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Nighttime Cavern part 1

hardcore TheLeprechaun69 2018-11-11

I groaned, imagining James' hands running up and down my body, a seductively angry expression playing across his face for leaving him behind to suffer. I took the rest of him with my hand, and sucked hard, speeding up my head and making my mouth as tight as possible for him. My legs untangled below me, and I was disoriented for a few seconds in which time James had gotten down on his knees and was already pushing my knees apart roughly. Without a word James opened the trunk and took out something that looked like a blindfold. I didn't even notice that James had the head of his dick pressed against my opening until he pushed against the resistance of my tightness.

Day at the beach!

hardcore slapnuts69 2018-09-26

We read, swam in the ocean when we got hot, we ate lunch and then Merry suggested a walk to help settle our stomachs. I woke up around 4 and Merry said, "Well you ready to call it a day?" I asked to allow myself some time to wake up, I hit the water, which did the trick, when I got back she had everything packed up. "No" she said, "I like to walk to the sign, then just wear a towel to the car." The toll guy saw what was happening immediately, and said "Have a nice night!" Merry threw the towel off and gave him the OK sign with out removing her mouth from my cock.

A Day at the Beach

hardcore Cyberbeast 2018-09-25

I came here to get away and there's no one here but me & you so you can just go to the other side of the beach!" She had tried to get up from her chair while stating this but being awoken and startled by this harsh man had thrown her off balance and made the workings of getting her feet back under her a bit more difficult than normal. He pulled her head back savagely and worked his mouth down her neck and back up again sucking and biting her along the way. As Alexis choked on the sudden invasion of her mouth Adam pushed in and out of her for a moment.

Di follows up

hardcore RogerSlicker 2018-09-10

Di stood up and took of her bra, saying "Now he's gone I'll let you see them again," and started giggling. I knew I shouldn't but I took a tit in each hand and sucked gently on her nipples to indeed warm them up. "I reckon your cock might need warming up too after being in the water," she continued. When I had finished she took my cock back in her mouth, sucking out the last few drops. "I love a good load on my face," Di said, "Thanks for that!" "I wish I could fuck you," she said as we walked, "But that's a step to far." I thought we had already gone too far, if my wife knew it would be serious trouble.

December holidays at my parents. part 1

hardcore lauren003 2018-09-08

After a good long year it eventually reach December holiday time and like usual my husband, myself and our daughter would go visit my parents at there house in Jeffery's Bay. Unfortunately the mall was very busy due to the holiday season so I couldn't sneak my man into the changing rooms with me, but once we were back in the car, he drove us a little while out of the main town of Jeffery's Bay to a beach about 20 mins away. He pounded back and forth in and out my pussy as I screamed from the pleasure, it wasn't long till I reached climax and started to orgasm.

Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 4 – Ch

hardcore jdwhitings 2018-08-13

Ginger said it looked like we were fighting out in the deeper water and she was getting concerned and I told her that dunked her s****r like we do at home and that started the competition which helped her to burn off some of her anger. Then he told us that when Pepper knocked on their door, they didn’t know what to expect, but when Pepper said she wanted to apologize and then asked is just she and Margie could talk. Pepper went to start, but Margie stopped her and said that she needed to explain so she elaborated more on what Chuck had already told us. Ioana looked at her and asked ‘ok?’ and Ginger said yes so Ioana stood, took off her shorts and panties and sat on my cock and started riding me like it was her last fuck.

It's good to be a pirate. Chapter 3

hardcore Carolinanah2o 2018-07-22

We had made friends with the guy driving the shuttle boat so the next time he returned to the yacht we followed him back with the dinghy. Once on board we went back to smiling and mingling mode and in no time we were a hit with the older lady crowd. Big, wet slurping sounds while her left hand held the cigarette just inches away from my cock. Come all over my big old titties and I'll rub your jizz in like lotion", she said. I got a wink from Elisa and I smiled to myself as I looked at her "lotion" covered cleavage in the dim setting sunlight as we pulled away.

