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Why my wife fucks around

hardcore woreout 2018-03-04

I was telling him how I had fucked my girlfriend ( my wife now ) in her f****y's den one day while her grandmother was in the kitchen cooking dinner. She took my head in her hands and said don't worry about anyone seeing just get that dick in my pussy now. I picked her up and sat her on the edge of the table and as I was fucking her while I stood I asked her how she knew that sticking a finger in my ass would do that. She had her arms around my neck helping to support herself and said a girlfriend of hers does it to guys all the time.


hardcore woreout 2018-02-27

As she got into bed I asked if Mike had fucked her. I started sucking one of her nipples and she allowed her legs to open enough for me to get a finger in her wet pussy. As I started eatting her creamypie pussy I could smell Vaseline, I ask if he had fucked her in the ass too. She said yes, and I asked if he had come in her ass too? Well is your pussy all fucked up I asked her. Now ever time I asked if she plans on getting fucked that day and she says maybe, my entire day is spent day dreaming about her nasty pussy when she gets home.

I won the bet

hardcore woreout 2018-02-27

I told her if I win you must wear what I pick out and allow me to watch you have sex with some well hung guys. She said yes , that some times while I'm at work she will put on something short and go out just to show off, then come home and either get out her favorite vibrator and cum a few times or call one of her friends to come fuck her hard. After lunch I had her call any one of her thick cocked friends and to save time she told him to get ahold of a few more guys and meet us at our house for some hard sex. When I got to the pool I could see my wife had her skirt bunched up and was giving the cock she was setting on a hard fucking.

OHGIRL: My New Sex Condo

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-02-26

“I never did mind watchin’ other guys fuck you, but you know you’ll always be my whore, no matter how many men stick their cocks in you.” he stated with a swagger while he picked up the pace and turned my grunts into high pitched moans, as I began to cum. They made comments about me being a good whore and sucking cock like a pro as Shawn fucked me hard for his friends to watch. I swallowed my mouthful of cum quickly and stood up, trying to pull my dress down to cover my freshly fucked, bald cunt.

OHGirl: e****t Slut

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-02-26

He began to open the door to his apartment and I stopped him and asked if he wanted me to suck his cock again in the hallway to his place. Over the years I had grown used to getting fucked by a lot of men, many of them with very large cocks, so taking a 12 inch dildo in my pussy for an hour was not nearly as painful or tiring as you would expect for an experienced e****t. They wanted a quick blow job or to fuck my pussy or ass without the need to pleasure me and an urgency to cum quickly in some cases.

Me And My Gf In Bangalore Lost Our Virginity

hardcore bava12 2018-02-25

then I started to lick her pussy and she was screaming like hell; in no time she cummed on my face. In no time my dick was inside her mouth she was giving me awesome blow job; after few minutes I told m going to cum to which she ignore and I cum in her. Then I put some Vaseline on her pussy as well as on my dick and again started trying to break her virginity; after some try I could insert the tip of my dick; then I gave a big jerk and half of my dick was inside her, she gave a huge scream, tears rolled out of her eyes and asked me withdraw my dick to which I refused.

Desi Bengali Girl Fucked Beside Pond

hardcore bava12 2018-02-24

We went to the Pond near 12pm, my friends and i were bath nude in the water. She took 4-5 dips under the water, which was her bust high, and her maxi was now adhering to her body, I can easily see her nipple and huge round breasts. When they saw me holding my dick and crying they came near me and put my head on Manu’s boobs. I forgot my pain and started sucking on her boobs… Sonu fucked her mouth and Kochi fucked her vagina… She squealed like a 12 year old and this continued for another hour… She became our fuck buddy, I got to suck her boobs in my house, even after she became a mother.

My Descent

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-02-24

My next customer was with one of Shawn’s friends later in the evening so we returned to my condo and got into bed again, where we made out and fucked one more time before he left. I was finishing off the joint when Shawn came in to see me lying there smoking, two more guys bartering with him as they stared at my spread legs, all the way up to my leaking pussy and ass. I was on my hands and knees once again, but this time I had a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy while Shawn’s newest two customers fucked me from both ends.

