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Anita used by black bulls

hardcore Anitaslut44 2018-11-07

Ana confessed me she was really horny and she needed more than one black cock to calm down. Within minutes my sweet wife was on her knees sucking both huge black cocks. Ana quickly stood up and took off her skirt; then she bent over the bed as the first black man, called Genie, ripped her nylon pantyhose open. Suddenly the big one called Genie took his cock out of her stretched pussy and ordered her to straddle him. Just then the second guy slammed her asshole with a huge piece of black cock. Within a minute she sprayed all over the bottom guy, Genie, while Willie fucked her asshole as if it were his last lay.

Interview With a HotWife

hardcore LindseyVonn 2018-07-23

Welcome Samantha(not her real name) thank you for coming you look wonderful can you tell me a little about yourself ? - I've been with a lot of black guys but not all of them have big cock only 10% and i don't like them but my husband loves to watch me fucked and humiliated by non-white guys. - They were all black and it was amazing cocks everywhere my husband with his camera the guys were amazing the used me good it was the best sex in my life. This was my first interview with Samantha the second interview will be the next week maybe if you have any questions for her tell me and i will ask her.

Wifes ripped leggings

hardcore djpussylicka 2018-06-24

The other day she bought some black leggings as she wanted a new pair for work. Then last Wednesday she got dressed for work wearing her new leggings ( no panties underneath ) and a black t-shirt. That night she came an hour later than normal and the first thing she said to me that when she had used the toilet and pulled up her leggings they ripped around her crotch area causing a fist sized whole. Normally we have sex most nights where she fantasises about getting fucked by 3 or 4 black guys. We had sex for the first time last night since her leggings were ripped but i couldnt believe how loose her pussy felt as she is normally quite tight.

My Wife an the Black Security Guards

hardcore nobodyuknow2 2018-05-21

top, her lovely breasts were soon on display. 'Well let's have a closer look.' Said another guy. guys got on the floor next to the Jacuzzi and each guard sauntered over to Beth; he stood gazing at her The other two guards started to haul Beth out of the water, making sure they got a good feel of her tits as the first guard slid his hand inside Beth's thong. really turned on watching these men use Beth and knew The first guard said 'It's OK Miss, were just taking one of the black guards came out of a back office. and a big black guy with sergeant stripes on his arm lady d***k and asl**p in the Jacuzzi.' Just then Beth

The body Builder

hardcore Cleopatra69 2017-10-17

I lay on the bed with my legs open and demanded him to rip my stocking and suck my cock, he said id never sucked cock before so I told him let me show u how, a few minutes later he pulled me off his cock saying he almost came lmao, I knew this guys was a horny devil so bent over and gave him my ass, we fucked for about 30 minutes, kissing a lot and he was stripping me bit by bit till i was only left with heels and by this time he was fucking me like a b**st as i lay on my stomach in ecstasy, I told him I want him to see something special, so we changed position and I decided to ride his cock, after a couple of strokes I told him to look at my cock while i bounce up and down, before he could say anything I was dribbling cum over and over lasted about 10 mins, (What an orgasm) I was so weak afterwards he just turned me over into missionary and fucked me while looked into his eye, I saw his facial expressions change and his stomach tense up I knew he was cumming in my ass, his cum was so warm and thick, after he came in me we were both so tired we fell asl**p but naked.