A day at the beach

hardcore Loipyu 2018-07-14

Now, let me tell you a little about me, I have a distinct look – 55 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 145 pounds, Hispanic with darker skin, brunet hair – shoulder length, mouth that loves to suck cock and loves the taste of cum, breast size 36D with mouthful size nipples that love attention and are extremely sensitive, abdomen not fat, but enough cushion for some good hard pushing, dark well maintained pussy hair – no shaving here, pussy that loves lots of rough action – tight and warm, very toned legs from jogging, flat butt that enjoys anal sex and I enjoy being naked as much as possible.

Invitation to a Beach, Epilogue.

hardcore 2018-05-16

I guess most of the guys were a bit sexed out after the cluster fuck, because I didn’t see any stiff dicks until Luke started getting a hand job from Sandra. I’d stood next to a lot of campfires to keep warm, but never experienced how nice it was to feel the heat on my entire naked body. In the parking lot of my building, Max said, “Can I help you carry your stuff?” Now, coming from any other guy, I’d have thought he was trying to get an invitation for a hook up. “Shoulda dumped out that ice, I guess,” Max said. “Well then, do you want to come in and fuck for a couple of hours?” I asked with a naughty smile.

A beach walk

hardcore lauren003 2018-05-08

While driving home Kyle suggest that tomorrow, we go to a more quiet beach than the main bathing one we had been going to, and take a long walk to be out of site of everyone. Once I was in bed, I was rather horny and thinking about having sex on the beach, made me a bit wet. I took my bikini bottoms off, Kyle's pants were down and his cock was soon hard, I kneeled down in doggy, and he entered my wet pussy from behind. Once home we chatted to my parents to find out that they were meeting up with friends for dinner, and that we had the house to ourselves for a little while the night. Heading to bed soon after rather satisfied and having a good sl**p that night.

Mrs. Beach

hardcore 2018-04-29

"I like what I see there, that's a big fucking cock you have there" She said looking down her reading glasses. "I want you, to fuck your teacher hard with this" She put the dildo into her mouth and started to suck it. Without a word, she got onto her hands and knees on her desk and took my cock into her mouth and started to suck me off like there was no tomorrow. I leaned down and took one of her nipples into my mouth, she moaned loudly and I felt her hot pussy juice run down my hand as I fucked her with her massive dildo.

My Serbian Girlfriend Fucked In The Sea

hardcore coolguy2020 2018-04-19

I had to ask why she is up to and she said I want to see you cum underwater which gave me instant hard on and I was like it’s going to be hard as there are so many people here plus water is cold which is going to make my dick shrink and what she did, took her boobs out while facing the beach and said they will wish to be in your place, think when can you get opportunity like this? That said I grabbed her by waist and pulled close to me and started sucking on those tits and her nipples were hard maybe because of cold water or she was aroused I did not bother to ask.


hardcore 2018-03-23

The thought i want too be on that top.I had a feeling that his cock would bounce back and forth with my tight cave. "Hello, what do you have a huge beautiful, horny tight body and a super nice cock" He came close to me and squeezed hard in his swollen cock, because he did not wanted too spray. Suddenly there was also a very horny old guy looking at us with a hard, super huge big fat cock. The old horny boss yanked just as fierce and hard and began to moan like me. We came together simultaneously prepared he squirted big white rays seed toward us and touches me as well as those tight nice guy that I in turn get filled with deep powerful shot.


hardcore querico44 2018-03-18

I licked my way up her belly to her tits, sucking each of her hard nipples in turn as she took my cock rubbing it across her juicy pussy then held it as I slowly drove it deep inside her. After resting for about 10 minutes Barbie said she wanted to do it again, but she was taking control as she mounted me 69 sucking my cock hard again as I devoured her dripping pussy. Have a great weekend, and be sure to come visit me next week, tell me how the beach was." as she smiled and gave me a wink." "Thanks Barbie, I appreciate the help with my funds, but I seriously doubt my trip to the beach will come anywhere close to being as good as today has been." I turned to leave, at the door she grabbed my ass and squeezed, "Don't forget about next week!"

