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OHGIRL: StripClub Parking Lot

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-01-24

He told me that he felt a bit worried and that he had checked the security videos on Monday morning to find that there were two other cars that pulled up during my encounter with Marcus and he said that I looked a bit disheveled and overwhelmed by the guys that were there, so he thought that he would call. After he left, I remember talking to Marcus and even making out a little bit, but at some point I forgot most of the late night and I had woken up in the back of my car on Sunday morning.

OHGirl & Velvet: Bukkake Porn Stars

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-01-20

I couldn’t wait to see Mikey and as the day grew closer, I got so horny that I surprised Stanley in the van on the night before I flew to Cleveland, and let him fuck me for the first time. He knew that I loved the taste of hot spunk and my fans often watched my videos and cam shows to see me suck cock and either swallow my lovers or let them cover my face with their jizz. He had watched me fuck and then swallow the loads of over 216 men that day and even though I was a little sore, I wanted his huge cock badly and don’t think that I didn’t want his cum in my stomach when he was ready to explode.

Mouthing Off - Chapter 1

hardcore AlphaBeatHer 2018-01-11

Good drink, some nice snacks and a really great range of videos and pictures of guys throatfucking, getting rimjobs and pissing into the mouths of some lovely women. You are going to collect a top class range of downloads of cock sucking, piss drinking, rimming and bukkake movies for three hours of watching ready for next week. 'They want to see just the same as I do and for that bit of insubordination I have got a good mind to make you come in and serve the guys as well as collecting our entertainment.' You have got to do more than another hour yet and if there is anything in it that I have seen before, I am telling you that you are going to have to make it up to the guys.

Velvet Crush's Kinky Marriage

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-01-10

The long parade of my short, live sex act videos played for the next 2 hours as Anthony and all of his cousins and their friends had their way with me, turned on by watching me with a wide variety of different cocks and men too. “I didn’t mind you and your friends fucking me and filming it, but the video was something that I shared only with you because I loved and trusted you.” “But baby, it turn you on and you came harder than I’ve ever seen you cum.” He said happily. Anthony looked sad as he dressed and left and I finally got my hot bath as I sat in my Jacuzzi tub and soaked away my last 3 days of sex while watching myself on the small flatscreen in my bathroom.

OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 7.....

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-01-10

A guy named Levi and another named Billy were so horny from watching me suck Randy’s cock, that they wanted to fuck me before we went into the club. Levi and Billy didn’t take any time pulling down the front of their pants and soon their hard cocks were exploring my mouth and my wet pussy. Both guys shifted me around and the driver was soon fucking me from behind as Luis sat on the seat and I was on all fours between his legs. The driver got off of me and sat back in the opposite seat and struggled to pull up his pants over his sticky, wet cock.

OHGirl & Velvet on Vacations

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-01-10

My young stud and current lover, Hondo, had just spent the hour plowing my wet cunt with his giant white prick and now I was sitting on a lounge chair in the sun, smoking my cigarette and letting the breeze blow across my bald, cum filled, gaping twat. After about 15 guys had finished with me, they moved onto the bed and a few of the girls that were watching were amazed to see my lover’s huge cock as I sucked it hard and mounted his monster. Each night I found a group of guys that wanted someone just like me, a hot sexy girl that most men could only dream about, but whom would fuck and suck any cock that was offered her.

OHGirl & Velvet: Sex Addicts and Whores

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-01-06

I would be shooting the video in two days and was looking forward to a different type of work, but it seemed like Desmond was wanting me to continue to work fucking his friends. Everyone found out about the slutty porn star at the party and as the evening moved along and I got even more high, from not only pot, but coke, I became the center of attention as a group of the host’s friends took me into a large movie room and I fucked the entire crew. One of the guys came in my mouth as I sucked him off on the balcony and Desmond and his other friend led me back into the room where they fucked my ass and both came in a different orifice.

Denise's Porn Career Takes Off

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-01-05

I bent over to begin sucking his erection again and felt hands on my ass and fingers moving toward my slit while my mouth worked his big cock. I ran my tongue up and down his long shaft and then began sucking his balls while a few of the guys behind me smacked my ass and continued to finger fuck my openings. Jason watched as each of his friends fucked my mouth and then filled it with their jizz and I swallowed every load like a good cum slut. I laid back and took him deep as he pounded me hard and came inside of me and then the storm doors opened and another 8 of the 12 guys fucked me again, all of them filling one of my three holes with more sperm.

