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Sonia and Sylvie in Toyland

hardcore jpjai007 2018-12-02

As she said later, "Sometimes I miss the feeling of a cock between my legs, and this is almost better than the real thing." I had seen several models in London, but didn't buy one there because I was unsure as to what to look for in a quality model. The girl showed us how the base of each cock unscrewed such that a threaded end in each could be passed through the slot in the belt and fastened in place. Sylvie : "You are such a beautiful man, and I am going to make you feel so very good." These annoyances were minor as Sylvie, already very aroused, started moaning immediately and came after what seemed like two minutes.

Slave Sexual Conditioning

hardcore jpjai007 2018-11-12

She wants you to feel as much pleasure as you possibly can." It suddenly comes rushing back to me what is happening, and I struggle momentarily as this beautiful woman begins to grind her pussy on my abdomen, gently stroking my cock with her ass cheeks, and rubbing my chest as she gazes into my eyes - I can feel the controller in the back of my neck, the gentle warmth of it as it tendrils seem to extend into my body.

Teaser: The Sordid Story Of Shiloh Cash (First Two

hardcore thepiperrai 2018-10-03

He had no interest in sex or staying in shape, maybe it was depression from the football thing, or maybe it was low testosterone, but either way, despite my long, wavy blonde hair, natural double-d’s and admittedly great ass, Dusty wasn’t interested in me. When he saw me standing on his porch, one hand down my pants and the other up my shirt, moaning like a bitch in heat, who knows what went through his head, I’m sure I could have asked him, but all he said was “Looks like you’re starting without me, that’s cool, but come on inside and I’ll help you finish up.”, his voice was deep, heavy and commanding without being crass, it had a bassy, natural assertiveness to it that I wasn’t used to.

Girlfriend on Loan Part Four The Dessert

hardcore _CheshireCat_ 2018-10-02

Cumming inside someone else’s girlfriend has that extra little sense of naughtiness that makes it feel that little more dirty so it’s even better than normal and she certainly isn’t complaining, her hot body sprawled out on the bed, I can see her ribcage rise and fall like a pair of bellows as I gently pull by shaft from her hot wet embrace. “I never do anal before.” I give her a warm smile and hold the lube bottle in-front of her as I very very gently start to finger her tight wet vagina. Next I turn my hand over and gently finger her again only this time with my palm face down, making a downward and back motion as if rubbing in some lotion I massage her rectum from inside her love tunnel.

A request from a friend

hardcore pack_howitzer 2018-10-01

You start to reach up to rake your hands over your face to smooth back you hair, but I seize one of your wrists before you can complete the motion. The cold wetness of your rain-soaked hand around my warm cock sends a shockwave up my spine. There isn't much real estate left in my trousers with but my hard cock and your hand, so you just start to move the tips of your finger and thumb around the tip of my cockhead. This time as we draw close I first feel the coldness of the water on your skin, but that gives way to the extreme warmth coming from your body. I stand up straight and you kiss my chest while your hands find my cock again.

One Night in a Bar

hardcore Manx469 2018-09-30

I’m driving you crazy because I can feel your breathing get harder and your body is moving to my finger that is now sliding slowly up your tight pussy. I reach around you and push your pussy lips apart with my left hand, while I slip the fingers of my right hand around my clit, running it around the creases your lips make, fucking your cunt. When I finally finger your hard little clit, your legs weaken and your cunt muscles tighten; you can’t breathe it feels so good. You feel my chest move irregularly and you know your tight cunt is driving me wild, your pussy muscles massaging my engorged cock.

Good Morning Bill

hardcore good4utrouble 2018-09-30

You open my robe, your hands sliding it down my arms and letting it flutter to the floor of the balcony, my naked body now fully exposed. My breathing is already heavy as I squirm on your lap wanting to feel your cock inside me the electrical sensations shooting through my body as you kiss and gently bite then lick at the sting on my collar bone. I reach to raise my breasts to you wanting to feel you suck my nipples into your mouth. I need your cock now as I reach down and place the head of you at my very hot, wet entrance. Your warm hands grasp my hips and you slide your cock between the lips of my wet pussy.