Beach (Working)

hardcore Raptor987 2018-03-06

As the moon came from eclipse and the wind gently blows across your face, your looks fire, you know how much this excites me. Gently exploring each other's lips, cheeks and neck; then it happens, that deep longing kiss. I slowly work my way across, alternating with soft kisses, short warm licks with my tongue and gentle bits. As you begin to relax, turning your head to admire the cool glow of the full moon you begin to slip away. You know it's coming, as you almost forget, I trace small circles in that spot, the center of your back just above your waist, I feel your whole body shivers. I continue my survey: nibbles, warm licks cooled by the gentle breeze and soft kisses.

The beach

hardcore 2018-03-04

With that he started sucking on my nipples and the ties on my bottoms were totally loosened, then his fingers were working on the outside of my pussy. He grabbed the back of my head and worked his way further into my mouth, which I know can get him to cum hard and quickly! We don't normally go for round 2 as quickly, but he was hard straight away, so he went straddled my boobs with his cock, pushing them together and pumping away before going back to my mouth. Again it seemed big, but I was carried away my mouth was working its magic, though still a little gag. I went to take the pashmina away but he said we should cuddle like that.

Invitation to a Beach, Chapter 3

hardcore 2018-01-28

“Richie!” Max said, “and Angel. Max and I got up and I shook hands with the couple. “Sorry to ruin your peace and quiet,” Max said. We just got out,” Max said. “Well,” Max replied, “this isn’t the usual kind of nudist club. “The members at this club agreed not to hide our sexual activities. You mean they can have sex with anybody they want as long as they consent?” I came with my parents and have always thought of it as a nudist club with a very relaxed attitude about sex. I was shocked at first, but felt strangely comfortable with the ideas Max had laid out about nudism and sex. “I learned about sex from my step-dad, when I was about sixteen.” I said.

Beach Trip over a year ago

hardcore wifethatrocks 2018-01-28

I told my hubby to stand up and he did I got up on my knees and pulled down his pants and began sucking his dick. A couple of minutes later my hubby pulled out stood up and I got back on my knees and sucked him to orgasm, I pulled his dick out of my mouth and let him watch the cum shoot in while I sat there with my mouth wide open. After I got dressed we decided to walk a little further down the beach and as we did we passed three guys sitting on towels about thirty feet from us in the dark.

wonderful Mexico beach experience

hardcore giiirex 2018-01-03

During the day I mentioned to him that often the wife and I enjoyed the pleasures of the night time on the beach..When we returned from our day fishing, I invited my new friend to join my wife and I for a drink. We met that night at a small bar just up the beach the three of us had a great time, and he left early saying that he had things to do and headed off back to his house then my wife and I had long enjoyable dinner . He was so large, that even with having me fuck her and fill her with cum (I an a little larger Than average 7”X5”) he was having extremely time just getting the huge head of his cock into her much swollen pussy!.

Brazilian Teenager, Part 1

hardcore markiefun 2017-12-07

However, as she got in, she told me she had seen me at the beach and the giggling was all over my hard-on. She wanted to see my cock and to make sure it was as big as it looked on the beach. But what got my cock instantly hard were her small puffy-nippled tits and a few born pubes sticking out of the side of those panties. I asked her how she liked to masturbate and she said she likes to pull her lips apart and finger herself. Suddenly she stopped and in one swift movement offered her fingers that had just been in her pussy to my mouth, and her other hand started playing with my cock.


hardcore bigsasquach 2017-11-28

Weird just a few days ago I was looking at a business for sell on e-bay, a souvenir shop in Bali Bali with a house on the beach. A few days later we fly first class out of Dallas, and after several plane changes we are standing in front of a surf and souvenir shop on the beach in Bali Bali. The next day we find our way around; spend some time in the shop. I start to thrust my rock hard cock deep into you as fast as I can. A lay you down on the bed and start licking and kissing my way up the inside of your leg till I reach your sweet wet pussy.

Pepper's Honeymoon - Part 1

hardcore jdwhitings 2017-11-04

She asked what was inside and Ginger told her to open it and look. They looked so hot and sexy I wanted to take them both to bed right then and there, but I knew Pepper was eager to walk on the beach even if it was very dark. After a minute, both of us knew what we wanted and I slid my cock deep inside her and began making love to her standing there on the dark beach. Pepper said she wanted this time to be all three of us, so I laid down on the bed, Pepper climbed onto my cock and Ginger sat on my face.