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Slave Sexual Conditioning

hardcore jpjai007 2018-06-19

She wants you to feel as much pleasure as you possibly can." It suddenly comes rushing back to me what is happening, and I struggle momentarily as this beautiful woman begins to grind her pussy on my abdomen, gently stroking my cock with her ass cheeks, and rubbing my chest as she gazes into my eyes - I can feel the controller in the back of my neck, the gentle warmth of it as it tendrils seem to extend into my body.

Sonia and Sylvie in Toyland

hardcore jpjai007 2018-06-06

As she said later, "Sometimes I miss the feeling of a cock between my legs, and this is almost better than the real thing." I had seen several models in London, but didn't buy one there because I was unsure as to what to look for in a quality model. The girl showed us how the base of each cock unscrewed such that a threaded end in each could be passed through the slot in the belt and fastened in place. Sylvie : "You are such a beautiful man, and I am going to make you feel so very good." These annoyances were minor as Sylvie, already very aroused, started moaning immediately and came after what seemed like two minutes.

I Dream of Sweden

hardcore RedSydneySider 2018-05-21

Those North African lips felt warm lotion as she sucked on my nipples. I lifted her top, revealing a French lavender lace bra, it was such a contrast to that mocha skin She stood up in front of me and grinned again, as her boot was up on the couch in between my legs. After making her pussy cum in my mouth twice, which I was more than honored to accept, she said 'you have been down there for ages and I am feeling selfish'. Her stunning dark body moved up and down now, on my rock hard firecrotch. She lowered her mouth to chest and started to lick the sweat from my pink nipples.

Lisa gets things started

hardcore BKnucklehead 2018-05-21

Watching her pleasure herself as she continued to rub her breasts and vibrator sliding in & out of her pussy, licking her lips with her eyes closed to the outside world excited him. Her free hands were still touching her breasts and pinching her nipples, as she moved her finger through her soaked pussy bringing it to his lips to be cleaned. Her lips swollen from her touching herself with the vibrator and her pussy wet with cum, she wanted to feel him deep inside of her. Her pussy tightened on his cock and she could feel the hardness of it as it continued to penetrate her warmth as if it was trying to reach her inner soul.


hardcore Perverse-Maya 2018-05-21

Sweating in my tight fitness clothes, I watch him every second since he walked in the gym. I can't even concentrate on my training any more, in my mind I am already undressing him and licking sweet drops of sweat off his hard toned body. He puts his hand under my tights and his fingers slide inside me. I love his taste and the silky feeling of him sliding smoothly on my tongue. I pull down my tights and lean on the stairs so that he can fuck me from behind just he way I like it. I love the feeling of his big rock hard cock inside me. He knows what I like and soon I feel him come inside.

The temple

hardcore Teasyme 2018-05-18

I slowly slip around to face him as I straddle his lap, kissing him with a wild passion from the depth of my soul - his answering fire and the pulse of his cock cause me feel as if a waterfall has started inside my pussy. I am completely caught off guard by the gloriously huge orgasm that disintegrates me into nothingness at the same moment his whispers stop and he cries out loudly with his release - his cock quiver inside of me - wetness drenching us where our bodies join while the pleasure seems to go on, and on, and on.

Welcome Home Daddy (A sissy fantasy)

hardcore nikkiesilk 2018-05-17

I feel your hand stroke my cheeks through the soft lace of my panties and I wiggle my bum seductively. The pain of the slaps on my bum has started to subside to be replaced with a delicious warmth and you stroke my cheeks once more with your fingers, and I almost cum from the gentleness of your touch. I hear your pants drop to the floor behind me and I realise that my ultimate reward is to come; to feel your iron hard cock within me. You wipe your cock across my bum and lean forwards across my back, pulling my head to one side and forcing your tongue into my mouth in a demonstration of power and domination.

The Quest (Chapter 5)

hardcore wastedaway 2018-05-16

Then my hands touch your body, gently feeling your shoulders, arms and back. And then I feel your hands upon my nude body, touching my shoulders and smoothing the skin on my arms and back. My pain has now mixed with so many different emotions and I hardly notice I have stopped fighting, my body is now moving in rhythm with yours, matching your thrusts against me. Her gentle hands start to wash you, softly, carefully, tracing the welts and bruises with intense softness as if she wants to draw the pain out with her fingers. I lay my head on her stomach, feeling it contract as the orgasm washes its way through her body, and she holds me close.

