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OHGIRL: StripClub Parking Lot

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-19

He told me that he felt a bit worried and that he had checked the security videos on Monday morning to find that there were two other cars that pulled up during my encounter with Marcus and he said that I looked a bit disheveled and overwhelmed by the guys that were there, so he thought that he would call. After he left, I remember talking to Marcus and even making out a little bit, but at some point I forgot most of the late night and I had woken up in the back of my car on Sunday morning.

misbehaving 1 last time(part 1)

hardcore dlotus2410 2018-06-09

In a previous story, I talked about a situation at work that I regretted. I liked to flirt and discuss (in way too personal detail) sex with male coworkers far too much. Due to word about me getting around(see my previous work story), many guys that I would speak to during the day would inevitably steer the conversation toward sex. While there were quite a few guys who I had many very inappropriate conversations with, with him it was clear that if I wanted it to it would go way beyond inappropriate talk. I wanted so badly to pull my pants down to my knees and slide my soaked panties to the side to let him bury his rock hard cock inside me.