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Desi Bengali Girl Fucked Beside Pond

hardcore bava12 2018-02-24

We went to the Pond near 12pm, my friends and i were bath nude in the water. She took 4-5 dips under the water, which was her bust high, and her maxi was now adhering to her body, I can easily see her nipple and huge round breasts. When they saw me holding my dick and crying they came near me and put my head on Manu’s boobs. I forgot my pain and started sucking on her boobs… Sonu fucked her mouth and Kochi fucked her vagina… She squealed like a 12 year old and this continued for another hour… She became our fuck buddy, I got to suck her boobs in my house, even after she became a mother.

My Widowed Daughter and Myself

hardcore bava12 2018-02-16

Now that I was seeing a woman in my bed-room and that too - in the semi-darkness at night - I was getting sexually excited - though it was my own daughter ! My innocent daughter's tender body was completely curled up, with ler legs over her head and her cunt completely on top. Again, thrusting my strong cock into my daughter's cunt, I asked her, " Did he manage to satisfy you and make you get your orgasm, when he fucked you ? Now my lovely little daughter cum mistress, from tonight - your young and tender body is for my pleasure. She shyly replied, " OK Papa, if that is how you want me - all hairy - I shall grow hair all over my body, for your pleasure.

Crystal- the Campaign Volunteer

hardcore CommunicationDirectr 2018-02-05

“I don’t know,” Crystal responded. “You’re getting me drunk,” Crystal remarked, sipping on her fourth beer. “You want to fuck me, don’t you?” Crystal remarked. Her remark caught me totally off guard and while it had been my intention to seduce her with a few beers, Crystal was seemingly much smarter than I. “You’re about two beers too late,” Crystal responded. “Tahiti, would be nice,” Crystal responded, “do you think the campaign can swing the cost of the airfare and the hotel?” The waiter couldn’t keep his eyes off of her chest and this time, it wasn’t because of the size of her boobs, but because she was just plain beautiful and sexy in a whole new way. “I wanted to fuck two beers ago,” Crystal replied.

A mother’s brahminical purity

hardcore bava12 2018-01-29

In fact, over the years I had read many esoteric and cryptic Sanskrit books over this subject that I was convinced without doubt that holy and pious women like me who has conserved her purity for generations and is so religious , will definitely attain nirvana once her son takes her, for better or worse. According to the book, the full moon night was the ideal time and the son should mate with his mother in a special posture at the earliest hour of the morning after observing fast for the previous day and engaging the whole day in religious activities. Mother, you must build a secret temple to remember our union.” I felt soft music engulfing my soul as my son cum husband took me in that posture.

Really Hot

hardcore bava12 2018-01-28

Since that day my mom started wearing pretty provocative kind of saaris where her huge breasts were almost visible for my uncle's and grandpa's (surprising) admiring eyes. Grandpa started fondling her breasts and mom sat there with her eyes closed. As me and dad entered we saw Rajesh has already got her almost undressed and was sucking her breasts. Grandpa slowly came behind mom and put his hands over mine and started pressing her breasts. Rajesh was now with granny, fucking her from behind and dad was entering mom as she sucked my grandpa's dick. Rajesh was fucking mom, I sucking her breasts and dad had his dick in her mouth.

Money lender

hardcore muneerkasri 2018-01-25

Bedrrom, hall, kitchen house with my 24 year old wife anupama and our two Jaichand, ' jaichandji, this is my wife anupama. ' Jaichand, silently said, ' makarand, i meant your lovely wife Jaichand, standing at the door of the kitchen watching my lovely wife Jaichand, now started caressing my wife's Without looking at my wife, encircled by the huge jaichand, i said that i Then he put his mouth on my wife's other large nipple and started When jaichand found milk shooting from my wife's breast into Slowly jaichand's massive organ started inching into my lovely Jaichand started moving his organ in and out of my wife's tight, virgin Jaichand started to **** my wife very hard and

A sexy weekend in Spain

hardcore vtevte 2018-01-19

She wiggled her ass a little, and then lifted herself again, enjoying the wonderful sensations flooding her body more and more, enjoying the feel of her Dad's cock deep inside her, the feel of his skin peeling back over his cock head each time she moved her pussy up and down his length. Susie moaned softly in anticipation as he started to move, her eyes half closed as she looked at his rock hard cock waving in front of him, her legs pushing against her Dad's as she tried to ease them apart, to expose herself to him. As he knelt between his daughters legs, kissing along the inside of her thighs towards her hot, wet pussy, his cock was hanging down from his body, longer and harder than he'd been for a long time.

