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My First Sex Turns Out From Revenge

hardcore bava12 2018-11-21

I gave her a tight hug and asked her to come on top of me and ride on me, she obliged and wow, the feeling of my dick inside a warm pussy got me so happy and excited, she saw me going crazy and started riding gently, I was getting close since it was my first time, I told her and she slowed down even more, got of me slowly asking me “where would you want to cum?”, I didn’t know what to say, it was my first experience, I left it on her, for which she gave a sly wink and started sucking me hard, within few seconds I said I am cumming, she increased her pace and started gulping all my cum, Kritika sucked every drop of my cum very smoothly, gave a huge kiss on my dick, looked at me to find me all satisfied and calm, I pulled her towards me gave a huge hug and smooched her, told her “I love you, I just really love you, you are the best thing on earth” she looked at me with a spark in her eyes and kissed me again the same way she kissed me first.

Both girls had nice cocks..

hardcore scorpiodragon 2018-11-19

*she moaned, I moaned too MMMMMMMM she almost instantly grew inside my mouth I can feel it in my throat I gagged and gasped for air at the same time, my eyes watering I had a big smile on my face and I said WOW you have a nice big dick, almost 10 full inches (when hard) I wanted more. i moaned yes please *I want your dick* she then put it all the way inside, mmmmmm feels good i said why thrusting hard cock deep started to really pounded me...

Desi Bengali Girl Fucked Beside Pond

hardcore bava12 2018-11-12

We went to the Pond near 12pm, my friends and i were bath nude in the water. She took 4-5 dips under the water, which was her bust high, and her maxi was now adhering to her body, I can easily see her nipple and huge round breasts. When they saw me holding my dick and crying they came near me and put my head on Manu’s boobs. I forgot my pain and started sucking on her boobs… Sonu fucked her mouth and Kochi fucked her vagina… She squealed like a 12 year old and this continued for another hour… She became our fuck buddy, I got to suck her boobs in my house, even after she became a mother.

Grace 4-French Ecstasy

hardcore aristidis500 2018-11-08

Grace spread her legs even further, pushing up her ass to give him maximum space to shove his hot meat deep into her. The crowd gasped, watching the man’s long wet cock slowly exiting Grace’s body. While Grace’s face buried itself deep inside the woman’s red hole, hands ran down between her ass cheeks, pushing them apart. The man underneath her pulled out his throbbing cock and onlookers watched how large strands of milky hot cum shot out of his red dickhead and landed on her stomach and chest. Grace moved slowly between podiums, watching, rubbing her clit while slightly squatting, white sperm running out of her holes down her legs. The crowd gasped and saw close-up how he slowly pushed in his long meat, sliding up her wet, puffy red hole.

Her Boyfriend Left Her Alone Suddenly

hardcore bava12 2018-11-03

Since he was my best friend, I didn’t think that I needed to call him. When my friend went to his room, I told the girl that we should also go to sl**p. I just couldn’t believe that I was fucking such a hot girl. As soon as I took off my pant, she started sucking my dick. Her pussy was wet and there was a psst psst sound whenever she jumped on my dick. Kissed me and sucked my dick and again went back to jumping. And for my next story, I will tell you guys how I fucked my friend’s gf (who was turned on by me fucking that girl).

The Landlord's Daughter - Chapter 1

hardcore AlphaBeatHer 2018-10-30

Clyde said that he was fully booked, but as Mark was a single diner and he knew he didn't get too many chances to get away from the bar he would bring out an extra small table. With Rose's quick breaths gently tickling his ass Mark took a good look at her tits and cunt. Rose told Hetty a lot about the f****y financial problems and how Mark and she were going through an exciting revival of their marriage so there was good reason to be hopeful about the future. He Gestured to the new bar and started to explain its décor when Rose said "yes it's wonderful." She took Hetty's arm and took her to the most important door in the place.

First Story: Just Another House Party

hardcore 2018-10-05

I asked Rebecca what it was like letting a guy cum inside of you without a condom and she said it felt like you're as close and connected as you can get to that person, that you can feel him shake and melt into you and then his dick builds up with so much pressure that it feels like it is going to explode, which is followed by a warm, almost hot feeling deep inside of you - you can feel that he's cum, but you'd never be able to pinpoint exactly where it is inside you.

Teaching the whore a lesson

hardcore the_teaser 2018-10-02

I come over to you and whisper in your ear: "I will fuck this girl in front of your eyes and I want you to watch us." You groan, getting turned on by the thought, your pussy starting to twitch a little. You like to see my big, fat dick and plus you believe that it’s now finally your turn of getting fucked. But you’re very cock-hungry so you keep going and going, literally jumping up and down on my dick, your big tits bouncing in front of my face, one wave of pleasure following the next until your legs don’t support you anymore.

