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Lusts of the Flesh

hardcore adel5000 2018-04-22

Here, let me get you some more lemonade.' She reached over to the shelf for the jug she had made up, causing her shorts to ride far up her healthily rounded ass cheeks; Danny had not meant to be looking, but caught an unmistakable flash of plump, pink pussy lips beneath Hailey's shorts, before he quickly averted his gaze. She gripped Hailey's hair and began to pump the girl's head up and down, producing a juicy 'gluk gluk gluk' sound in the back of her friend's throat, as Danny's cock involuntarily fucked it. I want Pastor Dan to get a good shot of this.' Hailey pulled a resigned, 'whatch-gonna-do?' face to Danny and climbed over him, brushing her malleable breasts over his stiffness as she went, then she parked herself alongside him on all fours, her peach-like ass pushed meekly into the air, close to his face.

Math Fuck 101

hardcore 2017-12-18

Even now Joanne's breasts felt tight and swollen as she remembered the sounds of Miss Wright's heavy ragged breaths filling her ears. The girl's little vulva was so hot, Miss Wright pulled back for a second, blowing cool air onto it before tenderly kissing the soft hairy mound, and then back to nudging and fluttering across her clitoris. Up until this moment, everything seemed like a totally abstract concept: Her teacher's appearance, the masculine inflection of her voice, the way she sometimes called her "dear" or "k**"...She didn't realize it coming until she heard the phrase uttered by Miss Wright that blasted her from the cocoon of comforting abstractions:

Lucy Bruce and Janie (and me) Pt2

hardcore dlcalguy 2017-10-24

It was obviously Bruce, but then I heard his voice telling me to change my camera angle. I moved my hand away from my cock and stood in front of the camera. His hand came into view and he started stroking his massive penis. Bruce ran his finger over the glistening head of his own cock, then bent down so I could see him sucking it into his mouth. Now Bruce had a close-up of my cum-covered cock. He took his hand off his cock and stood there close to the camera. Another hand came into view and gripped Bruce's cock. I started to move out of camera range, but heard a girl's voice shout for me to stay there.