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The Audition

hardcore Buz 2018-11-30

Holding the camera on his shoulder with one hand, and without looking up from the eyepiece, Lenny snapped his finger and motioned for the guys to come into scene. Dick then turned his attention to Mysti’s breasts also and began to kiss and suck on her nipple, leaving Choco free to start deep tongue kissing Mysti. Mysti knew what she was to do, so as soon as Dick was firmly positioned on his hands and knees she buried her face between his ass cheeks and began licking. Mysti grabbed Choco’s cock, fresh from her asshole, and wrapped her lips around it, burying it in her mouth then pulling back and twirling her tongue around its swollen head.

Under the Covers - Chapter III - Final

hardcore Safire 2018-11-29

I cried out as he whipped his belt against my pussy, pain and pleasure shooting up my body. Although my pussy was dripping by the time he stopped his punishment, it was also burning with pain and soreness. “You won’t cum without permission again, will you, slut?” Mr. McIntosh pulled my hair back just enough to make it hurt. “You have such a good pussy, it’s a shame I had to punish it,” he moaned, fucking me deeper. I could feel my pussy start to contract and knew that an orgasm was building up and would soon explode. I screamed into the material of the couch as my pussy contracted and convulsed around his thick cock, which was still pumping his delicious semen into my womb.

Sisterhood of Sin -- 16 -- Dysfunction Junction

hardcore LastWife 2018-11-27

His tongue snakes out and licks my finger and then I feel him start to shudder. I take a deep breath, place my index and middle fingers outside my pussy lips and slide up off of his shrinking cock, squeezing my lips shut to hold as much cum in as I can manage. I feel his tongue come up and touch my fingers. I lick his lips suggestively, but his tongue does not come out to play and his lips do not kiss back. A low purring sound is coming from his throat, the sound of contented satisfaction as his thrusts slow and become very short, with his cock balls deep in me and my pussy muscles gently milking him.

Faith and obedience Part 1

hardcore ByronLord 2018-11-26

A little after dawn, Mrs Hawclough brought Faith a maid's uniform and told her that the owner of the house was called Sir Horace and she would be paid ten shillings a week. As she raised her legs to display her sex and offer herself to Sir Horace, Nell wondered briefly what it must be like to be a person of quality like the stranger and not need to worry about a place to live or where the next meal would come from. But Sir Horace would brook no resistance and pulled her head round by her hair to face his cock still wet from coming in Nell's ass.

An Open Letter to Charlie

hardcore ButterCookieBeach 2018-11-24

“And we thought so before you came down;  before we saw you wearing that little thing,” Sean said, “but fuck, Allison.” He reached for my tit and I promise I pulled away, at the same time Cam pushed him back, hard. I knew I wanted it, and I knew I liked it, there was no denying those two things, but I thought the first shot was fired by Eric, but it wasn’t.  For some reason, when I fell down, I was afraid I interrupted his orgasm and I said, “Sorry!” Eric laughed and made me repeat it, but told me not to worry about it, but did fuck me harder and pulled my hair. 

Two Guys, One Night And A Whole Lot Of Cum

hardcore cumslutnicole 2018-11-24

“Right about now I wish that you would skip going out and spend the time with me,” Blake said as he turned me around to face him. Plus, it’s never a quickie with you.” My body wanted him, but my phone said I had less than five minutes before my ride showed up. I craved the feeling of his cock deep inside of me. He wasn’t as thick as Blake, but he felt just as good. It didn’t feel anything like what I was experiencing with Ian. As I came out of my orgasmic state and back to reality, I couldn’t believe I had let two men leave their cum inside of me.

Teen Diaries 24: Mommy's Boyfriend

hardcore TeenDiaries 2018-11-23

I mean, your mom is so big and sexy and curvy, but you're so little and petite and young and that's so fucking hot." He stood up and started walking towards me, his erect cock swaying back and forth with each step as he continued talking. I stood there looking up at him in just my little blue bra and panties as he admired my body before picking me up and taking me to my mom's bed. Sean pulled his fingers out and rubbed my pussy as he kept his mouth against my ear and said "Oh yeah, baby, oh yeah" as he breathed deeply in my ear, making it tingle.

Easy Money: Kayla's Audition

hardcore AshleighMixon 2018-11-22

Bill collectors had called me twice that week wanting their money and I didn’t know if waitressing would help me pay them back anytime soon.  I had a waitressing interview the next afternoon, but my car wouldn’t start and a guy friend said it would probably be an expensive repair. I also want to give you a chance to see if you’ll be comfortable in front of the camera.” He looked me in the eyes and didn’t give me a chance to stop the process. I’m by no means a blowjob expert, I’ve given more than a few, but with the camera on me I felt like it was my first time giving a bj.

