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anticipation of a cuckold husband

hardcore woreout 2018-11-22

As she is showing her legs and pussy to some poor employee I stand back to enjoy just how sexy and beautiful my wife's little body is. She said either I need a drink to calm down or I'm going back and ask that black salesman what time he gets off tonight. She put on her jacket and like I said it only covered down to the top of her slit, her pussy lips are completely uncovered and testing nicely between the wide lace band of her stockings. She smiled and said yeah Walt and two of his beat friends took turns fucking your wife's pussy. She said have those three hung black guys fucking me almost non stop for nearly twenty four hours is something I want to do again.

wife's office Christmas party

hardcore woreout 2018-11-22

I made my way to the bar and got a drink, as soon as I had it I turned my back to the bar to have a look at all the well dressed folks there. My wife leaned over and wispered in my ear that her pussy was full of cum and if I wanted to eat it then we had better hurry before it ran out and spotted her dress. In a few minutes her husband said honey lets go to the meeting room and wait for the profit sharing statements. When they where finished and everyone started leaving the room my wife said wait till everyone is standing and you walk close behind me.

cuckold lifestyle 8

hardcore woreout 2018-11-07

As I got on I-20 I stayed in the far right lane for a long time , that way only one side could see, but my wife was wise to what I was doing and said get over in the faster lanes. After what my wife thought was long enough she said Tim, can you get that dick hard again yet? My wife headed stright to the pool and dove in, followed by Tim, As she came up she said AHHHHHH my pussy was about to burst into flames. I got up and watched Tim finish, he got up and the wife laid on the board and told me to clean her up again.

The dressing room

hardcore ogieoglethorpe 2018-10-05

& the mirrors, only this time, pulled the thong up high on her hips while facing me, looking over her shoulder at her ass in the mirror. Not saying anything, starts walking back to the dressing room & bumps into a door, shes still coming down from that orgasm and "I think I came 2 more times," looking at the floor, between her legs, "Yep" she said, giggling, "Find everything alright?" she asked, and a look of shock hit her face as she seen the glob in her hair, blushing and turning away, Walking away, I stopped her, ran my fingers in her hair & offered it to her, a look of shock was now on her face as she licked

A Wild Turn of Events

hardcore comsome 2018-10-04

I turn my head but not my body making sure I hid my erect cock from her vision. I push her head down and slowly massage the lather into her lower back and I work my way down through her cheeks.I reach up to her pussy and find her pussy is on fire. She pushed herself against me and was not going to let me pull out. I slid my hands along her waist and slowly found my way to her pussy. She led the way leading me to the bed while holding my cock. I began to insert my fingers into her pussy and then worked my way up to her clit.

Sandra (Part 2)

hardcore rakithanudes 2018-10-02

I grabbed some jeans and a shirt, slipped them on quickly, then stuffed my wallet into my back pocket and said, "Okay, let's go." I opened the door again and took Sandra by the hand, leading her out into the hallway. After tossing our jackets aside, instead of sitting on my desk chair or grabbing a spot on the floor like I normally did when we spent time in one of our rooms, I walked over to my bed and sat down next to Sandra. I shifted my weight a little, but kept contact with Sandra, and started gently stroking from her neck, down her shoulder, and along her side until my hand reached her hip.

Good Morning Bill

hardcore good4utrouble 2018-09-30

You open my robe, your hands sliding it down my arms and letting it flutter to the floor of the balcony, my naked body now fully exposed. My breathing is already heavy as I squirm on your lap wanting to feel your cock inside me the electrical sensations shooting through my body as you kiss and gently bite then lick at the sting on my collar bone. I reach to raise my breasts to you wanting to feel you suck my nipples into your mouth. I need your cock now as I reach down and place the head of you at my very hot, wet entrance. Your warm hands grasp my hips and you slide your cock between the lips of my wet pussy.

vacation 3

hardcore hotandhard007 2018-09-28

I then immediately took advantage of the short period of solitude to pull your bathing suit aside, and using both my hands I pulled your cunt as wide open as I could to enjoy the sight of its pink depths in the gloomy illumination available in the tunnel. We planned and schemed the whole way back to the tunnel where I immediately rolled on top of you, and by pulling our bathing suits aside I fucked you missionary style as hard and fast as I could for the 90 or seconds that we had to ourselves.

