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Friend hot s****r slumber party cont...

hardcore remi85 2018-09-28

She gave me a good 10 or so minutes of sucking and messaging of my cock before I pulled her up and told her that I wanted to fuck that tight pussy. As I walked pass then with Kym I gave all 3 girls ass a slap and as I reach Anna's bed I lay down on my back and Kym got on top of me and slide down my cock and start riding me. As I just cum in Anna sweet pussy not long ago I was able to fuck Kym longer, I had her riding me for a good 20 minutes with a lot of tits groping and kissing before I asked her to lay on her back so I can fuck her hard in the missionary.

Friend hot s****r slumber party

hardcore remi85 2018-09-27

With that I asked her to get on her knee and hand so I can fuck her in the doggy position, I slide my cock in and as soon as I fully entered her she exploded with her second orgasm and let out a big moan and I can feel her pussy squeezing my cock. A few minutes of this I told her I am gonna cum and wanted her to suck me off, she turn around and say she want to feel my cum deep inside her pussy and asked me to fuck her harder as she is very close to another orgasm.

2013's adventures

hardcore grevieby 2018-09-26

To celebrate Walpurgis night, we had everyone over---Anna, Anne, Annika, Karin, Anne’s and Karin’s husbands. May Day was just Anna, Annika, hubby and me resting up and having a pleasant time in our relax center. Anna got her own apartment in September, which, of course, hubby had to help her ‘break in’ for good luck; in other words, they made love in every room. At Halloween, hubby and I threw a ‘sexy’ costume party---Greti came as Snow White, Angela as a hot devil, Anna as a sexy angel, Agnès as a French maid and I was a sexy witch. The next night at the hotel bar, he got hit on, more like ravaged, by a sexy woman who we took back to the room with us.

My friend’s future wife. - PART 2

hardcore rayvan889 2018-09-19

Once I closed the door, she fell into her knees, took off my shorts and start sucking very aggressively my hard cock, I grabbed her beautiful long blonde hair and I pushed my dick even more aggressively in her throat … at the point she started squeaking but I didn’t stop … it felt too good and I continued to fuck her mouth. Her sweaty tits were on my chest and they felt great, we were both moaning, seconds after I started to fuck her hard from below and occasionally slapped her ass in the process … I wanted the time to stop and enjoy longer the company of this beautiful woman who enjoyed sex as much as I did.

We Sat By The Pool My Wife And I

hardcore hondo1906 2018-09-16

I watched and filmed as she began to run her soft mouth all over Zach?s pole She sucked each of his shaved balls tenderly as she ran her small left hand up and down his huge black dick. Zach crawled onto the bed and Anna pulled her high heels as wide apart as she could hooking her arms under her knees and spreading her cunt open for him. Eight or ten long thick ropes of cum shot out the head of his huge dick covering the lips of Anna?s pussy and her neatly trimmed bush. Zach pulled his dick out and Javon flipped Anna over on her back then pinned her legs against her chest and drove his fat prick into my wife.

Fucking my friend's wife on their anniversary

hardcore wzzzyzk 2018-09-01

Anna let out a slow moan, and then lustily asked me if I was going to fuck her. Anna flopped down on top of me, and as we lay there entangled it hit me; She'd just let me cum in her pussy on her anniversary. The two young guys are surprisingly comfortable fucking Anna in tandem, and when I ask they tell me they'd done it before with an old girlfriend. "Blow your loads inside her fucking pussy. Both of you." Finally one of them moaned, shoving into Anna hard, his body spasming as he emptied himself deep inside her. But as his buddy pulled out, he didn't hesitate to get back inside Anna's used cunt, and blow his own load.

Fucking my friend's wife on Christmas Eve

hardcore wzzzyzk 2018-08-31

"You sure he's going to be okay with this?" Honestly, I wasn't entirely sure how cool he'd be - these things are a little different when friends are involved - but selfishly I absolutely wanted to see another one of "the guys" fuck Anna. I'm not really an ass man myself, but I knew Scott was, and to be honest it would still be pretty fucking hot watching Anna let him use her there as well. I'd pulled away from the action as this was going on, letting them have their moment, but I was well aware Scott wasn't going to last long inside her. I let myself unload, emptying my balls deep in Anna's pussy as I watched him spray his cum all over her pretty face.

Fucking my friend's wife 2

hardcore wzzzyzk 2018-08-27

The sex wasn’t rough, but he fucked her hard and fast, and at the end I watched my friend’s wife take a facial from a man she’d met about ½ hour ago at a bar. He was slow and deliberate with his touching, and with her legs spread open for him, I had a great view as he toyed with her clit, and once again I took a moment to savour the fact that I was watching as my friends wife let two men enjoy the most private areas of her body. As she sucked her juices off my fingers, the man got between her legs and began fucking her in the missionary position, until she was good and dripping wet again.