Georgia Road Trip Mishap Part II

hardcore Stephanie008 2018-11-20

I felt the Sheriff let go of my body and slowly pull his still throbbing cock from my dirty asshole. The Sheriff turned me over to the two Deputies and seeing that Deputy Hall had just finished fucking my husband, he told Hall that I loved ass to mouth. Deputy Hall was more than happy to take me from the Sheriff and put me on my knees next to were my husband was still bent over moaning. My husband turned his head to me and watched as I sucked that cock that had just been up his ass and shot a heavy load. I told him I loved him and was so turned on hearing him being fucked by two dirty men then seeing him bent over with Deputy Hall cumming inside him.

Temptation In Church

hardcore cumslutnicole 2018-11-20

It’s also safe to say that he went from cute to hot and the way he looked at me said I wasn’t the sweet, innocent girl that he used to know. He didn’t come out on say it exactly like that, but he did tell me about his plan to hangout with his guy friends this week. I didn’t know how long it would be before my parents realized I was missing from the party so I made the first move not wanting to waste too much time. He slid a hand into my dress and didn’t stop until he found my lace panties. I wanted him inside of me, but I promised myself I would stop at just a blowjob.

Teen Diaries 25: Get in the Van

hardcore TeenDiaries 2018-11-16

His right hand released from my boob and parted my lips, massaging his index and middle fingers against my tongue and applying a little pressure on it. "Do you like cum, baby?" I couldn't answer as he slid his dick towards the back of my mouth, choking me with it before pulling out and sitting me up again, spreading my legs. With my wet panties still spread to the side, he pulled away from my face and pressed his big head against my tight little hole and pushed in. "Oh, you were a good little girl." He kissed me more as his dick began to soften inside me and he slowly pulled out.

Bonnie and Mel

hardcore Noreasonneeded 2018-11-15

And fuck if Bonnie didn't open my pants right there in their den and start sucking my cock. And as if that wasn't enough Melanie got behind her, laid against the side of the bed and angled her head back with her mouth open as Bonnie's cunt discharged the semen from the last two guys in several fat blurts. Thanking the gangbang gods for these incredible women and the opportunity they'd given me I gripped Bonnie's ass cheeks tighter, spreading her, giving myself a good look at her stretched back door taking my cock. She squealed happily and angled her head, mouth open as Bonnie clenched and pushed and another squirt drooled out to land directly on Melanie's flat extended tongue and running into her mouth.

Cuckquean Diaries: Scrubbing Up

hardcore Tylwyth_Teg 2018-11-07

I imagine her naked, her petite and lithe body leaning on the headboard as he grips her narrow hips and pounds her tight pussy with his thick member as I kneel meekly in this cupboard, harnessed and butt-plugged like the obedient sex-slave I am. She kneels down between my legs, looking me in the eye with a wicked grin as she slowly lowers her head, taking me into her mouth and slipping her fingers back inside me. Before today I'd done nothing with another girl, not even so much as a girl's school crush, but I don't have to think twice about this -- I get a quick glance of her pussy stretched wide open and filled to the brim with cum before my lips are clamping around the entrance and I'm eagerly delving with my tongue, reaching deep inside her, lapping eagerly at the hot seed.

Martha Visits the Glory Hole

hardcore steveyg1985 2018-11-07

He began to fuck her mouth through the hole, and the sloppy sounds of Martha gagging on the cock bounced off the walls of the booth. Her fingers were still laced with salty cum so she knew the guy through the hole must have been tasting it, but he continued none the less and Martha joined him sucking the fingers of her other hand. When she turned she was surprised to see the cock was still there and bending over, she gave the tip a final loving suck, savouring the taste of her pussy and his cum. Her feet, legs, thighs, pussy, pubes, hands, tits, chest, face and hair were stained with cum, and she couldn’t stop her hand from continually rubbing and playing with her sensitive clit.

The hot night Ben fucked Creampie while I was stuc

hardcore 2017-10-28

Ben pushed me back away from his body, looking down at where his dick and my cunt were connected, held me by my waist and started fucking me, lifting me up and down, his cock pumping up into my dripping wet pussy......."Yes, Yes did i feel good Ben? The images on the photo frame changed slowly, his dick in Creampie's pussy, a spread shot of him cumming in her, Creampie spreading her ass cheeks apart so we could both see his dick inside her, stretching her pussy hole open........Ben pulled my hair and started fucking me hard, "Yeah, it felt good at the time, I fucked her like THIS and like THIS, over and over" pounding his dick into me, reaching down to open my pussy lips and spread it while he continued hammering his dick into me.