"In Sickness and . . . in *Lust* By "

hardcore peterpeterx 2018-09-30

I lick you for a long time, teasing the inner folds of your wet and needing hole ...then pushing my tongue against the base of your clit, causing it to flick along the tip, then the bottom, of my tongue. You want more attention on your clit, but I continue the slow long licking, now stroking upward and downward through the wet furrow between your lips. I feel your hands reach down to squeeze my arms, still wrapped around your thighs, my fingers still holding your helpless cuntlips open for my oral massage of your most private parts. When at last I feel your spasming muscles relax their grip on my fingers, I lap between the entire slit formed by your pouting cuntlips … cleaning you completely.

Feel the burn

hardcore 2018-09-30

I want to please him, I have to please him, so I push forwards taking his balls into my mouth, my jaw feels like it will break but i keep moving forward till i only see the flat plane of his stomach. He thrusts are violent and my throat is feeling the power of his motion, my mouth gagging and the sound of my voice being cut off at times, arouses the one between my legs, she looks in fascination and starts rubbing her pussy with enthusiasm. He pulls out and allows me air, he grabs the girls head and firmly places it back between my legs and she sucks with avengence.

The Morning After

hardcore tripper87 2018-09-30

You set your coffee on the table and reach your hands around his chest and gently kiss him from behind. His hands caress your arms and he gently returns your kiss, wishing you a good morning and asking you how you feel? Watching his naked body, you feel your hands moving about you, nervously touching yourself not sexually but almost like in response to the erotic tingle it feels. His hands caressing your back, sliding smoothly against the silk, he caresses your entire body moving gently from your back across your breasts. He gently holds your breast with his hand and uses his tongue and mouth around it, licking at the nipple bringing it erect.


hardcore bandit34c 2018-09-29

We went to a movie after dinner and then i took her home and waited at the door as she went inside and asked if i could call her again which she said yes she had enjoyed our date and would like me to call. She grabbed my hand and i was about tostop when she said "go slow Bob" I kept sucking her nipples as a worked my fingers inside her tiny panties and felt the softness of her pubic hair and slid my finger down over her pussy lips. That evening we went to bed and i told her it was time to do more and she said "anything is ok with me" im yours now and your mine.


hardcore Perverse-Maya 2018-09-27

Sweating in my tight fitness clothes, I watch him every second since he walked in the gym. I can't even concentrate on my training any more, in my mind I am already undressing him and licking sweet drops of sweat off his hard toned body. He puts his hand under my tights and his fingers slide inside me. I love his taste and the silky feeling of him sliding smoothly on my tongue. I pull down my tights and lean on the stairs so that he can fuck me from behind just he way I like it. I love the feeling of his big rock hard cock inside me. He knows what I like and soon I feel him come inside.

Welcome Home Daddy (A sissy fantasy)

hardcore nikkiesilk 2018-09-25

I feel your hand stroke my cheeks through the soft lace of my panties and I wiggle my bum seductively. The pain of the slaps on my bum has started to subside to be replaced with a delicious warmth and you stroke my cheeks once more with your fingers, and I almost cum from the gentleness of your touch. I hear your pants drop to the floor behind me and I realise that my ultimate reward is to come; to feel your iron hard cock within me. You wipe your cock across my bum and lean forwards across my back, pulling my head to one side and forcing your tongue into my mouth in a demonstration of power and domination.

Taking You

hardcore fearlessfreep 2018-09-25

I feel you beginning to swell, and burn hot against my mouth, you buck harder and I hear you gasping ‘I’m cumming’Your juices rush in to my mouth, a wonder gush of warm love, and I swallow, while pushing my tongue I to the clenched muscles of your throbbing pussy, and then running it up over the pounding orgasm of your pussy to the swelling of your clit.I keep going until your passion is spent, and then look up through the waters of the shower at your smiling beautiful face, glowing and framed in wet hair.

Lending me his Girlfriend Part One Sounds like a P

hardcore cogelon777 2018-09-25

People get married and have dinner parties instead, people have k**s and have to stay at home to look after the c***dren, people get nine to five jobs and have to get everything else done over the weekend people fall out one refusing to come out unless the other is not invited, sadly these are hard times and some people just can’t afford to go out partying every night. I take hold of her and kiss her passionately on the lips this time as I lift her top up, she unbuttons my shirt as I wrap my hands around her top into a roll of fabric and press it against her neck and push her back towards the wall and slam the door shut with a quick flick of my heel.