Yoga Trainer

hardcore raw15 2018-08-22

then mark said let me teach you how to move body, he came behind my wife, and stood on his knees his big dick still naked, he throw shorts away, he put his both hands on lovely ass of my wife, he held her ass in his hands, and started to move her body back and forth, anna looked back and bit her lips and she back little more this time, his big dick sliding between her ass cheecks above her skin, touching her ass softly and sliding up and down, and she moaned " ohh mark you are magician ".

Losing My wife (Written by my first ex husband)

hardcore raw15 2018-08-21

he stood up by lifting her on his dick as she wrap her legs around his waiste, then anna looked at me and said "understood all the rules ?" i nobbed, and they walked near opened main door, and then dave whispered in the ear of anna, she smiled, then screamed in louder voice that anyone could hear her "aaahhhhh dave yes baby fuck me aahhhh you own me aaahhhh yes yes you are my husband now, i am your slut wife, oooohh fuck me please dave " then they both laugh and he kissed her lips again and bring her back in his arms to the bedroom, till 3 am they fucked i jerked off again many time hearing them.....

Fucking my friend's wife on St. Paddy's

hardcore wzzzyzk 2018-08-04

As the evening progressed we’d listened to Anna complain about her new bra being uncomfortable, and when we finally left the bar she told us she was eager to get more comfortable. With Anna on her back and Ben beside her, one hand up her shirt, Adam and I were left to explore. I didn’t waste any time, spreading Anna’s cunt wide open and giving us a close up look at what we’d soon be fucking. With one of my friends fucking her, Anna didn’t miss a beat, quickly unzipping my other friend’s pants, and putting her mouth to better use than kissing. On the drive back home, Anna told me she’d had a great time and my friends seemed pretty cool…which made me laugh a little.

Anna and Laura--Part 2

hardcore squirtdrinkr 2018-07-28

I stepped back and stroked my cock as Anna leaned Laura back on to the bed and began to lick her slit as she rubbed her own cunt as the corner of my mattress. I had hooked both my arms around her splayed legs for leverage, Anna was asking Laura how my thick cock felt in her and asking how Laura’s tight pussy felt, between the weed, Anna’s dirty talk and Laura’s magical cunt I was only able to pound out a few more strokes as my nuts tightened again, her cunt was like velvet on my shaft and I forgot myself for a second as I began to pump stream after stream of hot cum into Laura’s spasming hole.

Anna's First 3Sum

hardcore jimi1948 2018-07-17

It didn't take long for Anna to be fucking Paul's tongue with her smooth cunt as she throated his hard cock over and over. It was time for my baby to be fucked by another man in our bed and I watched as Paul looked at me for approval, which I gave, and spread her legs wide. I watched as Paul parted her lips and heard Anna take a deep breath as he guided his cock into her cunt until hid balls rested on her ass. Paul's speed increased...his fucking harder...until he slapped his balls once last time against Anna's ass and pumped rope after rope of his cum deep in her cunt.

Anna and Laura--Suck My Cock Threesome

hardcore squirtdrinkr 2018-07-01

I figured I was going to fuck Anna for sure, I would spend a little time trying to get Laura to the point where she either fucks me too or she leaves. Laura was still kneeling beside, so after a few more deep strokes inside Anna’s slick cunt, I pulled out, grabbed Laura by the hair and began to stroke my cock, Anna, knelt down beside her as well and they kissed. Laura took hold of my cock and began to lick and suck it clean, as she did so, she looked up at me and laughed and said “I guess Anna got to go first after all, huh?”

Connie's Health Club Adventure Ch. 02

hardcore magas911 2018-06-23

I turned my attention back to Dirk’s cock and I felt Anna descend to take her kisses to my pussy as she desired to taste and eat from my swollen cunt. I continued to lick and suck Dirk's cock and balls before running my tongue under his scrotum across his perineum. “Connie if you are half as good eating pussy as you are sucking cock Anna is going to be very pleased,” encouraged Dirk. Anna was now moaning and she used her fingers to pull her hood back as she arched herself so that her pearl stuck out even further like a little cock. Anna kept right on licking my ass and as Dirk’s cock slipped from my pussy she was there to take it in her mouth.

Elevator Ride

hardcore KingPE 2018-06-22

I knew we might not have very long until the elevator was fixed so I dropped to the floor and began to run my hands up her dress across her nylons. After a couple of minutes I pulled out and bent Anna over with her hands resting against the wall of the elevator. Just before we got off of the elevator Anna smile and said, “Your cum is leaking out of me into my panties.” After the party was over Anna and I went back to her room and fucked like rabbits. A couple of them walked out on their balcony only to find Anna bent over a round glass table and being fucked like a dog.