The Villa - Chapter 7

hardcore donrubble 2018-09-26

"Come on lazy," you whispered in my ear, "I have the whole day mapped out." I lay there, slightly shocked, but with a smile on my face and a massive question mark hanging over me. She obviously knows where she's going but as you walk into the water holding things above your head I begin to wonder. "What!" I think, "She's lost it." But I continue to follow, rock in hand. I lift you up and put you down on the edge of the rock, your legs open, inviting me in. You slowly lay back like a human sacrifice on an altar, hands over your head. I lift your legs, holding them behind your knees, and open you wide.


hardcore spice16 2018-09-25

Her hand came crashing down again, and as I let my head roll away, absorbing some of the blow that my beard didn't bleed away, I saw, to my relief Joanne walk into the room. A hand, I wasn't sure who's suddenly grabbed my prick and pulled wickedly and I let out a gasp of surprise. Suddenly, without warning, I felt a hand grab my half-erect shaft in a firm grip and pull, lifting my ass off the bed. The hand continued to squeeze, and I was sure this was Joanne, having not heard Marie, but this theory went out the window as a second pair of hands, the person's on my chest, grabbed my head, on either side, as she pulled herself forward, placing her pussy right against my mouth.

Saving Maddie

hardcore imornery81 2018-09-24

I turned and took the arm of the young red-head and said, “Let’s go, now.” And taking her arm I quickly walked her around the corner of the club saying, “Don’t look back.” We could hear people coming out and asking what happened, but the two guys were in too much pain to implicate us. I heard something squishy and I looked down and saw that her other hand was down between her thighs and she was furiously frigging her pussy with two fingers going in and out as her thumb rubbed on a beautiful little clit there at the top of her slit.

Brandi Gets Her Hair Done And A Little Bit More. #

hardcore Nohj2 2018-09-23

Brad asked me, "Do you want to go back in and watch the football games while we get started?" Brad was looking at Brandi's hair suggesting how much to cut. I got back in the office and Brad was standing behind Brandi messaging her shoulders. Brad said, "Brandi we have about twenty minutes more for this color to be on." Brandi said, "Brad we have talked about football, hairdressing and my job. He jumped up and went through the office on his way to the restroom he noticed that the speaker was on, the shade was pulled up so he knew that you had been watching. Brad's dad pulled me off his cock and said, "I don't want to cum this way.

Welcome Home

hardcore 2018-09-22

Brenda looked down at it and bit her lower lip, bringing her closed fist up my shaft she milked a large drop of pre-cum to the tip. Brenda helped in her own way by supporting herself with her legs to come up off of my cock and then bringing her weight back down as I thrust up into that hot, tight pussy. Brenda bucked forward, pulling my face up to hers and mashed her lips to mine, just in time for her to groan loudly into my open mouth. This time she looked at me wide eyed as she ground her hips forward; keeping my length inside but moving it in her pussy.

First taste of cock

hardcore ArdentJim 2018-09-22

Taking me fully in and then moving back up the shaft to lick around my swollen head then back down until my cock disappeared into his mouth again. In the half-light I could see he was looking at my naked body and I said, "I want to watch as you suck me this time". So lips tight round his shaft, his balls gently squeezed in my hand, I kept sucking and bobbing. His cock as deep as I could take it (touching the back of my throat) I moved back so his head only was in my mouth and I gripped his shaft tight and jerked him off as he came. Learning from his example, I kept his cock in my mouth as he went soft, gently sucking and licking.

Getting back to IT. part 2

hardcore jvaughn25 2018-09-20

To revive the mood I grabbed my trusty little camera and playfully asked if he wanted to take some pictures since he liked the others so much. He was so excited that when I took the camera and asked him to get comfortable he didn't take notice I switched it to video before sitting it down. As he ravished my breast I felt his hard cock through the material rubbing against my bare vagina lips and clit. I work his cock out of his briefs and tell him be still as I let him slide into me. That is because I do believe I'm back in the game of being my man's naughty girl and private porn actress.

Honeymoon Cruise

hardcore tallincanada 2018-09-18

I was starting to suspect that she was enjoying the jets as only a woman could; and that she was enjoying knowing that we were watching her tits as she strode in and out of the tub. Hubby put his hand on my thigh and slowly moved it up, ever closer to my pussy. My eyes shoot open to see if our tub mate has noticed – she hasn’t, she’s facing the other way. I’m sure she can’t see his hand between my legs with the swirling of all the bubbles and jets; though I wish she did see me & my bare pussy. I look up into the mirror at the head of the bed where I can see him maneuver his cock to my pussy lips.

