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My Widowed Daughter and Myself

hardcore bava12 2018-12-03

Now that I was seeing a woman in my bed-room and that too - in the semi-darkness at night - I was getting sexually excited - though it was my own daughter ! My innocent daughter's tender body was completely curled up, with ler legs over her head and her cunt completely on top. Again, thrusting my strong cock into my daughter's cunt, I asked her, " Did he manage to satisfy you and make you get your orgasm, when he fucked you ? Now my lovely little daughter cum mistress, from tonight - your young and tender body is for my pleasure. She shyly replied, " OK Papa, if that is how you want me - all hairy - I shall grow hair all over my body, for your pleasure.

Crystal- the Campaign Volunteer

hardcore CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-23

“I don’t know,” Crystal responded. “You’re getting me drunk,” Crystal remarked, sipping on her fourth beer. “You want to fuck me, don’t you?” Crystal remarked. Her remark caught me totally off guard and while it had been my intention to seduce her with a few beers, Crystal was seemingly much smarter than I. “You’re about two beers too late,” Crystal responded. “Tahiti, would be nice,” Crystal responded, “do you think the campaign can swing the cost of the airfare and the hotel?” The waiter couldn’t keep his eyes off of her chest and this time, it wasn’t because of the size of her boobs, but because she was just plain beautiful and sexy in a whole new way. “I wanted to fuck two beers ago,” Crystal replied.

A mother’s brahminical purity

hardcore bava12 2018-11-13

In fact, over the years I had read many esoteric and cryptic Sanskrit books over this subject that I was convinced without doubt that holy and pious women like me who has conserved her purity for generations and is so religious , will definitely attain nirvana once her son takes her, for better or worse. According to the book, the full moon night was the ideal time and the son should mate with his mother in a special posture at the earliest hour of the morning after observing fast for the previous day and engaging the whole day in religious activities. Mother, you must build a secret temple to remember our union.” I felt soft music engulfing my soul as my son cum husband took me in that posture.

Desi Bengali Girl Fucked Beside Pond

hardcore bava12 2018-11-12

We went to the Pond near 12pm, my friends and i were bath nude in the water. She took 4-5 dips under the water, which was her bust high, and her maxi was now adhering to her body, I can easily see her nipple and huge round breasts. When they saw me holding my dick and crying they came near me and put my head on Manu’s boobs. I forgot my pain and started sucking on her boobs… Sonu fucked her mouth and Kochi fucked her vagina… She squealed like a 12 year old and this continued for another hour… She became our fuck buddy, I got to suck her boobs in my house, even after she became a mother.

Really Hot

hardcore bava12 2018-10-30

Since that day my mom started wearing pretty provocative kind of saaris where her huge breasts were almost visible for my uncle's and grandpa's (surprising) admiring eyes. Grandpa started fondling her breasts and mom sat there with her eyes closed. As me and dad entered we saw Rajesh has already got her almost undressed and was sucking her breasts. Grandpa slowly came behind mom and put his hands over mine and started pressing her breasts. Rajesh was now with granny, fucking her from behind and dad was entering mom as she sucked my grandpa's dick. Rajesh was fucking mom, I sucking her breasts and dad had his dick in her mouth.

Scholar and Shield Maiden_Ch 1: Battle Whore

hardcore edintx99 2018-10-02

I looked up the long sword to a sinewy arm, to a pair of muscular square shoulders, and finally an angelic face framed in long auburn hair. Sword in hand, I thought ready to press the issue, she simply said, “Split it.” Standing statue still, only the lips of her cunt squeezed and pulsed, pulling my foot-long member inside her inch by inch until we were nipple to chest. She scrambled to her knees in front of me and grabbed my raging member in a double handed embrace jerking like she was trying to pull a tree out by its roots. In seconds, I came in long loopy stands in her hair, over her breasts, down the insides of her thighs and then fell to the ground beside her.

The Morning After

hardcore tripper87 2018-09-30

You set your coffee on the table and reach your hands around his chest and gently kiss him from behind. His hands caress your arms and he gently returns your kiss, wishing you a good morning and asking you how you feel? Watching his naked body, you feel your hands moving about you, nervously touching yourself not sexually but almost like in response to the erotic tingle it feels. His hands caressing your back, sliding smoothly against the silk, he caresses your entire body moving gently from your back across your breasts. He gently holds your breast with his hand and uses his tongue and mouth around it, licking at the nipple bringing it erect.


hardcore sidhuputt 2018-09-29

as I have a little frankness with my aunt, I said that she was much prettier than any girl in this world, she laughed and told me to go to my bed room and rest as you would be feeling tired after the journey. I knew that as I was looking closely at my aunt`s(sangeeta`s)breasts,i had to have a hand practice's started to think and rub my cock ,it went of in few minutes and then I started to wash my self. her nipples were brown.i put my mouth to them and started sucking them.sangeeta was getting hotter and hotter.after a few moments, she bent down and kissed on my cock.it was hot and hard.


hardcore 2018-09-29

To confirm that she really wants something from me i offered her a body massage. She agreed, now i was sure that she wants my cock in her pussy. I asked her if she wants a ass massage? I ran my hands all along her upper body and cupped her breasts and without any hint, I mouthed her right nipple and she gave a loud moan as my lips surrounded her nipple. She requested she wants to suck more, I fingered her pussy while she was rubbing my cock. She said she wants my cock badly..now its time to insert and bang it hard..But still having so many movies seen, it wasn't difficulty for me to insert the cock. she shouted and said fuck my pussy harder..