Computer Girl BBC (Part2)

hardcore Justal 2018-05-12

We got into work, not much was said during the entire morning and come lunch time I went to Shane and asked him if we could go somewhere to talk. We got into my minivan and went to a mall parking lot where we talked together I told Shane about the guilt I was feeling that I had never cheated on my husband before but at the same time never had I felt the way he made me feel last night. I wrapped my legs around him to hold him as he tried to pull out I just screamed pump me I want to feel your Hot Cum inside me all of I sudden I felt his cock stiffen and before I knew it he was filling me again with him seed.


hardcore mj2397 2018-05-11

her eyes wattered from the gas that the room was slowly filling with, but for some reason, it felt good. she didnt feel the all to familiar pussy lips that had pushed 3 c***dren into the world. her breasts felt bigger as she pulled her hands up to feel them. a large indian man, early 30's, looked like full bl**d native american, came in. he walked like the pimp that she was taken care of, a large man by the name of tyree. he looked her over, occasionaly saying a few soft words like "im sorry" or "everything will be fine." finally satisfied, he stood and said " rosa, im sorry it came to this, but you where a perfect candidate for the procedure.

Fun at a Bath House

hardcore kbking70 2018-05-09

I had been horny for a nice thick cock, wanting nothing more than to feel it slip between my ass cheeks and work my hole. Without a single moment of hesitation his cock was positioned between my ass cheeks, letting me feel as the head slipped inside, forcing me open a little at a time. I could barely walk as I made my way to the restroom to clean up a little more, my ass felt like he was still inside of me. I thought his cock felt big as he was fucking me doggie style before, being in the sling made him feel huge. I wanted to feel him cum, I want to feel his cock as he got ready to shoot himself deep inside of me.

Michele's Mistake - 5

hardcore THIRDCOAST 2018-05-06

When I’m finished with his back, I move closer and wrap my arms around him and begin to wash his chest. I turn him around and while I’m on my knees, I dry his legs, up his thighs, and his still erect cock. I tease him by working my fingers in and out of my mouth, like I would his cock. Once I’m sure it’s in place correctly, I stroke his cock. My hand squeezes his cock and some more leaks from the head. He finally removes his fingers, I can feel his hands on my ass cheeks. Just when I feel that it's not going to work, his head slips beyond the tight ring. I can feel his cock swell again, we are nearing the finish.

Oh What A Feeling

hardcore adel5000 2018-05-05

I went home that night and lay restlessly in my bed, all I could think of was his dark eyes my legs as I continued to rub and think about my dark haired guy. me I came all over my hand, wet thick and hot, my legs quivered and my back arched could feel his hot mouth on my neck, I began to get wet, and I wanted him badly. I found his hand rubbing my pussy under my tight jeans. He was up in a flash, pulling my jeans from my body, he rubbed his hand between my looked at my pussy and I felt his hand as hot as it was touch my clit, he rubbed my clit

Walking Dead Sex Ch2

hardcore drew1207 2018-05-03

They are standing outside looking through the window now." When Maggie says that you and Beth look at the window and you see the tops of two little heads duck down. Maggie walks around the table and before you know it she is grabbing the back of your head and is trying to jam that huge dildo down your throat. Beth slowly starts to pump your cock up and down along with Maggie's thrusts. Maggie begins to thrust in and out of you ass again while Beth slowly lowers herself onto your cock. "Go slow" says Maggie and you feel Beth's pussy surround your cock. Between Maggie fucking your ass, Mika going down on Lizzie and Beth riding you it is too much for you to handle.

Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave - 12

hardcore THIRDCOAST 2018-04-29

She gets a nice steady rhythm and I’m pushing back to meet her strokes, but she stops, wiping my juices on my latex covered ass. He must of removed his cock because the next thing I feel coming through my mouth hole is his big juicy man meat. Having been working on this with Master and Max’s cocks, I quickly get my rhythm and I’m able to swallow the monster shaft. The man firmly has my head holding mouth hole on his shrinking cock, while the young woman still has my ass cheeks spread. We are still on stage, but after I am given some water by the young lady, Master has me in his arms and we are walking down the conference room floor.

It’s Raining Outside and I can hear some thu

hardcore 2018-04-26

And the sucking sound of my pussy swallowing his big cock is so satisfying. I let my pussy welcome his cock back into my wet temple. My pussy soaks his cock and lower stomach as my legs begin to tremble. He’ll play around by fondling my breasts or forcing his cock far up into me while I try to sit still to catch my breath. His cock has a nice curve so every time he hits it from the back, I feel pressure in my body that feels amazing. Feeling the release of his hot cum deep into my pussy feels amazing. Feeling that hot cum drip out of me is amazing.