Anita used by black bulls

hardcore Anitaslut44 2018-01-03

Ana confessed me she was really horny and she needed more than one black cock to calm down. Within minutes my sweet wife was on her knees sucking both huge black cocks. Ana quickly stood up and took off her skirt; then she bent over the bed as the first black man, called Genie, ripped her nylon pantyhose open. Suddenly the big one called Genie took his cock out of her stretched pussy and ordered her to straddle him. Just then the second guy slammed her asshole with a huge piece of black cock. Within a minute she sprayed all over the bottom guy, Genie, while Willie fucked her asshole as if it were his last lay.

Too many tequilas and three guys

hardcore Anitaslut44 2018-01-03

He lay there on top of me a bit longer, gave me a couple of extra pumps, then pulled his cock out and rolled over to lay beside me on the bed. I tried to get up to go, but he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into his crotch, trying to bury his cock in my open mouth. I was now standing bent over, with Richard still holding my head on his cock and my ass up in the air for Tommy's pleasure. Tommy went still and pulled me tightly towards him, pushing his cock deeper into my ass as he ejected his warm seed.

Four guys for me in the ladies room

hardcore Anitaslut44 2017-12-30

The oyher guys were getting impatient and it wasn't long before one knelt down beside me and had his cock in my mouth while the rest slowly jerk off waiting their turn. I did the best I could to please them both but was distracted as I felt one guy grab my legs; put them over his shoulders and quickly plunged his cock into my ass. "Guys, let's get another cock in this tight little ass." Tommy suggested. Tommy kept going and a new guy got behind me and stuffed his cock in my ass. She moaned heavily as Tommy began to thrust in and out, but slowly she started again to relax and the pain turned to pleasure, and there we were two sweet friends getting double stuffed in that lonely ladies room…

OHGIRL: Pimped Out

hardcore ohgirl1 2017-12-26

I wasn't sure what time it was or how many men I had fucked that day, but I got an unbelievable buzz as I inhaled deeply for my third hit on the pipe and my energy came back for a short while, as I made my way back into the living room with Shawn and his friends. Two more weeks passed and I had fucked Mikey that night and morning before he left and when Shawn came by to pick me up, I didn't take no for an answer, as I sucked his ebony pole to hardness and holding my belly with one arm and my swollen breasts with the other, I bounced on it like there was no tomorrow.

OHGirl: Like Mother, Like Daughter

hardcore ohgirl1 2017-12-25

This was the first time we had scheduled a couple of men that wanted to share us together and I laid on my back, with my legs wrapped around my current lover, watching my daughter get fucked from behind by an older man’s hard, white cock. Soon they began to take turns fucking my daughter and it wasn’t long before she had taken each and every guy into her cunt and mouth. The others watched and the idea to fuck Velvet the same way emerged as a handful of the guys carried her to the bed and were soon stuffing their cocks into her pussy and asshole at the same time.

pregnancy a little problem

hardcore vinney 2017-12-22

I didn't feel nauseous, my breasts got even bigger and about ten times more sensitive, and most of the guys in my school didn't seem to mind screwing a pregnant chick. I knew there was no way I could possibly go without sex, so I decided to go with the kind that couldn't make me pregnant. As it turned out, they wanted to have a baby of their own, only Julia couldn't get pregnant. Apparently, there were countless horny guys out willing to pay a few bucks to watch horny pregnant sluts like yours truly get drilled. I wasn't completely successful, but even though a couple of guys at the club tried their best to knock me up again, I remained baby-free for a while.

Anything I want

hardcore woreout 2017-12-13

She said yes , going out in public wearing something that could actually show off my pussy and ass is exciting. After a good five minutes the door opened and in walked my wife leading each guy by his already hard cock. The guys started undressing right in the den and in a flash Doug was plowing his fat cock in and out of my wife's hairless pussy while Mark was fucking her mouth. Us guys took a few beers out on the porch and as we sat and admired the beautiful natural wooded landscape we talked about my wife. He sat down leaving my wife hanging over the handrail, her pussy gaped open just enough to allow his come to run out and start dropping on the wooden floor.

Porn Star

hardcore atlsexyguy 2017-12-12

He handed me a card and said they were scouting for guys to make some videos and they thought I’d be good on camera. I went into the website chat area and got invited to join a sex party going on. They wanted me to meet with the producer who was busy shooting test shots with another guy from the party, so I hung out, chatted and waited. He even got me laying with my head over the edge being face fucked by the guy who first approached me. Stopped the camera and said that he absolutely wanted me on video but wanted to try me out with some other guys.

