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OHGirl & Velvet on Vacations

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-08

My young stud and current lover, Hondo, had just spent the hour plowing my wet cunt with his giant white prick and now I was sitting on a lounge chair in the sun, smoking my cigarette and letting the breeze blow across my bald, cum filled, gaping twat. After about 15 guys had finished with me, they moved onto the bed and a few of the girls that were watching were amazed to see my lover’s huge cock as I sucked it hard and mounted his monster. Each night I found a group of guys that wanted someone just like me, a hot sexy girl that most men could only dream about, but whom would fuck and suck any cock that was offered her.

A weekend with Lori

hardcore Bonr717 2018-06-17

Bob started talking with a blonde friend of Lori's and I just hung out on the couch chatting with a petite, short haired, big busted brunette who was a poly psych major. So, Lori and I talked and she told me I had a really good shot and spending the night with Sandy, because she was looking like she really wanted to do more than talk. We got to her room and I turned on the light, she said she liked it dark, but I told her I really wanted to admire her beauty. She must have my cock pretty deep in her mouth because every time I sucked on her clit or run my tongue into her pussy against her g- spot she would gag a bit.