Best friend

hardcore pleasureseeker420 2018-01-17

Every time we said hello and goodbye and hugged I could feel her breast pressing against mine. Her pants were very low cut, if she bent the wrong way her virgin pussy would be exposed to my eyes. I removed her nighty, her breasts looked so beautiful. So doing what I was told I removed my shirt and bra exposing my breasts to her. I kissed her neck and slowly made my way down to her breasts. While I was caressing and licking her breasts I took my free hand and begun removing her silky shorts. After a long kissing session she looked over at me and said “Amanda, I want you to fuck me now.”

i****tuous Glamour Photography

hardcore altaff143 2018-01-12

But that is what happened as I looked at my bare breasts, my bum in slithers of black lace, my landing strip of pubic hairs, my hands on my 'quite big tits,' wearing the variety of underwear that I bought specially for those sessions and at my fingers between my legs. "Yes a mother you may be, but you are also a stunningly attractive woman who I would love to photograph...................." he paused as he walked to the PC, clicked the mouse, filled the screen with a close up of my naked breasts with erect nipples. "You rubbed your clit and put your fingers up your cunt didn't you?" Peter went on continually taking photos of my hands and body.

My s****r in Law again

hardcore delmohawk 2018-01-07

“Do you want me to leave the water in for you” Judy asked I nodded and started making my way to the kitchen. I felt her legs part slightly and I pushed my fingers through the folds of her labia feeling her dampness while rubbing around the hood that hides her clitoris. I started to kiss her neck and she closed her eyes and pushed her head back leaning into me. I started to push my fingers into her cunt; her wetness allowing me to slip into her with ease. My hands grabbed at her breasts and pushed them together allowing me to suck and bite her nipples which were getting hard in response.

sensual moon night

hardcore Sir_Stephen345 2018-01-05

The soft skin of her breasts tasty to my lips, the nipples getting a brushing of my tongue as I begin my journey further south. The rhythm soon takes over and she begins to come back to life, her legs moving up and around me, her arms cradling me hands locked at the finger tips below my shoulder blades. There is no doubt she came as my midsection and the blanket are now soaked, can't blame me for the wet spot tonight ;) I flip her on her back and then to her belly, bring her hips up her weight on her knees, pushing her shoulders to the ground arms out in front her tits to the ground.

First Meeting! Part 2

hardcore 2018-01-04

Your lips trailed from mine to my neck and you whispered into my ear “Do you want me to fuck you, baby” to which I gasped “Oh Yes, Please fuck me now, please!” So you sat back on your knees and ran your cock up and down my wet pussy, brushing against my clit with each pass. You ran your one hand up my back and grabbed a handful of hair and while pulling back on my head, smacked my ass, a few good whacks, while continuing to slam my pussy. Now with each thrust I would grab your cock with my pussy and milk it until, finally, we both exploded.

My first story

hardcore 2018-01-04

I take his cock into my hand and start moving it up and down. He can feel my breath on his cock and he shutters a little, I smile. I pull up my shirt to expose my breasts in a light blue seer bra. I get onto my knees and place his cock between my tits, pressing my tits together on his cock, I start moving up and down letting him titty fuck me, I look down and spit on his cock and I smile. He stands up and I can feel the head of his cock move along my bald wet peach. 'oh fuck' I let out as I move my hand of the set up to play with my breasts.

Hot easter surprise 1

hardcore vtevte 2018-01-03

I moved my chair so it was next to hers and then sat down, took my shirt off, and started having a conversation with my topless mother-in-law, whilst I occasionally snuck a look at her huge breasts. I slowly started to fondle them again, until I was playing with them just as I had been doing earlier, I looked up and saw Anita's eyes darting between looking at my hands as they played with her huge tits and my huge cock. I stopped fondling her left breast and just cupped it, then quickly moved my head towards her chest and took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking gently on it.

Any My Cousin

hardcore sidhuputt 2017-12-30

Then I removed my hands and placed them on her cheeks and the very fact that I was about to kiss a girl for the first time on her rosy lips but even then it made me nervous. She loved it and asked for more then along with kissing her, I moved my hands on her breasts from outside it was out of this world experience. I just bit her breasts on the bra, I slowly moved my hand over and then got to her tits they were erect.. It almost came out..when I took my dick from her mouth she wanted to do it more so she held my dick in her hand pulled me towards her and started licking it.

Pricking Out - Outdoor Fun

hardcore johnnuke 2017-12-28

I kneel upright undo my trousers and my erection springs out, I rub your pussy lips with the end of my cock and then your clit, you are so slippy and wet, my cock slides deep inside your cunt. We kiss hard our tongues deep in each others mouths, my fingers probe your cunt and slide inside as you take my erect cock in your hand. We stay like this for a moment you then lean forward we are kissing as we fuck, I can feel your erect nipples rubbing on my chest as your breasts swing with each thrust.