OHGirl Bukkake Queen & Velvet Gives Birth

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-02-23

I was alternating days with Mikey and our daughter and spending the other nights with my husband, when he wasn’t off shooting his own films or fucking my mom, whom had become one of his regular lovers. I had only seen my husband twice in the last month and we had made love during his quick stop in Vegas, but he had been very busy with his work and travel, so that left Mikey as my interim hubby and we were a normal little f****y as we took care of the 7 c***dren whom we shared our two condos with.

Velvet Crush and Her New Boyfriend

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-02-23

“How much more freaky can a girl, who has fucked 50 men in one day, been triple penetrated, likes having all of her holes filled and lets men cum on and in her be?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. “Yes. I’ve been in a few adult films.” I said casually while they watched Anthony fast forward through 6 or 7 scenes of me being gangbanged, sucking cock and swallowing cum. Brice was squeezing my ass as I rubbed my pussy on his cock, his mouth sucking and nibbling on my breasts, while his b*****rs watched and Anthony made comments. I looked up into so many different phones as I sucked cock and watched as other guys held their friend’s phones and filmed them as I was fucked from behind or on a chair or table.

OHGIRL Pregnancy 2

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-02-23

I was spending the evening with him and then heading to the club later in the evening to meet Lou. I wasn't scheduled to work, but I was three days late for my period and was hoping that it would start soon and keep my 3 month long streak of unprotected sex going another month. Either he knew what was going on or I just didn't care if I got caught, but Lou walked in to catch his one stepson fucking my ass as I leaned over to suck the other's cock on his couch. I had done them together in the past, but this was the first time in a long while and I was grinding my hips hard and feeling his cock deep in my ass when Lou arrived.

cuckold lifestyle 66

hardcore woreout 2018-02-23

She looked just like the girls of the 70's , long straight blonde hair cut with bangs, her top was low enough to see all of her cleavage and the skirt was so short I couldn't beleave it was hidding a garter belt and stocking tops. She lifted her skirt to show she wasn't wearing any, she said I'll shave my pussy nice and smooth and carry a pair to put on after I'm finished fucking so I can bring you a complete creamypie home. She said I'll be home some time Sunday morning, I want to get fucked as much as I can tonight I feel so sexy with my naked pussy just a couple of inches above the hem of my skirt.

Velvet's Present for OHGirl

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-02-22

When the video of her taking on 22 different guys went viral on all of the porn sites, we nearly tripled our business and with that came an increase in our rates as more and more men wanted to fuck the 18 year old slut that had been the main attraction of a frat gangbang. I replaced the batteries in my camera after nearly an hour of my mom being banged by all of their stiff pricks and I continued to film as Shawn covered my mom’s face with long streams of white jizz while Hondo and JJ continued to stretch out Brandy’s well used openings.

cuckold lifestyle 17

hardcore woreout 2018-02-21

I started on her feet and worked my way to her thighs...then I noticed the Danskin wasn't zipped up all the way , I said did you know this zipper was down? I don't believe you I said ( I really did I was just in a hurry to get to that pussy) well pull down my pantyhose and have a wiff of what Keith's crotch smells like. They kept trying to rub her legs as she walked by, that kind of made her horny, so when she went on brake she called Keith to come up and wait on her to get off. It was almost dark when she walked out to Keith's truck , she said her coworkers where joking and saying that don't look like your husband's truck.

OHGirl & Velvet: Slut Queens

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-02-21

Nine cocks ejaculated in my wet cunt that day and two in my ass, but that didn’t stop me from sucking off another 6 guys who fed me their hot spunk. These guys didn’t mind fucking me in front of their fellow riggers and soon they were gangbanging me on the couch as they all took turns in my pussy and mouth. James rammed my ass for nearly an hour before he filled me with another load of cum and then left me lying there smoking another cigarette. My new films were definitely keeping me busy and I had barely thought about Mikey as I ended each day at Rudy’s house, resting my ass and pussy.

OHGirl & Velvet: Extreme Porn MILFs

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-02-21

She was still sucking multiple young men and getting fucked by 8 guys and she looked like she could have birth at anytime while she squeezed milk from her nipples and swallowed the cum for the camera. I was two weeks into my 5th month of pregnancy and I knew my daughter was coming home the next day, so I tried to hurry as I stroked the hard, black cock in my mouth. Mikey fucked me like it was our last time and he filled me with two huge loads that night and when we awoke the next day, we made love in the shower before he drove me and our daughter, Denise, to the airport.