First meeting

hardcore 2018-09-23

You feel me move my lips to your exposed womanhood and I begin to firmly yet gently sliding my tongue around your clitoris ,then sliding it in your warmth , tasting your sweet juices as they flow into my mouth,,,moving even more to a place where most never go , I slide it soaked with your juices into your ass hole and with that your body shakes uncontrollably, I alternate between all that you have to offer, your inner senses just let go in reflex , you have no control , your mind thinks one thing your body does another , then you feel me stand behind you grasping your waist you feel my fingers grip as you have lost control , then you feel the head of my pulsating penis resting at the entrance of your essence , in one full smooth motion you feel it enter , sliding into you , feeling the length of its shaft , it's thickness spreading you as it rubs the back of you G spot , sliding it in then out , with every motion you push closer to my body to take it as deep as you can .

A Rustic Bed and Breakfast

hardcore prarielassie 2018-09-23

tasting, learning the shape and feel of the other, enjoying We kiss passionately and continue our exploration of each He continues to kiss me, slowly moving to my neck and behind He takes his time, running his tongue way to the other breast, not wanting it to feel neglected. begins to tease and taste the bud. Slowly running his tongue along the outside working his way in to taste the milk of He works his finger inside me, exploring, savoring the I run my mouth up and down his head, tasting I love the taste and feel of him, the way his shaft comes to life. and harder, wanting more and more until I can feel him expand

The Visit - Pt 3

hardcore pinks43 2018-09-20

As I put my hand under the covers to feel for her fanny, I said “Have you and Don had a chance to start the day off beautifully yet?” but I answered my own question, I think, then I thought to myself, just because her fanny isn’t full of Don’s fluids, doesn’t mean to say they haven’t been up to anything yet now does it. I rolled over to face Don and as I put my hand down to feel for his Meat said, “Are you ready yet Don, or would you like to wake up a - - - Oh yes, your ready.” I had found a ragging hard on bobbing about under there just looking for something to fill.

Fantasy: are you feeling better now

hardcore 2018-09-20

I close my eyes briefly from the pleasure as you rub the tip of my cock up and down your wet pussy lips and then sink slowly down onto me. A small grunt escapes your mouth as your hips meet mine, my full eight inches inside you, I can feel the tip of my cock pressed tight at the end of your pussy. My balls tighten, I feel the throb in my cock, I grip your hips and thrust up, meeting your down stroke as I spurt 4 long powerful jets of cum inside you.

The hotel

hardcore ukboy07 2018-09-20

I kneel down slowly in front of you licking your nipples on the way down, licking your abdomen, sucking and biting until I reach your cock, which by now is rock hard and straining for attention. You push me up and bend me over the bed, quickly and f***efully fucking me from behind, forcing your cock hard into me  you reach around for my breasts, squeezing my nipples hard, making me cry out in that mixture of pleasure/pain. You want to take control again, throwing me down on the bed, sucking hard on my nipples as you finger me, and I am oh so wet, so ready for you, waiting for you to take me as you please, unable to resist your touch.

Dry Spell Multiple Male Orgasms

hardcore 425olds 2018-09-19

"Don't be shy; it's a real turn on." Tom said, "Also, with the way you look tonight, well, I saw you walk in and I couldn't wait to dance with you. Tom looked around trying to gather where they were for a second and said, "My place is right around the corner, let's go there." He pointed the way and Susan all but dragged him back into the rain. His size filled Susan and sent shockwaves throughout her body god his cock feels so good stretching my wet pussy Tom thrusted hard and deep, and braced himself on one arm so he could tweak the nipple on her left breast.

my First Night with Sir (pt 1)

hardcore passiva 2018-09-17

You immediately start ripping out and pounding all the way back in again, and i feel the tingling beginning again...i mumble as above, screaming into the gag that i need to cum. I press on the butt plug in your ass and say, "you were good, but you enjoyed that waaaay too much." "Yessh shah." "I know you can't help what a cum-craving pain slut you are." I start by unstrapping your legs and letting your ass down, then the rope comes out I wrap it around your tits and behind your back until they are bulging already starting to turn color.


hardcore babyphatdimples 2018-09-16


Legendary Whore

hardcore _CheshireCat_ 2018-09-16

You look delicious and I want to eat you so bad but eating pussy is for love making and you are a dirty little whore who needs to be punished. “I want you to cum on my face!” You say as you start rolling your fingers over my head, rubbing my shaft up and dwon with a twisting motion with the other hand. “You can talk now if you like, tell me how you want me to fuck you in the ass.” It feels good having me inside your anus. It feels so good having me rub the inside of your as and you start to spasm and clench around my shaft and cum all over my scrotum.