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cuckold lifestyle 8

hardcore woreout 2018-06-10

As I got on I-20 I stayed in the far right lane for a long time , that way only one side could see, but my wife was wise to what I was doing and said get over in the faster lanes. After what my wife thought was long enough she said Tim, can you get that dick hard again yet? My wife headed stright to the pool and dove in, followed by Tim, As she came up she said AHHHHHH my pussy was about to burst into flames. I got up and watched Tim finish, he got up and the wife laid on the board and told me to clean her up again.

wife's office Christmas party

hardcore woreout 2018-06-09

I made my way to the bar and got a drink, as soon as I had it I turned my back to the bar to have a look at all the well dressed folks there. My wife leaned over and wispered in my ear that her pussy was full of cum and if I wanted to eat it then we had better hurry before it ran out and spotted her dress. In a few minutes her husband said honey lets go to the meeting room and wait for the profit sharing statements. When they where finished and everyone started leaving the room my wife said wait till everyone is standing and you walk close behind me.

anticipation of a cuckold husband

hardcore woreout 2018-06-07

As she is showing her legs and pussy to some poor employee I stand back to enjoy just how sexy and beautiful my wife's little body is. She said either I need a drink to calm down or I'm going back and ask that black salesman what time he gets off tonight. She put on her jacket and like I said it only covered down to the top of her slit, her pussy lips are completely uncovered and testing nicely between the wide lace band of her stockings. She smiled and said yeah Walt and two of his beat friends took turns fucking your wife's pussy. She said have those three hung black guys fucking me almost non stop for nearly twenty four hours is something I want to do again.

Just a day. 3

hardcore Forbidden234 2018-05-21

You start mouth fucking me hard and fast. "Fuck I have to pee" I shot up in bed and for half a second, jolt up and expect to run to my bathroom which is connected to my room. U sat down beside me, gave me the orange juice, and watched me finish my bite while opening the fresh squeezed goodness. "you worry to much babygirl, ill take care of you" "umm not really I mean u apparently stalked me u know what I like to eat, u smashed ur cock in my mouth, and broke my fancy bra." "I think I deserve to know at least what the hell u want with me." With a cock strong smile u looked at me.

vacation 3

hardcore hotandhard007 2018-05-18

I then immediately took advantage of the short period of solitude to pull your bathing suit aside, and using both my hands I pulled your cunt as wide open as I could to enjoy the sight of its pink depths in the gloomy illumination available in the tunnel. We planned and schemed the whole way back to the tunnel where I immediately rolled on top of you, and by pulling our bathing suits aside I fucked you missionary style as hard and fast as I could for the 90 or seconds that we had to ourselves.

New College Roommate - Cousin Emily

hardcore Benchstrength 2018-05-16

So, I nodded my head and said to her I would be willing to talk about it with Emily later that night when she finished that game. Likewise, I would try to trip her in the living room when she walked by and I even went into the bathroom while she was showering to dump a pot of cool water on her over the curtain rod. I was laying back with my eyes closed and legs straight thinking about what had happened that morning and whether this was a one time thing never to be repeated or spoken about again or if this was going to be hopefully the start of something wild and crazy and so secret that we would have to take it to our graves.

Sharing with a friend

hardcore starshine0717 2018-05-15

Then I heard her breathing harder and starting to moan, and I realized his hand slid down behind her back and he was fingering her. This time I heard no moaning, but I didn't creep upstairs, and I sat and watched TV. She told me that he felt up her ass again as he kissed her, turned her around, pushed her down on the counter, pulled down her thongs, squatted down and ate her out from behind again, also licking her asshole. (Later she told me that he whispered to her, "Can I eat you and make you cum in my mouth again?" and she had said yes.) There was much movement in the back seat as they re-positioned themselves.

Saving Maddie

hardcore imornery81 2018-05-10

I turned and took the arm of the young red-head and said, “Let’s go, now.” And taking her arm I quickly walked her around the corner of the club saying, “Don’t look back.” We could hear people coming out and asking what happened, but the two guys were in too much pain to implicate us. I heard something squishy and I looked down and saw that her other hand was down between her thighs and she was furiously frigging her pussy with two fingers going in and out as her thumb rubbed on a beautiful little clit there at the top of her slit.