Desert Heat - Part 9

hardcore jdwhitings 2018-09-27

Ginger called Jerry over and asked him if he like a semi-see through halter top and his face turned all kinds of shades of red. Ginger told him that shirt would look good on him, but Jerry kind of shrugged it off and said it wasn’t in his budget. Ginger then asked him if he liked swimming naked and free and again Jerry turned red and said yes, he enjoyed it. She looked straight at Jerry and did her best bring her breast up to her tongue, but could not reach it, He so wanted to lick t off himself, but she eventually used her napkin to clean it off.


hardcore querico44 2018-09-23

"I love them" I said leaning over to suck on a nipple, "They are so nice and hard." She slid her hand under the leg of my shorts rubbing my cock, "Thats not all thats hard." as she smiled. "I hope you will come visit me again soon, I really enjoyed your young hard cock pounding my pussy so good." I promised her I would visit her as often as she liked, "You are the hottest 30 year old babe I know and we can have lots of fun together." We walked to the bathroom and got into the shower together, which is another story in itself, LOL.

The Ultimate Hand Job - Part Two

hardcore danorth 2018-09-23

I let my fingers trace a line along the lower edge of the bra and the fact that I was touching it aroused me and I noticed you held your breath a bit as my fingers moved along the line and approached your underarm. I pushed you back onto the bed and knelt again, this time I kissed your pubic mound as my hands caressed your thighs and then I moved my mouth down to your pussy. You moaned loudly as I approached your clit for the second time so I place my mouth around your now swollen clit and sucked it in gently as you tensed to the feeling of my lips and tongue on your nub.

Cute s*s Turns Sexy!

hardcore adel5000 2018-09-18

She went upstairs to take a shower leaving me with very little do or to look at. She took her sweater off revealing a tight t-shirt outlining her body perfectly. she took off her shirt revealing a silk bra that clearly had its hands full containing her “Mmmm.” I heard Cassondra moan before she started to stir. half cup it acted as a pushup bra making her boobs look even bigger! Once she was sound asl**p I reached down and started playing with her ass cheeks. I turned Cassondra on her stomach and started massaging her ass; stopping As I went faster and faster I moved one hand to her ass and searched for her asshole.

Sex with my friend's girlfriend

hardcore wzzzyzk 2018-09-17

I didn’t want to break the mood, so I improvised, telling her I just wanted to see her body, to see what she looked like in her thong, and I felt her hands let go of mine, giving me permission. I took a final look, and then went back to sucking and feeling her tits up, working on her for a few minutes before she reached out towards me, and pulled my face towards her, wanting to kiss. I looked down at her and asked her “Do you want me to cum?” and she smiled and nodded, then told me to make sure I pulled out.

A Beautiful Woman is the Best

hardcore 2018-09-12

Suzanne, Carol and Amy were all sitting around on the Her friend Amy is a real beauty, with long blonde hair, Then as I watched, Amy gently removed carols shirt and Amy now began sucking them. slide her right hand into Carol's panties. Amy asked if I'd mind We left Suzanne and Carol and got into the car. Amy positioned herself so that her breast She began telling me how beautiful I was as her hand and sucked each other's breasts lips and legs. Finally Amy the outer folds of my pussy. Amy's hands were now flat on the bed, one on Amy was gazing at me and licking her lips seductively. quickly dressed, kissed my beautiful Amy and drove home.

Consensual Impregnation

hardcore kaptinhot 2018-09-10

Looking down at me, you grab my hand and say "You have now." You slowly pull my hand up, sliding it over your shirt, rubbing my open palm over your soft tummy. Goosebumps form in the cool air, drawing your skin tight as I reach your breasts, kissing the underside of each perfect orb before taking a nipple between my lips with a firm suck. I caress your belly and ask, "What do you hope it will be for our first?" As the warm water cascades down your skin you turn in my arms, looking up into my eyes before standing on your toes to kiss me.

It’s Raining Outside and I can hear some thu

hardcore 2018-09-10

And the sucking sound of my pussy swallowing his big cock is so satisfying. I let my pussy welcome his cock back into my wet temple. My pussy soaks his cock and lower stomach as my legs begin to tremble. He’ll play around by fondling my breasts or forcing his cock far up into me while I try to sit still to catch my breath. His cock has a nice curve so every time he hits it from the back, I feel pressure in my body that feels amazing. Feeling the release of his hot cum deep into my pussy feels amazing. Feeling that hot cum drip out of me is amazing.

