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She Felt His Eyes

hardcore cal_jack 2018-11-30

She wanted to feel those lips. She watched as he took a sip of his drink and then as his hand brushed his dark brown hair from his handsome face and then traveled down the length of his chest and stomach and settled on his silver belt buckle, his fingers pointing towards his crotch. "Beautiful?" Cheryl then gasped as he pulled her panties down and his fingers slid over her bushy mound and spread her lips. Her hand reached out and caressed his shaft and exposed cock tip and felt his hot pre-cum. “Relax,” he whispered as he replaced his finger with his wet cock tip pressed against her and slapped her ass producing a muffled moan as she tensed up.

Hobson's Choice - continued

hardcore deviantsusie 2018-11-29

The hardness of the eight inch shaft pressing against my hand whilst the movement causes the bulbous head inside me to move as well sending shivers of anticipation through me. I stand to one side, and putting my hand on top of her head to press her face onto the table, tell her to remove her panties. Still without speaking I move around behind her, letting the tension build as I watch her stand, face pressed to the table and ass sticking out, naked save for her bra. My fingers then wrap tightly around the sides of her neck, squeezing as I slam that shaft deep inside her, over and over, fucking her like her life depended on it.

Under Pressure

hardcore Dirty_D 2018-11-23

Hands pressed into his chest, I tipped forward till the ends of my hair brushed against his face, ignoring his request even though I had just asked him what he wanted. Back arching, I jammed them harder into his conquering mouth, my hands knotting in his hair, pulling roughly, hauling his head down into my tits. Both hands caught in my hair, he forced my head down onto his, pushing past unwilling lips down an eager throat. The flat of his hand crashed down on my pussy; a sharp slap that jumped to my core, My body jerked with the force that raced through me, leaving my lips in a moan that mingled want and pain, my breath making a sharp, quick gasp.

You Are Loved, Little One

hardcore zibster 2018-11-19

She eagerly opened her mouth and sucked his finger clean, tongue swirling around and taking him deep into her throat, making him release a soft moan. Pulling back, he watched her gasp in a deep breath when his hand slipped down to her nipples, teasing them and his lips pulling on the other, hearing her moan. "What do you want, my love?" he questioned as he gently sucked on her other nipple, his hand slipping down to rub her clit slowly, teasingly.  Cumming hard, her pussy grasped him tighter, throbbing slightly and the juices slipping out around his cock.  He watched with a smile as she curled into a ball, his cum leaking from her well-fucked pussy.

Nighttime Cavern part 1

hardcore TheLeprechaun69 2018-11-11

I groaned, imagining James' hands running up and down my body, a seductively angry expression playing across his face for leaving him behind to suffer. I took the rest of him with my hand, and sucked hard, speeding up my head and making my mouth as tight as possible for him. My legs untangled below me, and I was disoriented for a few seconds in which time James had gotten down on his knees and was already pushing my knees apart roughly. Without a word James opened the trunk and took out something that looked like a blindfold. I didn't even notice that James had the head of his dick pressed against my opening until he pushed against the resistance of my tightness.


hardcore uncliqued_ 2018-11-07

“Hm, something I hope,” I said looking at Michael, while “accidentally” brushing my hand against his hard dick. “Yeah, you know I love you, girl,” Trey said into the phone. He turned to Michael and said, “Atleast I can love people. He kissed the scream right off of my lips and pulled his wet, big, wide dick out of me and slowly moved it back in. Then, he started kissing my neck. “I love this dick, Daddy,” I got out in a moan. He slammed into me one more time and then pulled out. Fuck it's coming,” I felt his dick get even bigger inside me and he picked me up as he got up.

Oh the Games We Play

hardcore megXXX 2018-11-05

Meg looks up from the notebook in her lap and watches Danny pound quickly on his game controller, his attention solely on the TV screen across the room. That’s why she’s so hard to write,” Danny exclaims as he starts up the game again, “You know I’m right.” “I know…I need to think on this,” Meg mumbles, thumping her pen on her notebook, as Danny is absorbed into the video game again. He’s banging his girl,” Max, the other friend, grumbles in his ear, yet Meg hops off the couch and hurls her shirt over her head, distracting Danny from the babble in his ear. “Dammit, Danny, please let me cum!” Meg snaps and in response, he slams three fingers against her G-spot and thrusts upwards.

How Should a Dominant Treat His Submissive?

hardcore sultan1975 2018-09-02

This is certainly a reasonable question, particularly for someone who may be just beginning to learn about Dominant/submissive relationships. A Dominant should treat his submissive with respect. The Dominant wants his submissive to respect him and his authority. It means learning the ways the submissive desires the Dominant and his control. Rather learning about the submissive is how you will be able to respect her submission and provide her with the control that she needs. In this way, the Dominant is in control and respectful of the submissive. In other words, the Dominant shows respect for the submissive by praising and encouraging her submission. Yes, this does mean that establishing good rules for the submissive is respecting her submission.

Ally Stays Over (series 2 part 2)

hardcore Spooge 2018-01-01

When we arrived home, Janice greeted Ally at the door and quickly started conversation, while I took Ally’s suitcase upstairs. There was nothing I needed to hide from Janice, as long as Ally focused on Charles. “You guys seem to enjoy each other’s company.” Charles looked sheepish and avoided looking at Janice. “It’s a sweet pussy, and I’ve been dreaming of it since the day we met.” This was followed by telling Ally to let go of Janice’s head, which Charles held gently. You can have the rest.” Ally sucked my dick with increased vigor, while Janice appreciated actual food. Janice told her niece, “Well done,” and then got up, taking Charles with her and leaving the room.

Risky business

hardcore Zara_Heyes 2017-10-30

She got on her knees and felt a gush of hot pussy juice inside her cunt as her wrists were grabbed, pulled behind her back and handcuffed tightly with what felt like heavy duty police cuffs. The man lifted Eva to her feet and walked her down the hallway through another solid, heavy, internal door. No more words were spoken but Eva felt thick, cold fingers shoved deep inside her pussy. As Eva took it all the way in, up to his bollocks, the man stroked her hair and started to tell the other guy how good her mouth felt. Let her stretch her legs and arms,' Brad instructed the three men.