HOT threesome with buddys wife and little s****r,

hardcore 2018-06-22

She gets my cock in her mouth and shortly I feel it slid down her little throat. No gagging and feels like a pussy in her tight little neck. Anna does not like sharing and sure hates to suck her SIL pussy. (said she feels like she is sucking her b*****rs cock) but she does it. She sticks her fingers in ANNA and rubs on the head, right back in her ass it goes. I hear her cum and feel her pussy working, Anna has three orgasms just watching and fingering. She is finished and waiting to feel the cum splash her, I pull out and put Anna in the same position., My first drive nearly kills her.

I never Thought camping was such fun Part four

hardcore chchboy 2018-06-02

Some of those 28800 seconds dragged and some flew by, but now it was time, time I picked up my 'wife', fuck, I felt a mile high, I couldn't wait for Trudy to meet Mom and Dad. But the 'Boss' was in charge, I didn't have time to think as Anna took my 'wife' by the hand and lead her into their tent, I stood there with my mouth open until Dan nudged me, "It's going to be good...... Anna was on top of Bobby with Dan on top of her with Patty helping, in my tent it was Peggy on the bottom, Trudy's cock buried in her while I entered her from above.

Anna Too Many 1

hardcore cptfritz 2018-05-30

Her hand looked so small as it clutched and slid on Monster's huge cock, and I wondered to myself how indeed could Anna, despite her excitement and sexual preparation, actually take such a massive tool into that tight cunt of hers? Fuck me!" The excited woman was obviously very happy with the sensations Monster's cock was creating inside her, and she was more than eager to feel him cum. The other two men showered and dressed, and then stroked and fondled the still-naked Anna as she lay sprawled on the bed, her naked body showing only the slightest signs of the heavy sex and pleasures she'd just experienced over the past hour.

Love At Laguna Beach

hardcore rider8344 2018-05-24

"Well, I was remembering how last night in the shower you slid your tasty little pussy back and forth against my mouth and how badly I wanted to make you scream out in ecstasy, how I wanted to feel your body start to spasm as you came hard on top of my face. As I felt my dick glide quickly over Anna's tongue and deep into her wet mouth, the woman looked up at me. I felt that wonderful stirring feeling in my balls, then up my dick.AnnaSophia's body began to spasm as I shot stream after stream of my warm creamy filling into her sexy pussy.

Looking Out For Anna

hardcore cptfritz 2018-04-27

That was too bad, she thought to herself: she'd found herself getting kind of excited while dancing with Jim, was feeling kind of turned on and uninhibited, and was actually looking forward to some really heavy sex when she and Allan got to bed. Dazed by yet another orgasm, Anna leaned back on the couch, her legs still high, feeling Jim's cock still inside her, still hard. A few more rubs on her sensitive clitoris and Anna came again, a long soft cry of pleasure as her body jerked and convulsed, held up only by Jim's hands steadying her. They stood like that, her bent over, quivering and gasping, trying to breath; him standing behind her, his cock buried inside her, his hips against her firm soft buttocks.

Sex in a Park

hardcore Luriental 2018-04-23

We were actually in the slide when this happened, and we lost our balance and started falling and down, as our skin wasn't going to let us slide. I came up behind her, determined to get my pussy, and started fucking her again on the beam. I stood behind her and gently pushed her forward and let gravity bring her onto my cock. Eventually we got tired of this (mainly her; the chains were eating into her legs) so I took her to a bouncy things (you know: one of those things you jump on and it bounces) and we both got on and started bouncing and I almost gave myself to her for the hundredth time in my life when we lost control and fell on the sand.

Quickies turned Marathon - #4 Anna

hardcore DeafAjax 2018-04-05

I turned her over onto her back, got on my knees on the edge of the bed, and sucked her toes before kissing the top of her feet and inching my way up her legs. Anna was bucking her hips in pleasure and I kept fingerfucking her at a steady pace until her entire body shuddered, filled with the rush of pleasure that comes after an orgasm. It wasn't long before I had to push her down on the bed, take her legs up and rest them on my shoulders so I could fuck her tight, wet pussy. She orgasmed once, I kept my cock in her, loving the feel of her whole body and pussy shaking.

My First

hardcore zimabean 2018-04-01

I was watching a compilation of cum shots, and Mary and Anna were looking over my shoulder for I don't know how long. "Hey Jack, can you cum on me like that?" Mary said. After a few minutes, Mary said "Okay me first" and she jumped on my bed sitting up and spread her legs showing her cute wet pussy. Within a couple of minutes I pointed my cock right at Mary's slit and exploded a huge load all over her soft dark bush. This time they played with a minute and then Mary stuck her face down there and licked some cum and at the same time must have brushed Anna's clit. We collapsed and Anna cleaned up Mary's pussy and my cock which only made my dick hard again.