Hard Bdsm Story from a friend written about us and

hardcore wekinktogether 2018-09-10

I would also strip so that you could see the effect you were having on my cock as my hands explored your body, caressing your beautiful breasts, teasing your cute little anus and checking your sweet pussy to make sure you were wet with anticipation for was was to follow. I set it to shock your wonderful tits every 2 seconds and as I increase the intensity of the current your whole body starts to jerk with each pulse of electricity and your pussy contracts on my cock like a strong fist. I guide your husbands erection into your dripping pussy then go behind you and press my aching cock against your tight little anus until I overcome the resistance and push deep into your ass.


hardcore darien2021 2018-09-05

Every time she walked by and those ass cheeks swayed in their firm cradle I just wanted to grab her and slide the material down and press myself against her back. I would go into her room and close the door, start to talk about work and then edge around the desk and lay my hand on her thigh, feeling slowly inward as she sighed and quivered. Then I dove in, pressed my face into her breast and wrapped my lips around her areola, twirling my tongue around while I sucked the tight hard nipple. I worked my way inward until I had found the hot wet lips of her pussy and then lead my tongue from bottom to top making sure to slide it over her swollen clit.

Sex in a dressing room

hardcore 2018-09-05

I must have looked quite frustrated as he waved me over and -probably jokingly- asked "Why not share a cabin?" As I just wanted to get dressed and be gone, I wasn't thinking this through and simply answered "okay". Then I sat down on the bench, looking up at him, spreading my legs, and starting to circle over my lips to keep me aroused. I could feel how his shaft brushed over my lips and pushed deep into me, spreading me from the inside. He slid forward to the edge of the bench and reached for my breasts and started to work on them. As the feeling of being spread got more intense, once his shaft started to enter me I let out another satisifed "mmmmh".

Erotic story of BINITA. 02

hardcore sexozingguy 2018-09-04

Laju, the maid had to rush off to clean her hands which were dripping with his semen and left Binita to apply oil to the Thakur's hair. Thakur moaned loudly in ecstasy and closed his mouth on her breast, through all those layers of clothes which were there and bit down firmly but not injuriously on the mound of flesh. Binita wept tears of joy as she felt her pussy quake open with an orgasm induced by his tonguing her breasts. His young daughter-in-law was fucking him wildly, her wet pussy riding the head of his cock at several strokes every minute which crazed him. The next few thrusts were on the spot and she shuddered as she came and Thakur felt a gush down his cock and balls as she spent like a man.

Showing off at the cinema

hardcore gazonga 2018-08-31

screened smut could be randy places, as my wife Sally "Sally, those men are looking at you," I said. My left arm was still around Sally's shoulders. right hand, I pulled part of her shirt toward me, "The men are staring at you," I whispered to Sally. The three men gazed at my wife's boobs, his nipples standing up, and I knew my own purple head was pushing My left arm was still around my wife's shoulders. wife's breast as the others watched. he gazed at my wife's tender, helpless breasts hanging Sally reached over and began rubbing the bump in my right, and he took his hands off his dick and began pulled off my wife's shoes and pants until she was

My naive Classmate (SG)

hardcore Labouroflove 2018-08-28

while attending to the bullshit of the orcs,my eyes periodically glaze towards claire,she seems bored ,blowing her fringe away from her long eyelashes,while staring aimlessly at the floor,every breath she took,her beautiful mounts seems to tease you while going up and down,noticed a gleaming bead of perspiration slowly slides down from her smooth neck towards her deep cleavage,deliciously traveling through the sexy curves,leaving a line of wetness throughout,"ohh mama..."i thought to myself. So ,grabbing it,i gently squeezed her aching throbbing soft yet firm breasts.in a random semi circle direction,i caress her beautifully formed breasts,i could feel the tender breasts now seems to get a little warm.the feel of the outlines of her lacy bra behind the soft fabric,is killing me.While caressing her jutting round breasts,in my palm i felt something slowly erecting ,poking and teasing through the fabrics of the bra and tube.Its small soft and adorable,nipple alert i thought.Like a small pencil eraser.

Wendy and Sara - part 2

hardcore auroran 2018-08-23

In fact my nipples and cock are a bit sore from all the attention that sexy Wendy paid them last night. "Please Doug, I want to know that you're having fun with Sara while I'm fucking Jen." Can I help in any other way?" Wendy leans towards Sara and puts her arm around her lightly. Wendy and I used the Intense later that night when we had sex, since we were both getting a little raw from all the touching. Sara slides one of her hands down my back, over my hip and caresses my cock through my jeans. I kiss her deeply to muffle the screams I know that are to come as I don't stop fucking Sara with my fingers.