My girl(sorry, it's Google's translation

hardcore AlisaDonnikova 2018-09-30

My dear girl, with a gentle face, often naively went out in my black shirt for my friends and drinking fresh coffee, forcing us to think of her ass and ask her to dress .. Pouting lips, arched her back and the girl pulled the collar of a white blouse, predatory smile: A good bitch, she got out of the bathroom on his toes in it, leaving a wet trail. -She pushed the cup on the thick carpet and disgust wrinkled lip, smiling. Pressing the girl with one hand, I undid his trousers and pulled out standing member. I drove it sharply into wet and warm pussy girls. Touching the nipples to the cool table, she stiffened and bit her lip.

vacation 10

hardcore hotandhard007 2018-09-27

I glanced over at the tv and saw that the scene had widened to show that the blonde girl on the screen was getting fucked in the ass at the same time as she was licking her brunette partner’s clit. You had been gently stroking my cock at the same time as I had been rubbing your pussy for what must have been quite a while because when next I looked at the tv the two couples had shifted their girls to their hands and knees with the guys behind, crouched down (I suppose had they knelt like we typically did they would have obscured the camera angle, and after all – this was porn).


Sissy's Play Date with a Real Girl

hardcore emmadeevine 2018-09-26

We kissed as her moans grew more intense, I started to moan and she warned me not to cum before her, I tried to calm myself as she rubbed her clit while I continued to fuck her, I took in the visual of her in my hold up stockings and her massive breasts powerig their way out of my black lace bra. Her body tensed, "Ooh God", she exclaimed, she then turned her head into the pillow and started making indescribable sounds as her body tensed and then fell limp having exploded in orgasm, my cock was ready to blow and I pulled it from her as her pussy juices followed soaking my bed sheets.

My story

hardcore 2018-09-26

One day I had a flight to the US and I heard about a club that is called Adult Theatre and that amazed me i loved the job scope there and So i applied for a job there and got in .
I started working there and I was very popular I had pulled more man in and had full house as I was the only Asian girl, I was required to do a strip dance show starting from 7.30 pm then after do a lap dance for about 2 guys whom had booked it earlier.

Snowbunny turned

hardcore iceubmit 2018-09-26

"My theory says that other races' suppression of African peoples comes from an instinct that tells them how sexually threatened they are." He told her, a sly smirk crossing his dark lips as the handsome and muscular older man put his large hand on her knee, his chocolate eyes fixated on her. With the rise of feminism it shows us that without the bias of white patriarchy that women are increasingly embracing black genetic superiority." The man told her with a nod. That throbbing black cock so deep inside of her, kissing the wall of her womb each thrust as he used the little rich white girl's tight little cunt.

My Friends Cousin

hardcore xerosheartx 2018-09-25

As I sat there with Laura sucking my dick really good smoking with cars going past I wanted to feel what her pussy was like so I started fingering her tight pussy as it got wetter and wetter. I gave her some wipes from the glove box and as we pulled in she composed herself and turned back in to the innocent good girl as her dad helped us bring the shopping in, they all thanked me for taking her with me and getting the things and the party continued. Later another friend of mine turned up at the party with his girlfriend and was bored so we went to mine for a while, my other friend who had no idea I had fucked his cousin stayed with his girl and Laura wanted to come with us for a while.

The Virgin I Fingered

hardcore MeskaWulf 2018-09-21

So I'd been having problems with my girlfriend at the time as I recently found out she had cheated on me or something of that nature, each night I'd walk home wondering what it is I did to deserve it, anyways i was walking down this street and a girl came out of her house to put the rubbish out and I thought she looked familiar, Shelly I shouted she turned and looked confused I told her it's me Joe " OMG she said how have you been" "pretty good I replied feeling a bit rough" she invited me inside,

Dubb The Big Booty Masher!!! (Toccara)

hardcore dubb333 2018-09-19

Toccara was a sexy big ebony thick country girl with a big monster huge butt (not sloppy), and nice large tits. I noticed Toccara had three k**s and a weak looking baby daddy would probably could not pull out of this big fine woman. For a big girl, Toccara took my big black dick well as she moaned loud when I started hammering and slamming my full size deep inside her. Toccara knew the name of the game and that I wasn’t talking about sticking around to play step daddy to three k**s for a woman with good sex. Toccara freaky ass just wanted to feel my big cock deep, so I gave her all she could handle.