Di follows up

hardcore RogerSlicker 2018-09-10

Di stood up and took of her bra, saying "Now he's gone I'll let you see them again," and started giggling. I knew I shouldn't but I took a tit in each hand and sucked gently on her nipples to indeed warm them up. "I reckon your cock might need warming up too after being in the water," she continued. When I had finished she took my cock back in her mouth, sucking out the last few drops. "I love a good load on my face," Di said, "Thanks for that!" "I wish I could fuck you," she said as we walked, "But that's a step to far." I thought we had already gone too far, if my wife knew it would be serious trouble.

Bar Blow Job Bet

hardcore imornery81 2018-09-09

She stood there looking at me as if I had just slapped all the spit out of her mouth, slack-jawed, wide-eyed and incredulous.  Finally she blinked, looked at my chest, pulled out her phone and handed it to me.  Then, to my surprise, she undid her pants, shoved them down and then sat down.  She took my cock and used the drop of pre-cum that was already pooled there as if it was lip gloss and she smeared the tip of my cock gently around the opening of her mouth.  I watched, both mesmerized and anxious to get the deed done with.  Her tongue flicked out under my head and she looked up at me with a look became a sneering smile as she looked from the camera to me and back.  “If you want something, you might trying asking for it.” Then she smirked up at ma as if she was going to sit there and wait for me to ask “Pretty fucking please.”

Just a day. 3

hardcore Forbidden234 2018-09-08

You start mouth fucking me hard and fast. "Fuck I have to pee" I shot up in bed and for half a second, jolt up and expect to run to my bathroom which is connected to my room. U sat down beside me, gave me the orange juice, and watched me finish my bite while opening the fresh squeezed goodness. "you worry to much babygirl, ill take care of you" "umm not really I mean u apparently stalked me u know what I like to eat, u smashed ur cock in my mouth, and broke my fancy bra." "I think I deserve to know at least what the hell u want with me." With a cock strong smile u looked at me.

The Island

hardcore Sillswede 2018-08-30

I am still bowed down on the deck when you come over and put your foot on my shoulders and say, "As your queen you will obey my every command. Here I am on a moonlit night, in a tropical cove, enveloped in a potpourri of sounds and scents, with equally the most mysterious and beautifully sensual woman I have ever met in my life, and I am at the same time scared to death and sexually stimulated more than I have ever been before. My finger is now sliding in and out that tight hole, I can feel my prick inside of you with that finger as you hurtle your perfect ass back to my awaiting stomach.

The Villa - Chapter 1

hardcore donrubble 2018-08-27

My head starts to swim as you move down my body, bend over me and take him in your mouth, just the head, and gently suck him. "Ok," I think to myself, "If that's the way you want to play it." I lower my head further and take one of your nipples in my mouth and start to suck it. "That looked fun on the air bed," you say when we come up for air, "Can I have a go?" I just smile, get up, and offer you my hand. I slide my hand up your leg, out of the water, up your inner thigh and cup your pussy; this makes you push up against me. I finally let your clit slip from my mouth and slide my fingers from you.

To you....

hardcore letmedothework80 2018-08-26

I walk in, commenting on how amazing she looks, the door closes, and I pull her close, my hand cupping her breast through the robe, then sliding behind her head, gripping I pull her in and we kiss deeply, and passionately, her tongue probing my mouth, my other hand moves down, untying the belt, her robe falls open, and I start rubbing her clit through her matching red panties, which are already wet. Bobbing and sucking my cock with a craze, my load begins to build, her hands drop to her side and she just continues her pace, slightly choking with each bob, my cock is hard as rock and ready to explode, and with one final throating I cum, the first shot straight down her throat, she pulls back and the next lands across her forehead, and she drops her lips back over my cock head and sucks the remaining shots in her mouth, working me dry.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!

hardcore sandlicker 2018-08-18

He knew she liked to be felt up, and have a finger put in her snatch, before her pussy was eaten. He ate her for a long time, figuring she would wake up, but, it didn't happen, so he got on top of her, and slid his dick into her to begin fucking her. He went ahead and put his clothes on, and after she had cleaned her pussy, she went in and checked to see if there was anything she could add to the things I had asked for. She thanked him for waking her up with such a good fucking, and made him promise to come visit again, as soon as we got back to the unit.

new job part 3

hardcore cinful6767 2018-08-15

His hand reached in and pulled out his cock and balls and let them hang in my face. "Look at that Hendricks, two fingers up the ass like a horny little slut. Before I knew what was happening he'd moved my hand out of the way and was pushing the head of his cock against my tight hole. "Holy shit Sarge, this horny sissy is already lubed up and ready to go!" And with that he slid the head of his cock into my ass. The first drops of precut hit my tongue and I started sucking him furiously, then just as I though he was going to cum, he pulled his cock out took a step back and sprayed a huge hot load all over my face.