Night Hike Part 1

hardcore 2018-04-24

Your hands pull down my shorts, exposing my cock to the air, I spin around, you drop down to your knees and suck my cock into your luscious lips, slowly I feel it getting harder and harder in your mouth, soon your unable to swallow it all. My cock feels like it's stretching you out, coming from all the way out to all the way in, in one hard push, letting it sit there briefly before pulling it back out slowly. I push finger deep in your ass and pull down so I can feel my dick filling your pussy, as you cum I can feel it dripping down my balls I don't stop I want you cumming again. I begin to pull out and some cum trails back from my cock to your ass.


My First Big Tool

hardcore lustydonna 2018-04-24

At first I was kind of scared, but my pussy was so wet, and I was so horny, I wanted to see what it would feel like inside of me. He slowly rubbed his cock up and down my wet pussylips, I could feel my pussy start to spread open as he worked in the big head. I could feel his cock get even harder throbing inside my pussy, he told me he was gonna cum, he pulled out and came all over my nipples and stomach.I watched as he stroked his cock and sprayed me with a huge load cum all over my chest, I didn't think it would stop!OMG I still fantasize about this....

Male Virgin Condom Breaks

hardcore 425olds 2018-04-23

Her lips were so soft, I daren't imagine what the inside of her mouth would feel like. Just when I thought my arm would stretch no more, I felt damp hairs, then my fingers slipped over smooth wet skin. I wondered briefly if I should be doing some more groaning myself, but I decided against it, weaving my finger around the knobbly flesh inside her vagina, exploring its tightness and wondering what it would feel like to have those taught muscles straining against my cock, rather than my thin finger. There was a draught from an open window somewhere and it played around my cock each time she slid across my stomach, making the heat within her even more exquisite.

Your Weekly Massage

hardcore fotisampini 2018-04-17

shoulders gently as you lay your head on the bed close your eyes trying him as he slowly slides his shaft between the skin of your cheeks and His cock pushes forward, the head parting your lips, sliding over your You feel your clit, so firm now, and then his cock as it press his cock firmly against you and groan with pleasure at the sensation. smiling wondering if he came inside you while you were oblivious. Then in a panic you feel the head of his cock against your anus, He pushes slowly deeper, his shaft parting your ass cheeks. You feel him thrust deep and hold it there as you start to cum.

Secretarial Duties 3 - Conditioning Patricia

hardcore jwpa17 2018-04-11

“Yes, sir.” Being this close to Mr. Johnson was causing Patricia to flush; she could feel her pulse speeding up. “You want us to use you again, don't you, Patricia?” Johnson put his hands on her shoulders, peering into her down-turned face. Without warning, Johnson put his hands firmly on Patricia's waist, lifted her, pulling her mouth from his cock, and then pushed her onto his lap, forcing his cock deep inside. God, that feels SO good!” Patricia was amazed at how lovely it felt to have his hard, thick cock fill her. Good day, Patricia.” Johnson threw the towel in his trash and turned his attention to whatever work was on his desk.

First time servicing you

hardcore MrGreeneyezz 2018-04-06

Feeling your hands on the back of my head, and hearing a moan from your mouth, you are enjoying watching your cock enter my mouth. You kneel behind me, but instead of pressing your cock against my forbidden hole, I feel the warm sensation of your tongue licking it. You see me, and tell me to "turn the fuck around!" I feel you drive both fingers hard into my ass. You press against it and I feel a painful burn deep inside of me and I try to pull away. You instruct me, "hold still baby, this will only hurt for a minute." Your powerful voice relaxes me, and I feel you press harder until my sphincter opens and your bulbous cock head pierces though, oh so slowly.

Legendary Whore

hardcore _CheshireCat_ 2018-04-03

You look delicious and I want to eat you so bad but eating pussy is for love making and you are a dirty little whore who needs to be punished. “I want you to cum on my face!” You say as you start rolling your fingers over my head, rubbing my shaft up and dwon with a twisting motion with the other hand. “You can talk now if you like, tell me how you want me to fuck you in the ass.” It feels good having me inside your anus. It feels so good having me rub the inside of your as and you start to spasm and clench around my shaft and cum all over my scrotum.

Brand New World of Prostate Play

hardcore 425olds 2018-04-03

I lay a towel on the bed and lube up the device with a layer of Vaseline and a thin layer of coconut oil. I continue to apply pressure as it slips in deeper and I can feel the vibrations on my prostate. Wife began lightly touching my cock as the sensations continue. She began tugging at the device and pushing it forward and inward as she continues to devour my cock. She continues her tugging and pushing through my orgasm .I lay still and enjoy the waves and vibrations for another five minutes or so after the fluid had stopped flowing like a cool down period.