My first gang-bang number eight was my b*****r

hardcore 2018-09-18

Growing up I shared a room with my younger b*****r, and at night I would lie and listen and watch as he wanked himself, his bed illuminated by the street lamp, my own in the darkest part of the room, I also enjoyed the pleasure of masturbation, but unknown to him. I went into the bedroom where I had entertained the men and noted there was a window still open, at the far end of the room, anyone could have entered the window and taken advantage, I mean I was 'hog-tied' and blindfolded, and besides everyone had had their fun with me so no-one would have interested in checking in on me.

The horny adeventures of sexy milf

hardcore adel5000 2018-09-17

Mandy bucked her hips and moaned into Jackie’s pussy as she sucked her clit Mandy finally collapsed beside Jackie, moaning softly as she licked her lips. She watched Jackie writhe and moan and scream for Tommy to fuck her harder inside you?" Jackie asked, curious, as she began to stroke Tommy's cock. "O-only once.."Mandy replied, her eyes glued to Jackie's hand stroking Tommy. Watching the sweet girl suck Tommy's massive cock made Jackie gush with "Oh god...yeah...eat my cunt, Tommy...mmmmm...that's it Mandy, suck that cock! see both Jackie and Mandy at his crotch, taking turns sucking his cock and licking "Ohhhh fuck...I'm gonna cum!" Tommy shouted and pulled his cock out of Jackie's

B6 Chapter 20 Jordan Is Gifted

hardcore gregster 2018-09-15

For over five minutes, Rhiannon rammed her massive truncheon into Jordan's cunt, at times burying almost three feet of her cock into the helpless girl. A final explosive flood burst from the fat cockhead as Rhiannon pulled out, and Jordan literally popped off the huge shaft, the massive ball of the head bringing momentary ripping pain to her gushing cleft as it exited. Finally, the torrent of jism from Rhiannon stopped, and Jordan heaved and writhed on the bed in agony, her form too huge and swollen to let her stand, and she drained, the swirling flood inside her seeking its way out in a steady flow.

Destroyed on New Year's Eve

hardcore ruffredmuff 2018-09-11

Next thing I know I feel a big hard cock forcing it's way into my ass....I let out a scream cause it hurt like hell. The girl I was kissing started to attack my tits biting and pinching and slapping them hard. The guy was really pounding my ass hard and deep and I then he pulled me over so I was on top of him and another guy shoved his hard cock into my pussy....DP time! They would pull out and cum all over my belly, tits and face and another hard, throbbing cock would take the place of the withering one that just blew it's load.

Rebecca's Summer Vacation Part 2 [By: Jarvis8

hardcore 2018-09-08

"Yeah you're my good girl, now shut up and let me show you how good you have been!" I entered her ass finally after proding her a bit, I thrusted deep inside her, her inside were nice and tight. And that you have a new religion my cock bitch!" I continued to fuck her like a dirty a****l, she kept on weeping finally I grabbed her mouth and made her shut up. It felt good to feel her soft feet against my chest, I began to suck her toes as I fucked her ass deep. Finally my cock was her new religion, I wanted to finish the night by cumming in her hairy asshole again.

My ever so horney black boy friend

hardcore azara19 2018-09-06

I gripped it with both hands, went down on it and licked around the head which was leaking out pre-cum, wondering to myself all the time if I could get it all into my mouth, let alone anywhere else he intended to put it! At the same time, I could feel his manhood exploring the entrance of my love hole, like a cat using his whiskers to see if he could get through a very tight opening. Hammering home his attack, he slammed his meat stick into me, making me gasp with pleasure every time it was buried into me up to the hilt, before withdrawing it until only the head remained inside, before it once again filled me to capacity, knocking the wind out of me as what felt like electric shocks shot through me.

The Bird's... Bee's..And babysitter

hardcore 2018-09-06

I ran back to my room and laid in bed for about a half hour not being able to sl**p until I saw my bedroom door slowly crack open, "Justin are you awake?" I didn't reply, she turned the light on and my eyes opened, she said "Oh come on I know your not sl**ping you don't have to fake, You can come downstairs and watch an hour of TV if you'd like while I do my homework in the kitchen" I got up and went downstairs and sat on the couch and turned on the TV while she walked to the kitchen.

Unloading Like A Canon Inside Her

hardcore mostlyroxy 2018-09-05

She gave herself to him that way, a slut ready for fucking, wearing his sex like a high school ring. She tried to fuck back on him but he had her and he held her that way, savoring her taut little twat as it milked madly at his impetuous prick with every willful squeeze. Moments from now he’d be pulling his spent and softening member from her cum-loaded twat, marveling at his own creamy coating, but at this moment the world froze and no one breathed but for one immense and full-hearted expulsion, the sound of the orator coupling with his discharge, cock buried deep and unloading like a canon inside her, shrinking slowly inside with the success of defeat.