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Velvet Crush's Kinky Marriage

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-16

The long parade of my short, live sex act videos played for the next 2 hours as Anthony and all of his cousins and their friends had their way with me, turned on by watching me with a wide variety of different cocks and men too. “I didn’t mind you and your friends fucking me and filming it, but the video was something that I shared only with you because I loved and trusted you.” “But baby, it turn you on and you came harder than I’ve ever seen you cum.” He said happily. Anthony looked sad as he dressed and left and I finally got my hot bath as I sat in my Jacuzzi tub and soaked away my last 3 days of sex while watching myself on the small flatscreen in my bathroom.

OHGIRL: Porn Star 2

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-07

He wanted me to star in a series of 5 films which would see me do only white men and in differing themes that would draw the attention of mainstream porn fans, but not be too radical or extreme. The production of the 5 series of films weren’t supposed to start for another three weeks and I still had contracts to shoot 7 more scenes for a few more movies being made. The party went on until well past the early morning and I had spent all night going from one room to another getting high and having sex with many of the men that I met.

Fuckn My Flat 1

hardcore salahgabr 2018-04-22

After work one day I got home to a friend request and a message from a girl who lived in the same city who I’d obviously contacted. I don’t know why though with those huge tits to enjoy, and in one of her pictures she was holding a dildo to her tongue, my cock was instantly like a rock. But as with everything about this girl she knew how to tease, her ass was just barely visible when she got out of the car, her red thong catching my eye. “Mmm lying on a bed with wine and a scary film, with you sounds like a good night to me”, she said.

Nadia's street walk part 3

hardcore maximos9 2018-03-18

Eric swallowed hard and lowered his head, signing the documents as required and pushing them toward Max, whispering almost to himself, “I am sorry, thank you.” A smug grin came across Max’s face as he took the paperwork and walked to the door “Get dressed, your wife will be ready to go home soon.” As Max walked out, Eric dressed quickly leaving the tight cage on his cock, remembering he had been told to wait until he got home to remove it.

College times

hardcore adventureousmale 2018-02-11

There was one girl I had asked out and who had politely declined, Vicky, who had always had time to chat and turned out to be a good friend. She gets her wish as I grab her hair to f***e her to her knees to imitate the blonde and then I am lying back on the chair as Vicky eagerly devours every inch of my cock. Just like the film Vicky is soon taking my cock all the way. Vicky is coming over to me and watching the film, pausing it I ask her if she has had a good date so far. Vicky says that it certainly was an ice breaker, it was a good film for her, she really liked me eating her ass, sucking on my cock and that orgasm really was long.