An afternoon distraction

hardcore 2018-05-10

Rather than leading me onto the main road passing the college I was led by the hand, happily, up through the campus and up a path which cut straight up the side of the hill on which Lincoln was built. A short walk brought us to the top of the large landscaped ornamental park on this side of the city, a popular place for dog walking and little else during the day, students would flock to the place when it got warmer to lay out in the sun and drink beer rather than working, but not today. Without another word she had stood astride me, moved her panties aside and dropped down onto me, sliding hard and fast around me in a sudden gasp, her wetness hot on me.

Michele's Mistake - 5

hardcore THIRDCOAST 2018-05-06

When I’m finished with his back, I move closer and wrap my arms around him and begin to wash his chest. I turn him around and while I’m on my knees, I dry his legs, up his thighs, and his still erect cock. I tease him by working my fingers in and out of my mouth, like I would his cock. Once I’m sure it’s in place correctly, I stroke his cock. My hand squeezes his cock and some more leaks from the head. He finally removes his fingers, I can feel his hands on my ass cheeks. Just when I feel that it's not going to work, his head slips beyond the tight ring. I can feel his cock swell again, we are nearing the finish.

The Boom Boom Room

hardcore BBWShadeXXX 2018-05-04

The more I moved allowing my body to create heat into the room, it got me super soaker wet knowing that I would be taking one of these men up the stairs! Tongue fucking me so damn good, I had to lock those thighs tight around his head. Seeing his eyes rolling to the back of his head, I knew I was doing the right thing. Sucking all around the balls, I slurped as much as I could into my mouth, sucking back and forth between the shaft and balls, I scooped up the spit and slid a finger up his ass as I swallowed him down whole. Working back and forth on him, I loved to way he gripped my ass and his big dick filled me.

Summer of Cougars 2

hardcore triphammer73 2018-05-04

I smiled back and pulled my semi hard dick out and began jerking it as we watched each other play with ourselves. After lunch he came out and sat by the pool which was surrounded by a huge stone patio with a short stone wall all around it and began reading the paper as he drank what was probably very expensive liquor. I pushed her up against the wall of the pool where the jet was, making sure it was blasting away at her from the front as I spread her legs and stuck my re-hardened dick into her. The next time I saw Judy she told me Camilla had bragged in explicit detail about how I fucked her by the pool.


hardcore 2018-05-01

We took the tube to his place and he fucked my pussy for about 20 minutes before cumming, he had me suck his cock until he was hard again and he fucked my ass until he came again, then he had me suck his cock until he got hard and came in my mouth, he told me to get him hard again and he jacked off on my face, In three hours he came 4 times and paid me 200 pounds. When I got back the hotel bar was already closed so I went upstairs and changed into a pair of yoga shorts, with pantyhose, a mesh top with a jacket over it and went to a nearby pub to continue partying.

My lovely fuckloaf

hardcore PeteyAG 2018-04-29

Kat was clearly the forgiving sort or simply used to being gawked at because, despite my bad first impression, a couple of days later we were well on the way to being good friends. My first "duty" of the evening came when I had to help her wheelchair over the lip of the door and move a few chairs out of the way so she could reach the table my friends and I were by now accustomed to drinking at. I can hardly wake Patricia up at this time of night!" "Oh, er, yes of course..." I stammered out, "Erm. Help you how exactly?" "Well, first I desperately need the toilet." I struggled to control my face.

It's football time part 2

hardcore georgemember 2018-04-26

I switched back and forth left then right as she sobbed in the back of her throat and bucked her hips onto my slimy fingers. I never let my cock be sucked until it is coated with cunt cream now clean my fingers and spread your twat open if you really want my dick in your mouth. My immediate need to blow my load thwarted, my vice like fingers found her damaged nipples inflicting the multifaceted feelings of joy and dread washing over her face. The largest glob covering her ruined left nipple I amend my hand toward her right one and send 2 strings flying coating her other ravaged appendage, as the viscous liquid seeps into the cracks and fissures the burning starts making itself felt.

The Pharmacist

hardcore 2018-04-24

Everytime it thundered close by, Patty would push back against me and after a few times started grinding her ass against my cock that was now hard as a rock. Patty took my hands and moved them to her tits and I felt her hard nipples poking against her bra and blouse. "Fuck me hard," Patty panted, so I grabbed her hips and drove my cock deep into her, pulled back and did it again. She reached over to the desk and got some moist towelettes and wiped my cock, put a little more lube on it and sat back down on it, this time guiding me into her pussy.