OHGirl & Velvet: The Saga Continues

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-02-19

Two more scenes in the next two days kept me busy and also filled with cum as I fucked another of my co-stars, after accepting a date later that night, and at the end of the week when I took on four different friends of Rudy at an after film party. My son’s large cock drove me wild for hours on end as I felt him cum deep inside of me, then continue to fuck me with his multi-orgasmic tool. Of course, James and Nelson just couldn’t let me be and they both fucked me until four hours before our flight the next morning and barely gave me time to clean up and dress before leaving for the airport.

Cuckold Sex Is the Best Sex

hardcore bava12 2018-02-19

I started browsing through the photo albums and I saw plenty of hot and sexy photos of a girl whose face was covered in all of them. They were husband (Sunil) and wife (Deepthi) recently married and trying to enjoy sex life to the fullest before they decide to have k**s. Deepthi realized I was damn horny and she asked me in a sexy low voice, “Aren’t you still willing to fuck me baby?” I could not answer that question. She moaned and groaned as Sunil fucked her hard and all I can hear was Deepthi moaning and asking for more, since she was close to the mic and cam. Sunil started eating Deepthi’s pussy and make it wet and ready for a fuck.

Wife's pussy came in handy

hardcore woreout 2018-02-18

I told him I can see he is set on his price and before I could go that high I needed to get my wife to look the car over and let me know if I could spend that much. This was total bull shit but I was hoping after he got a good look at my wife's long legs I could get him to accept my offer. I went to Linda's side of the truck and told her that the guy wouldn't budge on his price and I needed to borrow her sexy legs and possibly her ass. She went back to the truck and I told him that my wife agreed that my offer was what the car was worth.

My wife gives me a ruined pussy for Christmas

hardcore woreout 2018-02-16

Well Friday she called me at the shop and said that she was going Christmas shopping with Danny. I've met Danny a few times when he brought my wife home from a date but I've never actually watched him have sex with her. Still bent over wrapping that gift she wiggled her hips causing the skirt to start sliding down her legs. When I entered our room I find my wife setting on Danny's hard cock. She said Danny wanted to give you a Christmas present by letting you watch him fuck my cheating cunt. As soon as we heard the front door close my wife said get your little pee pee out and fuck my butthole.

OHGirl & Velvet on Vacations

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-02-15

My young stud and current lover, Hondo, had just spent the hour plowing my wet cunt with his giant white prick and now I was sitting on a lounge chair in the sun, smoking my cigarette and letting the breeze blow across my bald, cum filled, gaping twat. After about 15 guys had finished with me, they moved onto the bed and a few of the girls that were watching were amazed to see my lover’s huge cock as I sucked it hard and mounted his monster. Each night I found a group of guys that wanted someone just like me, a hot sexy girl that most men could only dream about, but whom would fuck and suck any cock that was offered her.

OHGirl & Velvet: Dirty MILF's

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-02-15

After the third guy had cum in me, I had given up struggling, and I was soon being fucked in my ass and fed cock by a few more males that had entered the room during that time. My mom came over and took her from me and looked down to nod at my cum filled hole, telling me to go get cleaned up as she cared for her new granddaughter and got the dinner on the table. We fell asl**p in our own bed, like old times, and the fact that Velvet had flown back to Vegas, to shoot her new series of films, wasn’t lost upon me as we continued to fuck regularly while she was gone.

Denise's Wild Side Emerges

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-02-15

We had fucked on a number of occasions, so it wasn’t a big deal that he had slid into bed with me at the house and stuffed my black cunt with his white cock before we left for a day at the beach. I came quickly as he licked me, horny and excited from the pot, the many sex questions and by being surrounded by six guys and soon I was sucking his cock in front of his friends. David fucked me in the ass, in front of them, and ejaculated deep inside of my booty before we left and I sat back and enjoyed a cigarette as he drove me back to Ryan’s house.

cuckold lifestyle 47

hardcore woreout 2018-02-15

My wife came in the den to bring me a cold beer and I grabbed her and made her set in my lap, but by doing so her legs spread wide open and all the guys on the other side of the room had a perfect pussy shot. She said he was fucking her standing up in the kitchen when Mike walked in looking for everyone. I never turned around she said , Eric told him you had pussed ( not passed ) out and went to bed. She said yeah he fucked my ass hole while Eric screwed my pussy. She went on to say I told Eric and Mike they could come back any time that my pussy will always be there for them.