A Pregnant Gang Bang

hardcore billstew 2017-12-10

I have been arranging gang bangs for married women since 1994 here in the Tampa area. 5 years ago I had a couple contact me about arranging a gang bang for her and that he was a cuckold. One by one the guys filled her with sperm, I had her tied up so the cum stayed in her but there was so much of it soon it started running down the front and back of her. Each guy gave her at least 2 loads of cum over 6 hours time. When the baby was 7 months old they asked for another gang bang, she was still nursing the baby and it happened again, we had 11 the second time and 9 months later she had a baby girl, blonde, blue eyed.

rajni gangbang with bunch of black guys

hardcore cuteb0y25 2017-12-09

The leaders voice boomed back, "shit yeah let him see his slut enjoying some real cock!" When I entered the room rajni was already naked being groped by two guys one either side. I heard her voice cry out "oh god...oh god...oh god...it's huge..it's right up in my belly!" The leader selected one of his minions to stand on the bed so he could stick his cock in her mouth to stop her moaning. He whooped with triumph saying "louder slut louder" until she yelled out " YES..YES...I WANT YOU TO SHOVE YOUR HUGE COCK UP MY ASS!" He made me lie on the bed so rajni could drain the contents of her cunt into my mouth.

Careful what you wish for

hardcore woreout 2017-12-07

I said no, I think it's kinna hot to know I'm getting what alot of guys want. I said no I think you are sexy and I want to hear about you showing your body off to other guys. I said man that's sexy , I wish one of those guys had of asked you to fuck. She said well one guy did walk up as I was hanging the pump up and tell me I had a nice ass and that he would love to fuck it. But you said you just got home, she said yeah well I left the Monte Carlo at the pawn shop and rode here with them guys in their truck.

whore girlfriend

hardcore clyde1567 2017-12-05

They took turned swithing off in her mouth and pussy until one suggested "this whore needs her asshole destroyed" they sat her on one cock and spread her cheeks...now they did something i wasnt expecting ...they shoved a beer bottle up her asshole...she screamed in agony but could barely be heard cause her mouth was full of cock...they stated "yeah whore just getting your asshole ready for our cocks" they removed the bottle and one shoved his huge cock up her ass while she had the other in her pussy. the other guy opened her legs wide and shoved his cock deep in her pussy and blew his load deep inside her....they mad her hold it...the other turned her around and shoved his meat stick up her ass and blew a hot load deep in her asshole....the other two came all over her face.


hardcore runzaton 2017-12-04

When I told Marsha I was interested in sex with other As I fucked Jane in one bed, Marsha asked Marsha if she liked our night, her response was wanted to see Marsha get fucked by some black guys. got to lay back and watch Marsha do whatever I told her night, I got so excited that I had Marsha give me 3 for me to watch Marsha than to even get fucked myself. J told his group that he'd be back, and took Marsha by J told Marsha that this was his friend Tom. He said told Marsha that Tom deserved a night of Passion. When I do bring other woman home, Marsha takes the fucked another woman, Marsha uses her tongue and mouth

Gangbanged at Party

hardcore Butlerguy 2017-12-01

I then felt a COCK being pushed into me and he started FUCKING me really FAST and HARD and within a short time he CAME in me and without asking if it was ok, and if I knowed how good it was going to fill I would have told him he could have done it anyway. Just after that I felt a HUGE LOAD of CUM being SHOOT in my ASS I think the warm filling of the CUM in me made me EXPLIODE and I CAME so much I pushed both COCKS in my PUSSY out and just then one of the women started to clean me with her tongue.

Jennifer (continued)

hardcore zxew111 2017-11-30

I left off with Jennifer on her back in the dirt with a huge cock in her soaked cunt, her face covered in a large load of cum, moaning and groaning and doing her best to cum. The third guy stuck his cock into her mouth and she started sucking quite hard on it, she was in sexual fever-she was covered in dirt and sweat, her cunt and asshole were dripping juice onto the ground and her face was covered in cum, saliva, eyes glazed over-boy,she wanted to cum! I heard a noise and took my soaked face out of the guys asshole and saw 4 more guys, all nude, porting huge hard ons and coming our way.

My Little Slut Wife

hardcore zimabean 2017-11-27

Then one of the guys pushed his cock into Carrie, They worked it till it was balls deep inside her. "Bill, come over and sample my pussy before things get going crazy, looks like you need some pussy around that cock of yours." Carrie said as she spread her pussy lips apart. I went over and pushed my cock up into Carrie while trying to watch Susan. I pushed my cock back into Carries sweet pussy after I cam and fucked her for a minute then pulled out. This guy fucked Susan hard for several minutes before he too groaned and arched his back and filled her sweet pussy full of his cum too.