Sex Bounties

hardcore 1dolla4aholla 2018-04-23

This one, however, had come south to hunt goblins and the Horde; when Garad had started tracking him earlier this afternoon, the thing that had caught his interest was a mangled troll body. What the cat had been hunting became clear only a few moments later, when he noticed that the rock wasn't exactly a rock – part of is was, but the other part appeared to be a sort of cloth, carefully crafted to look like stone. He noticed that she had a piercing as well – humans disdained from them, as a rule, but the orc's face actually looked a little cuter with a small bone poking through one side of her nose.

Neighbor in Need

hardcore imornery81 2018-04-23

I did not seen anything terribly amiss so as I turned back to her I said, “So what’s wrong in here?” The last word died on my lips as I saw Lynn closing the door behind her and smiling at me in a way that left no doubt as to what her intention was! He said he understood my needs and as long as no one else finds out and he doesn’t walk in on it, he is good with me having you assist me with my …needs.” Her eyes were lit with fires of lust and desire and I swear to God the room temperature jumped about ten degrees in just the few seconds it took for her to say that!

Dojo Mojo

hardcore cockednredy 2018-04-21

I looked again surprised at it when I felt her weight shift and she fell back placing her foot in my abdomen the world spun as I again lay on my back but this time she sat on my chest, top wide open, her grabbing my face and kissing me. She slid slowly down her nipples running over my shirt and then she knelt in front of me quickly unzipping my pants and dropping them and my underwear to the floor, she stopped and using both hands grabbed my cock and pointed it at her mouth. She unwrapped her legs from around my back her feet fell to the floor, she turned facing the wall hands shoulder width apart, legs spread, back arched standing on her toes, she turned to look at me our eyes met again and she smiled.


hardcore perry47 2018-04-19

I shuddered and moaned again as I felt my pussy quiver and I began to push my ass against his hands, grinding it up and down towards his lap, as if drawn by a magnet to his cock. "Well truth be told, I expected you would end up being an unexciting little slave whore, which is why I took you for a test drive." he replied "But I have to tell you, I think my son is going to have his hands full tonight!" "You are a mess sweetheart" he said, returning to his grand fatherly tone, "You just look like a dirty little whore with dried cum on her face."

The Dominant Widow and her Young Neighbor

hardcore billy69boy 2018-04-19

On the first evening that I had to go out to a charity dinner, I was in the middle of my primping and preening routine when I thought I noticed something a bit odd in the bathroom mirror: while Scott tended to his fish tank duties, he kept stealing quick glances at me through the partially opened door. It took a few extra moments before it registered, and sure enough, I looked across the room and there sat Scott on my vanity chair, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, just mesmerized by the sight of me: dildo still snugly implanted between my legs, being held in place by my one hand, while my other hand clutched the pair of briefs that Scott 'didn't have time' to put on before he rushed home for dinner.

Surprise Weekend With My Brother

hardcore britgrl20 2018-04-19

Jake didn’t look up to see me, but tried to badger me with, “What took you so….” He stopped mid sentence when he raised his head to see me. He started to rub the oil on my shoulder when I stopped him and said, “Wait, I don’t want to get this on my suit.” I grasped the end of the string that crossed my back and invitingly pulled it until the top came loose, repeating the process for the string around the back of my neck. Like you said, it’s not a big deal.” I guess my words held enough merit because he began to massage my ass. Jake continued fucking me hard for several minutes and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he would explode.

A Day With Daniel...3

hardcore d4david 2018-04-15

Daniel slowed easing his huge knob deep into my bung hole, Daniel whispered gruffly '...I want to turn you on your back, put your legs around my waist and your arms around my neck. Daniel raised just high enough to be able to twist my legs around, his enormously huge penis was still lodged deep in my anal opening. As Daniel turned me, with little assistance from me, I was able to glance between my thighs and see his huge black thick penis lodged in my bung. Daniel was kiss sucking my neck and ear, I tried to hold my head tightly against my shoulder but found myself slowly surrendering to his manipulations.

A Slave's Tale 1

hardcore MsHeatherC0669 2018-04-13

A young girl with rain-soaked and bedraggled hair, bare foot and wearing what I immediately recognised as the tatty remnants of a prison smock. I moved swiftly and re-locked the back door and put the key safely into my dressing gown pocket and then turned back to the terrified girl. When I had sold Mary, my last slave, I had planned to by another girl new to the market that I could train up but supply was low at the moment and none of them looked very suitable. I take 'fresh to the market' young girls and turn them into obedient slaves and then sell them on to reputable noblewomen for a profit. I buy young fresh girls and turn them into obedient house slaves and sex toys for the rich.