The Dropped Key

hardcore stephyoung2 2017-12-21

My washing becomes more of a caress and to your delight, I start playing with my breasts. Your hand is rubbing your cock through your pants before I even realize it you even doing it. I finally open my eyes to look around the room for something to use to "play" with and I see you. I stroke your cock as I suck a ball into my mouth and roll it around with my tongue .I then do the same to the other ball before licking the shaft again. I fondle my breasts a little before sliding my hand down between my legs. You fondle my breasts as I can't resist sliding my hand down between my legs to feel us both.

An evening at the club.

hardcore joemidnight53 2017-12-19

Angel moved close to a tall guy in his forties, and I sat beside her. He fondled her breasts and pulled her skirt up and asked her to spread her legs. She whispered back, but he asked her to speak loudly, and she said, so everyone could hear, "yes I love it, that's so good" I came out over myself while Angel rode herselves to yet another orgasm on his hand. She pulled away, got her clothes in place and said "I want to go home" She smiled at him, "thanks, but there are too many, maybe another time" I asked her if she would have fucked him in front of all the guys, she nodded and said, "Yes, at the moment ...

The Girlfriend Experience

hardcore 2017-12-18

Her tender grasp on my erection made it throb in her hand as she gently leaned to one side, brushed her lips with my head and delicately slid back down as her mouth widened and her eyes tightened. The way Katie’s boobs bounced and rolled as they shook under my pressure, the excitement of her tantalising audio, the firmness off her thighs and the tightness of her insides was hypnotising our bodies moved together. I gripped her legs hard and drove into her as fast as I could, my cock throbbed harder and slid with tight precision in her wetness, her boobs ran wild over her chest and she cried out in excitement before opening her eyes and letting a series of groans pass her open mouth.

Samaritan Saves Stranded Stranger

hardcore beingbrash 2017-12-13

Amanda was frustrated because she knew better than to travel to the middle of “Nowhere”, Kansas without a full gas tank. Whether it was the Kyle’s good looks, his confident demeanor, or the fact that he was her savior, Amanda could not help but say,” we could make it more pleasurable.” Amanda moved in tight to Kyle and he responded by grasping her shoulders, holding her as she kissed his neck. Kyle pushed her shirt further up and began kissing in Amanda’s pink nipples and milky white breasts. “Oh my gosh that was fantastic”, Amanda said as she kissed Kyle’s forehead. Kyle stood up, gathered his clothes and said, “Thank you.” I need to get the gas, I’ll be back.”

The Teacher and the Cheerleader

hardcore chchboy 2017-12-11

“I think you need to use a new razor and the same lotion that I use when I shave, why don't we go home now and I can put some on", her other hand was inside my sweats stroking my cock, "You can come too Will, I will be able to show you something I can not show you here and I am sure Beck can help, it feels enough for two or do you want to do some moves on the bar, we would love to watch your body, it might give us some ideas and Beck can show you a new leg swing we have talking about, as a matter of fact we could use the bar for support, come on Beck, lets do it".

Afternoon Fuck

hardcore Gary28 2017-12-09

Gary walked over to her and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back, he kissed her roughly on her mouth and neck, she gasped in delight, but said nothing. With one deft movement, Gary pushed her legs up onto the counter and turned her body round so her head was hanging over the edge, while holding her down with one hand, he unzipped his jeans with the other and released his throbbing cock, thrusting it into her mouth. She felt something cold a wet dripping onto her chest, it smelt like cream, Gary unzipped the rest of her dress and let it fall to the sides, now he could appreciate fully the form of her body, with his favourite white silk panties hiding her mound.

Virginity Lost

hardcore 2017-12-08

I held her knees and she closed her eyes, with a delicate moan, Barbara began to grind down firmly and her fingers curled slightly. Her body trembled and she slowed us right down and ground deep and long on my cock with her eyes closed and groaning with each pass, matching the rhythmic clacking of the bed. Barbara leaned down and brushed her breasts down my face, her nipple flicked over my nose and she stroked my body, she smiled at me and breathlessly worded 'Ah, you made me cum.' Before long, Barbara flailed her arms behind her, desperately searching for something to cling on to and she was throwing her head from side to side with her eyes shut tight as her breasts flung up and down her chest.

Babymaking age gaps from web

hardcore billstew 2017-12-08

I heard him telling her how he wanted to cum deep in her fertile womb and knock her up so he could watch her belly and breasts swell. They had been dating a couple of yrs and I remember mom and dad sitting at the kitchen table discussing what they were going to do. The problem was, his girlfriends dad kicked her out of their house and mom and dad were contemplating moving her in with us, which they ended up doing. here's the kicker, gf's mom moved out a month later and comes to find out that my b*****r was keeping it in the f****y. He knocked up his gf's mom also who was 40 and hubby kicked her out to.