick was just the jolt he needed and Amy's orgasm hardened his wood like iron.

Unexpected Threesome and Some

group 1970man 2018-07-11

As she slides her hand right up my leg until the back of it is pressing against my denim-clad cock, I turn to her, grab the back of her head and pull her lips to mine. And then you dive in, pushing her thighs wide apart and licking deeply at her pussy, tasting her, tonguing her, fingering her sweet cunt as she throws her head back and moans with your expert touch. Meanwhile you lean forward and take Justina's face as she slides up and down on my cock, and you kiss her - open-mouthed, writhing-tongue sloppy kissing, and then kissing and licking her neck and down to her tits, sucking and nibbling and licking messily, even as you continue to wriggle on my face and she bounces on my cock.


Auryn's Girl Ch. 01

group GillianCD 2018-07-11

"You looked like an amaretto sour type of girl." She said as she took a seat next to me, her eyes never ceasing to burrow into me as she moved. I heard Auryn get in the car and start the engine and in seconds she was pulling away from the curb as my heels softly thumped on the soft, ancient wood of Mr. Rhoads' porch. "All my life I've lusted for a woman who looks like you and could carry herself with poise and dignity." His other hand softly slid up my other side and moved to my front as he reached my chest, cradling my right breast.


An Orgy From My Girlfriend Ch. 02

group extasybliss 2018-07-11

My girlfriend was holding my 7 inch erection in her hand, telling me that this was to be the "best birthday present a guy could get from his girlfriend." My mind had images of those immaculate tits, the perfect ass, the cleanly shaven pussy, and the beautiful face that I chose just moments earlier. I heard Krista tell another girl to "grab his cock through his boxers." I opened my eyes while kissing 'Face' to see my 'Tits' and 'Ass' girl go onto their hands and knees, slowly their hands coming towards my dick. Krista told 'Ass' to let go, and the girl's mouth came up for air, and my cock splattered her face with more shots of cum, covering her cheeks with it.

Three Sided Pleasures

group FunLuvr247 2018-07-11

Then there is a pause while we gaze at each other briefly, and she begins by assuring you that she and I would never want to cause any conflict of interest between work and play, but then asks you if you might consider joining us for an afternoon stroll and a picnic, and I interject that we both feel you've been very artful in fulfilling our needs, and that we know that tomorrow is your day off, and if you haven't already planned your day we'd like this opportunity to share a little time with you before the end of our stay...

The Shoot

group rjd69 2018-07-11

Adam began a rhythmic fucking stroke, thrusting his cock in and out, his balls slapping the backs of Jenny's thighs, his hands gripping her arse hard. Adam pulled his glistening cock out of Jenny's cunt and moved around to where her head rested on the bed. Adam heard a hard slapping sound and looked up to see Simone furiously spanking Jenny's reddening buttocks. Adam reluctantly pulled his pulsating cock out of Jenny's warm mouth and Simone stopped spanking her buttocks. "Your role will earn you five thousand pounds," Atwell said casually, as Adam opened the door. "We didn't trust him," Jenny said, walking over to Adam, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him long and hard.

Something For Mary Ch. 2

group Nasty Mom 2018-07-11

"Oh shit baby, I'm gonna cum" I looked up and saw Marcus with his eyes closed now fucking Mary's mouth hard. Mary looked at Antonio and told him she wanted to ride his cock. Mary was really riding that huge, black cock and her pussy lips were so red and swollen and angry looking. Marcus shook my hand and kissed Mary on her lips, he slipped his tongue in her mouth but didn't seem upset that she had my taste in it. The brothers gave each other a high five and Marcus looked back one more time and said he hoped he would be invited back so he could fuck Mary the next time.

Sharing Creampies at the Beach

group cpluver 2018-07-11

As I sucked the dripping pussy presented to me, I heard Natalie respond, "Oh fuck, he's good at it. Then, as if it were just a whisper in my ear, I heard Amanda's voice from between Natalie's thighs above me, "Suck her pussy for me, you know you want to. Amanda remarked to Natalie, "Look, he's sucking on your pussy like a baby sucks on his mother's nipple. I heard Amanda yell, "So am I!" Her pussy clenched down hard on my cock as Natalie's pussy clenched down on my tongue. After I had completely filled her pussy up, Natalie climbed off my face and told Amanda to, "Do it." Just as he began to cum, I saw Amanda reach back and grab his cock before he exploded.